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Don't worry about following a rotation Jo, the
important thing is that you are working out and having fun doing it!

I have heard of tracy Anderson but haven't tried a workout. I'm sticking with 90 day rotation and enjoying all the workouts and premixes.

Haven't been to Costco or lulu lemon to check out the pants. Dd and I were at the mall with lululemon on the weekend getting haircuts but we didn't time have time to shop.

The weather had hit the extreme colds this week, going to -40s with the windchill tonight. Supposed to be crazy cold all week, skin freezes within 5 minutes, eyes water, cars don't start, frigid cold. Just zaps your energy cold, 62 days till Mexico.
Just for your entertainment

Issued : 4:00 PM CST Monday 21 January 2013
Wind chill warning in effect.
TonightClear. Wind northwest 20 km/h becoming light early this evening. Low minus 31. Extreme wind chill minus 43. TuesdaySunny. Increasing cloudiness early in the afternoon. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 21. Extreme wind chill minus 40 in the morning. Tuesday nightClear early in the evening then partly cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries after midnight. Wind becoming north 30 km/h overnight. Low minus 29. Wind chill minus 39. WednesdaySunny. High minus 26. ThursdaySunny. Low minus 31. High minus 22
OMG Kim....that's a chilly willy! LOL! Oh and don't even bother trying Tracy Anderson. I see her workouts were at Target for like 9.99 but after thinking about it, I would rather do Cathe's floor leg work from Butts & Gutts and her standing leg workout in Kick Max! I'm not sore at all and I thought I would be.

Today DH stayed home and he and I ran around doing errands. Still cold her with that heavy FOG. At least it's not raining!!

TBL tonight!
Happy Tuesday! I had trouble sleeping last night and then ended up sleeping until 9:00! Scheesch! Well, I got up, got some cleaning done (uh...Emma helped of course) and then just got done doing Step Moves. I'm now eating a salad and need to work on the job search for unemployement. Did pretty good with Step Moves; I only had to change a few moves to low impact...making progress!

Not much else going on other than it's still cold!
Okay...as I'm really committed now to getting this weight off...besides Step Moves, I just got back from the gym where I did an hour on the bike! I'm starving!!!! LOL! :p:D:cool:;)
Trying to keep things going...I did Muscle Max today! That is one of my all time favorite total body workouts! In fact, it may be my favorite of all time - close 2nd is muscle endurance but I like the heavier weights of MM!

I forgot to tell you girls that I wore my blueberry costco lulu outfit to the gym yesterday. Though it could look cuter on me (because of that extra little roll), I felt very good! Though I'm also fine wearing old raggety clothes to the gym, it was nice to wear something kind of cute! I normally can't stand wearing anything with sleeves to workout (tanks only), but this outfit was very comfortable with short sleeves and breathed so I didn't even know I had short sleeves! Crazy huh?

We're going to get Emma spayed (sp?) on Monday. She's 8 months old now and since she made it through her first heat, it's time!

Happy hump day! :p:confused::D:confused::cool::D:D
So any more trouble with migraines Jo??

Almost finished week 3 of Xtrain! I was so tempted not to workout tonight but DH did it with me and that helped with my motivation. Wednesday is our early day at work, have to be there for 6:30 as we meet for education rounds with the surgical residents so between leaving the house at 6 am, and the super crazy cold, my energy is low. So happy that I got off the couch.

Hope Emma does well on Monday.

How are you doing Cendrine??
Good Morning! Well interesting you asked that Kiim as I woke up this morning at 3:30 a.m. with a migraine! Arrggggg! Anyway, took my meds and it was gone by about 7:00. I'll probably have to take a nap this morning as I slept horribly! In answer to your question though, I've been having one about every other week lately, but have only had one get out of control and actually that was last week (one that meds didn't work and ended up in bed all day and vomiting - I know more information than you need! LOL! :):))

It's so good that you have DH to help keep you motivated when you might need that extra push! Even though my DH doesn't workout with me, he'll often encourage me saying "you know you'll feel better!" and I think just because he's actually noticing makes me want to get it done! Even though DH doesn't workout, he's one of those people who never sits still...he's on the go, busy in garage, on the truck, the RV, etc. every minute of the day. Everyone thinks he works out with me! LOL!! :D

Cendrine, I'm planning to go see mom in about two weeks so hoping we can hook up as I plan to be down there for about 5 days. I want to go after Emma's operation and midterm completed so don't have exact date yet.

Kim, not sure I ever told you this, but I originally wanted to be in health care. I was a JAN in high school (like a candy striper) and then a nurse's aid but was on a waiting list for three years to get into nursing school so I moved on. Okay, off to get some homework done and then some exercise! Have a great day! :D
Sorry guys, I've been a bit sketchy with check ins this week. I don't know what all is going on, maybe all the cloudy weather is finally getting to me or something. I've been dragging my feet, I have to pep talk myself into my workouts and I'm eating like I'm a bottomless pit and feel a bit on the depressed side...:( I have been doing extra vit d all this time, not sure if I need more? I think maybe I'm also having a delayed reaction to moving, I've been thinking of 'home' a lot lately.
Sorry that I don't have anything motivating to say, but I thought its probably good for me to fess up.
I did afterburn today.
I hope your migraines stop, Jo!
Oh Cendrine! I'm sure dealing with our weather is a challenge this first winter for you. On the bright side, it is starting to stay light later! :) I know, that doesn't help in the grand scheme of things!

