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Let's go girls! Let's get back to regular checkins! To start the new year I just placed a lululemon order! Tomorrow I'll start Xtrain! Wednesday the gym will be back open and I'll do Xtrain and gym work! Let's band together and change our lives! Went to Costco today and loaded up on all the necessary food to be perfectly clean! Let's get pristeen in 2013!!!!;):cool::D:) Are you with me???? I'm with you!!! Let's make this happen!!!

I just realized that may be I'm the only one that needs to get back in shape! LOL! If so, forget what I said and let's just be motivated together like we were during STS!

Happy New Year my friends! Here's to our health!

Cendrine, I'll see you soon!

Kim, I so wish we could all meet!

Here's to health and wellness!!!:D:D:D
I'm with you Jo! Lets be focused and healthy!
I just downloaded the 90 day xtrain low impact rotation, but will have to tweak it, like I said, until my tendon issue is all better.
I was finishing out a leg rotation and today was supposed to be step works, but I decided to try the all out low impact hit and a tabatasice segment instead... Off to go do that now! Will let you know how I did...

Happy New year!
Ok, I just finished the low impact hiit and added on tabatasice 1 and 2 , oh boy, was I working! This stuff is tough and the rests are a tease! But I'm so proud of myself for doing them!

Unfortunately I'm fighting the bug the rest of my family has been fighting for a week. I so hoped I could avoid it, but at least it isn't very bad.

Kim, have you recovered from your cold?

Jo, I sure hope you don't catch anything!

We are still off school this week, so we are just taking it easy around here. I love doing nothing! Lol!
WooHoo on the New Year vibes!!! It's time to get serious about fitness again!

2012 was a pretty good year for me fitness wise actually. I completed my 4th half marathon and did it with DH and ds:D. I got to go on my first road trip! :)

I kept off the 20 lbs I lost in 2011and lost another 5 lbs in 2012!

I'm within 10 lbs of my ideal weight and I think if I just continue on the path of clean eating and fitness that it will slowly come off.

In November 2012 I experimented with shorter more intense workouts (more HITT/tabatha styles) and also try to focus on my lower abs. I definitely started to see some improvements in my core! I was always one for long steady state cardio ( like 6 mile runs, or a 1 mile swim, MIC:D:confused::roll eyes:) and I have to say that I am loving the new research that shows the shorter more intense workouts to be so effective!!! Although I only really experimented for a month, I noticed an improvement in lower body ab work like bicycles, hip thrusts and my lower belly slimmed down!

In December I was going to continue the experiment with still using the short intense cardio alternating with horizontal conditioning but I got side tracked with the festivities and my head cold but I was really encouraged with the changes I saw with only one month and XTrain looks like it will be a good fit to continue with these goals.

I have not received Xtrain yet, I'm guessing the end of next week at the earliest but I'm thinking of doing the 90 undulating rotation. Are you doing one of the rotations, Jo?? Keep the reviews coming Cendrine, it's so fun to read as I wait for my workouts! Every preorder I think I should really get the downloads next time!

Jo, DH and I were just talking this morning that I should head to Lululemon to look for some new workout pants. What did you order??

Sorry that you got the cold too Cendrine! I'm almost over it but still sneezing/stuffed up a bit, I think I will be really lazy today just to make sure I get over it and then work out tomorrow.

We were up late with our house guests (about 2 am), and I have a few glasses of wine. So that along with my head cold, just making me feel really lazy today! I think it might be a good day to try and get some of the Outlander book read!

Sorry, kind of long post, but Jo you made me stop and think about my fitness year and my goals for next year which was very useful. I think I'm better now at analyzing what works for me personally rather than jumping on the bandwagon and trying different programs/rotations. I'm also trying to get away from thinking so black/white, I used to have such a mentality that if I wasn't doing a 6 mile run or doing Body Max2 in it's entirety then I wasn't working out. It was hard for me to think that a 30 minute workout (like a HITT) is can actually be better for me than a 90 minute workout.

