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Rachel! Good to hear from you! Congratulations on being a yoga instructor now! What and accomplishment! I figured that you were doing well just busy with learing and teaching! Thanks for popping in and giving us an update!

I did Athletic Training today. Not much to report, except spring is definitely on the move here!
Hello All! Well I don't what happened to last week but it got away from me! LOL! I am having the worst allergy attack I've had in years. I have probably sneeze 100 times since about 10 (after my workout) and I can't get it under control. I finally found some sudafed but just took one since I hate taking this kind of medicine! Uggh!!!

Hello Rachel! So PROUD of you! I am so glad you found something you love so much and have obvious passion for! How exciting! I figured you were busy with all your yoga but knew we'd hear from you eventually! LOL! Love and miss you too!!

Well girls, I pulled out and dusted off Circuit Max today! (Do you have that Cendrine? I know Kim does!) Goodness talk about kicking my butt! I did have to modify some of the high/lo but I hung in through the whole thing! I am trying hard to get my abs back in strength as I am still not jumping on the step like I used to and I know it's because of weak abs. But they're getting there.

Not much else going on. Just a lot of nose blowing and sneezing today!
Good Morning! Kim, did you watch TBL? I'm excited for Danni!

Well girls, feeling good! I did Pyramid Upper Body up premix today. Feeling stronger all the time! Everytime I lay down on my step to do chest work or whatever, Emma is all over me! LOL! She thinks that means playtime. Today while trying to do chest flyes, she came and put her stuffed duck on my face! :rolleyes: Well, I should say, what left of her duck!

Cendrine, I agree with you that spring is on the horizon! I'm ready for SUNSHINE!

Off to the shower!:p
DD and I have been watching TBL, all the contestants look great! Can't believe it's almost over already.

Sounds like Emma enjoys your exercise time. I was trying to talk DH into getting another dog. No luck so far. Hope you are feeling better soon. DS's allergist says Reactine is the best antihistamine. It seems to work for ds, and be less drowsy. Hopefully you can enjoy spring! I haven't done Circuit Max in ages! So much fun to pull out the old workouts!

Cendrine, are the kids getting spring fever??? Still feels like winter here. We have tons of snow yet, going to be weeks before we see grass. Still in boots, mittens, parkas, but the days are getting longer. Of course is hot in Mexico where we will be in 12 sleeps!

It's great to "see" you Rachael. Thanks for giving us an update on your busy life. Anatomy can be quite fascinating, huh! I've been in health care over 20 years and there is still so much I don't know!!

I'm still on track with the 90 day undulating workout. Overall enjoying the Xtrain series but looking forward to something different after our trip.

We do one big family trip each year and are thinking about a trip to California next winter. Any thoughts from my west coast friends?? I would think we would fly into Los Angeles, do Disneyland, Hollywood type stuff, the beach, DH/ds want to up to San Francisco to see Alactraz.
I have not done circuit max in a long time either, I'll have to revisit it soon!

Kim, I've been sticking with the x train rotation too. Although I've been taking off a day a week or so. I'm still feeling less energetic than usual, but I'm hoping another month of supplementing will help with this. Have or are either of you used/are using natural progesterone cream? It seems to help with my hormonal migraines, and I'm wondering if it will help with anything else...

Jo, I love that Emma comes plays with you when you work out, how cute! What classes are you taking this term?

Ds is re enrolled for Lego robotics and dd for dance. Next term ds wants to do martial arts and dd wants to try her hand in acting :rolleyes: I think she might do well lol!

