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Mary, you will be so darn strong after 2 rounds of STS : O !!! You may have a new workout buddy for the foreseeable future then w/ dd around. Hopefully the move is good for son- happy for his continued success! DOH at ETT and no filters! Staff are wearing n95's (mostly ENVO mask) all day long here especially around virus but also in other areas of patient contact.
I did another Live today and played around with the workout manager and On Demand. My Fire TV isn't the best for the services but is certainly acceptable. Winner winner chicken dinner!
Hi, I did FS workout yesterday and probably will today. I've got time off but I'm spending it doing school work, there is so much writing! For this reason, I'm going to add going back to school as part of the 2020 poop show. I'm doing Magic Kingdom on Fri though and a drive by visit to Dad. I hope all of you are doing well. : D

PS, my connection or interface (Fire TV) for On Demand is not working well enough for me to keep that service. It is fine for streaming Cathe's workouts but my Blender workouts don't cross over very easily. Maybe I can fix it?
Hi all! Quick hello! Have to get ready for work, (evening shift), moving DS to Chicago tomorrow.
just thinking about all of you!
stay safe
Hi everyone

Jody - keep up the good work, you'll be glad you've done the classes in the end, I'm sure. Shame that you can't get the On Demand working properly. Hope you manage to find a fix for it because it sounds like you're really enjoying it.

Mary - hope the move went smoothly. Is DS sharing with other people?

Lisa - keep away from the weights! :p

Well, I haven't been around because we've been on holiday!! We had 10 days by the sea in Turkey, gorgeous weather, high 20s every day, beautiful hotel with a pool overlooking the castle and the bay. We did a boat trip and stopped off to swim in the sea along the way. Looked around the town a bit, ate really well and just had a fabulous time. I feel so relaxed even though I've been back at work this week. I really needed a holiday and I just feel so much better for it, much calmer.
Started Meso 2 this week and I'm enjoying it (you're right Mary, I think this is the best, not missing the push-ups).
Wow, Ronne, that sounds like an amazing trip (and well deserved). You are a really great traveler in that you manage to feed your soul and relax. I *think* I love travel but in reality many aspects of it stress me out. Anyway, nice! LOL, now you get to hit it with STS.

Mary, I hope you are surviving the move? Bittersweet, I know you've enjoyed having him at home. You are doing some 3-11?

Lisa, you are getting some grandbaby time in?

Waves to Tracy~~

I did a Live- metabolic UB and plan on a different one tomorrow. I'm still not sure about On Demand due to benefit if I can't include my workout blender stuff. Still working on that situation.
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Hi all! Move is complete, a lot of tears on my side! Lol! He was with me everyday, the others come and go, time I never thought I would have again, it was such a gift.

Lisa, that grand baby of yours is so dang beautiful! Enjoy yourselves!

Jody, I only subscribe to live, I don’t think I’m smart enough to figure out the blender! I only have to do one evening shift a week, a senior instructor took my day shift, grrr! Lol. How’s work for you?

Ronne, your vacation sounds amazing! I’m quite jealous!

Hi Tracey!

Not much here, just adapting to new changes. DD got a long term sub position as a special intervention teacher! fingers crossed it will morph into a full time job!
hope everyone has a good day!
stay safe, mary
Hi all, thought I should pop in! Not too much new here. I've see the grand baby 3x in the last week! One of those we were her 1st ever babysitters! She just turned 7 mths, still nursing so her mom can't leave her too long. Her mom can't really work with covid anyway (she used to do makeup at Ulta) .

Ronne, I had a massage Saturday, bliss! I'm being sensible, it all just adds up over time so a massage every 6 weeks keeps it good. I got a massage gun for my legs and glutes from so much Peloton, love it but can't use it on the neck! Your vacay sounds wonderful! Traveling stresses me out, it's a pain because I'm the one that has to plan it all so it's less of a vacay to me.

Mary, they are growing up! My future DIL should be back in CO 1st of Dec then finish up some of the PA rotations here for her degree.

Jody, I stink at technology too. How's class going? My life is pretty boring but boring is good for me! I'm riding about 100 miles a week! I had some heart palpitations, my brother said sounded like I was over trainging, surprise! Took a recovery week, feel much better. I signed up for strava premium because it tells me where to keep my activity level at for best results (based on HR data).
Hi all! What’s new? Not much here, work, cleaning, was going to mow, but it’s su to rain, darn it!

Jody, how’s school? Did you have any midterms? How’s work? We are starting to get busy, numbers are going up, unfortunately.

Lisa, are you by the fires? Stay safe! How’s that baby? So, so beautiful!

Ronne, what are you up to? DH surprised me, he planned a trip to Vegas, I was so shocked! He’s never done anything like that before,we will be going with friends. I’m excited to sit at a pool with my books and try some amazing restaurants, keeping my distance from everyone!

Hi Tracey!

