Strong & Sensible

Hi friends! I have a lot to say, but keep not posting because I don't want to spend forever writing about it all! I've just been working on my goals and creating a "system" of productivity. So far so good. : D.
For the past two weeks, all of my workouts have been from BM2- I'm really keeping it simple. Today I did the CW pm and skipped some chapters and stayed at about 45 minutes. I see we have new workouts to order soon? LOL, new workouts abound, but I am wearing out my BM2 disc.

Tracy, how have you jabs been going? Feeling OK? I'm glad you are getting them and also glad my family and friends are getting them. Every work day it seems we lose another person and/or know that the outlook is long term disability/long recovery. I was 58 in March! Enjoy this spring weather. I just about had a heat stroke after volleying a tennis ball w/ dd. On the other hand, I did patio max the other day and neighbor handed me a refreshing mojito over the fence.

Mary, how was your trip (you said you were on the road)? I'm wondering if it was to visit family or if you were able to make Vegas this year? A friend suggested a trip to Nicaragua, the Corn Islands, in June, but we have ditched that idea for now. Her motivation was a recon mission to eval for cheap retirement living. If flights were cheap, I would have gone for it, but between flights and pandemic raging I decided I can snorkel and adventure at home for now.

Waves and love to you both and absent friends~
Hi fit babes! By contrast, I don't think I have a lot to say!

I'm glad you are working on your goals and have a system of productivity Jody! I do believe we have new workouts to order, yes! As early as tomorrow I think! I'm excited for them because I LOVE band work.

My first jab went fine, just a sore arm. The second jab was pretty rough! I got Moderna, and woke up around 2 a.m. and tossed and turned, had chills and a horrible headache. I didn't get out of bed until 1:00 p.m. to shower and by then, I was feeling a bit better. Took all day for the headache to go away, but I was fine by the next day. Thanks for asking Jody but now you are probably sorry you asked! I know you had worse side effects than I did which is terrible! But I would take the vaccine again if I had to. I have no regrets.

You have a very nice neighbor giving you a refreshing mojito Jody, how kind! We'll be getting new neighbors across the street from us in about a month I think. The house was on the market for 7 days and it was snapped up. We have a crazy market right now! I think people who have been living in Seattle but working remotely are selling their houses and moving here for the less frantic lifestyle and rural area. The house across the street is in need of a LOT of work and they still got an outrageous price for it. I wouldn't' have bought it in a million years!

Mary, did you go to Vegas or are you there now? No out of country trips for me this year. Hoping to go to San Diego late September and otherwise, do things around here like you are Jody.

I took this week off and have taken a break from working out too. I hope to get recharged by doing a whole lot of nothing! I have been having trouble with motivation so I am goofing off! I was given a link to an article I could relate to and I'm posting it here if you want to take a look.

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing

Have an awesome week fit babes! Tracy
P.S. I have no idea why this is underlined.
Hi all! sounds like everyone is holding up! We are all completely vaccinated here! You are right Tracey, the day after the 2nd shot was a rough one! Totally worth the discomfort tho!
we went to Vegas a few weeks ago, had a nice time, just so lovely to feel the sun and feel warm! Couple weeks and we are heading to Chicago to celebrate DH’s 50th!
I do have to have an MRI of my knee, they think I tore my medial meniscus, (got my foot caught in a divot in the grass when mowing). Hopefully no surgery will be needed, have to wait for 2 weeks to get it because of insurance of course.
Did anyone order the new DVD’s? I of course could not be left out! Sounds like something different!
stay safe friends,
HI everyone, I failed to come here because I get tired of trying to type with my thumbs. Enter a new (well new to me IPad) with a keyboard so thought I’d say hi. My reaction to shots were same as what I’ve read, I spent the day on the couch aching down to my toes. I just had my first big get together INSIDE, no masks, my soon to be (very soon) DIL graduated from PA school and she made sure all who came were vaccinated. I think she will be marrying my son in the next couple weeks. Their wedding plans changed obviously with COVID crap and then their wedding venue burned down in our fires last year. So they are just doing a quickie marriage. Peloton is coming along nicely though my hamstring and hip hurt, so I’ve backed off the resistance and upped the yoga and I”m doing MEDITATION each night before bed to try to train my brain to relax and sleep. ‍♀️ With all the cycling and Keto I still managed to gain weight (darn you old age!). Spent a lot of time with the granddaughter, she gets cuter everyday, this was meant to be! She’s giving me kisses now (open mouthed). The first to get a Kira kiss besides her parents!

