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    Road Trip Online Room Reservations

    Cat, that is odd. Many always stay on Sunday to avoid the high probability of afternoon thunderstorms.
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    My Who's Who Page Name / Forum Name: Lorrayne Schaefer / Lorrayne Previous Road Trips: I'm a veteran road tripper. I've been to every single Glassboro Road Trip (Both VF and Cathe dot com) since the very first one back in June of 1998. Well, I did miss the 2010 Glassboro road trip but...
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    Let us know Who's In - Check-In!!!

    I'm in and number 58! I lost count for number of RTs I've attended/worked. Each is unique, special with lifetime memories.
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    THE List

    I only know the information that's posted on the site. I'm going as a road tripper this year. :-)
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    THE List

    You can find thelink to the packing list here: Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the link to the packing list.
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    Seriously, 8 changes of clothes?!?

    It really depends on how sweaty you get after a workout. When we created this packing list, we opted to go with those who get super sweaty. The baby wipes and ziplock baggie is a great suggestion. You won't have much time to shower between the Saturday morning classes and this is an excellent...
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    Deb, I know the answer! Tee hee. :*
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Thanks for posting the Who's who form, Cyn. I will post mine this weekend. :-)
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    registration date incorrect in newsletter?

    me three! Am hoping it's the 1st and not the 3rd.
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    I'm in !!! Who's ready to chat?

    Hi Deb!!!! Nice to see you, too. Miss you tons!
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    I'm in !!! Who's ready to chat?

    Jenn, I have the exact opposite picture on my fridge. I have one of a much heavier me on the fridge. It helps remind me of what I used to look like prior to learning how to eat clean. It also helps reinforce my not caving to late night cravings...
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    I'm in !!! Who's ready to chat?

    Hi Cathe! Just wanted to say I'm really excited that you're releasing a low impact sweatfest workout series. My joints are talking to me now and they are jumping up and down (low impact, of course) for joy! I'm also thrilled for Cycle Max. I was feeling *really* guilty using someone...
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    Questions about the New Low Impact Series????

    Hi Cathe, I was sooo excited to read your newsletter this morning to see that this low impact series is your current project. My joints will be happy to have something less intense for the feet and knees. I know you will keep my heart rate racing in this series. I can't wait to have this...
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    Question for veteran Road Trippers

    I listen to my body and either go all out or turn it down a few notches. But, the adrenaline rush will certainly kick in when you start to feel a bit tired. The important thing is to listen to your body and do what you can. Even the most fit of us can have our off days. :-)