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The group formerly known as 40's, aka Who Cares? Here is our 2019 thread! Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year brings health, fitness and an abundance of love and prosperity to each of us. Happy lifting, riding, boxing, stepping, plyo-ing....
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Hello all!
No workouts to post yet. I did get bike money for Christmas and I've been shopping. My last one was a Giant Sedona ladies, and I loved it. This time I'm looking for a straight bar, not a step through. Light but not $$$$, probably upright and at least 7 gears, but I might want more, and intended mostly sidewalks and roads but able to do trails including the easiest of MTB trails. I'm leaning toward the Bianchi Torino, Jamis Allegro Sport, Giant LIV Rove 3 possibly the Cannondale Adventure.
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Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday season! Is just so nice to have the kids here! And their friends, so much laughter.

Jody, oh the possibilities! Have fun shopping!

Hello to everyone else! Tonight the kids and I are going to see a spoof of Hamilton, Spamilton, should be fun, talk to you later! Mary
Mary, that sounds so fun and also sounds like you had a great holiday with the family around!
I am going w/ dd to test ride a few bikes- my earlier post helped me sort out my thoughts, thanks for listening.
Lisa, Ronne and Tracy, how have you started the new year? Handled holiday? I've been sick since just after Xmas, my second time this year, unusual for me.
I just finished SnS BC with modifications. Sumo March with weight ---> testicle walk (two dangling kettle bells). :)
Hi fit babes! I really wish I was better at getting here! I think it has something to do with being glued to my computer screen at work everyday--it's not my friend when I get home!

Please forgive me for going back to where I left off for the personals--the end of Oct. to be exact!

Ronne, you asked if things are getting worse because people feel free to be awful in regards to the bomb threats we received. Good question! We have not had anymore of those since October and I am grateful! In general though, the U.S economy has not recovered completely from the crash of 2008 when it comes to wages. They are not keeping up with inflation and I think people are angrier than they used to be. That's just my opinion. I think it's awesome you went to a town meeting! I have never done that. I completely related to you needing to rest after seeing friends 3 times in a week--I would too! I'm sorry about your sleep issues but glad to hear that HRT is working for you! I started HRT 3 or 4 years ago after struggling with hot flashes for a year and then having one in front of my male boss. Embarrassing! I think I'm ready to taper off of them now and plan to talk to my MD the next time I go in. I feel the same way about cutting down on workouts--it's cheating! I've been having neck issues and I'm modifying a bit and I hate doing that! I do most hard cardio on a single riser, otherwise, my heart would surely leap right out of my chest! I did not know you had Black Friday in the UK, I thought it was a U.S. thing. Ours lasted just as long as yours!

Hi Mary! I do not think it's awful that you work on figuring out your toxic students! I would do the same thing because that's survival! I've done a bit of teaching at work and have had to be quick on my feet. I agree that the price of theater tickets are as much as a car payment! So DH and I don't go either, especially since I have a real car payment! And stuffed gnomes definitely count in the happy Dept. I am also sorry to bring up something sad, but I have to say I am sorry about your loss of Wheezy, it is so hard to lose our furry children! They definitely brighten our lives. I think yours is the house that your kids and their friends gravitate to, huh? My new female boss had that take place at her house this season, I think she's still recovering!

Lisa, thank you for asking about Riley! He turned a year old Nov. 17. He's still all puppy and has terrible habits I won't go into here. :) I will never exercise in 100 degree weather, I'm not crazy! I have a cousin who's done hot yoga. If anyone asks, I deny I'm related to her! I do not think you're a Debbie downer, you went through some really hard stuff with your sister--I'm glad you were able to obtain what you did after the sale of her house. I LOLed about your Garmin saying you need 28 hours to recover after your ride! And you are kinda proud of yourself with your quilt? I'd give myself a gold star if I were you! It's beautiful! I'm so glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful--I hope the rest of your holidays were too!

