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Hi Girls,

I have been a vegetable pretty much all week... I feel well enough to be up but not to do anything... I keep thinking I'm over it and then I wake up soaked again. Very odd, but I decided I'm at least going to try to work out today. I am starting school again with the kids today and really want to get back into my routine, so I'm going to at least attempt it and see how far I get.

Sorry about your migraine, Jo! Do you ever think that tough workouts could trigger migraines? I've been wondering this myself because I had a few instances where I felt like it might have been connected to me working out too hard. What do you think?

Kim, I love that dh is doing the rotation with you!

Have a great day!
Cardio Leg Blast done! I really liked this one. Sometimes Cathe goes too fast for me for some strength moves and I can't go as deep because I don't have enough time to come back up, but this workout I felt like she really allowed enough time to go deep and really be in the move. I was therefore able to go deeper and I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow....;)
Time for shower...
Yahoo Cendrine! Way to go! I've been trying to get on the forum for a couple of hours and I think the site was down. :(

Regarding migraines...I know that I used to get migraines when I ran over 8 miles. My doctor said they were exertion migraines. Of course people always say first thing that I must be dehydrated but I guarantee I am never dehydrated! Anyway, it could be that sense I'm working hard to get back in shape I am overexerting. More reason to get back in shape FAST! LOL!:D

So I said I was going to restart the 90 day program, but I changed my mind AGAIN! I decided to do a full week of cardio to work on my endurance and then start the program on Sunday. So today I did the scrambled egg premix of Drill Max to kick it off.

I'm watching TBL which is on again tonight. Oh and last night I didn't sleep well as I think I ate too many brussel sprouts! :confused: so after DH left for work this morning around 6:30, Emma and I went back to bed and I slept until 11! I'll probably be up late tonight!

Hi Kim! Have a good evening everyone!
Hey checkout these out.


These are the workout clothes lululemon private labeled for Costco. The pants which are reversible ($19.99) are similar to the lulu groove pants that are reversible ($98). I bought the black w/blueberry pants, blueberry t-shirt and the gray t-shirt. I got them today and they are awesome! Fit just like my lulu's! :D I don't know about your nearby Costco's but they didn't have these in my store so got them online.

Just in case you're looking... $19.99 for pants and $12.99 for t's where right up my alley!

ETA - I bought the blueberry jacket too and it also is like my lulu.... for a quarter of the price!!!
Jo, I saw those at Costco, but the legs on the pants seemed really wide. Can you tell me if they are fitted or not? I was going to get some but then was unsure... I would go for the blue too!

I am sore from cardio leg blast. How does Cathe keep doing this? The moves weren't that new and yet here I am, feeling doms as I went to bed last night!

I surprised the kids yesterday and started teaching them sewing lessons on my sewing machine... They were so excited! I wasn't sure if it was too soon for dd, after all she's only six. But she did really well, as did ds, and they are busy brainstorming what to make when they have mastered the machine... Lol!
Good Morning! I am trying to get up earlier so even though I couldn't go to sleep until 1 last night...I got up at 6! Already have some homework done.

Cendrine, those pants fit me like boot-cut jeans. You know how wide Cathe's pants are in LIC? They are not big like that. On me they are tight (fitted) on butt and thighs down to the knees then wider on bottom. You can always try them. Like Nordstrom, you can take anything back to Costco! And since they are reversible you get two pairs of pants for $19.99!

I love that you are teaching them sewing. When I was growing up my aunt was a home economics teacher and started teaching me sewing, embroidery, crochet, etc., all when I was little like your dd! I believe I, too, was about 6.:D
Couldn't get on the forum yesterday to post, I guess the system crashed.

Following the 90 rotation for the first 4 days and loving all the workouts! Got my calendar in the mail yesterday.

Jo I was also going to suggest that maybe the new exercise routine was causing your migraines. I sure hope you find out what's causing them. I have been watching TBL, liking this season so far.
Hmm, I've been meaning to go to Costco, we have one just 5 minutes away.

Cendrine, that's neat about teaching the kids to sew. My dd loves to sew, we have lots of pillows around here:roll eyes: The kids take sewing in school here, dd was telling me today that her sewing teacher is older and a little absent minded, they have done the same test 3 times now.:eek: She switches to cooking lessons in a few weeks, maybe good that it's a different teacher doing cooking.
I used to love doing cross stitching and other crafts but sort of lost interest the last few years.
I'm going to get a set of that workout gear, Jo, and see if they fit me like they fit you. I like the color and pattern.

Good job making yourself get up, I always find it harder when I'm not teaching (working) to find a reason to stick with morning routines, but its always hard to relearn it, so I usually convince myself to just stick with it... :rolleyes:

Kim, your school system sounds similar to what I grew up with, we had sewing and knitting and crocheting , embroidery, pottery, woodworkshop, cooking...it was fun and I think it's a really good thing to keep exposing kids to. Unfortunately I'm like you, I have not been doing much of anything in the creativity department myself. I kind of expect that I will be able to pick up my own projects again come high school, when the kids will be able to work side by side with me as opposed to need me to help them learn their skills.

Workout today was cardio super sets, skipping a few things due to back and shoulder issues, making up for it by adding in slide and glide cardio and abs. I can't believe how sore I am from leg cardio blasts!
I've had lots of computer issues this week! Took yesterday off as was tired and had lots of DOMS! Enjoying all these new workouts. Tomorrow will be the last day of week one already.

We have a blizzard warning for tomorrow. Since I see outpatients, I may have a very slow work day tomorrow. Hope the driving isn't too bad.

I'm finding it a very long, tiring week after 2 weeks of holidays! Looking forward to the weekend!
I found my first week back tiring too, Kim! It sure will be nice to have the weekend! We had snow yesterday, but it didn't stick around, much to my kids disappointment....

