Thank you for your detailed repsonse.

Thank you for listening to all our feedback/suggestions.

And thank you for being such a WONDERFUL instructor and person.

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW and Thank you! I am really looking forward to the boxing series since those are the workouts I have been doing most for the past year and I could really use some more good workouts! I, of course, am looking forward to all of the workouts too!

I am excited about the 4 Day Split, the 3 Day Heavy and all the iPod audio workouts! But I'm hoping for enough audio only so I don't NEED to get a video ipod. Not sure I could explain that one to DH.

Also hoping the 4 day and 3 Day Splits will be all on 1 DVD. I don't have room for 7 DVDs but 2 I can make room for! Besides the versatility of the workouts all on 1 DVD instead of multiple ones.

The High Rep one sounds great too!
I am SOOOOOO excited!!:D :D :D Was recently considering slow and heavy, but thought "Oh, I'll just wait for the announcement" and am so glad! Now I can start saving my $$;)
Thank you so much Cathe!. This is really exciting and I'm looking forward to be a part of it.:):):)

Go Cathe!!! Can't wait for the new DVDS!
I don't own an IPOd so those type of workouts would be totally lost on me! I also hope that doesn't mean you are going to someday stop making DVDS! That would totally bum me out!

Holy cow, this all looks amazing! You are so far ahead of the curve with your peers it's not even funny. :7

Wow, I love having this to look forward to.

Thanks for the great news! :)

(edited for silly typos)

This four day split sounds like exactly what I am looking for. I cannot wait. Will abs be included in any of the workouts? I think the 4 days of cardio/weights plus me adding in one day of just yoga would be fantastic.

Cannot wait for these!!!
Awesome news on this monday morning.. bring it on Cathe.. i'm in for whatever u come up with .. i love it all & want it all.. and look forward to it..


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