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So what workout is giving you DOMS??

Finished week 7 except I missed Tabatacise one day when I wasn't feeling well. May try to fit in an extra time on the weekend to catch up.

I'm assuming that I didn't get the job as it's been almost 2 weeks. Not really disappointed as it was a spur of the moment idea but still hard to go through the whole process .

Tomorrow is Friday!!
Hey! Okay, everyone is finally better. Our poor Ibo...Dh has to carry him up and down the stairs and he's taken him to work with him everyday as he has to stay quiet (he weighs 100 lbs). He's on sedatives. He really wants to play. Emma is back to her trouble-making self. I've got to take some new pictures and post them.

Busy studying this week as I have finals opening this weekend and then I think I'll go see Mom next week (by myself) for a few days. Worked with my advisor at school and think I'll graduate next September (2014) - if I stay on this same track that is. No doubling up...no nothing. I will tell you as much as I've enjoyed this law class I've also hated all the gray areas. It has been very interesting though.

I can't remember if I told you guys this but a GF had bought Pump from beachbody and I've been doing some of that to get me going. I'm finally eating VERY CLEAN and working out. Considering I was such a fanatic about fitness I can't believe I've had trouble getting back in the mode again. It's just not me! The nice thing about Pump (I'm just doing some of the workouts but not following their plan) is the levels work you up and I've done it at the gym and do like the format of it. It's fun and one of the few nonCathe type workouts I like (not many of those!). :D

Okay...help me out girls...I HAVE to get this extra weight off. I going to report into you guys everyday what I'm doing and if I cheat.

Kim, it would be nice if they would let you know yay or nay. Also, I know I saw something about Cathe's new project but must have accidentally deleted the email! Yippeeee!!!!

Cendrine, I'll email you if I do in fact drive by you next week and maybe we can meet for coffee or something either on my way down, up, or somewhere in between! LOL!:D I have no definite plans yet so will let you know when I have it figured out and see what your availability is. You are only about 40 minutes from my mom.
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I got the doms from doing cardio leg blast with heavier weights...:rolleyes:

Glad everyone is better in your house, Jo, and good luck with your exams, I know you will do great as usual!
I bet once you are done with classes you will be able to get into a more firm routine again like before. You've had a lot of things going on that throw a wrench into your routine and would make anyone struggle. You'll get there again! That said though, I'm really needing to work on not eating when I'm not hungry, so we can keep each other accountable!

Low impact challenge today.
I guess that's good that you are getting DOMS, I do like Cardio Leg Blast. On the schedule for today is the 80 min premix for Legs that includes the barre and rear delts, good workout but the length of time is daunting.

DH has been really consistent with following the 90 rotation with me! He has done almost everyone workout! We started week 8 yesterday and I have followed it to the letter except for one missing workout last week when I wasn't feeling well. Which I decided to not "catch up" and try not to be so obsessive:rolleyes::roll eyes:

My birthday is in a few weeks and I asked DH to order a couple of more horizontal conditioning dvds for my gift. I don't know if you remember that I got a couple and did them in December before XTrain arrived. I wanted to do a month rotation before Xtrain but they were super slow to arrive and XTrain arrived so quickly so only got 2 weeks in. I really wanted to concentrate on my abs this winter so I'm trying to devise a horizontal conditioning rotation to do for a month or two after the 90 day Xtrain rotation. These workouts get such rave reviews everywhere, they are tough!!

I'm thinking of doing them 3 or 4 times a week and then some Cathe the other days for cardio. I don't think they will have the same "fun" factor as the Cathe rotations so I'm going to try not to get distracted by Cathe's March and April rotations and really give these workouts a fair chance to see if they help with my problem lower abs.

Jo, it's good that you found a workout that you like as whatever motivates you to get exercising is great! Beachbody has some good products! I've done CLX, Insanity and P90X. I think getting into a fitness routine is so much more difficult than maintaining it. You will find your groove again eventually.

I have put a couple of lbs back on. Got to get more careful with the eating again. Goodness, I don't find it takes much to to gain a couple of lbs these day. I do find that I have to be careful on the amount of carbs each day as that seems to make a big difference.

