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  • Hey there! Hope you're done packing lady! hehe oh by the way, how the bananas do I make those cute little faces when I post a reply or thread? here I go asking silly questions again! tah! thanks hun!
    Liann, Hi I just arrived home after being in California at my sisters house since Thanksgiving. I am so upset I missed signing up for the the Roadtrip. I did not know it was even in process. Are you going? I am on a waiting list at least. Thank you for your help last year. I was not able to get on computer while at my sisters home very often. I feel like I have been missing out on sooo much. I need to check with my neighbors if STS was delivered. Did it arrive UPS? or USPS? Hope to hear from you soon.
    Take care. Lizabeth (Rocky)
    OOOH Liann! I love your hair! It's the same cut that I have....Sassy girl! It looks awesome on you!!!
    OK. I've noticed several of you (including materialsgirl) with food pictures as your avatar. Was this a RT thing? :)
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