I briefly caught up, glad all is vaxxed. I can’t believe I know 4 people who won’t get it, one of them my BFF (hiking buddy). Makes me so sad so I can relate to Tracey and her dad. I’ve been trying nicely to sneak in explanations the REAL science to BFF. It’s been quite the divide, from her believing it changes your DNA to now she got her dr to prescribe an anti parasitic drug because she (and her sister in TX) believe that protects them now since her sisters doc gives only his special patients this drug? Invermectin. CAn’t believe her doc prescribed it when she asked for it. !

Not too much more new here. I’ll try to be better about checking in since I have a keyboard now :)
Hi fit babes! Good to see you!

I'm glad you had a nice time in Vegas Mary and enjoyed the sun! I've usually gone to a sunny place by April after getting through our dreary winter but not this year! Haven't traveled yet but hoping to go to San Diego in late September. Have a great time in Chicago for DH's 50th! I hope you haven't torn your medial meniscus either--ouch! I did order the new dvds absolutely!

Lisa! I'm glad you got an IPad keyboard! I post from a laptop because it's just easier than anything else. Good for you on the self care with backing off when it hurts, doing yoga and meditation before bed! I am not that disciplined! I had lunch with 3 work friends in a restaurant today, first time we've been together in over a year--we were all vaxxed too. Hooray! I am happy you were able to have a get together inside with NO masks! How sweet to get Kira kisses! I was able to see my grand nephew when he visited from Alaska and he gave me a hug, I just melted. I'm sorry you know 4 people that won't get jabbed! Very frustrating when there are people that can't get the vax for medical reasons (I have a friend who can't due to a rare blood disorder). I think it can divide relationships! DH and his friends will only get together with people who are vaccinated which made me think friendships may end for some people. I am really surprised by the theory your friend has about changing her DNA, I have not heard that one! And if she's past child bearing, would it even matter? People have definitely surprised me over the past year and not all of it in a good way!

Not a lot going on here. Still working at home full time. The governor hopes the state will be fully open by June 30 but my work is in no hurry to return to the office and that is fine by me! Still working out, eating fairly well but not getting on the scale! We are dealing with the mild heart failure of our oldest pup Basil. He struggled to breathe for about an hour a couple of weeks ago and off to the ER we went. He's on 3 meds now and will have to be for the rest of his days. He's feeling better and not coughing like he was. He loves his walks and day camp but sleeps an awful lot too. I'm glad we are able help him for as long as we can. I won't let him suffer. He's 10.5 years old and 8 to 10 is their average life span due to heart issues. We knew this before we ever got him but it still saddens us of course.

I have much to be grateful for and you all are a part of that! Take care and stay safe! Tracy
Hi everyone! Holiday weekend! Not much new here, working, mowing. Got my MRI, now have to wait 2 more weeks for someone to explpain the results. Hurry up and wait.

Lisa, a wedding! Enjoy every moment!

Tracey, hope Basil is doing better. I’m sorry this is happening to him.

Jody, where are you?

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!
Not too much going on here. I’ve decided to be sensible with cycling…..back story, since Jan my right hip is hurting…..piriformus? Or maybe hamstring. Hurt only after cycling when stretching, I tried to cut back. I thought my outdoor bike it wasn’t as bad since I don’t push myself as hard. Then it started hurting after even outdoor rides, even after swallowing my pride and reducing resistance on the peloton. It’d be better then get bad again, tried different things to see what the heck was irritating it. Well, I think it’s too much cycling, if I cycle 3 days in a row, it hurts the worst. So no more than 2 cycling days in a row. This takes a lot of discipline for me! I also started the beginner strength program on the peloton platform. It’s ridiculously easy, so far all body weight, but I think it seems to be strengthening vs overdoing. Hope that makes sense. So on the days I don’t cycle I either do a walk or I do the strengthening program that is about an hour long.

