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Hi Jody! Is it just the two of us? (Insert Bill Withers singing). Lol. I have been working out, Cathe and Yvette. Neighbor said it looks like I lost weight, have to find a scale! Just found out FIL tested positive for COVI, had a fall, is in rehab, got the vaccine and now has it. Glad all your family is doing well, even tho they like he who shall not be named! Lol on your mom. It’s all very scary right now. I pray that everything settles down. Next week getting my do done, I’m going gray, I’m tired going every 5 weeks! So proud of you for doing school, it’s incredibly impressive!
How is everyone else? Everyone ok? Not much here, same old, youngest DS got an apprenticeship at a machining place, he’s busy, work all day, school at night. DD is back in school, hybrid, DS is plugging away in Chicago. I start back to work next week, still don’t know when I can get the vaccine. Also, if anyone follows football, cross your fingers for the Browns!
Stay safe! Mary
Hi, I'm here! I have taken a few hikes and a bike ride recently. Today I did my own HIRT/BW work with a KCM in the background. I get my next shot on Mon- I'm a little afraid. I haven't heard of anyone else who reacted as intensely as I did. Essentially if it isn't an anaphylactic reaction, it isn't considered a reaction, just an immune response which is what we are going for.
I'm with Mary in wondering how everyone is doing?
Mary, is FIL doing ok? Happy for your kiddos doing well and DS apprenticeship. Nice compliment from your neighbor!
Work has been very busy. Tons of OT available, but it is hard as heck (too tired) to pick up extra shifts.
Waves to all~~~
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Hi fit babes, I'm here! I too am hoping Ronne is OK. The virus sounds like it's ravaging the U.K.! I am also grateful that the inauguration went well and we can work on mending this divided nation.

Jody, I am glad you are getting used to your brows (I'm sure it would be a shock to me if I had the same experience you did) and that's great you've gotten compliments! Mine are very thin and too light to see so I always use a pencil. When I wear make-up that is! Haven't done that for many months. As for my friend's hair-free pandemic life, she had saved her money to get lasik, then found out she wasn't a candidate so she's doing hair removal instead. I had my bikini area done years ago and it's a lot less painful than waxing! I'm sorry you had such a bad reaction to the vaccine! I am hoping your body got everything out of your system and you will take the second dose in stride. I don't blame you for not wanting OT, school and your regular hours is plenty to have your plate. I LOLed when you said you'll finish school just in time to retire. If I could retire tomorrow, I would. I have yet to see anyone retired from state government who isn't really happy. There is SO much BS we deal with!

Hi Mary! How is your FIL? I'm glad DH got the vaccine and hope you can get it soon! That was a nice compliment from your neighbor! Have you decided to go gray? I got a good dose of that last year with the lockdown and I'm not at all ready to go there! I saw my dad for the first time since October last Saturday (DH and I brought takeout) and it was great to see him. He's doing well, and staying safe. But he shocked the daylights out of me when he said he's not planning to get the vaccine! My normally practical father is listening to his companion and they are worried about the side effects. DH and I tried our best to tell him why he should get it (my mother would have insisted on it if she were alive) and I was upset about it for days but I've let it go now. But not before telling my sister she needs to try to talk some sense into him too!

Not much going on here either. Our restaurants are still shutdown statewide except for takeout. Malls are open but no movie theaters. I envy your movie experience Jody! We watched WW1984 at home and it was nice but not the same. We also liked the first one better. Last week, we had no internet during work for 2 hours on Monday (which increases our stress because we have deadlines we have to meet everyday) then got something like 4 inches of rain in 2 days and had our power knocked out at our house for 15 hours. My Thursday, my energy level was shot! I went to my doctor this week for a regular check up and my thyroid is low again, for the first time in over 2 years. I told the doctor I had experienced low mental energy at times and he said it was my thyroid causing that. I told him I thought it was due to the stress of this past year! That makes more sense to me anyway.