Over the years I have done P90X, CLX, Insanity, 6 month marathon training,3 month half marathon training, STS, Body for Life, tons of Cathe rotations. I have read/try to incorporate nutrition advice from Tosca Reno, BFFM, south beach, 17 day, etc. When I choose a program like Insanity, I usually follow it to a T. I tend to be a bit obsessive and after all these years I have never got the exact results I wanted. At the age of 43 I'm starting to realize that I really need to analyze what works for me and tweak my workout/diet to my personal needs. I think it's a bit of a self confidence issue as I always think the experts must know them me so I should follow their plans.

Sorry for rambling I had no intention of writing all this but Jo you got me thinking and it really helped me clarify some of my thoughts.
Kim! Don't apologize for your post! It is awesome! And if my post triggered your self analysis then BRAVO! For me, I haven't done all the series you have but here's what I know about me:

For nutrition, I respond best to no (as in zero!) processed food including no sugar! When I eat that way (which I'm doing again!) I feel fabulous and have mucho energy!

For workouts, STS worked well for me but I wasn't eating as clean so I think that prohibited me from seeing all the results I wanted to. I did see some, but it could have been better. I am anxious to give Xtrain a shot though. For lifting weights, I find I do best when I do high reps for lower body and lift heavy for upper. For cardio, I respond well to interval and especially the RPM spin workouts (Les Mills) I was doing at the gym. I'm like you, I used to think if I didn't workout at least 60 minutes no matter what I was doing, I was cheating! :confused:

What I think matters more than anything is that I'm doing something! From a physical perspective I just want to look toned.

Now, I still haven't done my workout today. It's 2:00 and I'm still in my jammies! DH and I started cleaning up our office which was a disaster, then I ate again so am waiting another 30 minutes or so to go workout.

Cendrine, you were up early! My goodness! Good for you for being up and getting the workout done. I'm proud of you for doing your workout too! Sounds like you enjoyed it!

Okay, I'll post later after I do my workout! Happy New Year!!

Rachel, if you're out there...hope you are having fun with your yoga journey! Happy 2013! :D
Hearing all you guys talk about workouts got me thinking too! Lol!
I definitely am a club member of the 60 min workout.... Will take some time for me to get away from that, I think, but thanks for sharing, both of you, it helps me to not be as obsessed... :confused:
As far as what works for me, I do best on really clean food too, I have additionally really worked toward more vegan and raw this past year. I like it but am very clear about not 'being' vegan or raw, just clean. Workout wise I have learned a lot last year as to what I can do without my back paying for it later. I have been impressed with how much high impact I have been able to get away with, but also know which high impact moves I can't pull off, such as tuck jumps and others. Doing sts gave me very lean results but it was also the time I was in the chiro's office the most. So I came to realize that while I am physically capable of lifting heavier than I'm doing now, I get incredibly tight in my shoulder and neck area and it is not worth it for me. So even though Cathe encourages us to keep lifting heavier when it gets easy, I have now come to figure out what my maintenance lifting weight is where I don't get all tense later. In other words I have come to know and accept my limits and am just happy having fun working out and being healthy.
I think for this years goal, I would like to work up to doing the entire tabatasice DVD in one sitting and I would love to get back to upper body workouts, so my focus will be on really getting to the bottom of this tendon issue. Eating wise, I will continue on the clean eating but will work with more focus on not over eating, that has been one of my down falls. I have some fabulous raw dessert recipes, but while they are super healthy and free of anything processed, they pack a punch calorie wise because most if them contain a lot of nuts. So portion sizing for me to is....