Mary, hope your knee is getting better. I think the fix is to not mow the grass! DH wanted to put in a garden so that kinda became my project too (he does the manual labor, I direct).

Tracy, How is Basil doing? We just finished watching my son’s dogs while they went to Vegas. I’m beat, they wake up at 5 am! Anyway, son got married but not in Vegas. They did it by zoom with Denver county, they didn’t even need witnesses, they were told the dogs could “sign” the certificate so they put the dogs paw prints on there! Things are so different these days!

So, I went to the grocery for the first time since no masks. I’m not worried since I’m vaccinated but man, it was so strange! Some masked, some not, still doing the social dance. It was weird, and weird how weird normal can feel after the year we had!

Take care all! Have a great holiday!
Hi yall! I am sorry for not checking in sooner. It has a lot to do with not using this laptop as often and in general being more focused with my time. I've been doing really well lately. I spent some time going over values and vision and am being more purposeful with my time ( fortunately opposite of "languishing" as in Tracy's link, which I enjoyed reading and identified with all too well!) My first and heaviest focus is on health and therefore weight loss. I am taking a neonatal/pediatric class this semester- I'm committed to improving my knowledge base and spending time on things I want to improve over things that will net me a perfect grade. I'm heading to Gator country to help out dd- she is moving to Puerto Rico this week. I've rented a small commercial van/truck thing. Go go gadget Mom. I'll take any and all wishes for ease and flow and all good outcomes for her as she makes this transition. Workout wise I've been quite old school- only doing MIS PH BM1 for the past month but pretty consistent with working out as planned and also playing pickle ball w/ dd. OH M GEE I went on a cool snorkel trip w/ ICU RN cute chica and her bf (they were cute and nice to the old lady) and saw some beautiful stuff including a giant eagle ray!!! It was really clear- we were right in the Palm Beach inlet. Really really grateful for the chance to go and increase my skills and maybe be the trip leader next time. LOL, the current was strong on our second pass to get in the inlet, the bf had to sort of tow me around the point!
OK, so there is a partial mind dump of all the stuff I have been wanting to share! Oh except ask me about my new OMRON body fat scale!
So Lisa, it is so great to see you! A Zoom wedding? really? Interesting and honestly well done them on not spending money on wedding but I'm sure they will have a special celebration at some point? Anyway congrats!
Tracy, sorry to hear about Basil's condition, he sounds like my patients. He is lucky to have you guys taking care of him. LOL on all the memes I see about people not going back into the office. I hope you can continue for as long as it is working for you.
Mary Mary Mary- I am so sorry about your knee. Ugh! all you do and it ends up being the lawn mowing that kicked your a**! Let us know when you know. What activities are you able to do at the moment?
Did yall see that Cathe had a partially detached retina? I'm sure you did. I'm so hopeful for her very quick recovery. Yes I will order new workouts- even if I'm mostly using the oldest ones in the library!
Just a quick fly by, good to hear from you Jody! I think I saw some of those pics from your snorkel trip, so cool! Good on you for all you’re committing to! And amazing being a go-go gadget mom! Good luck to DD!

I think my hip injury is finally getting better, it took being sensible, imagine that! I keep telling myself that even though the body is breaking down with age, God gave me the wisdom! I’m back to my normal Peloton outputs, woot! And I’m proud I’m sticking to the beginner strength program, it’s not hard, but I think fires those little stabilizing muscles we neglect!

Yes the kids will have some kind of celebration later (don’t know when), it’s like they are doing the marriage steps in absolute reverse!

We’ve been pet sitting the past couple of weeks, makes me appreciate Suki more, she’s like our perfect companion, for us. Grand dogs are like grand babies, nice to have but ready to hand them back!

What’s the verdict on the knee Mary?

Tracy, how is Basil doing? Our son’s dog is 11, we know her quite well as she lived with us for almost 2 yrs (when the kids did 8 yrs ago). I certainly see her slowing down. And the funny thing is, her “quirks” are just more pronounced now that she’s older. Kinda like us people.

