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  • another question i noitce this from 1-6 dvd i notice is not stomack exersices do i have to purchase a abdominal dvd cause i the kit does not include no abdominal dvd.

    for me in a ot of the exersises i had to go hevier maybe is because i being doing her workouts for a long time and plus i go to the gym all the time leafting heavy weights.
    i have another question i'm in second weeks and she mention in the bigining of the dvd that i need to increase my weigths by 5 procent but to be hnes i don't know how to calculate that. :). how do you do that?

    hi lorrayne question?

    i did my first sts disc 1 and the target weight that My One Rep Max recomended was very low i have to increase a lot.did that happen to you?.

    Hey Lorrayne, just asking on the off you might know. I need some plates for my Troy Lite bar and am wondering if you know, off hand, any place local which sells them.


    It was great meeting you on the August RT! Braving the DC traffic over here for another school year. Woo hoo!!!!
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