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  • I know this late but I ran across your STS Undulating Rotation & think it's exactly what I'm looking for - Thanks!
    Hi Chris, I want to try your undulating STS rotation, but wanted to know if you take a rest week at all or do you go straight through all 12 weeks? I am currently in my 3rd round of STS. I am not getting as good results as I did the first time around (I did 3 1/2 mo, then I did 5 1/2 mo now I'm doing 3 1/2 mo again). I think your rotation is just what I need. Thank you!
    Oops, trying to print the Undulating rotation or at least see what's on tap for this week and I ended up here. HI! OK, I should just go back to bed. ;)
    Hey Chris! What's new? I hope all is well. Are you doing STS? I am; I'm starting week 3 meso 1 tomorrow.
    Take care,
    Hey Christ I sent you an email and your dog is still cute. Maybe you should start a animal lovers social group.
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