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I forgot to tell you guys that my GF in Seattle got tickets for the dress rehearsal tonight of Romeo and Juliet at the Pacific Northwest Ballet. I'm excited as I'm going to meet her for dinner then off to the ballet!
Finished the first month of Xtrain yesterday!! Really enjoying a rest day today, not so much DOMS much physically tired all over! Looking forward to adding in the other new workouts in month 2. Not bored of these workouts yet.

How was the ballet/dinner Jo?? How exciting that you are seeing fitness improvements, that is always good motivation to keep up the hard work. How are your patients recovering (Emma and DH)??

Cendrine, I went off birth control pills just over a year ago and went right into premenopause. (age 42) It wasn't bad for me, last winter I had some symptoms of hot flashes, irritiabiltity etc but overall it wasn't a big deal for me. I know I was really lucky as so many women have lots of symptoms to deal with over a much longer time. ( I work with a large group of women of this age so I hear all about it;))

Well, we heard about suspensions for our hockey team, 3 players each got a 3 game suspension including my nephew. I feel bad for my nephew as he is that last kid that would ever be fighting, but he was on the ice at the time, and went over to try and seperate two kids and then one kid punched him. So since he was "involved" he got a 3 game suspension. He is the kind of kid that just doesn't have a lot of interests and his only fitness activity is hockey so I feel bad that he can't play the next couple of weeks. Never heard what happened with the other team.

It's so cold here! The school buses were cancelled. We moved to this house 2 years ago today!! That's when dd started taking the school bus because at the old house we were close enough to school to walk. The school buses get cancelled if it's colder than -40 and it's the first time this has happened to her. I happen to be off work today so drove her. Her class usually takes a bus over to another local school for home economics. (Friday mornings) so they won't be doing that so I have a feeling it will end up being a "fun" day as the not everyone will make it to school.

This afternoon I'm taking ds to see his allergy specialist to see if he can figure out why ds gets hives from showers/baths. I'm thinking it might be carbon in the water and his shower needs a carbon filter?? I've heard that from a few people. DS is just one of the allergic/asthmas type people, that gets reactions to things so easily. This has been going about a year, every morning he showers or baths are breaks out into itch hives that take a few hours to go away. I've tried so many things, soaps, shampoos, heat, laundry detergeant. Shower vs bath. It happens at hotels other houses as well. Any ideas??
I hope you had fun at the ballet, Jo, sounds like a nice way to spend some time with a friend!

I did AOLIH today. For some reason it worked me way harder today than when I have done it before and I had to walk and breathe a good extra five minutes before I was cooled down enough for stretch... But it felt good to have done it!

Kim, I have no idea what might trigger your ds allergic reaction to the showers, but that sure is something you want to figure out. I've never heard of carbon being a potential trigger. Could it be the chlorine? How long has this been going on? If you can narrow it down to a start date you might investigate the water district and see if they've added anything to the water recently, or if their purifying process has somehow changed? Good luck trouble shooting!
Haven't posted over the weekend not much happening. Still cold so stayed home lots. Started month 2 of the rotation.

Went to Costco did buy a pair of yoga pants. I think they are just lulu lemon copies though not the same ones that you got made by lulu lemon.

The kids have no school today and I had vacation days to use up so I book the day off. Now dd made plans to go to a friend's to work on a music project and ds is sleeping till noon. DH wants me to wait till this evening to workout so he can join me so I have the day free not sure what to do. Thinking will just read/scrapbook. I should have gone to work.

The allergist said ds has choligenic uratica, it would have started with a virus. It started last June when he was away at a camp with school. Since his immune system overreacts he gets the hives. It will go away eventually on it's own, he suggested reactine to manage the symptoms which is already helping. He recommended a epipen for swimming on hot days as the sudden change in temperature could cause a very rare severe allergic reaction. That scared me. Strange diagnosis, never heard of it, but it makes sense and the reactine is working.
I'm glad you guys figured out what it is and how to treat it, Kim. I've never heard of it either. Good thing the doctor knew!
You sounded like you were quite bored, not knowing what to do with yourself ;)
I can relate, sometimes when I get a rare unexpected block of time off, I suddenly wonder how I'm going to fill it... Lol!

I did low impact cardio super sets for workout today.

