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  • Hey Kim...im sure those two lbs will be gone in no time! I have not been on the scale in about three weeks:confused: im sure im up alteast five lbs. I also checkin on another forum...myfitnesspal.com....there are two threads there i check in under,there VERY supportive too and have the problems that i do about food...they struggle with workouts and are falling off the wagon all the time too. We have alot of fun over there,lol.

    anyways,let me know how your doing from time to time,ok:) Wish you the best of luck!
    Hey Kim!!!! I hope your doing well,haven't seen you since thanksgiving. How is WW'ers going? pop in the comment thread when you can....we miss you! Happy Holidays!
    Hey Kim,thanks for stopping by and thanks for your kind words:eek:!!! And incase I forget ...early HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tommorrow:D
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