What is the saddest movie you've ever seen

I bawl like a baby anytime I watch "What Dreams My Come". You'll probably all think I'm a goober for this one, but I can't make it through the end of "Untamed Heart" either. I get teary eyed just thinking about that one.
Terms of Endearment old favorite

Marley and Me

and my new favorite My Sisters Keeper, I went through a whole box of kleenex at a theatre on that one and I still needed more. Not as good as the book, but a real tear jerker.
Okay, seriously, this might sound silly, but I try to avoid those kinds of movies. Crying at a movie makes me feel all weird and sad, obviously. i can't remember the last time a movie mad me cry. BUT!....I do remember watching "A walk to remember" as mentioned earlier and I believe I cried at that one.

I'm just a weiny and I don't like to be sad, I'm a dork, teeheee:eek:
I cry like a faucet when I see One True Thing. It's just a wonderful, touching movie. Pretty sure it's the Meryl Streep one Nan mentioned.

Also, a lesser well-known movie that just haunted me was called Waking the Dead with Jennifer Connelly. The title makes it sound like a horror movie or something, but it was really a love story.

I think the saddest movies though are the ones I won't watch because they're too hard... movies like Saving Private Ryan, and Hotel Rwanda.
The Perfect Storm...I start crying while the open titles are still being shown. That somber music playing as they show the wall with all of the boats and crews that have gone down. Just knowing that this is a true story and all those people lost their lives...does it to me every time.
Bridge to Terabithia!!!! I cried so hard I got a case of hitch sobs after. Anything to do with children dying or abused causes the faucet to turn on.

One I haven't seen in years, but made me bawl, was Not Without My Daughter, with Sally Field.

And then the typical animal drama, Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, My Dog Skip.

And the most recent movie to get the water works going was "Up". My daughter sobbed at this one too, great movie!

I'm going to have to re-rent What Dreams May Come. I loved that movie.
Day of the Dolphin- I was about 12 and cried for hours

Somewhere in Time- I thought I was the only one who saw it. The "Come back to me" part always gets me going

Brian's Song- another goodie from my childhood

Ponette- Oh my God, I sobbed through the whole thing. DH (who was BF at the time) thought I was kidding the way I was heaving my shoulders between the sobs.
How could I have forgotten "The Notebook"! My DH and I both cried at that one. Also the Orphanage. It was supposed to be a horror movie, but I cried through the entire last 10 minutes of it. I was equally traumatized by Pan's Labyrinth too.
Here's a few more that got me when I was a kid:

My Girl
The Land Before Time - Are there any children who haven't been traumatized by this movie???
Dumbo - If you don't tear up when the mom is singing to Dumbo through the jail bars, you have a heart of stone! ;)
Love Story
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I think the saddest movies though are the ones I won't watch because they're too hard... movies like Saving Private Ryan, and Hotel Rwanda.

I'm with Mocha. The saddest movies are the ones I haven't seen because I'm a weanie. I remember seeing Midnight Cowboy when I was young and impressionable and the plight of the Dustin Hoffman character haunted me for decades. I have successfully avoided Sophie's Choice and many others of that type to this day.
Can't watch Dumbo!

Bridge to Terabithia made me cry almost the entire movie.
Up! Had me near outright sobbing in the theatre.

On a separate but related topic - I can't read or even describe "The Giving Tree" without crying. I tried to recap it for my husband but was crying so much my 10 yr old daughter had to take over for me. My DH was crying by that time too.
The worst movie I cried at was Titanic. Some girl friends and I seen it and my eyes were so swollen I could hardly drive home from the movie theater.

My dog skip is one of my favorite movies!! I actually found it in a discount bin at Walmart....that was a good day. That being said the ending truly rips out my heart strings and I loose it every time.
Can't watch Dumbo or Bambie, either. (most of those animated films - I can't bear animal pain or abuse, even when it's cartoons)

Gorillas in the Mist I was almost hysterical. Forget kleenex - I was using paper towels!!
I remember seeing The Joy Luck Club in the theater and at certain parts the movie gets really quiet and you could hear people literally sobbing all over the theater.
E.T. (end end kills me to even think about - "ouch").
And a movie from the '70s I saw repeatedly as a kid that tore me up every time called Six Weeks. About a young ballet dancer with terminal cancer. If you can find it somewhere, I highly recommend it, just have a box of kleenex with you - you'll need it!
I can't believe nobody mentioned The Notebook with James Garner!! His wife has alzheimers and he visits her in a nursing home every single day and reads her the story of their life together. The ending is the killer! Another one is Phenomenon with John Travolta... The one line that always tears me up is when he's in the hospital and he asks his girlfriend if she'll love him for the rest of his life and she replies no but I'll love you for the rest of my mine. Both of these movies are great!!
I did! Post 32. ;) That is probably the top of my list. It takes a LOT to make my DH tear up and that movie did it!

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