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Aww, Lisa, I am sorry for this ordeal, I hope she continues to recover, heal and learn to maneuver and manage in the new fashion. Perhaps O Noooooo meant I'm so sorry to hear this happened, not O no what a bad choice you made? Anyway, I believe you made the best choice for her that you could with all of the information available. You know the alternative better than anyone and it isn't like you guys didn't struggle to make everything better for her. GET WELL QUICK, SUKI!!
DD is back from Puerto Rico and headed back to Gville soon. I hope to assist in moving her stuff. I did CS from SnS. Waves to all, Jody
Thx Jody, Yea, I’m sure this person meant it in a nice way, it’s just that I was so raw with emotion as we navigated this road. Suki is thriving, we’re modifying her exercise excursions. I’m happy when I see her happy!
Hi fit babes! Lisa, I am so sorry I am just learning what you have been through with Suki today. I'm sorry I wasn't here to support you during your very difficult decision! She looked adorable in the photos you posted. I am so glad she is thriving! I would have cried as much as you did if I was going through the same thing. We just love our furry children and don't want to see them hurt. I am so glad that you can enjoy your lives again and Suki is too!

Hi skinny Jody! You look fit and healthy and wonderful! That's awesome you reached your fitness goals in addition to working and taking classes, I'm not sure I could have done that! I'm sorry you had to go through what you did with your beloved pup, it can be agonizing. Is DD now back in the U.S. to stay? I have always liked the SNS series alot and I would do it more than I should if I didn't make myself follow Cathe's rotations. That's the only way I will get a lot of variety. I think I'm doing her August rotation now, my way of course!

Hi Mary! So good to see you! I'm so sorry you got sick! It sounds like it was not a light illness you experienced either. I know of someone else who was vaxxed (don't know if they were boostered though) and they got pretty sick with it too--down for 2 weeks. I've hardly been anywhere since winter started, just too nervous with the uptick in cases. And I am vaxxed 3 times too. I'm glad you were able to be with your kids for the holidays, I know you love spending time with them.

Thank you for asking about DH--he is better! Hooray!! Let's see. He's off of opioids now, is taking a med that blocks the nerve pain from his brain and he also got a shot for which he was keeping track of how he felt for days afterward. He's getting another shot this coming week and also seeing a surgeon. I don't keep up very well because DH doesn't always know what's going on either! He's no longer walking with a cane and he was able to walk Basil today for the first time since late November. I'm still doing most of the heavy lifting but I am just fine doing that. His spirits are better too so things are definitely better overall in this house. I couldn't be happier! We are actually planning a getaway or 2 and we even did some yard max today!

Take care fit babes and please give Suki a big hug for me Lisa! I will try to get here more often. Tracy
Quickie to say Hi~~
Lisa, I saw happy Suki on FB :), it reminded my of my Miss Brownings!
Tracy, great news that DH is feeling better!
Mary Mare, I hope you are doing well and recovered. Did you end up with knee surg and I have forgotten that it took place? I'm actually a sucky friend.
I've been doing SnS but I'm quite ready for a change, particularly abs b/c I've only been using that series for about 4 plus weeks. I might do FT, P30, or ? I'm leaning toward FT w/ SB cardio.

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Hi Fit Babes! A quick hullo from me too.
Thank you Jody! I think we have shoulder surgery in DH's near future but his back pain is doing much better. And you are not a sucky friend! Mary hasn't posted whether she had knee surgery.
So, uh, Mary, did you have to get knee surgery?
Hi Lisa!
Still not back at work yet but I imagine that is going to come soon. I think WA and HI are the only states that have a mask mandate now! Doing a Cathe rotation that has me doing some older workouts--Gym Style, Strong and Heavy. I'm enjoying but it is definitely kicking my booty!
Take care Fit Babes! Tracy
Hi ladies!
Just flying by to say hi. Suki’s doing well. We are spoiling her rotten. Driving to different parks a couple times a day for her to have her 1/3 mile walk (it’s all she can do before she gets winded). She starts running like a bat outta you know where, smelling like crazy, then gets exhausted from the running. So I guess it’s 1/3 mile run a couple times a day. Either that or we take the bikes to an interesting trail (to avoid teh boring neighborhood). She’s loving it. She’s back to her yipping fun self on the bike. She’s happy, that’s what counts, right?