Hi Jody! Beware! I made a lotta notes in response to your posts. :) I learned the hard way not to get sucked in to the drama of toxic people for which I am grateful! I keep everyone at arm's length until I determine how much I can trust them. I LOLed when you said you would like to move tummy stuff to make a nice rack! Years ago I just said to hell with it and bought me one! I totally get the workouts as place holders but I look at it as doing something is better than nothing. I like the SnS series a lot, it's one of my favorites--sorry Ronne! Wow! That CO poisoning was so scary! I'm glad everyone is OK and that I have the cheesy electric fireplace that Riley likes to bark at! That's great you get good sleep! I can wake up at night and get up or roll over and fall back to sleep. How awesome is that? You asked if I was impacted by the CA fires in November. Fortunately, only emotionally. It just broke my heart for what everyone went through. I spoke with a friend the other day who deals with these kind of things in WA (and will go to other states to fight fires) and she said it was numerous things that caused them, not just one thing. My T-day was good! I call it my drive-by Thanksgiving. DH and I drove 2 hours south, (picked up Dad along the way), went to my sister's house for 2 hours, then drove home. Probably the fastest holiday I ever had! I'm glad you are feeling better about yourself by eating better--that's awesome! I have not been doing well in that Dept. through the holidays but tomorrow is a new day, right? Is Bohemian Rhapsody still playing? I wanna see it! I've got 2 books going right now and I'm in Heaven for that! Loved kitty on your mini tramp and happy to learn the bird in your house left safely, without house damage! I LOLed about your description of an OL workout but quit saying you are old, you are one of the youngest people I know! And BTW, I'm coming over for a smoothie and a salad from your garden! I can relate to your mom's issues with her phone. My dad has issues when there is an upgrade! Is it possible for you to take your mum to a coffee shop to fix her phone? Thank you for starting this new thread, and you kind wishes for all of us this year. I wish the same for you! Good luck on getting your new bike! You must tell us what you decide on. I LOLed about your testicle walk kettlebell modification--you go girl!
Let's see. I spent NYE seeing light displays at the zoo north of where I live, then did 6 miles of snowshoeing on Jan. 1 with 6 other people. It was just what I needed but probably not what I should have done. I wrenched my neck on Dec. 21 and it's still tight as all get out. Dr. thinks I have arthritis and bones out of place but I think it's just tight muscles. December was stressful with extra stuff going on at work and at home and I have a tough time with the gray, rainy days in addition. I also got screwed out of an award from my last division which really upset me so I am glad to be moving on and starting a new year. I went to PT today for the first time and couldn't be happier that my decades of exercise showed. I think I'll be doing better pretty quickly.

Here's to a great week fit babes!
Quick hi and happy new year! More later just wanted to post so I don't have to search for the thread again!

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Hello all! Today did a step tabata workout, yesterday was an Yvette. I think I’m getting a cold, trying to sweat it out!

Hi lisa, how are those dogs? They are adorable!

Tracey, sounds like a fun new year! We had friends over and a whole batch of teenagers! Hope you feel better soon!

Jody, any word on the bike? Make a decision?

Ronne, how are you???

Spamilton was funny! They put us in the front row, could see their spittle! I know, TMI! Have a good day! Mary
Hi girls! Finally did a bike ride last 2 days, prior to that it was c-c-c-cold! Holidays nice, seeing my SIL, taking care of DS dogs while he drives his fiancé to Virginia for PA school.

Jody, glad you found a discount, does that include cathe live too? Did you get a bike yet? We took the ‘flatter ‘ terrain today but funny thing we had same mileage and exact same elevation gain. So it’s just more of gentle climb back home vs up a step last bit.

Mary, the puppy is coming along nicely. She was easy to watch, we are watching them again thurs thru Sunday because DS is flying to Virginia for the white coat ceremony.

Tracy, hope the neck is better! Seriously, MJ does wonders for tight neck muscles! Go get some edibles (Indica) at a dispensary!

Ronne, have you joined us in the new year?