Kim, as far as California goes, I haven't done too much traveling, but here's my thoughts. I would skip Disneyland since you guys do disneyworld which is so much bigger. Besides, lines seem to be long no matter when you go and prices have gone up significantly this year. You might enjoy universal studios more? There's also Legoland and in Carlsbad, about an hour south of LA, it has a water park the kids might enjoy. One of my favorite places is Balboa Island by the Newport Beach area. There's a little fun zone with a few rides and arcade games, not much, but it has cute little shops, a little ferry, boats and other water things to rent, and it has a Swiss restaurant ( very small, very expensive, reservations recommended, but real nice) for beaches, we really enjoyed crystal beach cove, but there are many nice beaches to go to. Almost everyone in California agreed that you'll have to eat an in-n-out burger, it's a fast food chain and if you are not familiar with Trader Joes you might have fun shopping there.
That's about all I can think of.... Hope it helps!
Thanks for the info Cendrine, don't know if I can talk the kids out of Disneyland. Any idea how the Universal Studios in California compares with the Florida one?
We are thinking spring break next year.

Goodness, I'm having trouble sticking with the last 2 weeks of the rotation, my body really needs a rest but trying to hold off until Mexico. I've got 2 more workouts left!

Having lots of family issues this week. DH's grandma passed away, she was 97 and in very poor health in a nursing home. Then my dad's sister passed away. She was fairly young but had respiratory issues from smoking. She hadn't been well so not really unexpected. My niece has also had some ongoing medical issues.

We had another snowstorm this weekend, it's so cold!! Feels like January. My mom is away on holidays so had to go over there to shovel.
Did I mention that I'm going on holidays soon.;)

That's great that the kids are getting a chance to try out different activities. My ds did a little acting course when he was young for one term. I think it was really good for self confidence, public speaking,etc.
I don't know how universal studios compares, cou can probably google it though.

Sorry to hear about all the family stuff going on, I hope things calm down for you!

How fun that you get to go on vacation so soon! We are really bad about planning vacations, so far nothing on the horizon...lol

Ds won first place at the Cub Scout pinewood derby last night, he was quite pleased with himself ;)

Workout was athletic training today, bike yesterday. I'm hoping to snap out of my 'messed up by time change rut' and get back into the daily workout routine.
Congrats to your ds on the derby win!

Did Xtrain Legs today and so only one more workout left in this rotation! :D Tomorrow is Bi/triceps/abs and that's it.

Well the week has really turned into a strange one, first the two deaths and then we heard (in the news!!) that one of DH's best friends (close since they were teens) is in BIG legal trouble!! DH and another friend have been out at his place all evening, not sure the whole deal but doesn't seem good.
Very odd week, I'm almost afraid to answer the phone (or watch the news!) anymore this week.

Planning to leave all electronics at home when we are on vacation and be totally isolated!

Hope everyone is doing okay!
Where is everyone???

Back from Mexico! I am very sun burnt, and 5 lbs heavier but super relaxed! We took a overnight flight so did arrive home till 5:30 am so I'm letting kids sleep in this morning, hopefully school this afternoon. I go back to work tomorrow.

We left +30Celsius and landed to minus 15! I can't believe how cold it still is here, it's the winter that never ends this year.

DS and I went scuba diving one day that was the highlight of our trip!

I feel ready to tackle a horizontal conditioning rotation, going to try a 6 week one. Although Cathe's April rotation looks good also.
Welcome back from your trip! Sounds like you had a fun time!

The weather here has been gorgeous the last few days, nice and sunny and warm, spring flowers everywhere, frog concerts nightly at our pond...;)

We finally got a bike rack for the car so we went and did a 10 mile ride along a creek on Saturday. Yesterday we went to the Japanese gardens and enjoyed the spring blossoms. Seems like everyone is hitting the outdoors right now because it is soooo nice!

Workout for me was LIC, I'm doing Cathe's last months low impact rotation, but I like April's as well, so maybe that ones next...
Biking in spring weather sounds like so much fun. I keep thinking of getting a bike rack for the SUV so we can take the bikes out to the provincial parks.

I've created a 6 week plan to try:
Tues Horizontal Conditioning
Wed Metabolic Training (super cuts, after burn, etc)
Thurs Horizontal Conditioning
Sat Turbo Barre
Sun Horizontal Conditioning Boot Camp

Started today with HITT 40/20 and it was hard after being lazy for 10 days!
My goal is to try and lean out and focus on my abs.