Tracy, oh no shoulder surgery? I swear I’m feeling more aches and pains. I need to learn to cut back some because otherwise my body hurts in bed and I can’t sleep well. Running with Suki isn’t helping, haha, actually I can’t keep up with her or DH!

Jody, how’s work going? Slowing down now? My uncle had a nice comment to the Suki video. So I’m sure his NOOOO was meant in the best way. I have tennis elbow from Suki leaning on my arm in the car so have to close as typing I feel it flare up. Take care!
Lisa, you get top marks for care and enrichment of Suki!!! I am happy to hear she is feeling so much better and you all are getting in plenty of exercise, ha ha.

Tracy, I enjoy doing older workouts, too. I would have to plan to embrace SH, though, probably GS too as my prefer workouts are short and cover a lot of ground so a different philosophy than those two sets. I hope your transition back to office goes well when it does occur. I think you've mentioned some personnel changes that may not be optimal?

I have been doing FTA and will continue for another week. The FTA LGC also not my preferred (barre) but I appreciate the variety. I also have done SB SS a few days in a row. It is a really fun easy steady state cardio that I think works well for my blood sugar on day after I have overdone it on the carbs.

Mary, I hope you are doing well! We've slowed down from Covid and now have traveler staff so overall less busy and less demand for overtime. Too bad, just when I was learning to appreciate the opportunity to fund my retirement someday.
Fun thing that happened to me at work- during an inservice, the rep ( a 30ish yo woman) complimented me on my arms! That was quite a nice ego bump! Today I did SB- SS finished combos and ab stacker. I'm still working up to qualified back up dancer status on SS, I love the ab stacker and it is relatively short. Have a great day, yall.
I bet that felt great Jody!

Last week we cycled a lot on our favorite trails. Now back to snow. A ad kept popping up on FB. After researching I think it’s what I need, they call it gravity yoga, basically holding poses for 5 min to increase flexibility. I’m doing their 21 day happy back challenge and also 21 day hip challenge.
Lisa, that sounds great! How is it going? Ha ha, FB keeps track of our interests. I'm pleased you got to cycle on your trails. Speaking of the internet spying on us, I have had to manage attempts to open bank accounts/ identity fraud.
I did a 10 mile hike w/ a FB group- I enjoyed both the group and the hike. Also a recent round of tennis/pickle ball w/ dd (just volleying the ball, no rules or score keeping). No snow here! Just warm sunny weather. I am going to use LIS series for a few weeks- today was TBT-UB.
Tracy, how is SH and GS going? Do you have a return to office date yet? Best of luck to dh on his shoulder when/if that occurs.
Mary, I hope you are well!!!
Edit to add LIS TBT LB today, Tues the 15th. I skipped the warm up and did the first half of the first triset without weights to keep it shorter. I added SG ab section after.
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LIS AT today. I'm not a fan of the music in this series, but thumbs up for this work out today. I'll do Afterburn next I think, on Fri. Also- I'm really pleased and noticing the difference in my workout ability/fitness as a much thinner person. The consistency is helping but it is just way easier to workout at a lighter weight.

I am exploring July hike to Flagstaff, Grand Canyon area ~~ about a 7 to 10 day trip. Any suggestions for planning such a trip?

3/23 Edit to add SG from LIS today. I will continue to use LIS for this month, though there isn't a lot of variety for heavy weight work, no prob though.
3/24 ETA LIS LICH Blast and bonus w/ some improv LB weight work mixed in. I'm loving the science heavy book by Gary Taubes The Case for Keto on audio as well. TTYL, fit friends. Oh and I checked out 10 travel books for Grand Canyon and Utah.
3/25 ETA LIS LICH some of the combos for warm up and LIS TBT UB work express. Big hike tomorrow w/ fb group.
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Hi fit babes! Good to see you! I hope all is well with you Mary!

I'm so glad to hear that Suki is back to her happy self and you have given her everything she needs and more Lisa!! That is so sweet of you to take her out so often to get her 1/3 mile walks in. I've been taking the fur babies for walks during my lunchtime and DH goes with me sometimes (he's doing better that way) so my workouts are happening in the evenings now after work. I'm glad you found some yoga that is working for you! I have a tough time devoting much time to yoga. I love stretching but not for entire workout. I may be forced to do it someday. The aches and pains like sticking around!

