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Hello friends! Nice to see you, Tracy! Now it's Mary's turn to be long time MIA, I hope she is well. Lisa, I glimpse you on FB once in a while, but when I go there, it is usually a quick scroll and I often don't comment or like anything in order to perpetuate my "I'm not really on FB" ideals. I have been keeping up with workouts- still using the PH MIS BM dvd and BM2, keeping it to 30 to 40 min. DD is back in Puerto Rico and life is back to normal here. Work is unbelievable.
Tracy, that is quite a heatwave~~~~eek! The mountain trip sounds nice. A dear friend of mine just came back from a visit w/ her dd in CA and they visited Yosemite and had some beautiful hikes. I was so jealous! I really think I would enjoy doing more hiking in new areas. I have been watching Breaking Bad for the first time (so no spoilers, yall) and think NM would also be amazing to visit. The BB program seems great and includes an emphasis that is certainly neglected by me. Is it similar to yoga?
I'll keep this shortish for today but I intend to check back next week after working, I hope to see yall! Stay safe. : D
Eeee! Hi everyone! So sorry to be gone so long! Have been working a lot and just returned from vacation. I hope everyone is well. Jody, have been thinking about you, I know how busy you have been at work, getting bad here too. Lots of younger people, heartbreaking. My students are on my last nerve, only 3 of them are vaccinated, the rest all have excuses, THEY ARE IN HEALTH CARE. I’m done yelling. Have been going to physical therapy, she’s a wonderful person! Told me I got stuck with wrong orthopedist, (on the sly), got the steroid injection, no relief, now they are telling me I need surgery, she gave me a new one, he’s the surgeon for the cleveland browns, I’ll let you know. DH, kids and I went with my parents to Minnesota to visit with family on the reservation, it was wonderful. Long drive, 15 hours each way, totally worth it!
I have been rambling on, I will catch up with everyone and not be so self centered! Stay safe my friends!
Hi Mary, so you may end up with surg after all, hopefully it will be whatever it takes to help you be the best you can be! Nice to get the real deal from an insider, the PT should know. The trip with family sounds intense and as if you really appreciated your time together. Amazing that all of you were able to be together for the time of trip. Work is busy and I'm quite surprised at how many of my coworkers have chosen not to vax - many because of prior infection. Personally I believe that vax will keep people from becoming critically ill and also not caring very deeply. Good luck people. Hopefully there will be equipment and supplies and personnel to provide care. Also, please avoid needing any other health care as resources are stretched.
Tracy, how goes the latest BB program? Still loving it?
Lisa, are you still doing Pelo strength?
I feel like summer has gone too quickly. I have skipped workouts for 2 days, so will muster something for sure today but now I have too much "catch up" workout to do. So we will see what manifests! We should be getting new workouts from Cathe in the mail soon?
Hi all, sorry to be MIA. By the time I think to post here I’m too tired! Yes, Suki broke her leg running scared through the house by fireworks. We are now at 6 weeks post plate surgery. She’s still limping but X-rays a week ago looked like plate was good. We go at 8 weeks for another X-ray. It’s been quite an ordeal. DH sleeps with her at night on a mattress on the floor (no jumping from furniture or beds). She won’t crate, wants to dig with her front broken paw. Vet wants her quiet, so we keep her pretty drugged up on gabapentin and trazadone. We need something for her fear inducing events, hope we found something to help (clonidine). We have do some full sedated bloodwork at regular vet once we are done with the emergency orthopedic vet. So things have been stressful here! DH is so good with her, thank goodness for him.

Mary, do I remember it being knee surgery? My friend had it (she’s 75), quite the recovery.
Jody, So my sis in FL and her hubs had COVID, they are big anti-Vax. It sounded really bad, she was basically down for 3-4 weeks, and now real weak. I don’t get why anyone chooses not to vaccine. I tried to change my BFF’s mind based on my sister’s experience, no go. BFF isn’t anti-vax, but she claims this one isn’t a vaccine (OMG). So instead she’ll go into hospital in 2 weeks for hip replacement surgery and have her Texas sister come take care of her. Seems risky to me, but I tried. I feel really bad for you health care providers. I’m doing a variety of Peloton classes. I’m really big into meditation now. I do some strength, some yoga, and the cycling. Of course we can’t ride outside because of Suki, but it’s ok, because it’s been so hot and Smokey from the fires in the west.

