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  • Hey Kate, thanks for your reply!Im requesting my records tomorrow and calling another doctor for an appt. We will see what happens.The most aggravating part is not trusting my dr. He removed an ovary for me about 5 years ago due to a persistent cyst, that was no big deal. I'm really disappointed that I feel like I cant trust him this time. Take care and thanks again for your reply.
    Sorry Jen !
    For some reason , I was not able to just reply to your message , so I had to post this in 3 parts backwards - I hope it still makes sense !
    He was able to leave the ovaries , so there was no need for HRT and after a rough go , he was able to take the uterus vaginally , so I only had tiny scars from the Laparoscope . I mention all this because my Dr. was a really great guy so he really fought for the best possible outcome for me . Another Dr. might have given up and just taken everything in an even more aggressive way . This is why you have to have someone you trust who is totally in your corner . I'm happy to help you with anything or question you have , and just want to say again that your instincts are sharp and seem lightyears ahead of this Dr. you've told me about ! I generally think that personal referrals are best so any friend you know that likes her Gynecologist is where I'd start . Please let me know what you find - I'll be thinking of you - and always pm me with any question , big or small that you might have . Stay in touch - Kate
    I had not only Endometriosis , but Adnomiosis [sp?] which is basically Endometriosis in the muscle /wall of the uterus . The only way to know it's there is to autopsy the tissue after the Hysterectomy . I had just married and was about 30 yrs. and no Dr. wanted to touch me because they were certain I'd sue them when I woke up one day and wanted kids . Problem is , I was in agony every month and that became every day - kids were the last thing on my mind . Once I agreed to therapy , my Dr. agreed to do it . When I went into surgery , my Dr. couldn't say for sure what kind of hysterectomy I would have - a lot depended on scar tissue and what could be saved .
    Hi Jen , Wow , what an awful position to be in ! First let me say that it sounds like you have terrific insight into things and finding a Dr. that you trust is more important than anything . I wouldn't worry so much about the length of time it takes to find a new Dr. because it's the most important thing you can do right now . I agree with you - what is this Dr. talking about ??? If you had this Septum , surely you would have known since it's congenital - and why push the ablation when you've had other issues [ Fibroids ] that make you a perfect candidate for the Hysterectomy ? Now , the pink spotting that you have can really be from so many different things - it seems to me that the Septum may be the last thing causing it . I just can't get over you having this since birth - yet you're just hearing about it now . That alone disqualifies this Dr. , in my eyes .
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