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Hi Everyone!

In response to your many requests, we’re excited to share a blueprint of what we’re lining up for the rest of 07. It may appear we have been rather quiet lately but that is only because we have been super busy lining up many new and exciting projects for both the near and far future. We have so much in the works!!! Some of it is underway, some of it is soon to be underway, and some of it will be continually created and developed as we speak. Not sure what I mean??? Read On 

First on the line up…..

Film Date: June 07

Our next production will be filmed in late June and is called the 4 day Split. The 4 Day Split is designed to be a total cardio and strength workout program that fits your busy lifestyle. It consists of four (approx. 60 minute) workouts. Each workout will have a separate cardio segment followed by an intense heavy weight training routine. We will use the push pull training approach since time is of the essence and we want to effectively maximize your time as we push you to COMPLETE AND TOTAL FAILURE with little to no rest between exercises. While cardio and weight groupings and content are always subject to change, we plan to have the following four day split:

Workout #1….High Intensity Step Aerobics Plus HEAVY WEIGHTS Chest/Back

Workout # 2….Cardio Kickbox Plus HEAVY WEIGHTS Legs and Core

Workout # 3….Boot Camp Cardio PLUS HEAVY WEIGHTS BI’s and TRI’s

Workout # 4….. Low Impact Step Aerobics PLUS HEAVY WEIGHTS Shoulders and core

Film Date: SEPT/OCT 07


This workout series is designed to be an updated sequel to the Slow and Heavy Series, yet different in its approach. I have listened to your feedback and comments concerning Heavy Weight routines and found the Three Day Split to be the answer. In this series, we will expand upon the Slow Heavy concept bringing you to maximum muscle exhaustion and failure. We’ll be honing in on maximum muscle recruitment through various high intensity training techniques. These workouts will each be about an hour in length and contain NO CARDIO. We’re talking heavy weights and hard work. This series is all about breaking strength plateaus, boosting your metabolism, and gaining 100 percent PURE LEAN STRENGTH.

Film Date: DEC 07’ thru FEB 08’

BOXING SERIES….We are designing a unique and comprehensive series that will cover all elements of boxing from skills, to drills, to high intensity workouts. You’ll learn everything from wrapping your hands, to throwing an effective uppercut, to hitting the bag. Not only will you learn all the fundamentals and improve your skills, but you’ll improve muscular development, heighten your aerobic capacity, build better self confidence, and release stress too. Simply put, boxing is an excellent way to get and stay in shape! I will share more details as the series gets closer, but for now I can tell you that I have been working with an accomplished boxer and have even invited our pro to do a boxing demonstration during the roadtrip with me. Together we will highlight what will be featured in this exciting new series.

ON THE DIGITAL END, we have a ton of stuff we have been working VERY diligently on. Of course you know we have mentioned the Ipod workouts, but really there is so much more. We’ve actually been working “quietly” on this project for 2 ½ years. I will save the details of this exciting venture for a time when we are closer to sharing its monumental content (probably later in the summer), but can tell you that that over 400 Ipod workouts are currently in some phase of production and or planning. Not only will we be supplying workouts for Ipods, but also for Zune, Apple TV, and Tivo. We have also developed some very unique and special software that I’m really excited about and can’t wait to tell you about when I announce more details in just a few more months.

And lastly, if time permits in 07, there is a strong possibility that we will film a few extra workouts which will compliment the above workouts. If this were the case, I am shooting for a HIGH REP TOTAL BODY workout, a TRAVELERS workout, and an ALL STEP advanced workout along the lines of Rhythmic Step.

I hope you are as pumped up as we are with this upcoming DVD and DIGITAL line up. We can’t share specific dates until we get closer to filming but this is our game plan for 07’

Take Care,
Yipee!!! These sound great. My credit card is out and just waiting for pre-sales to be announced. Thank you, Cathe!
OH MY!!!! This week has brought me a new grandson and all these wonderful new workouts soon to be available!!!! I am definitely a happy person!
All of it looks so exciting! I am especially excited about the over 400 ipod workouts planned. :eek: Yikes!

Of course I am happy you are still planning dvds. The high rep total body workout sounds exciting.

Thanks for all you do Cathe! :D :D :D
Cathe -

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this announcement! :) Wow, you weren't exaggerating when you said you were busy! LOL The upcoming series sound wonderful let alone a possibility of MORE workouts!!!! I feel like I'm drooling on the keyboard.

WOW!!!! Cathe, you are one busy gal! That stuff all sounds FABULOUS!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work and creativity. :D I can't wait!!!
EXCELLENT...EXCELLENT....EXCELLENT!!!!!!! I am very sure these will be awesome!! Do you have any plans for a pre-order sale? If so, do you know when? THANK-YOU for all your hard work...Peggy
Holy Cow!!! The 4 day split looks AWESOME!!!! I am ready for the pre-orders to begin :7

Thank you for keeping us in the loop!!

I LOVE the sound of the four-day split (and really appreciate the variety in cardio that's going to be in it), the three-day split, AND the boxing series. I LOVE IT ALL!
Thank you Cathe! These workouts sound fantastic! I better work some extra hours to be able to get everything you have planned!

A friend in fitness,

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