How is everyone else doing with their goals??
That looks like a great rotation, wouldn't hurt me to try that!

I am still getting hit a lot with migraines that are caused by my out of whack hormones and having nightsweats that mess with my sleep, so my energy is kind of low and it has taken much of my willpower just to work out five times a week as opposed to letting it go because of not feeling well. So the fact that I have worked out every weekday the last couple of weeks and have made good choices in what and how much I eat, I am happy with what I've been able to do.
I'm trying a more potent progesterone cream this month, so hopefully I'll finally get results!
Well my days have gotten away from me! Cendrine, like you I have been plagued with migraines the last couple of weeks as well as BIG allergy issues. Kim, I'll try the reactin. I've been using Claritin. Anyway, besides that "stuff" DH and I have got into spring cleaning. We went through and cleaned the whole house. (Okay everything but the blinds!) We shampooed the carpet which took a couple of days and have been throwing stuff out. I have about 4 huge leaf bags for goodwill and that's just my stuff! :D

Went to the dentist yesterday and found out one of my root canals will have to be redone. I've been having pain when I chew but ignored it as I thought it was just something else because that tooth had a root canal so dead nerves, right? Well dentist showed me on xray this is further down and that the root canals can "fault" sometimes. Oh boy! Anyway, have to go see a specialist.

So like you Kim, our weather has been whacking. Last Wednesday (I think) we had 2 inches of snow and then it was 70 on Sunday. Cendrine I know it was nice for you too!

I have been going to the gym a couple days a week but then I messed up my back somehow (probably because I haven't been working out!) and so have only been able to do the bike. Can't step. Anyway, it's better today so am getting ready to go try and do a little step.

I was super happy to see Danni when TBL! It was time for a girl to win again. So enough jabbering and I'm going to go get busy!
Forgot to add. My goals are to get this stinkin weight off before July 1. We are going to DH family reunion over the 4th so I have to be able to get into my shorts! So will probably try and focus on cardio and high rep workouts. I decided not to focus on pounds but focus on getting my shorts to fit properly! :D Bottom line though, I want to get back to where I was fitness wise and I know my muscle memory will kick in!
Cendrine, it's good to hear you say that you are proud of what you have been able to do. I think as women we so often beat ourselves up when we can't be superwomen. I sure hope you find a strategy to get your body to settle down and get your energy back.

Goodness Jo, teeth, back, and allergies, what a week for you!! How did the step go? I was happy to see Danni win as well. She looked amazing but not so keen on her new hairstyle.

The rotation is going well so far. The horizontal conditioning workouts are hard! Did two of them this week and yesterday was Cather's Cardio Supersets.

I am running out of energy this week. Still recovering from our overnight flight earlier in the week and then busy at work. Looking forward to a quiet weekend and some catch up time at home.
I hope you can catch up on some sleep this weekend, Kim! I always find it hard to adjust to life after vacation...;)

I did muscle max today, forgot how high rep that one is!

Jo, sorry to hear about all the issues you've had to deal with! How's the job search going? What about your classes?

Have a great weekend!
Tried horizontal conditioning bootcamp today, it's definitely one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. Going to try and do it once a week for a few weeks. I may be imaging it but I think I'm seeing some difference in my lower abs after one week of this rotation.

Having family over for birthday cake for ds this evening. Can't believe my baby is turning 16!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
What's everyone up to?.

Finished the first 2 weeks of my 6 week horizontal conditioning rotation so far so good. Busy weekend as yesterday we had DH's grandma's funeral and so lots of out of town relatives around so lots of visiting.
we planted two fig trees and an asian pear tree in our garden, hoping to get some fruit already this year even though the trees are small.
I've been hooked on White Collar and am finishing watching it so I can forget about it...lol! that's the downside of netflix, you don't have to wait till the next episode airs, you can just keep going!
Anyone ever watch it?

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