I can’t remember much of what everyone has said. 57 seems to be catching up with me! I’m learning to scale back on the exercise some or else I hurt at night (tired of hurting). Oh, brother got me the Oura ring for my birthday, that’s taught me to scale back too. That’s another reason why I meditate too.
Lisa, I have enjoyed my Oura ring, too. My HRV is usually pretty low, but I have used the info to help me commit to my sleep routines. Eating later in the eve is bad for my resting hr and hrv, too.
I wonder if people could see the devastating effects of severe covid if they would change mind about the vax. Critically ill people are dealing with extensive disability -if they don't die and it is a pretty crappy way to die as well. Oh well.
I'm so sorry about Suki. My cat doesn't like thunder, but I don't have to deal with the full on bat crap crazy that your dog seems to have. Anxiety is awful awful awful.
I have my new workouts and bands, but haven't worked out. Just been doing OT lately. Have any of you tried them yet?
Jody, I’m still learning about what oura tells you. What is your avg hRV? Mine is around 50, Rhr 56. I joined a oura FB group to read some hints , it got me taking melatonin, seems to help my REM. When I wake up at 2am, I always say to myself, go back to sleep and get ya some good REM ( I’ve been dreaming a lot!). I ordered a couple supplements on Amazon that were recommended on my subscribe and save, will see. I need more deep sleep! My body needs to repair! Haha

You do Orangetheory (OT)? I only do whatever is on the Peloton platform, and maybe one day get back outside when Suki’s better. Yesterday was a windy day, she was not happy and quite the handful even with meds. It’s good she has a retired couple to take care of her, DH is really good about taking her downstairs in the basement where she calms down…told him to make the messy bedroom down there a man cave for him and her. My quilting studio is down there too, so pre-broken leg if she came down to be with me I knew it was probably windy or something.

My sister wanted compassion and encouragement from me this week with her Covid healing. Kinda was hard when it’s so preventable to be that, but I tried. She did an outdoor bike ride today (20+ miles) so I guess she’s ok? I’ll check in with her this week. I know last week it was “I need encouragement, I’m so weak”, and her husband was so tired he had to take 2 hr naps. I’m sure you are seeing a lot.
Yes, seeing a lot. Literally can't really tell you because of public forum and privacy and I'd rather play it safe. But think disability for months on 40 to 60 year olds. I'm shocked (actually disappointed) at people who are willing to literally die on the anti- vax hill. Re your sis- I believe the weak and fatigue just lasts a lot longer than you imagine. Even me personally, when I look back to last year when I had it, even when I thought I was recovered, it wasn't until months later that I realized how poor my energy/stamina had been, especially regarding working out.
My OT is overtime at work, not Orange theory, lol! I just did 6 days straight, though 2 were half shifts.
My HRV, considered "optimal" today is 26! and my resting hr is 64. My HRV is often in the teens. I assume the caffeine abuse plays into that low HRV number.
Yes, you are lucky w/ DH in many ways! Ha ha, he gets to share his man cave with a quilting rack and an dog bed.

Jody update- I'm doing well with weight loss and want to focus on increasing my muscle mass a bit now. That may be harder to do than the weight loss. I'm starting to think about what I can do within my usual boundaries. As in, yeah, STS would be effective, but I'm not going to suddenly start doing 3 hour long weight training sessions each week. I love that Omron scale for tracking progress!

Mary, are you doing any workouts or primarily PT? When do you see the new ortho?

Tracy, have you done the new workouts? I might try today!

Waves and hugs to all.

PS Lisa, I am seeing more Ivermectin being given-
pss- apologies for excessive use of "literally"

ETA update- I did part of Boss Bands TB yesterday and PH just the UB sections today. BBTB was OK for me yesterday for various reasons but I'm not too sure how often I will reach for it. I like the equipment/bands.
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Hi fit babes! So good to be here and see you!

Jody, hiking is one of my favorite things to do but I don't do enough of it! Too lazy to get in the car and drive to a trailhead that is usually full of other hikers. Ha! I have not seen Breaking Bad so you won't get any spoilers from me. DH and I are looking towards northern AZ for a possible move in retirement. I think there's some hiking there. I really enjoyed hiking in Yosemite when I went years ago. Congratulations of your weight loss and meeting your goals! I'm still enjoying the BB program, but it is increasing in intensity. There isn't really any yoga, it's more like extreme stretching to me. :) I'm on week 9 of 13 so I haven't done Cathe's new workouts yet. I really like this BB program but I miss Cathe too. I am so sorry you are dealing with more unreasonable people who won't get vaxxed! I am pretty angry about it.

