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Hazlady that will be easy to use..thanks!!

Thanks Teals for the Slide and glide reminder!
I did look over Cathe's slide and guide cardio premix and the discs will work great to do one legged jacks on discs and I will use the rotating directions like they do in that workout for variety.

I also plan to use this move from that workout:
In plank, while feet on discs, where you drive both knees into chest, followed by sliding feet back to plank, then slide legs into pike, then slide back to plank, then stand.

For squat thrusts/burpees I use a modification from Shaun T's Focus T25. The main issue I have with squat thrusts is that I get dizzy going from the ground to standing and this modification removes that. The standard squat thrust is a 4 count move, count 1 squat and place your hands on the ground, count 2 thrust your legs back, count 3 bring your legs back in, count 4 stand (or jump) up. For the modification, count 1 you do a shallower squat placing your hands on your thighs above the knees, count 2 you thrust one leg back into a lunge while bringing your hands out in front of you (kind of like a warrior lunge), count 3 you bring your leg back in to a squat returning your hands to your thighs, count 4 stand up. Alternate the leg you lunge back with. The low lunge gives you a good glute workout on the standing leg too.
Yes, Hazlady, that is a great modification!!! I am going to start using it. Thanks.
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There are some great ideas here. One thing I do to modify burpees, is use a square work step/stool - which keeps me from going down to the floor. I place my hands on that and jump back. It doesn't move at all. I love it. I still keep the timing though.
I do the same thing with Burpees and Mountain climbers! I use my old "Firm" box step.


I have a lot of health problems lately. I can't go from the ground to standing. I modify Burpees and Mountain climbers on an on my weight bench or rebounder. Sometimes I use a chair.

I usually use my rebounder for all Cathe's high impact moves. If I don't have my rebounder, I modify these moves:
burpees - push ups, kick thrus, sprawls, jump squats
jump squats - a squat w/ heal raise
jump rope - calf raises w/arm circles
jumping jacks - step jacks, or 2 count march
split squats - Iso split squats, alt. back lunges
butt kicks - hamstring curls

aqua girl

I thought about using High step, Fannylifter, stool, for the squat thrusts, but in this
Workout, with all the moving around, going front, back, sides, everywhere, and
It looks like moves are kind of put together into combos, the stool, etc. might be
In the way, I don't know, it's hard to tell from the clips...

Amy Steppe

I will definitely have to modify this one. My days of very impact are over. I am 66 and just can't do what I used to do.

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