What is the saddest movie you've ever seen

I forgot about Life is Beautiful. OMG - the ending KILLS me!!
And Schindler's List.
And I concur on the Notebook. Very touching.

Oh - Cinema Paradiso. That ending, as well!
I cry at all the sappy movies mentioned here, but my kids make fun of me all the time for crying at the end of Homeward Bound when the old dog comes home. My kids love to say "Peter, Peter I missed you!" and I tear up immediately. :p

Legends of the Fall was so tragic - that one makes me cry, too.

Elephant Man - when he was reading the Bible and anthony hopkins heard him outside the door
Color Purple - the ending
Schindler's List - the ending when he broke down saying how many lives he could have saved by selling his watch, etc.
Bridges of Madison County! Her hand is on the car door... Does she open it? Should she open it? The anguish on her face when she let's go of it!!!

I'm dating myself, but of course "Brian's Song" is way up there.
Gosh everyone, . . now I'm scared to see Marley and Me. It seems like such a happy movie. My guess is that Marley dies? I know I cried when I saw My Dog Skip and so did my kids. The movie Eight Below based on the true story of the 8 huskies that got left behind also gets me. I couldn't stop crying, . . even a diaper wouldn't have soaked up all my tears.

I forgot about Legends of the Fall. The scene where the bad guys accidently shoot his wife and he carries her breaks my heart.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that cries during the raining car scene in Bridges of Madison County. My husband thinks I'm a big baby for that one.
I cried through almost the entire movie PS I Love You. I cried reading the book The Outsiders, but not so much the movie.

Oh my gosh, "Finding Nemo"!!! In the beginning when the mommy gets eaten!!! And there is only one little broken egg left!!

A bit OT, but the book "Lone Survivor" is completely gut-wrenching and but inspiring, and had me bawling my eyes out for hours.
I guess I am going to have to watch the bridges of madison county! I love a good cry.

I cry everytime at the following...

Terms of Endearment
Steel Magnolias
One True Thing

Probably countless others depending on the time of the month...:eek:

Same here - my exact choices (except I haven't seen One True Thing)
Love Story (anyone remember that one?)
Terms of Endearment
Gorillas in the Mist (I sobbed uncontrollably when the lead gorilla was found with his head, feet and hands cut off).

I don't think I'll go to see Marley and Me. Sad animal movies hit me more than most sad human movies.
You'll probably all think I'm a goober for this one, but I can't make it through the end of "Untamed Heart" either. I get teary eyed just thinking about that one.

Hey, from one goober to another...I used to watch that movie atleast once a week!!! Thanks Liann, now I'm going to have to hunt that movie down and watch it for a good cry :(;)
One of the most heart wrenching movies I've ever seen (to the point I absolutely cannot see it again) is "Boy in the Striped Pajamas".

Girly tear jerkers - yes, Terms of Endearment, Steel Magnolia's.

I read Marley and Me and decided then and there that I can't watch the movie.

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