You're right maybe you're having some delayed reactions to the move, but you know what else, sometimes the weather just affects us. It's funny you talking about eating because I've had the same problem this week, I feel like a bottomless pit and I've just ruined the gains I'd made in my weight loss. :confused: Sometimes I noticed at work that maybe I had a day where I was exhausted and had had lots of sleep. I'd go to work and several other people were experiencing the same thing - and it was often during a weather change. It could be hormones too! Don't beat yourself up or feel you have to apologize, just try to keep doing what you're doing. I understand though about having to talk yourself into your workouts when you feel you're dragging.

We're here for you if there's anything we can help with or you want to vent! Hugs to you! :D
I feel like I'm starting to get my mojo back! I just finished cardio leg blast with core #2 (premix 2 on Xtrain disc 6 I think!). This was my third time doing it and the best I've done! So on the jump on the step, they use 3 risers and I had to just do step top (4") which shows you how much I've lost in ab muscle, but before I could barely do that! Also, got through all the cardio still just modifying air jacks (that's a given!). Of course I'm not anywhere near the Cathe girls, but I didn't have to stop early on any of the cardio. Did WAY better on ab section so I'm getting there! Also, used heavier weights. Of course you know, it could be that the stars are aligned and I just hit it on a good day!

Off to make a salad! Have a good day!
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I just got back from doing errands. We are going to a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow (sp?). It's the son of one of DH's partners. I have never been to one so am looking forward to entertaining a new experience! (My only exposure is watching Seinfeld! LOL!) The event happens at their temple (not sure how long) and then there is a dinner afterwards at a swanky country club. Kind of like a marriage ceremony I guess (I'm not making fun just comparing). One of DH's other partners is Mormon and we went to a christening of one of their new babies a few months back. Though I was raised a lutheran, I've never had much exposure to faiths outside that realm. Where I grew up there were no Jewish or Mormon followers so I enjoy learning more about other religious traditions! I hope that I will be dressed appropriately! I know it's dressy but I don't know what the exact protocol is. DH said just dress up more than you would if you were going to church but nothing over the top. So I guess my backless cocktail dress is out! LOL! :D Actually I have a very nice black dress that I'm going to wear with a nice wrap. I hope it's appropriate. No plunging neckline or back or anything like that! I'm open to suggestions if either of you have experience with this!

Here's to new experiences! Happy Friday! :D:cool::eek::rolleyes::p:):D
Jo, I've never been to a barmitzva either, but your dress and shawl sounds perfectly acceptable! I find stuff like this interesting too, I hope you have fun!
thanks for your encouraging words, i appreciate you sharing. I never take joy in seeing other people struggle but at the same time it is so good to know I'm not the only one having these issues!
I'm excited about the great progress you are making with your workouts!
Sorry to hear that you are feeling so low energy, Cendrine. It's good that you can recognize it and so you maybe can try some things to improve it. I know I get really affected by the lack of sunlight, where I live we can get extreme cold but we are the sunniest city in Canada. We are mostly bright and sunny and if we ever get a couple days of cloud, I really notice my mood/energy. I know I would have a hard time living somewhere with less sunshine. Have you ever seen the lamps that are are used for Seasonal Affective Disorder??I've hear those are quite effective.

Maybe the excitement of the move has worn out and you are starting to miss friends from the old house? Maybe a weekend back to visit?
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Jo, I don't think I knew about your nursing ambitions. I'm sure you would have made a great nurse. What a long wait list for a school!

Started week 4 of the 90 rotation today with Legs. So far so good!

The NHL is back on track so DH and I were at the game last night, was lots of fun especially as our team won.

We were at the NHL game and so ds got a ride to his hockey game with my sister/BIL as my nephew and ds play on the same hockey game. Supposedly the 15 year old, (recreational not competitive !) hockey game was insane! I guess there was a few smaller fights and then in the third period, huge fight broke out. The other team (not ds's) had every player suspended except 2, some are never going to allowed to play again, that's how violent they got. Smashing other players in the head with their sticks, etc. The game was cancelled and the kids had to be escorted to their cars so that nothing happened in the parking lot:eek::eek::eek: Thank goodness since there are 2 goalies, they alternate games, and ds was on the bench. Don't know what all the fall out will be, the other team were the aggressors. DS seemed pretty shook up about it all.

Have fun at the Bar Mitza Jo! My good friend/coworker is Jewish and is very religious and so I have learned lots about the Jewish culture but never been to a bar Mitza.
Oh my goodness, Kim, that game sounds like it went very sour! No wonder ds has shaken up by it! I would too! So what is going to happen from here? Any news?

I did rhythmic step today. Always enjoy that one!