Hi Mary! I'm glad you got a new doctor who can relate to your activity level! Have you been told you have to have surgery or is there another way to go? That was quite the car ride you took on vacation! Glad you had a wonderful time and it was all worth it. I completely understand your students getting on your last nerve--I don't get it either!! I am shocked and really disappointed in how many anti-vaxxers there are. And my response to anyone who thinks the government is tracking them with the vaccine is, "What makes you think you are so important that the government would want to do that?"

Lisa, I am SO sorry little Suki broke her leg!!! :eek: Poor girl! I am glad DH is helping her so well! I understand how you feel about your sister getting sick after she chose not to get jabbed, it would be hard to be supportive for me too! My sister is getting married outside in early Oct. and my Dad asked that she not have a receiving line so he wouldn't have to shake hands with people. I thought about that later, and felt he had no right to ask that because he has not done everything he can to stay safe. I haven't said anything to him but if something like that comes up again, I sure will. Good job on the meditation, strength work and riding! I don't meditate and I know I need to.

So a friend and I are heading out of town for a few days this Thursday! I cannot WAIT! We are driving to central Oregon and we are going to get spa treatments, go kayaking and catch up. The air quality isn't great there but it's supposed to be better by the time we arrive. DH and I cancelled our trip to San Diego for the end of September and decided to do a road trip east for a few days instead. We were going to go to another Steampunk convention but it is all indoors and we do not feel very comfortable with that. I have a concert to go to just after getting back from central OR and I was glad that the event center is mandating proof of vaccine or a negative Covid test to attend. And we still have to wear masks inside. I'm OK with that!

So our hospitals are at capacity in some areas and we have been mandated to wear masks indoors again. Our office reopening has been pushed back again to October 18. I hit the roof when this happened because we are going backwards from where we could be if we didn't have so many idiots (yes, that is what I call them and it includes my dad) refusing to take the best precaution we have. I did not realize at all that this could happen and my disappointment in my fellow citizens is pretty deep. Someone I know stated that things will get back to normal once everyone is vaccinated. Well, that is not happening and it's not going to happen. So I have no idea where things will end up and I am tired of the unknown.

But I will say I still love working at home and hope to do it 3 days a week (or more) for the rest of my days until retirement (seven years if I make it that long)! DH is still working at home too and he'll be in the last group to go back to the office because he's in IT. He is also going to get shoulder surgery in Oct. A 2 hour surgery=4 month recovery. o_O But there is no reason to be outside between then and March anyway so it will be fine. :)

Thank you for listening to me rant, I really appreciate it! I hope you all remain safe and healthy and we get back to some kind of normal in the near future. Take care! Tracy
Hi everyone!

Lisa, so glad to see Suki on the mend! I cannot imagine how hard it would be to keep her still! My older one, Boo would be more than thrilled to be lazy, Sully would have to be drugged 24/7. How is your sister? Feeling better I hope. I understand that sympathy would be difficult to find when there is prevention, I am astounded daily.

Tracey, have so much fun with your friend! That sounds like a great trip! I have never been to Arizona, I hear it’s beautiful, do you like the heat? We have 2 weddings in October, I think both outside, weather can be dicey then, so we will see!
Jody, are you still working a lot? I think of you often and hope you are staying safe! I have tried both new ones, I love the bands, good for recovery days.

DH did 3 Olympic triathlons in 8 days, one in Cleveland and one in Chicago, humidity was incredible for both races, DS was home this last weekend, so nice having the house filled with the kids and their friends. I see the new ortho in a few weeks, fingers crossed that he can help, bothering me a lot more lately.
Hope everyone is well!
Stay safe!
Hi there!
I am moving out of resistance and resentment and working on becoming grateful for the opportunity to earn extra during this season of overtime and bonus. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ef it.
Tracy, I listened to Ted Talk podcast by/about "languishing" and starting to find flow. I enjoyed it. I assume it was the same person, Adam Grant, article, you shared and I read a few months ago?
Mary, wow, that is a lot of triathlon for DH. Has he recovered? Sorry about the increased pain with knee. : (
Lisa, how are ya doing? Are you enjoying Oura?
I'm going to keep this short- but I did a remarkably long workout for me. LIC with some subs x 1 hour. I'll be back again this week with more personals.
Hi ladies!
Good to hear from you all!