Stay safe friends!
Mary, yes they are pretty close. About an hour away but then a new fire started about 30 min away and very close to Boulder. Smoke has been absolutely awful, can't even go outside (thank goodness for Peloton!). The winds have been so bad but today they calmed down and it's a bit cooler, even some drizzle. But it's going to take more than drizzle, we need real moisture for days! Enjoy Vegas, when is that? I wish DH would plan outings/trips! Stay safe!
Hi everyone

Mary - how lovely! What a nice surprise. Hope you hvae a lovely time with friends, it's really great to get away. Good news on DD's job as well, hope it works out for her. What are you doing now you've finished STS?

Lisa - that's bad news about the fires. Glad to hear you've been seeing the grandbaby, that must be really nice. All the fun, none of the responsibility! Very sensible taking the recovery week as well, sounds like you needed it.

Jody - hope the shifts aren't too punishing at the moment.

We managed to see some family at the weekend which was lovely - outside and socially distanced of course! We've got three tiers around the country now, we're in tier 1 (the lowest) but most of my friends and family are in tier 2 which makes seeing them almost impossible.

I'm on the last week of Meso 2 and getting ready for a break from it next week. I am losing motivation a bit, to be honest, not sure why. Probably just life in general!
Hi friends,
I have very few workouts to report- a few walks, some Fitsplit and today was Intensity. I'm just not feeling it lately. ::shrug:: I do know that if I didn't have this 25 pound adipose weight my workout would be more manageable.

Ronne, I hope your area stays in the lower virus tier. I imagine it is difficult to see family. I've seen a lot less of my Dad this year. I'm seeing more changes in him from visit to visit. (Increased grumpiness, lol) Enjoy your mid STS break.

Lisa, I wouldn't mind giving you some of our rain, it sounds like you need it there. Go team sweaxy peachy peloton! Good job on self quantification Strava workout management. I'm glad you are feeling better. You are definitely a workout beast but best not to push beyond limits.

Mary, that is really cool dh planned your trip. I'm happy for your ds move success. I guess one 3-11 shift a week wouldn't be that bad but I'm ready for sleep by 9 most evenings, so good luck to you on those shifts. Work/school is same and fine. I prob won't do 2 classes at once-way too much time needed even at my half assed level of commitment.

Tracey, waves~~~ I hope you are doing well.
Hi all! The new workouts came today, I tried the mobility one, it was good. I just felt really tight today, I think it helped. I also joined Yvette’s streaming site, I have enough workouts forever now!

Lisa, how are you doing? Is the smoke bad? I saw you guys are getting some snow, will that help? I think that bike was the best gift ever for you!

Jody, I’m so impressed that you are back in school, it’s so hard to change and you are doing it! Out numbers here are really starting to rise, I was worried about Vegas, just as dangerous here. We have our N-95’s, going to eat only outside and stay away from people! My mom is soooo nervous, I’m not going to tell her what I do for a living!

Ronne, now you are onto Meso 3!!! DD and I are starting after we get back from vacation. I’m all ready dreading the pushups!

Hi Tracey! You ok?

Stay safe friends,
Hi fit babes! I really do think about you all when I'm not here. I'm glad you are all well and safe! I am well and safe too.

Jody, thank you for thinking I would do fine with STS! I did it twice when I first got it but have to admit that I lost that program on E-bay after that. I kind of struggled with it rather than embraced it. I have a hard time sticking with a 90 day workout program. Same thing has happened to me with Beachbody programs that are longer than 2 months. I too do better with familiar workouts and will also plan for them, even the timesaving part that is needed, we are not pre-cheating! I'm glad you like Cathe Live! I downloaded the free leg day she has and I've done another Live class with a friend too. I got a couple of Tracie Long workouts recently and I think I'm just going to pop them in and do them, no previewing. Makes life more exciting these days! I'm sorry On Demand is not working for you, I'm afraid I don't know how to fix it. I haven't seen additional discounts for Cathe Live during the holidays but I haven't looked specifically for it either. Congrats on getting the MS suite with no tech issues!! I think taking the 2 classes with your schedule is really admirable Jody! I don't think it belongs in the 2020 poop pile! I loled when you said you are doing the classes with half-assed commitment. Good for you! I'm the type that would stress myself out with them.

Hi Mary! I forgot to mention last time that I have done parts of P90X and I recall it's a good program except the guy never stops talking! It wore on me a bit. Thank you for asking about my dad! He had a very minor stroke last month that he fully recovered from thankfully! He stayed in the hospital overnight and they ran every possible test and found nothing. So I enjoy every day he is still here. I see him once a month for lunch and we practice safety. In fact, he called Thanksgiving off this year so I am going to see him the day after for lunch. Wow! You do mow a lot my friend! I bet your neighbors really appreciate that! How is DS doing in Chicago? I have my fingers crossed for DD's new long term sub position! That is an awesome surprise hubby did for you! Are you in Vegas now? I think I need to go there. You can do everything outside there year round! Well, maybe it's a little too hot in the summer. I'm jealous you got the new workouts already! I'm really looking forward to the mobility workout. I'm also hoping to sign up for Cathe's virtual road trip! Good luck on starting STS again, knowing you have all those push ups coming!