This weekend I tried my hand at making raw chocolate with healthy sweeteners. I made a batch of coconut cream truffles, this stuff is basically coconut milk, unsweetened chocolate, and coconut sugar, it's on the soft side. Then I made chocolate covering with cacao butter, cacao powder and coconut sugar and agave, I used this to dip the coconut truffles into for a hard shell, then I made almond butter cups with the remaining chocolate, I had bought this mini cup mold, so it was easy. It was quite fun to make and yielded a lot more than I thought, so now I'm covered for super healthy chocolate for a good long time.... It's very dark chocolate, which the rest of my family doesn't like as much, so I don't have to worry about hiding it... Lo:D
Slide and glide for me today. Looks like you guys are busy, I hope nobody's sick!

I did more experimenting in the kitchen yesterday. I had recently bought a bulk order of raw almonds and I decided to make my own sprouted almond milk. The milk tastes good, but I had trouble with the straining, so it's a bit gritty. Am going to have to experiment how to make it smoother. Then I prepared a batch of the almond milk with kefir culture to see if it makes good kefir, if it does, I will phase milk out of the fridge...;) the reason I made my own almond milk is because all the store bought kinds have up to 25 ingredients in it :eek::confused:
Mine only has four...:D
Did Tabatacise for the first time tonight and added on core #1. It was a good workout, hard but I think if you did it often it would get boring.

Cendrien, sounds like lots of yummy cooking happening at your place! You are so creative!

How's school going? Any interesting projects??? Are the kids doing piano still?
Cycle max today. The biking workouts always get me sweating more than any other workout! Sure is hard!

I'm glad you got to do tabatasice, Kim, did you do the entire one or just some segments?

School is going pretty well, but the kids get easily distracted and it takes longer to get done than I would like. But I guess it's normal for that age and will get better as they get older.
Ds is doing an oregon state report. I have to help him with some of the research, and it brings back memories, when I used to assign state and country reports to my students, and how much work that was, now I'm seeing the role more of how much this really involves the parent, as kids really don't know how to do reports and need to be guided step by step. Ds is younger though than the my students were. I also remember how much I always hated doing reports of any kind, especially doing bibliographies, and if they didn't learn so much about just what to do to find information, I would probably not assign reports myself....:eek:

The kids are still doing piano, as well and ds is doing a Lego robotics class again this term, while dd is doing a dance class. Next term or during the summer I have to get them back into swimming. Ds also expressed interest in gymnastics. He saw a high school boy show him amazing things on the playground and ds wants to do them too. He doesn't realize that those kinds of feats take years of learning and practicing....
Sounds like the kids are keeping you busy!

We did Tabatacise in it's entirety. Today was super cuts for the first time. Loved it!!!! It moves so quickly, the time flies!

I'm pretty nervous as I have a job interview tomorrow.
I was going to type more about the job interview yesterday but I was nervous and didn't want to dwell on it. I happened to see this job advertised a couple of weeks ago and kind of applied on a whim. They phoned Wednesday and wanted an interview on Friday. So I managed to get rearrange my patients and take this afternoon off (vacation time) without causing a lot of suspicion at work. Hard to go to a job interview while you are working but at least it's been quiet t work.

I really don't know if I have a chance at this job. It's a case manger position in the community, it would be a step up in pay/responsibility than what I have now. But the interview was definitely geared towards people already working in the community rather than coming from a different setting like a hospital. There was a written exam for 1/2 hour than a one hour interview. I think I did okay but not great. So we'll see.

Relaxing this evening with some red wine. Sure looking forward to the weekend, it's been a stressful week!
Wow, Kim, that sounds like a pretty thorough interview! I can understand you were nervous, and I know what you mean about it being hard to go to an interview when you are working... I did that once and I kind of felt like a hypocrite not telling anyone, but you don't want the boss to get wind of you looking around for fear he might try to find a replacement for you as a result before you're ready to leave.
When do you think you will find out?

I'm taking the day off working out today, I have a fair amount of stuff to do and it all adds up...

Have a great weekend!
They said they would call the successful applicant sometime next week. I need to email them by references and stressing about that. I've asked 2 people but think I should get a third. That's hard to, difficult to ask people you currently work with.

Did Chest/Shoulders/Back today, trying to increase my weights on month 2 of Xtrain and really starting to feel it! My legs ,especially the calves, have DOMS from yesterdays workout (Legs).