Finally it looks like our wet weather is gone, but now it went to 85 and 50% humidity, so hot! Did an easy bike ride outside to get Suki out, hot! And pelotoning in the basement, hot. I’m not ready for the heat! I better buckle up butter cup!
Hi fit babes! So good to see you all!

Mary, I hope your knee is feeling better while you wait for your MRI results, I'm sorry that it takes 2 weeks to get results! I too think it's time to let someone else do the mowing now.

Hi Lisa! Awesome job on being sensible on the self care for your hip!! That really paid off for you! I have an ergonomic issue with my left shoulder. I finally moved my work area to a shorter table and that made all the difference. I managed to mess it all up again this weekend somehow and it's bothering me again but it will calm down soon. I really think it's harder to figure out what's wrong when something comes on over time rather than happening all at once. Congratulations on the wedding! I love it that the dogs were witnesses! We are conducting job interviews for work and doing them all by Zoom now. I don't think that will continue when we go back to work though. I went grocery shopping yesterday and had the exact same experience as you Lisa! Very weird to be somewhat normal again.

Hi Jody! I'm so happy for you that you are doing well and keeping your focus on what is important to you! I hope all went well with the move with DD too Gadget Mom! What will she be doing in PR? Is it for the summer or longer? And since I know nothing about this, what is an OMRON body fat scale? It sounds intimidating! I will check out your snorkel trip on FB, it sounds like it was absolutely beautiful. I haven't seen the memes going around about not wanting to go back to work but my agency is taking pulse surveys every 2 weeks and we get to see the results too. The majority of us are not looking forward to going back to the office! And the earliest any of us are going back appears to be August 15. I'll keep you updated!

Thank you all for your kind words about Basil. He is doing well and even plays now and then so he feels pretty good. He had slowed down prior to this, as compared to baby Riley, but we just thought it was age related. But maybe not! I haven't been a pet sitter but I imagine it would likely exhaust me, lol. I did see Cathe has a detached retina and she is making a good recovery. I first heard about this issue a few years ago and it scared the daylights out of me that something like this can come on for no reason at all. Working out to Cathe's rotations with modifications. Started the April rotation but only adding the extra butt kicking in very small amounts, if at all! I went on a beach hike this past weekend with a friend I hadn't been able to see for a long time and we had perfect, sunny weather. That's no guarantee of perfect weather for our beaches here! It was beautiful, we got lucky! We had hot weather this past week--high 80s and no one was ready for it. Back to the high 50s today and lots of rain. We need it so no complaints here.

Take care healthy babes! Tracy
Tracy, Basil is like Basil Rathbone rather than the herb, correct? This is my scale According to my sources, it is quite accurate. I have been pleased to de-age/ grow younger as I have lost body fat! I've gotten 5 years younger : D

Lisa, good job on the strength program, how is it feeling? I'm cat sitting for a few months for my dd cat at least for awhile. I think she intends to fly cat out to PR eventually? She will be there thru Dec as far as I know.

Mary, how is the mobility? Who is mowing? It is grow season in OH, right?

DD move was successful. She's had a rough go this past year and had limited access to her coping mechanisms. I'm praying the structure of field work instead of isolated lab work will be the reboot she needs. Meanwhile, the rest of us introverts are thriving with the decreased socialization. No workouts to report other than a few very brief bedtime yoga w/ dd when she was here. I think it helped my sleep. Will I add it to my evening routine? Maaaayyybeeeee. I will do something today in addition to general regroup from moving dd. Working again tomorrow and then off for up to 5 days, so I should be back with some workouts to account for. Here's hoping!
I meant to get here yesterday to wish Tracy a Happy Birthday, whoops! I hope I”m correct that it was yesterday, saw on FB?

So yesterday power went out right as I was hopping on peloton with my group, oh well, DH and I decided to take the ride outside even though it was hot already at 7am, I’m glad we did, had a nice time, outdoors is so therapeutic! Well, until we ran smack dab into a coyote on the path standing his ground! HE was big and not budging! My senses said, ‘ do not ride toward coyote even though they are supposed to run away if yelling’, so I swerved to the left turn that came up right about 50 yards away. Coyotes have been rampant this year and they have lots of cover to sneak up with all the growth we’ve had with all the rain. There were lots of other “mishaps” along the way (road closures, then police sirens right by us right before we turned on the street toward our house. I said we have to get home before anything else happens! Adventures we had!

