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Hello, just driving by to say hi. Recently I've seen both Lisa and Ronne in my "on this day" photo history feeds. Lisa from a road trip and Ronne from my first trip to London. : (
FS push done this morning. Off to see Six the musical this weekend and prep for Vegas the B52s next week- trying to create a groovy outfit.
Tracy, you are the second to suggest Fremont St. I'll be sure to report back. Hope all are well.
Hi Jody! I'm glad you got my post before you went to Vegas. I bet you are there right now! I hope you are having a blast!

I haven't been on any more hikes but the neighborhood across the street is hilly with lots of tree and no sidewalks. So I kind of feel like I am on a hike when I take the dogs out. ;) I hope you don't have any more brutal days at work Jody! We've had a few of those days also. I'm hoping we don't have to wait too long for our jobs to be filled. People are still graduating high school and college!

A few weeks ago, my shoulder was giving me so much trouble that I decided to lower my weights and see what happens. It did a lot for me! I realized that I had ben dreading heavy weight workouts for awhile because I was still trying to do the same things I did 20 years ago. So I am 20 years wiser now and told myself I need to knock it off! I started looking forward to workouts again and still got worked pretty hard but I didn't kill myself.

I would think STS 2.0 will have TS premixes but I didn't think these workouts were going to be longer than 45-50 minutes each. But I can be wrong of course!

Take care Jody and Lisa and Mary and anyone else who stops by! Tracy
Vegas done and dusted! I enjoyed the concert and a very cool paranormal show (Frederic DaSilva at Bally's). We walked one day and checked out other hotels and enjoyed our view from the room where we could watch the fountains at Bellagio. I left a lot on the table, but probably won't go back to Vegas- not enough ROI.
I have been doing Fit Split and this week I did 4 days of 4DS. I also pre-ordered STS 2.0.

Tracy, wtg on adjusting your weight!!! A workout program isn't going to help you if you avoid doing it, so I can appreciate you changing it up and getting it to work for you. Your dog walking neighborhood sounds lovely!!

Actually, I was thinking about how grateful I am for my Cathe library. I can take what I've learned and make almost any workout fit my needs. I appreciate that Cathe is setting the aspirational bar, even though I can modify and switch things up. Sometimes stuff that I hasn't worked in the past just shows up and is a new great thing. Case in point for me today is HIS. Previously I have felt frustrated with the choreography and cueing and didn't find I could work at a high intensity. Today, I'm loving the confusion factor lower intensity and appreciating learning the routine. Its like a new workout joy and I've had that DVD forever.

Take care~~~ : D
Hi Jody! I'm glad you had a good time in Vegas but I am sorry you didn't receive a good ROI. You did travel farther than I do to get there and it already has sunshine like your state! Pacific North Westerners escape the rain by going there.

I'm glad you pre-ordered STS 2.0. We can work through it together! I will try to refrain from too much whining. :D Thank you for the thumbs up on changing up my weights! It's still working for me and it feels great not to hold myself up to some unreachable goal or trying to do something that causes pain but I don't think it should. :p

Today our dog walking was in the neighborhood that got snow. This is pretty early for us and I really hope it's not a sign of what we're in for this season! :oops:

I agree with you on the vast Cathe library--it's great! I did 4DS a little while ago and it was like a brand new series for me because it had been so long since I had done it! I love how easy it is to switch things up and modify where needed. I can't do that with some other DVD instructors.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I wish you the happiest of holidays!! Tracy

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