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Never heard of that show Cendrine, what is it about? The fruit trees sound nice!

Not sure if I will be able to plant a garden this year with the super late spring. We are supposed to get more snow this weekend.
Keeping up with my rotation almost 3 weeks done of 6!
White Collar is about an art thief/art forger who gets a deal with the FBI agent who caught him, to be a consultant to the bureau white collar crimes division in order to avoid prison time. They selected the cast very well, each character is really fun and of course the thief uses his criminal skills to bring up the conviction rate big time while having some personal secret agendas of his own that he tries to sneak by the FBI agent.

I haven't done well this week with workouts or eating.... :(

Sorry your spring is so late in coming! May e you'll have a late fall too? How long does your nice gardening weather usually last?
We can usually plant mid to late may and take stuff inside in mid September. The ground is still completely frozen! Maybe I could do only things that grow quickly like lettuce. I guess I could start things inside.

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