Hope Ibo is feeling better soon! Good luck with your exams!

Cendrine, are you and the kids taking a spring break soon??
Where do you get your horizontal training videos from, Kim? I'd like to take a look at a few previews if there are any online.

Dh and I bought a lot of bulbs from Costco yesterday, some beautiful blue clematis to climb the trellis and the gazebo in our yard. And because we were at a different Costco I just went and looked at the workout gear and I found the blue jacket in my size! I had totally given up and gotten a black one but I'm so happy I found the blue! I also picked up a blue and grey workout shirt, am quite a happy camper...

I'm busy in the kitchen again, I made sprouted raw pizza cashews and almonds in the dehydrator, and they turned out great, next is a healthy raw cheese it cracker, a friend of mine gave me a taste of hers and it was amazing. Then I'm making turkey jersey, because dh keeps picking up the Costco brand with sugar and non organic, so I decided I need to give them a healthier option and the organic kind from the health store tastes like cardboard....

I don't think we'll take a spring break if we can help it. My mom just gave me her arrival dates for June and I would love to be done with school by the time she gets here.

Sorry to hear about how quickly you gain weight, Kim, unfortunately I have the Same issue, really does not take much at all. But I haven't seen a connection with carbs for me, it's just a calorie surplus that does it for me.

My dh has been really good about workouts too, he has done the entire sts rotation, then did a couple of xtrain workouts but decided he likes sts better and is back on meso 1, complaining about all the push-ups, remember those? Lol!
I've order direct from the website, Horizontal Conditioning . There is a 25% discount code out right now, LOVEHC. There are clips on youtube of the workouts.

Sounds like you had a successful shopping trip Cendrine! What fun to buy some stuff for your yard. Your new house has such beautiful landscaping that I'm sure it will be fun to play in the yard! We have a ton of snow!!! I don't think we will see grass for a couple of months yet. :(:(
Yep, I will! I'm particularly excited about the two leg workouts and the two step workouts!

All out low impact Hiit for me today!
Difficult couple of days. My 13 year old niece ended up in the hospital. She's at the same place I work so I've been able to visit a few times. Things seem to be going well. Actually came home and did Tabatacise last night, it was a good stress relief.
Alright, will so much for me checking in everyday! I finished my Final and have been busy doing house chores and really looking hard for a job. I will tell you this, I have been eating super clean except for DH's famous clam chowder. I'm not going to weigh until Sunday. I do think I'm retaining water since I kicked up my workouts so probably won't see any changes yet.

Cendrine yahoo about the jacket. So we have the same, blue and black.

Kim, sorry to hear about your niece! I hope she recovers quickly. So we're all dealing with these extra unwanted pounds! Ughhh!

Today, besides eating PERFECT (no clam chowder made with heavy cream!) I did the 30 minutes of cardio from BM2 - that's one of my goto cardios like Rhythmic Step. And, I did one of the short Pump workouts that is about 35 minutes. It was a perfect blend. I do think I'm getting back on track. The hardest part is finding out how much endurance you've lost or using puny weights. But, as we all know, you just got to do it and then suddenly you're craving it again!

I MUST go check the new workouts. No matter what they are I will order!!! :D
Kim, I hope that your niece will recover quickly too, nice that you are able to see her since its in the same hospital. I haven't done tabatasice since the first time I tried it... Kind of scared of it... Lol!

Jo, yay, you're done, when do your next classes begin? I really hope you find a job you like that's gonna give you time for a life on the side soon! Good job eating clean! I have had two weeks of really listening to my full signal, I'm glad to be doing well, I really need to keep balance and consistency.

Workout today was intensity, and it was really challenging for me today. I think my body is trying not to catch something and I've been tired all week as a result.

But on a lighter note, my joint pain is improving since I've started taking the herbs to help balance my hormones, so walking up and down the stairs and doing squats and lunges is much easier again, I'll take it!
Oh my! Who can say NO to the preorder! Those look great! I'm so happy that Cathe is doing another cycle DVD. So yessiree, I'm in! :D
I ORDERED!!!!! :D:p:cool::eek::D

And don't you know....right after my last post the doorbell rang and it was the little girl next door (she's 7) bringing me my 10 (yes 10) boxes of girl scout cookies DH bought. Five of those boxes are for me - my favorite samoas! Sigh...yes, I've already eaten 4 cookies! I'll start again tomorrow!