I am still working out and halfway through the Beachbody program that is 9 weeks long. I still like it but I miss Cathe. I hope everyone here stays healthy and is able to get the vaccine soon. The rollout here in WA is going pretty slowly so apparently Starbucks and Microsoft are going to help by providing more vaccine sites. I really hope they do!

Take care fit babes! I will try to get here more often. Tracy
Sorry I'm here, I always forget to come here. I'm always exhausted from all of the Peloton rides(I'm the oldest of the group I ride with, I'm not used to that) and just not overly chatty. Not much going on here either. My future DIL did get a Peloton bike and we rode together this weekend. She wore me out and beat me (a yr ago when she rode my bike I beat her, well guess she's been training pretty hard. My son gets the Peloton tread on Friday, of course I'll have to try it. In about a month we get to figure out the Medicare system for DH! Forgive me for no personals as this granny forgets what she reads right after she's read it
I'm still here fit babes! Not a lot going on, especially during our rainy season, ug! I bring it up every year that I want to head south for the winter when we retire. It will be awhile before that happens so I will just continue to make the statement every year.

Lisa, that is cruel of your riding group to exhaust you so much that you forget to come here! Appears you are turning into a Peloton family! I heard our new president rides a Peloton but I am sure he wouldn't be able to ride with your group. Good luck on figuring out what DH's Medicare plan will be! I didn't know until recently that there's a ton of decisions to make with that.

Jody, how did your second vaccine go? I thought about you that day but couldn't get my booty here to ask.

On week 7 of the 9 week BeachBody program. It's going fast! As for what to do after this, I found a rotation for Cathe that has S&S, Rw/H and the 3 Fit Tower workouts so I'm going to do that. I plan to steer clear of her January rotation, it looked cray cray to me and I am strong and sensible!

Take care fit babes! Tracy
Hi all, a few reasons I haven't been here as much- I don't have many workouts to share. : / and I have a laptop from school so I don't even open my personal laptop as often (to avoid distractions/social media and also responsibilities).

Tracy, your rotation sounds good, I like those series! My second vax was OK. I still had a strong immune response that lasted over a few days, but somewhat milder. That was a relief, I was nervous! I am hoping to get my mom vaxed but the sign up process is backed up.

Lisa, good luck with medicare. You know how much I love all things insurance. Blech! Ride on, sweaxy gran, ride on!

Mary, did you guys have a superbowl party? I grew up in Tampa area, and my dad used to work for the stadiums. I went to one of the Bucs opening games first season as a kid. Bored, hot, crowded, hates football was my takeaway. I did enjoy concerts and soccer there though and I'm happy for the Bucs win.

Love you all~~
Hi fit babes!

I had no idea you could get a laptop from school to do your work Jody, I always thought students had to have their own pooters. Times have changed! I'm glad your symptoms were milder with the second vax too Jody. I have no idea when I will be able to get vaccinated (maybe April?) so I have decided to get the shingles vaccine while I wait. Ins. wouldn't cover it before you were 60 but it changed. Whew! My dad has had it a few times and that's way too much for me.

Am about to start the last week of the Beachbody series 9 Week Control Freak and I have liked it! The workouts are short but compound. Don't know if I am any stronger but we'll see when I go back to Cathe! I did get a good workout on Saturday--shoveling more than 15 inches of snow around my house! The first and hopefully only snow of the season, I'm so over it now! We did find a new use for my stability ball though--DH threw it at some of our taller trees to knock the snow off of them and it worked!

Take care fit babes! Hope you all are safe and well. Tracy
Heeey, I did P30 PP TBexpress today- first DVD in awhile. I am *supposed* to hike tomorrow, so wish me luck. It starts at 0800 and that doesn't usually work for me digestive system wise,

Tracy, yes, I have a loaner laptop from school, it was NIB and I was first user. They've let me keep it since Aug. I just put school stuff on there. Between laptop, tuition reimbursement and steps on clinical ladder (extra 1.50 an hour), it the BS doesn't cost me anything but time. Currently taking a class on leadership- I'm trying to apply the principles to Project Jody Self Improvement. I do think the laptop situation was a pandemic thing- I am glad I have it, too. How did you tolerate shingles shot? I've heard (Lisa?) that it was rough. LOL at DH doing a Ball Toss at Tree. Do you still have a lot of snow? It is warm and sunny here in FL, just sayin'!