Hi Jody! That's awesome you were complimented on your toned arms!! That would have made my day. I would love to find a hiking group on FB but that would only work if I tried to find such a group! I'm glad you enjoyed both the group and the hike. I bet you had them laughing alot. I have not been to the Grand Canyon or Flagstaff so I'm sorry I don't have any recommendations. I've been in AZ/UT in early May and it was in the 90s then so July will likely be sweltering but without the humidity you are used to. This week, I had to cancel a credit card someone tried to use to finance their vacation in Mexico. I don't get to go there so neither should the thief! Grr.

No shoulder surgery for DH yet, he's in PT to get it in shape so he can get the surgery! I'm so thankful I've worked out all these years, I don't have frozen shoulder issues. I did do the Gym Style workouts but didn't do S&H, I started a new Beachbody program instead--4 Weeks for Everybody. No impact cardio and weight work. I like it but it's really short so I've added some cardio from Cathe on them too. There'a also the nutritional side to it as well to get your gut microbes straightened out. I'm not doing that to a T like my friend is but sticking to the eating plan that works for me and makes me feel good. I like the LIS series alot Jody but you are right that there isn't a lot of heavy weight work in it.

We are finally going back to the office April 4, so we've been working at home for over 2 years now. I'm fine with that! But I will be going in only 2 days a week, Mon and Tues and then will work from home again Wed-Fri. I went into the office Friday to address some things I needed to do and it felt chaotic because I was interrupted a lot (it's pretty common with my job). I couldn't wait to get back home! I have more control of the interruptions there because it's all via computer rather than in person.

Yesterday, DH and I, my sister and her wife, my dad and his companion celebrated his 90th birthday! We just had a late lunch at his new favorite restaurant. The drive there and back is long, but we had a lovely time. Very grateful Dad is lucid and physically healthy!

Take care fit babes! TTYL Tracy
Hi all~~ I did CSS today including step bonus but also making it "express" by skipping the repeat rounds. Then I added the floor work from TB. Some more AT and LICH will make that series worked for me. If there was ever a series that needs a voice only option--
Tracy, great to hear from you! You seem to get a lot of use from BB programs. Maybe I'll use HC series next. Did you enjoy the revisit of GS? I have SH but I'm more about quick and dirty than slow and heavy but it seems like I'm on a roll with the workout series lately. I'll edit for more personals later this week but I just wanted to say hi and add my workout. Oh and I did another hike on Tues
I'm very behind in school work submissions, so this is me at the computer not doing my work but letting you guys know that I did a Cathe, lol. I also found the Voice only option in the series. Today was LICH, I'm going to have to master it this week. I hiked on Tues. The group improvised a trail mix BD cake and sang HB which was super sweet.
Tracy, you are back at the office now, how did it go?
Hi fit babes! I have missed you!

I'm glad you are getting some hikes in Jody! We have not gotten our weather straightened out yet--record rainfall in April and so far in May. Makes it hard to get out and even do yard max!

Did you get your submissions in for school Jody? I like that you visited here instead of doing schoolwork. :)

I'm following Cathe's rotation now from last Sept. I think. Fit Split was this past week's workouts and they almost did me in! That series is a toughie! Perfect 30 is on the agenda for this coming week. Glad those workouts are shorter because they can do me in too. Or I'm just tired!

We've been back to the office for over a month now and truly, I don't like it! :pI got so spoiled doing my job at home that I really want to continue it that way. The lower stress level has been a real gift! Now, I have to get up earlier, get on the road and go to a building where I still can't be in a large group of people in one room. Still! So it's not fun at all which is too bad. I am getting our personnel files into electronic form so we can get rid of the paper but after I finish doing that, I could do it all at home. I was pretty tired after the first few weeks but it seems to be better now. It was exhausting going back, lol!

DH has his shoulder surgery scheduled for late June. I hope his recovery isn't too hard for him.

Take care fit babes and I hope to see you all soon! Tracy :D
Oof, we have fallen to the 3rd page! I've been working on HC lately. Out west hike evolved from Grand Canyon to Utah to "someplace on the East Coast" to "someplace not too far from gf sister's house in GA" , to F it. So I'm going to Asheville area and will dip my toes in the Smokies. My mom was sick (fine now). School is ongoing. Condo drama/roof assessments, do dah do dah.
Tracy, how is work going these days? Any chance you can return to remote?? I hope DH does well on his shoulder.
I hope yall are well. : D
Hi fit babes! I'm sorry I've been away but I see you have been too. I think about you even if I don't get here very often!