But in the meantime! - I ORDERED!!!!! :D:p:cool::eek::D
Good Friday morning girls! Well, I got up and did an oldie favorite: Step Jam. You know that is one of Cathe's workouts where I like every move. Well, there are others too, but this one, I think because I've done it about 500 times over the years has a special place in my heart! :D:p:cool: Anyway, feeling good, did the whole thing but had to do it on 6" step...not ready to do 8" yet.

Cendrine, I start school again on Monday. I'm glad your joint pain is better! Is it just your knees or do you feel it in hips and elbows, etc.?

Kim, how is your niece doing?

Off to vacuum and then a much needed shower! :D
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My niece came home from the hospital yesterday.:D:D Things seem stable for now.

DS's team lost their hockey playoff game today so their season is done. So that will free up lots of time until spring hockey starts. DD and didn't see the game as we were at the NHL game.

Hope you don't get sick Cendrine!

Enjoy those cookies Jo!
Jo, those are my favorite cookies too! I was able to avoid them this year....;)

All my joints are feeling better, and even the pain in my feet is much improved, so something is definitely working!

Glad your niece is home, Kim, but sorry for ds about the game, maybe you are not so bummed yourself since it makes your schedule lighter?

I had a totally slow and lazy day today, just was not feeling very energetic, but so far have not had signs of catching anything, glad about that.
Kim, so sorry about DS loss! Glad your niece is doing well! Did you preorder?

Cendrine, that must be so nice to have that pain improving! Did you preorder?

Okay, so tonight I sat down and went through all my DVD's (fitness that is!). Oh my, but I have been collecting for a long time! I've got some great workouts I forgot about and should dust them off and try them again or get rid of them! Ughhh!

Nothing else to report about today. I think Emma is bipolar! LOL! She is either sweet as can be or tazmanian devel! LOL! Ibo has a much more level personality but of course he's 7 and she's 9 months! Okay, off to bed. DH is already asleep!
Yes, I preordered, I forgot to mention that yesterday... :)

I have a pretty big collection too, Jo, I got rid of some when we were packing, but I still have a lot...
Yes I preordered. I order the dvds excluding Pedal Power. I keep thinking I should switch to downloads but maybe next time.

I have a large collection as well but some are VHS, LOL. I know I probably will never do things Kathy Smith, Jane Fonda VHS workouts, but they are kind of fun to keep.

Glad you are feeling better Cendrien. Did you look at the horizontal conditioning workouts?

DS is bummed that the season is over, as they did well and I think he was hoping to go to city finals not be kicked out of the playoffs so early. I wasn't at the game but I guess ds played an exceptional game, everyone seem to be raving about his stunts in the net yesterday so I think he went out with a bang and that helped. It will be nice to have the extra time.

The kids have the Bronze Medallion (lifeguarding course) exam this week and dd want to go to the pool to practice. So I will take her this afternoon.
Already got Cardio Leg Blast and core #2 done.
Hello hello hello!

I see you guys are keeping the Cathe fires burning! Or maybe that's the other way around! :D
I miss you all and think of you often!
I have had my head deep in the books. I am officially a certified 200 hr yoga teacher and am teaching at the studio I attend and am loving every minute of it! It has been the best experience of my life and continues to be so.
I have totally geeked out on the anatomy and just LOVE that aspect of the training so am continuing in that. I am trying to stay balanced but it is hard to get my nose out of the anatomy books long enough. Haha
I am hoping to continue on and eventually become a 500 hr but that takes all sorts of time and travel but there is nothing but time right!

That's a lot of I's! Haha I just wanted to say how elated I am that the group is still communicating! You are all such a strong and uplifting support system for one another!
With planning classes ,working, studying and teaching, there is not a lot of down time but you all were on my mind today and I just had to come check in!
Love and miss you all

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