Jody, you made me laugh with Ef it. Oura is interesting and trying to learn. I did find that Magnesium Glycinate (instead of the mag I was taking ) and glycine improve my HRV by from 50 to 100. Not sure why that’s good though :)

Mary, that is a lot of tri! Suki’s still drugged up and in a cone. Took off the bandage from a big blood blister that formed from who knows what (initial injury, Surgery, hopefully not the plate), anyway we are 9 weeks since break, we are tired of this, hopefully another week blister will be healed? Still bleeding a bit.

Tracy, Our county is mask mandated now. My brother may be moving to AZ, if he does I see a visit! Maybe not for a year or so. I haven’t been hiking in forever, last year the trails were so packed. And still the 14ers are packed, so glad I did it when I did!

So, a friend from out of town came in town and I normally hold a girls get together each year. WEll, this year I held it outside, had rules everyone must be vaxxed which means my BFF was left out. I got fed up with all the my body, my choice that I said, my house, my rules. If BFF hears of it, I feel fine with excluding unvaccinated from my life. She also just had hip replacement and some are going to visit her but I’m not. I drew my boundary and sticking to it.

We did get out for short bike rides with Suki when she was bandaged and it was a little cool (but muggy). Now it’s hot, smoky again and Suki seems frail, so sticking with Peloton. I am feeling like I can’t do what I used to do…..I blame age! My brother is also feeling age complaints, he’s 2 yrs older than me. So I aim to just stay active.
Hi friends!
I did a 13 mile bike ride at park (had to drive bike to location plus bought an annual pass to support our state parks) that I enjoyed and also went for a snorkel in the intracoastal the other day. We saw 3 rare for me unique things- a freaking sea horse (very hard to discern), a big orange cushion starfish, and a completely buried sting ray w/ just the eyes above the sand. We basically walked against the current to mangroves and drifted back. Fun. Oh and two thumbs up for latest Marvel movie!

Lisa, re HRV, right??? I can't explain why higher is better but know mine sucks! LOL. I take mag threonate for brain, but just heard about the mag glycinate and intend to try it. I've spent less money and time on supplements with my weight loss- duh, my BP and health is better without magic pills. Oh except my cholesterol, I might need to do some research on that about cholesterol going up on low carb. I hope you had a nice get together with your vaxed friends! Also hugs to Suki, this has been a long ordeal.

Mary, how is the knee? Yes, we are staying very busy at work. My OH nurse cuz is in a vax mandate position but is very anti vax, anti mask. I'm not sure how that will turn out. Oh, that's right, I don't care either! They are coming to FL- I'm going to pull a Lisa and avoid contact.

Tracy, how was the Oregon trip? Kayak in river or lake? It sounds like a great plan. You must have been to NM a lot if you are thinking about retiring there! What area do you recommend for visit? I'm thinking of getting an inflatable SUP from Amazon or REI (more $$).

Waves to all~~~

PS quick note to self- I don't have time to read the interesting looking fiction books I request from library- yet can spend HOURS doom scrolling through tiktok? ::smacks self in head::
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Hi and waves~~
I did a DM pm today, first genuine workout in a few weeks. Work is still busy but our numbers have dropped quite a bit. The days of pandemic induced overtime demands and bonus money may be starting to dwindle, that said, I did just work 6 days in a row. I'm still considering which SUP to purchase. How are y'all doing?
Hi fit babes! Good to see you all! My trip to central Oregon was awesome! Good food, kayaking on a very calm river, shopping, facials and lots of talking. It was just what both of us needed.

Hi Mary! I'm so sorry your knee is bothering you more. I have been to AZ in early May when it was hot (85-90) but dry and I didn't think it would be beautiful but it was! Also went to Tucson in early March when it was in the 70s. I have to say I love the sun but not the heat! We have a lot of snowbirds from here that run away to AZ in the winter. If I do move there, it would be to the northern part which isn't quite as hot. I'm blown away that DH did 3 triathlons in 8 days--WOW! I wouldn't make it through one, in perfect weather conditions! Glad you got a houseful with DS and friends! Good luck with the outdoor weddings in October--that's a dicey time of year here too.