We have some lights in our schoolroom, like the ones you mentioned. I also just made the switch in the bedroom since I seem to read there a lot. Hopefully this will help too. I also did a lot of thinking. I think I have expected to settle here way too soon, with great friends and all. I remember that it took a long time for me to settle in California when I first came and make friends that I knew we're going to last. I suppose I thought I would just jump right in and be fine. Realizing that I had unrealistic expectations is helping me put things in perspective a little.

Taking one day at a time right now.
So how is everyone's week going?

Work is slow for me, makes the day seem longer. I'll rather be busy and the time flies! It's probably good that the hospital has less patients though. I think it's been so cold that everyone is hibernating inside and not getting injured.

Did Hard Strikes tonight and did the toning section for the first time. ( only the cardio section is on the 90 undulating rotation). It was hard! Especially the sit-up/push-up combo! Two more workouts and I'll be done the first month!

No news about the hockey fiasco but it won't be a public announcement. We should hear through the grapevine. The other team might have enough suspensions that they won't be able to finish the season.
Hi Girls! Don't you love it when you know you're improving! When I was first trying to get back into working out I felt I'd never progress. Part of that of course was me being mad at myself I got so out of shape. But today I did one of the premixes on All out Low Impact HIIT (just the floor and core #1). Already my abs are improving and my endurance is getting better. I felt great! Also is was only a 32 minute or so premix. I did a short one because I have to keep an eye on Emma after her surgery and DH is sick sick sick!

So Emma did great with the Spay; we don't even have the cone on her as she's leaving her incision alone. She is not supposed to jump, but trying telling her that! LOL!! No resting for this puppy! :D

Then Monday after we dropped Emma off (8:30) DH said he didn't feel well and then came home at 10:00. Yesterday he was on the couch all day and home again today but better than yesterday. I've been juicing for him and trying to stay away from him!

Not much else going on...I'm doing my job searching and homework.
I'll also wanted to add I can't believe you're already this far along with the rotation Kim! I've done both of the other core workouts. How do you feel about the rotation overall? Oh and Holy COW about the hockey game! That's brutal!

Cendrine, I remember when DH and I first moved to Bellevue and I didn't have any friends for a long time. I think it's good your realizing what's going on with you! I also think you'll start feeling better when it warms up more and we change the clock again.:D

Last thing...the Bar Mitzvah was really interesting! Most of the service was spoken in Hebrew and the Rabbi sang and played the guitar for portions. The son, who this was for, had to read from the Bible, and again it was all Hebrew so we had no idea what was going on. They also bring out these scrolls that he read from. A lady sitting next to me handed me the Torah book they use for the congregation so I could follow along; but it was all in Hebrew so I still didn't know what was going on! LOL! But it was very interesting! Then big dinner at a country club with singing and dancing and they had the son in a chair throwing him up in the air. I've only seen that on TV! LOL! There must have been 250 people. Overall a great experience!
Jo, I hope you are staying well and that dh is recovering quickly!
Congratulations on making such great strides in your endurance and strength, keep up the good work!

I have loosely been doing the 90 day rotation with low impact series option. I'm still on the bench for upper body, so I have had to tweak things a fair amount, but I have been doing the rotation for all of January. I'll continue the rotation, but will have to tweak it even more to keep from too much repetitiveness. Today was turbo barre. I have not ever done this consistently enough to stop cramping up in the support leg.... I think my support leg ends up hurting and being worked more than the working leg... :rolleyes:

We ordered a home deep tissue lazer unit ( it's something my chiro used to do on my back and shoulder that seemed to help) so hopefully I'm going to make enough progress with this unit to resume upper body work again soon! It should get here tomorrow, it also works on scars, acne and supposedly wrinkles....:D

Oh, and guess what, I think I'm in premenopause!:eek: I've had hormone issues for a while, but lately, about four new symptoms all started showing up at the same time. I didn't put two and two together, tried to deal witch each symptom separately, until a friend gave me a book on premenopause on Sunday. It made me google symptoms and lo and behold, every single one of my new symptoms was mentioned! To be honest, it was kind of a relief to figure this out, because if I know why my symptoms are there I don't have to wonder about different causes and can just focus on balancing the hormones and hopefully all the individual issues will fall into place, at least so I hope....
So I did some research yesterday and there is a program from women to women that has a natural hormone balancing kit all put together for a reasonable price that includes all the critical vitamins, other nutrients and herbs to help with the equilibrium, so I ordered it and am going to see if hopefully that is enough to get me into better balance.

Jo, I think you mentioned something a couple of years ago about this, haven't you? How have you been dealing with it? And Kim, have you had any symptoms pop op too?
Cendrine, ask me anything!!! I'm deep in menopause! That would certainly explain some of what you're feeling. I've dealt with irratibility, a little depression, anxiety, short with people (especially DH :(). But I told DH if he could get through this with me, we can get through anything! LOL! :D Oh, and the unstoppable never ending hot flashes! Yes, a couple of years ago I was having hot flashes every 30 minutes 24 hours a day. I did go on HRT for about 18 months (lowest dose possible). I wanted to do something natural but I was desparate as I wasn't getting any sleep! I've been off it since last August and now have about 12 hot flashes a day and may a couple in the middle of the night. Still more than I like but I'm dealing with it!

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