I've included my latest quilt. This one has wool batting which really shows off the quilting

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Hi all

Happy New Year! It was my first day back at work yesterday but too busy to post.

Lovely to catch up with you all and your Christmas news. Apologies if I miss anyone out!

Tracey - snowshoeing sounds awesome! What a lovely thing to do on New Year's Day. Hope your work problems are sorted out and you can have a trouble free 2019!

Lisa - great quilting! That's very impressive! Glad you had a nice time with family and dogs, you deserved some downtime.

Jody - your testicle description really made me laugh! It's horrible being ill over Christmas, hope you're OK now. And hope your work issues are OK now as well.

Mary - I knew you'd be having a good time with family.

I really enjoyed the two weeks off. We saw family, went for walks, went to the pub, ate and drank too much (of course). DH and I managed a NYE outing for a change. We went to a local pub which had a jazz band on. It was really nice. We got back later than DD from her party!
I've been doing bits of workouts here and there and getting more back into the groove this week. I've been having slight knee problems for a while (the backs of my knees) and it seems to have cleared up completely over the break, so I know I need to go a bit easier.
I don't do resolutions but I've decided that sometimes instead of a workout mid-morning I'm going to go out for a short walk instead. Nothing strenous - just more about being outside in the fresh air which I think will be good for my mental health.
My second Cathe of the year was FS Mixed cardio and one set of Pull. Tomorrow I think I'll do similar w/ the Push DVD. I'm still bike shopping, I did a test ride on a Trek Verve so I'll add that to the mix, I liked it a lot. The shops are low on stock, waiting for the 2019s. I spoke w/ a friend who cycles all over for most of her transportation; I felt really inspired to plan some trips and do some exploring once I get a new ride.

Ronne, I really support the outdoor activity! One of my knees crunches when I go downstairs. I don't know if that will improve. Also, sounds like a fun NYE. Woop woop!

Lisa, I think that is one of my fave of your quilts, how did it rate in difficulty? Yes, ON Demand includes Live. I need to clear out my goddess workout room before I sign up though, it's a mess. Also, new DVDs on their way soon.

Tracy, how is PT going? I hope you are still improving. Did you miss bonus because of new job? Seems unfair! Are you impacted by the shut down now? I have more to say but for now, just great to see you. : D

Mary, kiddos head back to Uni by now? How was Spamilton? We have so much flu and URI at work. I'm dealing w/ my second bout since November.

Waves and my best to all~~~
Hello all

Jody - sounds like a good way to use FS. I can't do the weights and cardio all in one, it's just too much. I guess you might get a discount if the bikes are end of the line? I'm looking forward to the new DVDs, I've had my shipping notice! Hope you feel better soon.

Did RWH UB Circuit yesterday. I think it made a difference having gone for a walk the previous day as I didn't feel so winded as early on as I normally do. Today just did 20 mins of yoga to stretch out hips, it felt lovely.
Taking DD to a uni interview tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!
Hi I did an even shorter version of FS SC/Push than planned- coughing and breathing were an issue. But the 6 blast TS and 1st set Push would have been about 30 min. Visit Mom Day today, I'm taking dd with me.

Ronne, there is a whole bunch of science or at least biohacker chat, around scaling back and lack of benefit of pushing hard if your body isn't read ready. Sounds like you might be finding some ways to optimize your workouts, woo hoo. I'm sending prayers and happy thoughts around the interview!!!
Hi ladies! I realized it had been awhile since I was here. We did take a short bike ride one day last week, but other than that I’ve only been walking suki. My body just always seems to hurt, age?

Jody, when/if you ride around for transportation do you ride the roads or try for paths or sidewalks? Riding some roads I always feel I have to push harder and most of the time I just want a nice leisurely ride. Sidewalks, pedestrians just aren listening when you tell them you’re passing. Thanks for the quilt compliment. I’d say the piecing was very tricky (and I didn’t like that). I did learn from it though!

Ronne, I much prefer the outdoors. I even walked in 6 inches of snow yesterday, it was different. I didn’t like the soggy shoes though! Are you feeling the effects of getting older?