I'm doing some HC this week too Jody, I'm sorry your trip morphed the way it did. I'm glad your mom got better and I hope you had a good time in the Smokies. I saw that you are going to Vegas, when are you going? I LOVE Vegas! If you get to catch a Cirque de Soleil show there, it's worth it. "O" is probably my favorite. I think they have 6 different shows there.

Work is going OK these days, thanks for asking! Still going in 2 days a week, still dealing with staff shortages. I don't think I will have any issues retiring when I can in 6 years or so!

DH cancelled his surgery and will reschedule. He wasn't getting the information he needed about it from the PA who was kind of rude so he cancelled. He later caught her on a better day and got his questions answered. So we are waiting for the weather to turn so we can stay indoors. It's too nice to be inside now.

I hope you ladies are doing well! Tracy
Hi Tracy! Yeah, I think we're alone now. There doesn't seem to be anyone ah-rouh-ound.
I've finished with HC and am doing Intensity and the Series that isn't a series (LIC, BG, BM2 and DM). Are you enjoying HC?

Smokies were fun- I'd enjoy going back. DD picked up Covid on plane and ended up sick while we were gone and I ended up sick after spending the week with her hanging out. Fortunately neither of us were too bad off. She should have worn a better mask on plane and I think she would have avoided getting ill. She just wears a cloth type mask, but she wears it everywhere. I rotate through masks and keep k95 on in close quarters like the flight.

OOOh thanks for the Vegas info. I was tentatively planning on a Cirque show and the B52s as the two shows to do so now I will plan on that for sure. We are staying at Bally's in the spirit of being close to strip and getting a full Vegas experience for the few days we will be there Thurs arrive and Sunday depart. Hotels seem higher than I expected? B52s are at the Venetian. 400+ a night! So I won't stay there but I considered it for a hot second. I am disappointed to not hike while there but I am going to just appreciate the Strip experience. Please please please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Good luck on the reschedule of surgery and congrats on enjoying the weather! I've not even one snorkel trip this year, but maybe tomorrow with a nurse friend at the inlet. It's kind of a big deal to do, so I hope to gain some experience to go on my own.
Stay fit, hang in there all~~ : D
Hi Jody! We do seem to be alone now! I only did HC for one week of the rotation Cathe had, I can't remember which month it was for. I'm never on the current month! I did do High Step Challenge last week and it really kicked me hard! I wasn't prepared for that so I blame the warm weather. ;) This week I've done OK so maybe it was just a bad day?

I'm glad you enjoyed your smokies trip but I'm sorry you got sick! I have K95 disposable masks and will be sure to wear one on the plane to San Diego at the end of this month. I went with a GF to Bend OR last week and we didn't wear a mask anywhere and neither did anyone else. I feel fine so far, fingers crossed!

I'm so sorry I didn't get back here before you went to Vegas, I hope you had an awesome time! Did you get to see a Cirque show and B-52s? The Vegas strip experience is lots of walking! I was there last in 2017 and don't remember how many times we may have taken the bus but I know we did because each hotel that looks to be 2 blocks away is actually more like 10! I liked going into the hotels just to see them. We ended up staying at a hotel that was connected to the MGM. It was cheaper but created more walking time for us. I've never stayed at the Venetian or other hot spot because they are expensive. Did you get to Fremont Street?

Did you get some snorkeling in? I finally got a hike in late July. It was during a heat wave though so we got up at 5 a.m. so we would be done before noon. Worked out well! We are cooling down here now. Not looking forward to the gray weather that is coming!

How is work? Are you still taking classes too? Work got crazy in the last 2 weeks because people have decided to leave our office for new jobs. And we are having a heck of a time filling some positions agency-wide like every other industry. Please wish me luck!

Take care everyone! Hope to see all of you soon. :)
Hi Tracy, I am going to Vegas in OCT!
I get up at 5 AM for for work but also for hike so that I can manage all my bodily functions before I head out on the trail! Have you been on any more hikes? Good luck with all the work stuff and getting positions filled. We remain short staffed as well. Some days are simply brutal.
I am using FIT SPLIT these days- FS push and FS pull. I appreciate the brevity/completeness of the workouts and am getting DOMS. My emphasis is weights over cardio these days- I want to keep shifting my body composition toward increased muscle but also don't want to put much time in. Hmm:rolleyes: I hope the new workouts will have some TS versions I like.
I appreciate seeing you here. TTYL Jody

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