Wow Cathe!!! This is so much more than I was anticipating:7 I am overwhelmed and unbelievably excited!!! Thank you Thank you for making my week!!! The iPod workouts especially have peaked my interest. Is there going to be a presale with the 4 day split workouts? My credit card is ready and waiting!

Also really looking forward to the boxing demo on the RT!!

Okee-Dokee Then!! Wow - I knew I asked for an IPod for my Birthday for a reason!!

The idea of the Four Day split sounds awesome. I am also curious of the software - I love to tinker at my computer.

Thanks Cathe. You've given me exactly what I asked for. Thanks for really listening to what we want. YAYYYYYY:) :) :)

Hi Cathe,

Everythings sounds great!! I especially like the idea of the TRAVELERS workout since I do a good deal of business travel.

Looking forward to your new workouts.

Wow, sounds like '07 will be a buisy year for you. Not that 06 or 05 on and on weren't though. ;)
Can't wait!

I love what you have planned!!!:D :D :D :D :D I'm the most excited about your 3 and 4 day splits, and I'm anxiously awaiting to hear what you've got up your sleeve for us iPod exercisers :D :D :D :D :D I hope there's something in there for us elliptical users;) :D
I've got to say, these are the only workouts I've been actually interested in getting. I think I know what I'll be getting for my birthday this summer.
I have tears in my eyes I'm so excited!! I'm totally serious, as I was reading the descriptions my eyes seriously started welling up.
It is PERFECT! All are exactly what I am looking for!! Cathe and Crew, you NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME!!
YAY :)

Cathe, as others have replied, these new workouts sounds AWESOME!!
:) :) :) I CANNOT wait...I plan on purchasing all of them. You are the best home fitness instructor there is. I love working out with you. You are such an inspiration to me. Also, because of the wonderful premixes you have in these new series, would you please do the same. I (as with others) love to make mish-moshes with the workouts. Take care.

This is wonderful news!!! I almost CAN NOT wait for the boxing workouts. It will be a small agony to wait for these :)
THis is GREAT news!!! I can't wait! All of the planned DVD's sound great, and the MP3 workouts have piqued my interest too! :7
YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) *happy dancing all over the house!!!* :) :) :) :)

All the workouts sound wonderful Cathe! Like all the others here, my credit card is ready and waiting for the presale. :7

Someone please pass the paper bag as I think I'm hyperventilating!:) :)

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