I'm going to do legs today. Doms are finally normalizing some... Lol!
Yeah, it's the weekend. Blizzard hitting tonight so not sure if we will be able to get to the usual Saturday activities. We finished off the first week of the rotation tonight after work and I added on the 100 rep challenge for the scarecrows. I think we will go right into week 2 tomorrow as took a rest day Wednesday.

Anyone else try the 100 rep challenges?? I think most of my DOMS are from them.

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?
Hi Girls! Well, I've had more headaches the last few days. Kim, yes, I was wondering too if I'm working too hard to get back in shape causing or at least contributing to my headaches...but now I've had so many headaches I haven't got to workout! LOL!

Got to take call from my brother - I'll be back!
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I just did super cuts with modifications for upper body and added on the challenge for hip thrusts. Have any of you done that one yet?

Jo, I picked up a pair of workout pants and a jacket from Costco yesterday!

It's been below freezing here almost all week. Makes me want to hibernate... Lol.
We have discovered that Portland has hummingbirds in winter! So we have put out food and it promptly freezes... The poor birds still try to get food out of it somehow and hang out there a long time. We have two feeders, so we hang out a fresh one each day while the one that froze is defrosting inside.... Dh has taken it upon himself to figure ou a way to insulate the feeders with bubble wrap ;) we'll see if it works. He has a real soft spot for little critters :)

Kim did you guys survive the blizzard ok?

Jo, I hope you are better!

I have to tell you guys, because I'm so happy about this myself, usually when I get a cold it turns into a sinus infection, then because docs say to wait 10 days before taking antibiotics, it turns into bronchitis and by the time I get the antibiotics, the bronchitis has gotten so bad that it triggers more asthma and am generally so inflamed that I have to take steroids to take care of it... That has been my story for about the last 4 times or so. This time I got the cold and sinus thing too, but I didn't take any drugs, no decongestants or expectorants or anything. Instead I did a steady combination of GSE, an essential oil blend for cold and flu symptoms and diluted apple cider vinegar... And guess what, I managed to get over it without it turning into bronchitis, I'm all better without any drugs! I was so happy about it I just had to share!

Have a great day!
So how were your gluteus after the hip thrusts Cendrine?? I did do that one last week and really felt it! Today I did Legs and was going to add it to the end but I changed my mind by the end as I had enough.

Having a stressful work, we are having car trouble and so having to do lots juggling with dropping each other off at work, having ds take the bus etc. Hopefully it's fixed very soon!

We did survived the blizzard! Took lots of shovelling Saturday morning and DH pushed three cars out of the snow in front of our house. It's still very cold!!

So glad that you are feeling better Cendrine!!
Sounds like a lot of snow, Kim! I'm so glad I haven't had to do any shoveling! But it has been icy several times, which is a little scary when you have a slanted driveway straight onto the street...:eek:

My glutes weren't all that sore after the hip thrust, I must not have done it right. Either heavier weights or less rests next time....

I did Ride today, oh my, I think I sweated a quart worth of water...!
Cendrine, I didn't know you had a spin bike! What fun!

How is everyone doing with their Xtrain rotation?

I'm heading downstairs to do Hard Strikes, almost finished week 2! I have Friday off and looking forward to a 3 day weekend.
Kim, I don't have a spin bike, I just have my regular bike in an indoor trainer, and it does the trick, is a whole lot cheaper than getting a spin bike. For now it works for me.
I've been doing well on my rotation so far. Today was cardio leg blast, I'm feeling more doms coming my way... Lol!
We have a three day weekend too, going to Seattle to celebrate fil's 90th birthday. But we are just staying one night, then enjoy the rest of the long weekend at home.
Have a good visit with family Cendrine! WOW, 90! Your DH seems too young to have a father that is turning 40!

I finished week 2 of the 90 day rotation. Did tons of housework today, great to have the house in order for the weekend. Saturday is super busy with activities but we should be able to relax on Sunday.

What are you up to this weekend Jo?
Hey Girls! Well the week got away from me! :p I've been busy with school and doing home projects (like FINALLY cleaning my closet). I am really enjoying this law class; for my assignment this week I had to pick a pending regulation and argue both for and against it. I love learning new things!

Cendrine, so glad you got some lulu! Do you like the fit? Guess what, since I'm working out again, DH stopped at Costco on the way home Wednesday and bought me two tops (teal & raspberry) with the matching pants! How did you like Ride? I haven't tried it yet.

Kim, I thought about you when I say the weather forcast in your area! So what are impressions of the rotation? Do you like it? What do you think of all those premixes? I'm impressed with what they did this series, SNM just keeps getting better!

Like Cendrine, it's been extremely cold. Today, it only got to 31. We went and met some friends for a river walk. We took Ibo with us but left Emma with SS (bonding time! LOL!). Anyway, we were all bundled up and it was crispy out! We walked about 3 miles I think.

Time to get back to the closet! I have a lot of stuff I don't need! Ugghhh! And, need to do it while I'm in the mood!

Kim, I forgot to ask you if you checked out your Costco for the lulu's?
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Hi Girls! I got to be honest, I just can't do a rotation yet. :p I've been doing different workouts just to get the blood flowing, muscles pumping and energy rising! LOL! So yesterday even after the walk I tried the Xtrain cardio leg blast (loved it!). Then today, I tried Tracy Anderson mat workout - a friend told me to try it because she likes Tracy Anderson. It was an interesting workout, but her cueing is nonexistent. She's the one that trains Gwynith Paltrow (have you heard of this workout). Anyway it's kind of a dancers training and I know I'll be sore. Then, the sun was out (still cold) so we took the dogs out on the hilly trail. We ran into our friends with their dog and ended up going to dinner with them tonight.

Not much else going on...I ate too much and now I'm sleepy!

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