Lisa, how is the whole Peloton family doing? I assume you have snow, too?

Waves at Mary, I hope you are doing OK. I'm just going to say it is weird and hard in some ways to be here and I appreciate you all.

Oh, both of my parents got first dose of Moderna on the 15th.
Hi everyone, sorry to have been away, have been working out, working, shoveling. I did get my 2nd vaccine, oooo wheee! My arm felt like a sledgehammer hit it, headache, body aches, for 24 hours, so worth it! My parents just got their 2nd one, so we are on our way to seeing them again. ❤️

Jody, you are back at school? I’m so proud of you! I am absolutely too lazy to do it! Lol!

Tracey, I hear you on the snow! Dang, I just kept digging looking for the driveway!

Lisa, how’s the Peloton? The grand baby? Quilting?

just a quick thank you for being here, life changes so fast, thank you for being a constant in my life.

Mary, back at ya ; ) I am happy you got your vaxes! School wise, I'm going slowly and trying to make it meaningful in some way.

I did RWH LB Circ w/ abs pm x 30 min today and also joined the hike yesterday and did an easy 4.5 mile walk.
Story on Meet up hike it was lead by a retired single guy with background in conservation so the hike primarily attracted only older single nature women and there was this one young guy - probably from a rehab program, and he was super cool and nice. Conservation leader guy (also nice), who has lived here for 2 years, points out and identifies everything and there is the usual weird group dynamics where everyone chimes in with the BS they know and there is very little meaningful exchange, just various people repeating stuff. Anyway, it was a pretty walk in a wetlands area the small group of walkers were nice, so it was all good.
Most interesting to me was that I checked my ketones pre and post walk on my meter. Pre I was 0.1 and post I was 0.7 -which is to say that the slow 2 hour walk kicked me into a surprising level of ketosis if you don't follow keto science stuff. Hmmm!
Hi fit babes! I am with you all on being here and I appreciate you so much! I have felt my posts to be somewhat shallow....

Congrats to you both Mary and Jody for you and your parents getting vaccinated! My dad wants the J&J vaccine which is supposed to reach my state this next week. The first shingles vaccine gave me side effects I did not expect, the kind that Mary got! Except I also had an upset stomach. Guess I know what to expect when I get the Covid vaccine! I don't recall getting side effects from other vaccines in the past but I've had a few more birthdays since. ;)

Jody, I think you and I are the same in that my work laptop has work stuff only and my personal laptop has everything else. That's great you have had it as long as you have. The cost of schooling is too much as it is! And I believe your studies are meaningful. It is education that no one can take from you! How is your self-care going? I already know that I need to be retired for all of the self-care I need to do. So I do the minimal now and hope for the best! I'm glad you enjoyed your hike and appreciate the experience you shared. I did something similar to that eons ago with someone from the Audobon Society (bird watching). It was interesting and informative and I'm glad you enjoyed your hike.

Mary, I think I'm with you on trying to find the driveway! Fortunately, all is melted now and I can see spring is on its way! I hope it is the same for you. I saw my dad for lunch today, and we are planning a nice birthday lunch for him at the end of March. He will be 89 years young and I appreciate every day he is here.

Hi Lisa! Hope to see you here on your Peloton soon!

Jumped into a Cathe rotation this week and oh boy, have I been sore! I hope that stops soon!

Much love to you all! Tracy
Hi all! Hope everyone is well! Not much new here, which is good!

Lisa, your grand baby is so beautiful!! Can’t believe how fast and long the year was!