Mary, are back at work now? How was this last storm for you?

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Hi fit babes! So glad to be here!

Glad you enjoyed Spamilton Mary! I haven't seen it but the name reminds me of Monty Python for some reason. Oh, Spamalot!

Lisa, your quilt is GORGEOUS!! It looks like it was complicated and I know I couldn't do it. I'm one of those people that does crafts but I'm not that good at any of it. I have taken an MJ tincture (indica) to help me sleep and it relaxes me for sure. I don't take it daily but probably should! Good for you getting outdoors regardless of weather! The only time I really don't like going out (but do anyway) is when it's raining. So I don't like going out much, LOL! I think everyone gets aches and pains as we move through life and it's amazing how much pain we really carry around. My massage therapist has an amazing talent to find it all!

Hi Ronne! How lovely to have 2 weeks off! I can't remember the last time I did that. Hmm, maybe I never have! I think it's great you stayed out later on NYE than DD! How did the interview go? Fingers crossed for you! I don't do resolutions either but I'm trying to be more mindful on the eating and drinking. I've given myself permission to not be too hard on myself as I get in to my new job more (it'll be 6 months on Feb. 1 already!) It sounds like you are following the title of our thread here!

Hi Jody! My knees have cracked since I was a kid. If yours doesn't hurt, it should be OK. Your talk of a new bike makes me want to ride, which I haven't done since we got BB in Dec. 2010. Yikes! :oops: PT is going OK, I'm surprised the stiffness hasn't gotten much better but the pain has which is great! I've been more mindful of my neck when exercising and I do the exercises I was given by the PT daily. I go back again tomorrow and will be doing some new exercises. It's going good! In a nutshell, I think I was screwed out of the bonus due to my new job. However, no one communicated anything to me, I just got a form email saying the powers that be felt I didn't earn it. I disagree with that but there is nothing I can do about it now. I recently found out that the guidelines were not followed by my last division and I have been encouraged to share my experience with my last division chief. So I plan to do that and hopefully no one else will go through what I did. :) Fortunately, I am not affected by the government shutdown. I'm a WA state employee, not federal. But this is a budget year, so we'll likely go right up to the last minute of the deadline of June 30 not sure if we're showing up to work the next day. It's happened the last 2 budget cycles so why not a 3rd? :rolleyes::p

We have sunny weather--yippee! Took BB and LR to a popular walking place today--it was Riley's first time--and he did really well! Thank God he goes to day camp and is socialized. He didn't offend any of the dogs he met! Ruff! Looking forward to the new workouts, I've been doing KCM and Tracie Long lately as they are a bit kinder (at least the ones I have) than some of Cathe's.

Have a healthy week fit babes!
I did a clean-max yesterday featuring more of mop-max and a walk and I was beat.

Tracy, now that I've figured out what will over work my neck muscles (believe it or not it's more arm in front movements that do, and neck extension like when you're cleaning a floor and looking up) I'm not Taking MJ as much. I took it last night though! That stinks about the bonus I'd be upset! I'm still half asleep this morning!

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Hi all

Lisa - well done on the clean max, I know how tough those are for you! ;) Yes, I think I'm starting to feel age taking its toll. Just have to be more sensible really.

Tracey - that's really bad luck about the bonus. That 6 months in your new job has gone quickly! Glad to hear you're not affected by the shutdown. What a mess! DD's interview seemed to go OK, thanks for asking. She couldn't really tell. We'll hear in a couple of weeks. It's the first of four, so there's lots to go through yet!

Jody - how are you doing? Any better yet?