Jody, I’m sticking with my peloton strength program they have, we go to lunges today and push ups, I’m so weak in UB, but that’s ok, I do what I can do, ya know? You are so correct about us introverts thriving, those poor extroverts! Glad DD got settled in! I’m done with pet sitting, I so appreciate my little Suki so much more, she’s perfect for us! I also completed a meditation program on peloton platform, and one night I thought I’d try to skip it to see if the meditation really helped prep me for sleep. Guess what, I missed it and didn’t sleep as well. I think I’m hooked on meditating at night to set me up for sleep, who knew? BTW, I can add you to my acct if you want, text me if you want.

Tracy, I went grocery shopping yesterday and felt normal!!!!!!!! One gal who works there and I haven’t seen must have been isolated all year because she saw me and chatted me up big time, she seemed so lonely! I’m still trying to be sensible, but I’ve had some major pain in what I finally zeroed in on was my QL. I’ve been doing a core program on Peloton platform too and finally figured out it was the Russian twists. I had been stretching but didn’t help, finally figured out to put a hockey ball in middle of my back and move around (move the leg around too) to get the spot, ah relief! Finally figured it out from a you tube. These things didn’t happen when I was younger! I’m learning to cope and pivot when needed!

So DH is now on Medicare! Quite a milestone! They even send you a letter after you sign up congratulating you on your “award”, um, didn’t we pay into this all these years? Hahaha. I had to laugh at “you got your Medicare award”. So DH went and got a prescription and soooooo much less!
Hi everyone!! So good to see everyone!
Well, good news for the MRI, no surgery needed now, put me on high dose steroids and this brace to keep my knee aligned, will probably need knee replacement later, can do what I want, just with the brace.

Jody, that sounds like a fancy scale! Best wishes to DD, so scary to send them off.

Lisa, coyotes? Do you have bears too? We just have deer, raccoons, and possums, nothing that can eat us!

Tracey, happy birthday! I too would not be in a rush to get back to the office! I did resign from my nursing position and am concentrating on the EMT/paramedic program, nursing program was a bit of a mean girls scenario, you are either in the clique or not and your assignments depended on what was left over, medic program is smaller and much more friendly!

Glad to see everyone well, talk to you soon!
Yea for no surgery Mary! How are you doing on the steroids? My friend (she’s 75) just had a knee replacement, it’s been slow going for her. It’s so hard getting older! Once in a while a bear will wander down but not too often. I hate cliques, I feel i’m always on the outside looking in.

So my beginner strength program I’m doing on Peloton platform is ramping up a bit, squats and lunges! I was like, oh, so easy, um, but if you haven’t done them your body feels it in the places that apparently having been getting used! I can see the benefit of adding strength back in, I’m being careful not to go too heavy for the neck. We haven’t been riding much outside, so hot! Over 100 already in the first part of June! I’m becoming a fair weather outdoor cyclist. Oh and then the allergies! I’m hibernating like a bear! Just got a massage, neck was getting stiff, it had been 3 months and got my hair cut too this week.

I hope everyone isn’t melting too much in this heat. I still haven’t won the million dollar prize for the shot, if I do, I have a story made up for why I took the shot. It’ll be based on my bff…..she’s fine with putting herself at risk and also putting those at risk who can’t get the shot (like kids which I brought up). Still didn’t sway her not that I thought I would. The other night, I took out the dog’s Heartguard medicine and saw that the drug ingredient (Invermectin) in it is what she is taking to as a way for Covid (not sure if as a preventative or once she’s exposed). Sounds like quackery to me
Hi fit babes! Thank you for the birthday wishes, it was on June 7. :) Just looked for emojis here and they are gone! ???

