What is the saddest movie you've ever seen


Some Where in Time
Bridges of Madison County
I cry like a little girl who dropped her ice cream cone on the ground, . . .every time I watch these movies.
Good question, Janie!

"A Walk To Remember". I can practically cry just thinking about it. "We Are Marshall" is a close second...
I guess I am going to have to watch the bridges of madison county! I love a good cry.

I cry everytime at the following...

Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias
One True Thing

Probably countless others depending on the time of the month...:eek:
Very few movies make me cry

"Legends of The Fall" When they 1st show the dad after the stroke
Got a bit teary eye in "Wall-E"
I didn't see "Marley and Me" but I bawled at the end of the book, so I don't think I'd make it thru the movie
And there is a Meryl Streep movie where she is a mom w/ cancer and her daus don't really get along and she dies in the movie, I can't recall the name, but I saw it when I was home sick w/ the flu shortly after my mom died and went thru about a box of Kleenex.

Nights in Rodanthe
Marly and Me (read the book and saw the movie - bawled like a baby for both of them)
The Bear (oldie)
Message in a Bottle
You've Got Mail
Bicentennial Man

It's the endings that get me! I'm sure there are countless others, but these are the ones that come to mind for now.
Def. Somewhere in Time
A walk to remember
I'm having a blank on the Bette Midler movie, "the wing beneath my wings" movie
I cry alot when it comes to movies but these in particular stand out.
Absolutely cannot watch Dumbo or Bambi.:(

Old Yeller
Where the Red Fern Grows

I guess it comes down to seeing any animals hurt or in jeopardy. I also cannot watch most animal documentaries:eek:
For me its "The Bridges of Madison County" and from the 70's "If Ever I See You Again" with Shelly Hack and Joe Brooks.

Definitely "Million Dollar Baby" I just couldn't stop crying after seeing this.
Marley and Me was sad, but not nearly as heartbreaking as the book. I was reading this on vacation at the pool. It was very embarrassing to be crying so hard in public.
Another vote for "The Color Purple". One of my favorite movies ever. I've seen it a hundred times and cry at the end every time.
"The Green Mile" - Same as above. Just watched it again the other day.
"Marley and Me" - I cried through probably 1/2 the movie...

Can't think of any more right now, but I cry more for movies than I do for real life stuff...!
Someone earlier was thinking of "Beaches" with Bette Midler.

The one that gets me is "Life" with Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. That one is unbearable! He is dying and she is pregnant and he videotapes himself talking to their unborn child. Couldn't even talk! Had to cancel plans after the movie. Had to go straight to bed!
I would say "Dad". I cried through most of that movie. Ted Dansen was the son and Jack Lemmon was the Dad. Even men were walking out wiping their eyes.

You nailed it with The Bridges of Madison County...the truck in the rain scene. I watched that on a family holiday and sat in the living room in the middle of the night while everyone slept and cried like a baby!!! I think it speaks to all of us who feel we missed opportunities.

There was a movie with Robin Wright Penn (pre-Penn) and Jason Patric called Denial...I don't know if anyone ever saw it besides me.

What about My Dog Skip?!? It took me two hours to stop crying after that. And Lars and the Real Girl...quirky but so touching.

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