I forgot to mention one fun thing about the Hiit from xtrain. I saw the ads for that movie where a guy that used to be a bad computer game character breaks out and becomes a good guy, wreck it Ralph, I think? Well, I loved the soundtrack in the add and thought it would be so cool to work out to it. Then today I heard it in the Hiit! How fun is that? It's not the exact same take, a bit more mellow, but I just had to smile thinking that Cathe liked it too...:)
Okay, Disk 1 done! Chest, back & shoulders. I really enjoyed this except once again lots of pushups. I tried doing some but ended up doing presses and flys to substitute. I know I'll get better again though but I've never been able to do all the pushups on any of Cathe's workouts! :confused: This was a great workout as there were some new twists on exercises - especially shoulders. It used the stability ball, tubing, and dumbbells. I, of course, had to go really lite. For example on some one arm rows, Cathe uses 30 and I used 12! :D I never worry about competing with Cathe, but when I'm in shape I could have probably used a 20.

Kim, forgot to mention what I bought at lulu. Under the "we made too much" tab, I bought a pair of "inspire" crops, and the Miracle Jacket (was originally $300 when I first saw it...then $198, and I got it for $149). I was surprised they still had one in my size. I also ordered ta ta tamer (sports bra). I've been wanting to try theirs. I've always worn Champion but other people have raved about theirs so I splurged and decided to try one. Nothing like a little lulu to get the year started right!! :D

Cendrine, you and I are so similar on our eating. Like you, I'm best when close to vegan but not quite...just CLEAN! LOL! I agree with you on knowing your limits. We're not trying to be competitive body builders, we're just trying to be the best we can be. I feel this is the only body I have so I better take care of it! That's why I got so frustrated this last year when my fitness suffered because of school and work. But, I knew that was just a short span of time and I'd be back at it!

Okay, here's my goal this year...drum roll! I want to be able to do 20 push-ups on my toes! Right now I can only do one! Remember I have chicken wings so 20 may still be a lofty goal! LOL!:D

Off to fix a salad! So far the year is starting right!
Good Morning Girls! I slept late today! (Bad Girl!) But it's so cold and the flannel sheets were begging me to stay! I'm now up, drinking coffee and sitting by the fire. I'm ready to tackle Workout 2 - Leg Cardio Blast. Oh I forgot to mention that the workout yesterday was 8 rounds of trisets which I loved! So it was chest, back, shoulders, chest, back shoulders, etc.

Okay, got to get around! Happy January 2nd! :D
Oh Happy DAY! I did Cardio Leg Blast and I LOVED IT! So far I love this series! It has 12 rounds: cardio then legs, cardio, then legs. It went really fast and was fun! Cendrine, though most of the cardio is high impact, you could modify it for low impact by doing other cardio you know is high intensity/low impact. The cardio segments are about 1 to 2 minutes and then the legs are 1 to 2 minutes. You get short rests after each round (like 10 to 20 seconds). It's very doable and I loved it! For the portions that use the step, Cathe and crew uses 3 risers but I used 2 (got to get that core stronger for jumping! :D) When I was doing the last two cardio blasts where we used the step, Emma got excited and was running between my legs and jumping on me so I was challenged trying to complete them! LOL!:D

Anyway, I'm feeling energized, motivated, inspired and most important, HAPPY!!! It feels so good to be back on track again! Also, as before, I had to modify air jacks (I jump straight up) - no tuck jumps - and didn't go my heaviest with weights as I wanted to make it through the whole thing! For example, Cathe used 25 for plie squats and I used 12 partly because of the fast pace and partly to become familiar with the workout.

Off to the shower! Got a couple of jobs to apply for so need to do that today too!

Happy Wednesday!! :D
Jo, cardio blast was what I wanted to do today, but I woke up with a temp and have a headache...:mad:
But I had a feeling I was going to love it and you confirmed that!
I don't have much energy so I'm just saying hi and bye...
Oh Cendrine, I'm so sorry you're under the weather! :( Not a fun way to start the new year! Have some chicken soup! I watched Dr. Oz today (never seen it before) and he confirmed chicken soup actually helps with cold and flu symtoms and speeds recovery! Hope you're better soon! :)
Thanks for your insights into 2013 fitness goals! I see you both as good models for myself to explore what my own body needs and reacts to. I really need to be less of a follower and make my own decisions. I have really cleaned up my eating in the last 2 years with some good advice from this group! I sure notice the difference with some bad eating the last couple of weeks over the holidays.