So I got a workout in on Sunday: C&W. Then yesterday was Supersets and today I did pilates. That really worked my core.
Also got out for a brief walk today just to the post office.
Work annoying so I'm finishing for the day, need to give my brain a break!
Hello all~~
I did PHA2, a timesaver version of course, and some rebounding for warm up. Jeeez, I nearly fell backward off the rebounder, but other than that it was nice to look around the patio at the veg plants and listen to a cool Spotify list.
I was requested to work but I declined. I have worked 4 12's out of the past 5 days and on the one day off I went to a festival w/ dd which was an all day affair. Most of the shifts were usual run all day no breaks to be had type of days. I need to address issues that will save me more money than I would make if I went in to work like: random increase in internet service; Sprint bill (should have stayed the same but is $400, OMG WTH?); and phishing type letter in mail from Seventh Ave which may indicate identity or credit fraud.

Ronne, I am feeling much better but still congested cough, ick. I started LITE with possibly the one workout you will reach for last?? I hope work is less annoying!

Lisa, I hope my fraud issue isn't a thing but it makes me thing of your sister's situ and damn, there are some sucky people in this world who want to take advantage of others.

Tracy, my knees pop and crack a lot but this has become a crumble crunch on the one knee. I was never able to socialize my Corgis they were terrors and danger to dog society throughout lives. Monty Python was Spamalot! I loved them but I didn't ever see that one.

Mary, I realize I missed your post, lol about Spamilton spittle! Did you end up with a cold? I am still bike shopping, but responsible me should be managing the other financial issues I just mentioned. I'm just not looking forward to hassle of dealing w/ Xfinity, Sprint. And really dread the hassle of credit agencies if that is what it comes to. Oh well, I guess I should just make it happen, get it all done today and enjoy tomorrow off before another run of 3 shifts.
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Hi alll! Life is back to quiet, DS left for Boston this morning. It was a busy break, the kids, niece from Arizona, (says she coming here to live in May, we shall see if she follows through this time), kids friends visiting on and off, busy and wonderful. Just got the house cleaned, phew!

Jody, that’s A LOT of work! I hear you on depletion of money! I thought by this age we would be all set, lol! We got our statement on our retirement fund, I don’t know why we opened it, we lost 20 percent of our retirement! Hopefully the stock market will rebound eventually?? Cell phone bills, eeekkk! We went to unlimited, someone always went over and I was ready to wring all their necks!

Lisa, out in the snow?? We are supposed to get hit this weekend, ran to get some stuff at the store, they were out of a lot of things, we are supposed to get a foot tomorrow and then lake effect snow Sunday, not sure how much Sunday. Kids left just in time to get out of shoveling!

Ronne, does DD go off to university next year? How has time gone so fast? Our twins only have 3 more semesters until they graduate. Will she go away?

Tracey, I’m so sorry about work! That would agitate me! So nice of you to think of the others that follow you. We don’t get bonuses in health care. DH gets a longevity bonus, always helps!

Hope everyone is well, I go back to work on Tuesday, kind of excited to get back in the groove of things. Have a good weekend! Mary
Hi everyone

I got my DVDs. I think that's the quickest they've ever arrived!

Jody - I don't blame you for not working after all those shifts. Hope you can sort out some money-saving tricks. Is Sprint your phone? That's one hell of a bill! I don't use my phone very much. I'm on PAYG and I just put £10 on it every few months (I don't go online so don't use data).

Mary - So glad you had a nice time with the family. So the twins have one more year of uni, is that right? That has gone fast. DD will probably stay here next year and do a course in a local college, so she's applying for deferred entry to uni and aims to start in autumn 2020. Then she will definitely go away, her two top choices are about 3 hours and 1.5 hours away respectively.

So I had a couple of rest days Thursday and Friday as I was busy doing other stuff. I started the LITE rotation today with Cardio Party plus Calorie Crush. The main workout was surprisingly easy I thought and I would hardly have broken a sweat if it hadn't been for the CC on the end. Definitely one for a lighter day.
I went to Tate Modern yesterday to see an installation that's closing this weekend. I queued for 1 hr 20 mins to get in but I was prepared, I ate my lunch and read a book in the queue! It was well worth it though. This is what I saw:
Had a very lazy day today apart from the workout. We're off to the cinema this evening to see Stan and Ollie.

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