Jody, you have a wonderful attitude to say Ef it! LOL! I'm jealous of your bike ride--it's been ages for me! DH and I have talked a little about e-bikes because we have alot of hills near us. Don't want too much of a challenge with them! Thank you for sharing your intercoastal adventure, I do live vicariously through you on your journeys! There were SUPs on the river too when I was there. I'd like to try that sometime. I wasn't in NM for long but explored more in AZ. Arches, Bryce Canyon (my favorite), Zion in Utah, slot canyons in AZ. It's been a long time since I did that though! I don't recall the author of the languishing article I sent but I imagine it was probably the same person you heard on the Ted Talk. As for TikTok, I think you just need to relax and enjoy stuff like that. I play solitaire games on my IPad FAR more than I should!

How is Suki doing Lisa? Poor little girl! I have been having lots of fun trying to get Riley healed from an infection that we didn't get the right meds for. We're going on to our 3rd week now and we are finally going to get a culture drawn tomorrow. He's in a cone and has to be drugged because he wants to eat his foot off. The $100 shot to take away his itching didn't work at all. So I feel your pain with Suki! We are sleep deprived from Riley's barking before the drug kicks in. Hoping they find the real problem and it gets a quick fix! Our road trip east has been cancelled because of it. Is there a place on your Peloton for Suki? I understand your boundaries with anti-jabbers! It's the same with me. I'm just lucky that all my friends are vaxxed!

From the latest upsurge, our office isn't opening until November 29 now. WhatEVER! We finally got a new telework policy where we can work at home 3 days a week, hooray! Now I just have to work on a schedule to make sure we have enough coverage for things when we come back. And we are out of space now so we have to figure out some office sharing too. Never a dull moment, I swear! I've just dealt with a summer full of turnover--5 people retired, 2 quit and we got 2 more positions. I have been busy! We also have a vax mandate at work--if you are not vaxxed by Oct. 18 or you don't have an exemption, you will be terminated from your job. Pretty harsh, huh? I get it though. But I'm thrilled that everyone in my division is vaxxed!

Almost to the end of the BB program I am doing. The last week is supposed to be kinda brutal so I am not looking forward to that too much!

So, who's with me on attending Cathe's virtual road trip this year? Anyone? Hello? I guess I am attending alone!

Take care fit babes! Tracy
Hi, quickie to document that I've done a DM pm again and 2 times I've done pm from PUB PLB. Great to see you, Tracy! Virtual road trip is coming up? I recall that you guys had fun last year! Interesting about the vax mandate. I don't fully agree with mandate, but also get it. I'm going to stay productive today, check in again later this week.
Tracy, how did Riley get an infection? We are still having issues with Suki. So the one spot healed but then more “blisters” all on the inside of her leg. NOT where the incision was. And really can’t walk, in obvious pain. So we had an appt with our regular vet for annual stuff (and she needs sedated for it because she’s a Lil B) on Thursday, but Tuesday she hurt so bad so we called the emergency vet (not that he’s been much help with these “blisters”….always claimed from her licking but we watch her pretty close during the day and cone at night. Anyway, they gave us some pain medicine, had the reg vet appt, turns out it’s an infection! And I think it’s been growing since week 4 (we’re on week 12). Reason is she had meloxicam after her surgery and at the 4 week mark is when she started limping (meloxicam had ended 2 weeks prior), that’s when emergency ortho vet said he didn’t know what the “blister” was or why she’s limping, small dogs tend to learn to use 3 legs, uh yea. Then at 8 week, the “blister” was worse, I asked that they aspirate it, instead it broke open when they xrayed her. And summarily dismissed any of our concerns. So reg vet, aspirated it (um, didn’t I ask fo that?) and it is pus, and an infection, we are treating with clavomax (broad spectrum antibiotic) but elected to send out for culture so we can get an antibiotic tartgetd for it. After reading your post, I’m glad I did! That’s the latest, gotta run, oh, yea, Suki has fleas too! WTH! We used to not have any fleas here but it’s been so hot the last few years, the reg vet said they are seeing fleas now. Got a pill to treat it, can’t bathe her with her leg. Do I need to fog the house? Ugh! My son just picked up his dogs, (we’ve been watching them), they bathed them and found a ton of fleas. Now really gotta run, what all should I do about the fleas, ick!
Hi friends,
I pulled off SB IMAX 4 and abs 2 today, I did PP a few days ago. Work has slowed way down and our virus cases have dropped off. I'm still plugging away at school and working at my other goals, so far so good.

Lisa, did you get the flea situation managed? It makes me think of the olden days when we didn't have convenient and effective ways to treat our pets and why they were best left as outside family members. It seems like it has been a very long time for Suki to get better.