Jody, that scale looks pretty awesome! I will tell DH about it in case he's interested in it due to it's abilities to make us younger. You go girl! Basil's name is pronounced like the herb, although my British SIL pronounces it the other way. I'm glad you got DD moved and are able to cat sit! I don't think that would go too well at my house, Riley would pester the cat to play all the time. I'm sorry this past year was so hard on DD and I hope this new adventure is just what she needs. I'm an extrovert but I pivoted pretty well into an introvert this past year. I LOVE working at home! And now my beloved division chief is retiring by mid-October and I couldn't care less to go into the office ever again! She announced it over Zoom to our management team and I was really glad my camera was off because I burst into tears. We work so well together and now I will have to work with someone new and I have no idea who it will be. I can say I've had enough change to last me for awhile thankyouverymuch!

Hi Lisa! I love being outdoors too, But you had quite an adventure running into that coyote! We have them here too but they stay pretty hidden. We'll see a black bear once a year around here too but they have no interest in us. Good for you just doing what you can for UB strength and the Peloton program. I tried to get DH to get one but he decided not to. I have talked to a few neighbors outside that seemed to need the interaction. I get it! I stayed in touch with friends over the past year so I didn't get lonely. We still have people at the grocery store wearing masks. I don't but I try to respect those that do by keeping my distance. I'm glad you figured out what was bothering you and where and what to do about it! As much as I love stretching, it is definitely not enough for me. Especially as I have more birthdays! My shoulder is doing much better now. Not all better yet, but better. On the other hand, DH is likely going to need shoulder surgery in the not-to-distant future. Gosh, I guess a congratulations to your DH is in order because he was awarded something he's paid into his whole working life? Oh, OK. Congratulations! Weird.

Hi Mary! I'm glad you don't need surgery right now! I'm also happy you can take steroids, I can't due to bone density issues. My neighbor had both of his knees replaced (1 year apart I think) and you would never know it now. I know when it comes time for you to do that, you will bounce back quickly because you are already in great shape! I am like you, I don't like cliques or mean girls so good for you being in a friendly work environment! I can't stand drama either and we had a pot stirrer who spouted her mouth off and after I called her on it, she found another job sometime after that. I don't miss her one bit! And I would say that this past year has cut way down on any drama too. It's harder to be dramatic when you are not around people!

So we are in a big heatwave here and have broken records! Seattle has never seen 100 degrees in June but now it has! We were 102 yesterday, it will be even worse today and tomorrow. I am heading south tomorrow morning to meet with my sister and a cousin whom I haven't seen in over 40 years. We will likely flee to Mt. Hood even though it's going to be in the 90s there at 9,000 feet! Good thing we will have a/c in the car. I have a/c at home (Basil just lays on a vent all day) and my sister just got it last month for her house. Not a lot of people have a/c here so I hope they are being careful and staying cool.

I wish no heatwaves upon you fit babes! Have a good week! Tracy
HI Tracy,
We have been having very pleasant weather, maybe a bit rainy, but 70s and low 80s. I tend to love my peloton over the outdoor rides now but still get in a couple outdoor rides a week, if only for Suki. She loves strutting her stuff through our town. We can only get her to walk alongside the bike if we are heading in the direction of home. How does she know? I hope you are staying as cool as possible, I know it’s miserable as we had 3 100 degree days a couple weeks ago. You are probably getting more than that, ugh !
Nothing much more to report, how is everyone’s summer going?
Hi!! Just a super quick drive by to wave and say hi and that I miss yall. I was fairly ill for a few weeks (not covid or flu, i checked) but better now. I did an upper body wt train today and am doing a repeat hit on the stairs at work pretty often (that is just a slight warm up walk then a blast for 40 seconds or 5 flights) then I am done. Also had a nice time w/ friend doing paddle boards - saw a few manatees and turtles, and one day kayak out to peanut island for snorkel. So I haven't been completely inactive! I'm working OT all weekend and need to go to sleep asap for work tomorrow. I'll be back to catch up properly. WAVES!:) Hey Trace, I found the emojis under "more options"
Hi friends!
Lisa, did Suki get injured? I saw her in a cast on fb. I don't think Ivermectin has evidence to be proven helpful, but I'm aware of the side who feel like it is a big govt conspiracy to keep that treatment from the public. Our covid number are going nuts and we've opened up our special unit again. I have some very negative thoughts that I probably shouldn't express in a public forum, so I will leave it at that. How is the Pelo strength going?

