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  • Hey Shirl! Good to hear from you!
    Been lurking around and posting a few.. mostly in the men's STS check in. Good goin' on your STS progress. I'm still in week 1 (doing the 6 month rotation) which I will be doing 3 times over... :( Had a mild foot injury a week ago and I'm still recuperating. The good thing is I had time to go through the 1RM tests again and lower the weights a bit.
    C U in the forums!!!

    hey shirl, it's cathy. what's going on? last time i went to tracie's site no one had been there since oct. you and sandy don't post there anymore? i quit going cuz it's so dead and i have dial-up so it take forever for me to do stuff anyway. so, i don't need one more place to try and go.
    are you doing STS? i'm trying to figure it out right now.
    Would you consider joining the Personal Trainer social forum? We'd love to have you.
    hey Shirl welcome to our "little" group. there is a Kettlebell social group too. I'm scared to join that group b/c I will have to buy Kettlebells.
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