Tracy, your trip sounds like it was quite nice. You've visited so many nice national parks, as well. I have a national parks T shirt w/ a checkable list of the parks on the back- I've only got Everglades to check! I wonder what it will take for me to actually initiate a hiking trip out there? And, full disclosure, I have the Tee in 2 colors and wear one most days I'm not working, unless I have on a Life is Good tee. I should cancel my StitchFix- I'm clearly not ready to break out of my jeans and baggy tshirt life. How did the rest of the rotation go? What have you move onto? Oh and Lisa and her dh had or still have E bikes, maybe you can arrange a loaner trial, lol.

Mary, what are you up to these days? Are you getting surgery soon? Who is mowing all the lawns?

Waves to all my fit pals, Jody
Hi all,
Day 6 of the new antibiotics and “blisters” look a bit better. Still yucky though. They think she’ll have to be on them for at least 4 weeks and in the meantime we need to get the plate removed because they think she is rejecting it, hence the infection. So we have that scheduled, still waiting to see if it’s a staged surgery (meaning a couple of surgeries, ie, take a few screws out, let bone fill in, remove the rest a 2nd surgery since her leg bones are so little), or just 1 surgery and what the cost is although they are “going to give us a discount since they are the ones that put the plate in”. That’s scheduled for October 25th.

Jody, I guess the flea problem is resolved,we vacuumed and got flea spray for the areas of the house they are in and Suki has her 6 month flea treatment pills. Also, the cold weather is starting so that should help!

Tracy, we have ebikes, I would buy different ones next time but we may need to use these once in a while, I’m getting tired on all these hills here! I’m sure they’ve advanced a lot since we got ours too. I think the peloton is spoiling me for short rides, I do still like to get outdoors, but sometimes I love me some banging music on the peloton!

I don’t know why I keep my cathe dvds! I’ve migrated over to doing even strength workouts from the peloton app. I really only do core and upper body because my legs/glutes/hamstrings are always tired and sore from cycling!
Hi all~~
I did about half of BC today and CTX UB on Sun. Anyone else on a Cathe kick? I know Lisa is Peleton and Tracy is planning on the upcoming roadtrip. Mary, I hope you are OK, it has been a minute!
OMG!! I wrote a whole bunch and lost the whole thing. I am pretty upset about that! :mad:

I found an icon that lets you save your draft and I'll be using that now!

Yes! The virtual Road Trip is Halloween weekend--just the Friday and Saturday. I'm excited because I never take live classes and we did have fun last year!

Lisa, I have no idea how Riley got his infection. All the vet said was that it was "environmental", whatever that means. I don't even know how to prevent it from happening again. I am SO sorry for everything you have had to deal with for Suki! I am really unhappy with our vet. When I brought Riley in for a culture, we were told he was healing and there wasn't much to get a culture from so we didn't get it. We were also told that "these things take time." Um, since when? Basil has had something like this before and I was never told that. In addition to the anti-biotics, we had anti-itch pills, anti-anxiety pills and eventually a sedative too. None of which worked that well either. The pills are long over with but Riley's paw is still red and he licks it obsessively quite often. We keep it clean and have wrapped it a few times but it's still sticking around. I have 2 appts. set with new vets and it took me weeks to get them. They were recommended by friends. I'm keeping both appts. in case I don't like the first one. I will let you know how it goes. I so hope I am not brushed off.

I hope Suki only has to have one more surgery and her infection is clearing right up. I'm glad your flea problem is resolved! I use flea meds on my dogs because they go to day camp and we live in a rural area. The pills are expensive so I get Frontline at Costco.

Jody, I hope you can plan some trips to national parks! I definitely want to see more. I stopped getting anything more from Stitch Fix, I like their pants but found the quality of their shirts and some sweaters to be pretty poor.

We haven't looked into e-bikes at all, probably because we are in our rainy season now and it lasts a million years, I swear. We used to ride biles before we had doggies but I think our walks with them have taken the place of bike rides. I finished BB's 645 and it had its challenges but wasn't as hard as Cathe. I think most of BB's programs are geared towards intermediate exercisers. So I'm back to Cathe this week and she's killing me dead! Did her new Boss Band workouts Monday and today and Afterburn yesterday. I truly believe my booty is going to fall off while I sleep tonight.

Hi Mary! How are you? How did the outdoor October weddings go? My sister got married outdoors on October 3rd and we were blessed with a beautiful day. Good thing too because it really would have been miserable had it been raining.

Take care fit babes! I will get back here sooner next time!

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