Tracey, happy birthday to your dad! I’m taking my parents out to lunch tomorrow, first time they have been out, the are excited! So grateful for the vaccine

Jody, fun on your walk! One of my friends made me go to a nature center talk on a Friday night once, (I was being nice, a rarity!). Anyway, we were the youngest people there, kind of boosted my self esteem, however all the elderly gentleman were on the prowl! Needless to say, I never returned. I wasn’t looking to get myself a sugar daddy with a walker! Lol

stay safe everyone, we are on the road!
Hi fit babes! I need t get on FB more often so I can see Lisa's beautiful grand baby!

Thank you Mary! I'm glad you can take your parents out now and feel safe doing it. I'm looking forward to feeling that way myself in the not-to-distant future! I cracked up about your nature center talk you attended a while back. I don't think I would like a sugar daddy in a walker either! For one, hikes wouldn't be much fun.

Not much going on here, Cathe is still kicking my booty with the Fit Tower Advanced rotation. Still have 2 long weeks to go with it unless I just skip one of the weeks altogether. That's a definite possibility!

Stay safe and well and I'm excited to be on the road! Tracy
Hi yall,
Tracy, I will have to check out your rotation, I just so happened to be using those FT DVDs over the past two weeks. Well, not the one that is all legs/glutes (too Barre like) but the BC and TB one.
Mary, sad part is, they aren't necessarily sugar daddy material i.e. walker and also at poverty level, ha ha! Both of my parents are vaxed. My mom only b/c I set her up, etc. She would have only gone willingly (out of spite) if she thought withholding the vax was an evil liberal plot to destroy the other side.
Lisa, that is indeed one cute baby as seen on FB.
I've just done 4 shifts and am off for next 6 days. I have assignments to submit, plans for a Daytona run to see dad, and will work on project Jody (think NY resolutions fleshed out in time for hitting 58 soon).
Hi fit babes! The rotation I did with the FT DVDs is in the guide Cathe put together for the series. And honestly, I thought the last 2 weeks of it were not planned very well and I've never said that about a Cathe rotation before! Each week only incorporated Rw/H or S&S but not both. By week 3, there was too much weight work (my triceps were already killing me days before I was supposed to do Ramped Up Upper Body) and the 4th week had too much cardio, my opinion anyway. So of course I made it my own way and now I am just winging it this week.

I don't know if my dad has been vaxed or not and I haven't asked. Maybe I will this weekend when I see him for is 89th birthday. He wasn't going to get it at all, then got interested in J&J but I've just let the whole thing go. I can't make him get it. I'm sorry about your mom Jody. Raising parents is hard!

Lisa, come say hi!

I had my first day of yard max of 2021 last weekend and it just poured rain this past weekend so I haven't been back out. We had a beautiful spring day today though, sunny all day! Everyone's mood around here picks up when we have days like this.

Jody, I'm turning 58 in June, when is your birthday? Please share your NY resolutions--I didn't make any!

Take care fit babes, and stay safe! Tracy
Hi all!
Lisa, just checking on you, are you in the Boulder area?
Tracey, I just wing it everyday! Whatever I feel up to, have fun with your dad!
Jody, lol on your mom! My parents got theirs, they are still anxious about people, can’t say I blame them!

Not much here, working,working out, I see the grass coming back to life and I’m not to excited about mowing again! DS is coming home next week to get his vaccine, he will stay 3 weeks to get both shots. I’m so excited! Ohio is open to 16 and older, Chicago has no idea when they would get to him.
Stay safe friends,
Hi fit babes! It's been quiet here, I hope everyone is well!

Mary, I like rotations because I will do workouts I wouldn't necessarily pick and it's probably good for me. I winged it today though!

My dad still hasn't gotten a shot but I got my first dose, hooray! I get my second one next week. It will be open to all ages in WA tomorrow. Glad your DS is coming home to get it Mary! I'm going to be able to see friends again soon, very happy about that.

It's the same here Mary, not much going on. Working, working out, spring has sprung a bit, especially the grass. I'm lucky that DH mows. He started the mower today so at least it is working.

Stay safe fit babes! Tracy

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