Tracy, I am sorry to hear about your beloved coworker leaving. I have a coworker who is struggling at the moment. She is pretty much NOT beloved by any of my other coworkers, but I do have a pretty good relationship with her though, or did until I recently suggested she start moving toward the solution and stop being a victim.:rolleyes: Good luck to hubby on his future shoulder surgery. I am grateful we have replacement parts for our worn out joints, etc. Have things cooled down yet?

Mary, how are you managing your knee, has that resolved by now? My goodness, we are not very regular posters on here anymore. Working with the mean girls BS sounds really annoying. I'm pleased you are able to focus on a better situation and leave the other behind. I'd just love to have more flexible schedule and be able to take my time off. But still, I'm grateful for the job and opportunity that at the age of nearly 50, I was able to get restarted and have the benefits of career (lol, even if we are the low hanging fruit of healthcare). How has summer been going for the kiddos?

So, workout wise, I have mostly been doing short weight training from the PH/MIS/BM video, those 40 sec bursts up the stairs when I'm at work and some long easy cardio sessions on the bike or snorkeling. My scale thinks I'm 49 now! DD is here, home from Puerto Rico, for a few weeks and will be moving back there early August. My class is finishing up for this term and the next one starts late Aug. I use my school loaner lap top a lot, sometimes I go over a week without opening up this one which contributes to my lack of posting, but I think of you guys plus plus you know.
Waves and hugs~~
Adding that I did 3 planned workouts this week. Ch Ba Abs on Tues, Legs Sh Bi Tri on Wed, and today a 3 mile walk at a local natural area. I spotted the smallest little gopher tortoise I've ever seen! More OT at work all weekend. TTYL
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Hi all~ I did UB and abs from PH today. I skipped yesterday for reasons and I'm working the next 3 days so I guess it will be the one only workout for me this week. Food and habits are staying on track at least. I hope everyone is doing well. It is almost August, yikes.
Hi fit babes! So good to be here and honestly, I'm kinda grateful I don't have a lot to catch up on with you busy ladies! Like Jody, I think of you a lot more often than I write!

Lisa, Riley always picks up the pace on our walks when we are heading back home. I have no idea why he does that but he always does. I tell myself that my doggies' worlds are small and they pay keen attention to everything in it. :) We topped out here at 109 degrees on the hottest day and it was a very good idea we fled to the mountain just south of Portland because it was only in the 80s there--very pleasant! Got back to Portland and it was 115 there. Pretty unbearable! DH and I did a lot of watering but some of our plants and fir trees got burned. That heatwave did some damage! But we haven't had a heatwave since, whew! Is Suki OK?

I'm sorry you got sick Jody! I haven't in over a year and I have a feeling that when I do get sick again, I won't be a very good patient! Thanks for the tip on the emojis--found them thanks to you! :D Thank you for relating to my sadness about my boss leaving. She's now staying until the end of the year now--I will take what I can get! I hope your co-worker took your hint, I get along with pretty much everyone but wouldn't become close with someone who is a victim. Congratulations on staying on track with your food and workouts and school and working OT! I would love my scale to tell me I'm 49! :cool: And I'm glad you are getting out and enjoying the water and ocean life! I haven't done much this summer but will be in August and early September. Looking forward to getting out a little more!

Hi Mary! I hope you are enjoying your summer!

I'm doing another Beachbody program called 645--and it's not killing me--yet anyway! The first 4 weeks focused a ton on mobility, stability and balance, more than any program I've done. The instructor is male, very muscular AND has better mobility than I do. But I do blame my desk job for a lot of my issues so it's good to work on them!

Our numbers have gone up quite a bit here as well and I'm sorry you have had to reopen that part of the hospital again Jody! We are not under mandatory orders to wear masks indoors (7 counties in California are), it is just strongly suggested that we do. So I am. And I have no problem with that.

I hope you are all well and safe and enjoying the summer fit babes!

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