My health/fitness goals for 2013 are to concentrate on lower ab strength and I hope to be able to master the horizontal conditioning dvds by the end of the year. I also want to continue to explore cleaner eating and how my body reacts and to decrease the amount of steady state cardio and to use more HITT/Tabacata/Metabolic training for cardio and try to do these workouts early in the morning.

I love that we all have specific fitness goals for 2013. I think it helps so much to be focused and to have a specific goal!

Jo, what a great goal, 20 pushups! Now my issue is I can do 20 pushups on my toes probably a little more and I can keep with Cathe on most weights but I feel like my body is to thick/heavy in some spots and I still have such a belly! So interesting how every body is different.
Are you sore from the workouts???

Cendrine, I sure hope you are feeling better soon! I'm just about over it I think. I did workout yesterday, Athletic Training, and sure could feel that my energy was still super low. That's neat about the soundtrack in HITT, I wonder if Cathe saw that movie with her boys? I love your goal of being able to complete Tabatacise (one of my goals is to learn to spell it:eek:). I'm really curious about that workout!

I haven't received my calendar or my workouts yet. Today dd, my mom and I are going crosscountry skiing, I'm going to see how tired I am after that and if I'm ok maybe I'll do a horizonal conditioning dvd . I'm off work/kids school until Monday after we feeling better/the entertaining is done so we can start to do some projects/fun stuff.
So sorry to hear that Jo! Hope both you and Cendrine are feeling better!!

Just popping in to tell you that XTrain arrived!!! That was fast and there were no custom charges! But no calendar yet .

I already worked out did volume3 of horizontal conditioning so will start a rotation tomorrow.
Kim, I'm so happy you got the DVDs! Have fun with them!

I have not been able to work out and my eating has been less than stellar... So much for that, but I am feeling like I'm over the worst of it. I had two nights of fever, so much so that I woke up drenched, even my hair, but I think it nuked the bug out of me because I don't feel feverish today and have no headache either. So I'm thinking I'll be ready come Monday to hit it hard!

Jo, such a bummer when life upsets our fitness plans! But we know how to pick up where we left off, right?
Oh you guys, I'm sick...I just wrote a huge post and lost it! So frustrating! I need to go to bed so am not going to try and rewrite the entire post, but will try and write more tomorrow!!! This is so frustrating!!! Bottom line...love this new series... Kim I think you'll love this!! Cendrine, so glad you're getting through this cold or flu! I feel like a million bucks and hurt everywhere in a good way!!!!!! :D

I'll post again tomorrow!

PS. I signed up for school again but am only taking one class!
Oh how frustrating Jo!!!! Good luck on the class
You are right that I would love this series. Did chest/back//shoulders and added on the 100 challenge. I think I will be feeling it tomorrow!

Sure hope you are over the worst of it Cendrine! Are you taking it easy over the weekend?
Cardio leg blast and 100 rep challenge (hip thrusts) done. Dh is doing the 90 rotation with me. Feeling my shoulders from yesterday and DH is complaining about his chest.

How is everyone else doing? Hope everyone is feeling better!
Well can you believe it? I've been off and on all weekend still struggling with migraines (what's going on???). So I missed a couple of days of working out. I decided I'm going to start the rotation over tomorrow.

Kim, I'm so happy for you your DVD's showed and up you are on the train! LOL! :D Oh, and I have been sore this week but loving every minute of it! Hope your calendar shows up this week!

Cendrine, I hope you're over being sick!

DH and I started spring cleaning today. :D Yes, started with the office and we are sorting, throwing, shredding and collecting for Goodwill. I feel good to work through the clutter! It's way over do!

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