DD went downhill skiing with her class on Friday. She had fun but came home with a bad cold so she and I have been having a quiet weekend watching girls movies at stuff. She is sleeping a lot and I've been getting bored! But I do want to keep her company. It's finally got nice out and I had been hoping to do some outdoors sports or just get out for a bit. Seems like we have been home a lot lately.

Cendrine, how is your DH enjoying his new job???
Jo, how is the job hunting going??
I hope dd recovers quickly, ds son has a cough too and I just hope that the rest of us don't catch it this time. It seems we have had more than the usual sniffles and such around here, dh thinks maybe its because we are in a new area and not used to the local bugs...?:confused:

Great job upping the weights, Kim, I'm going a bit heavier in legs myself, but I have doms too!

I did low impact Hiit this morning. Had to talk myself into it but I am happy now that I pushed through it. My herbal supplements for hormonal balancing came in and I can't wait to see some improvements!

Jo, how are things with you?
DD seems to be over her cold already . It only lasted 48 hours, all the sleep probably helped.

That could be true about the bugs/immune system Cendrine. Next winter should be better for you.

Tabatacise and core work done ! That one has a bit of a dread factor.
Hey Girls! So DH has been sick sick sick. Emma is recovering well from her spay and then Ibo blew out one of his back leg knees and had to have surgery last week and I had midterm. So between taking care of DH and dogs, the last week got away from me! So here's a funny, when we got Emma, we got pet insurance - never did that before. Last month DH was going to cancel it since none of our animals have ever had issues. Well he didn't get around to doing it and we're glad now! Ibo's surgery + medicine is around $4500.

Kim, last time a submitted a resume on a whim, I got the job! Now that I am really looking, I'm not getting any bites! Glad you dd had a quick cold.

Cendrine, you guys are sniffling too! I hope you don't get it. Knock on wood but both DH and SS have been sick and I didn't catch it YAY!

Gotta go get some dinner going.:D
I'm so glad to hear you haven't gotten sick, Jo! Poor Ibo! Has he already had his surgery? How did he injure his leg? You sure have had your hands full! I hope this week will be kinder to you!

I did CSS today, and added on some abs.

This weekend I think we are going mattress hunting. It seems as though our mattress is not doing my back any favors, I seem to hurt more when I get up out of the bed than I do doing anything else all day... I'm not sure if another mattress would make things better but I guess we'll try to test a few and see...

You guys doing anything for valentines day?
How are all the patients Jo?? Hope everyone is on the mend.

Cendrine, did you do anything special for Valentine's?? I made little gift bags for my 3 valentines with different candies.:roll eyes: They all seem really excited. No plans for tonight as DH is volunteering at the community club (all the hockey parents need to do some volunteer hours) and ds has hockey practice. But the kids are going to the NHL game tomorrow with the season tickets so DH and I are free and we may go out to supper.

I just finished Supercuts and core work, completing week 6 of the 90 rotation. Only 5 weeks left (I'm only doing 11 weeks prior to vacation) so far so good! The weeks are going fast and I"m not bored of the workouts yet.

I'm off work tomorrow, but have the cable company coming in the morning to look at the tv cable, going for groceries, then have my annual exam at the doctor's. Of course since i"m off the kids want picked up/dropped off instead of taking the bus. Doesn't seem like fun, I think I'll rather be at work. But then it's the long weekend! Monday is a holiday for us!!!
Hope everyone is just busy and not sick.

I have a little head cold slowly me down this week, took one day off my workouts but did do Chest/Shoulders/Back today.

Did everyone see the email that Cathe is filming again?? I'm very curious to hear what the workouts are going to be!

Still very cold here but the days are getting a little longer, it's starting to be light out when I go to work in the morning so that is good for the spirits. It can get hard to take when the days are so cold and dark. Starting to count the days until our spring break to Mexico.
Just busy here. I took a break today because my doms were so bad....

Kim have you heard about your job yet?

Things are getting lighter here too and we actually have some crocuses peeking out by the pond and by the front door there is a camellia bush in pink blossoms, gorgeous. Really does do a lot for the spirit!

I'm curious too about Cathe's new workout project, I wonder if it will be a big one or some smaller ones like she did in between low impact series and xtrain.

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