Ronne, I ended up stopping 10 Rounds after week 5 (it was 6 weeks total) because the right side of my neck was too painful. It was pure boxing, no kicking at all. So we stood partially sideways with one foot in front of the other for all of the punching moves and I moved my back foot a lot but apparently not enough! (I was also on carpet). I've had whiplash injuries in the past and the amount of sitting I do didn't help either. So I'm back to Cathe and plan to do the Perfect 30/X-Train rotation when I get the new workouts. Congratulations on your weight loss!! Like Lisa, I can only lose weight through diet. Your holiday in Turkey sounds absolutely wonderful! I'm glad it really paid off for you mentally. DH and I were going to take a road trip this month but our number keep going up so we decided not to. Like Jody, travel stresses me out. I guess I better get over that if I want to go to Vegas! I don't know if you read what I wrote to Jody above re STS but I can relate to the motivation issues you have felt with it.

Lisa, I loled when you wondered about my comprehensive posts and saying you were disorganized like Jody!! It's not a secret--I take notes when the posts are longer than a page or I scroll a lot! And you are right--I get 'encouragement" from friends who do the Beach Body workouts. I saw your adorable grandbaby in your FB avatar, I am so happy you are seeing her more! I'm glad you listened to your brother and took a recovery week. Heart palpitations would scare me, I'm happy that did the trick for you. Geez! You are getting hit with bad weather and smoke! We had the smoke a month ago and it seems like you've gotten it twice! My friend in California had the smoke really bad when we did too, and now the power is getting shut off there due to high winds. As much as the rain can be depressing here at times, I'm definitely grateful for it. We had the smoke almost 2 full weeks before we finally got some rain. Now I'm done with the rain, hee hee!

DH and I are still working at home, DH will likely be until next June! I will be until at least March. It's hard to believe I haven't been to the office in 7 months! Some people are going in when there is a business need and I've decided I need to go there just to get more dvds! I've been grateful for the Beach Body workouts but I'm missing others that I left at work. I suppose I could sign up for OnDemand but I have notes all over the dvds for what weights to use, etc. I have also looked into a new craft I can do so I don't go stir crazy and found it--quilting! Not the wonderful kind that Lisa does, but from kits that I can handle without too much frustration! I've been enjoying that. My oldest puppy, Basil, turned 10 Sept. 30th and got pneumonia of all things (I'm sure the smoke wasn't good for him) but he's all better now. He does have a bad heart murmur now which is common for his breed. We'll be seeing a cardiologist in November. They can give him medication to slow down any heart disease he may have. It's not cheap of course but I would feel so bad if there is something we can do for him and I didn't explore it.

Take care sweet fit babes! I hope to get back here soon. Tracy
Hi ladies

Tracy - I love your long missives!! Also relieved to read that you do give up on stuff and get bored as well :D That's funny that the only reason you need to go to the office is to collect your DVDs! Another quilter, there must be something in it. Sorry to hear about your neck issues and very sensible of you to quit early before doing damage. It's a shame about your road trip plans but I understand your reluctance.

Mary - Lucky you with the new workouts. Mine are on the way in the post, I'll probably have to go and collect them though to pay tax! Are you starting STS all over again? You're a beast!! Hope Vegas is fab.

Jody - you sound a bit down, my dear. Has visiting the beach/snorkelling finished for the season now? I thought I'd cracked the weight thing but I think it was the holiday! I did a cardio workout the other week and felt my arse jiggling around like it never had before :mad: I feel your pain! How are the DDs doing?

Just got back from a long weekend visiting DD at uni. It was lovely to see her and we had a great time. We went to the coast on Sunday; it was one of those lovely autumnal days with sunshine and blue skies, the horizon went on forever and we did a really nice walk along the beach and then back over the cliffs. She's half an hour from the coast which is the nearest any of us have ever lived. We ate out loads and fed and watered her well ;)
Hi there

My DVDs arrived on Thursday. I did the Yoga with abs which I liked and then tried the High Impact Hiit on Friday. That was really hard - I got about halfway through then needed a break, then another break, then I started doing half of each round and by the end I was watching from the sofa!! I probably won't get to the Pump ones for a while as I'm going into Meso 3 this week.
Friday I did an up and back to Disney MK with about 20K steps around the park.
I did Low Impact Hiit first half and the bonus pyramid Hiit yesterday. I liked both and I only used 1 riser.
Today I did pyramid hiit (again 1 riser) and the lower body pump- mostly used 20's or no weight especially on lunges. Again, I'm a fan!! I mean, I'm ready for Perfect 30 set part 2, please.

LOL at Ronne ending up on the sofa, thanks for the visual. I haven't tried hi impact hiit yet, but it does look hard. I wonder how you are doing with the tiers and shutdowns? Your visit w/ DD at uni sounds like it was really nice. I hope to do a kayak trip w/ my uni DD in Nov. It might have to wait til after classes in Dec.

Tracy, I hope your fur baby is still doing well. I bet the quilting turns out nicely. It is good to have stuff like that you enjoy. I've never been great with needle work, but I wonder if maybe someday I'll learn to sew? I think it would be cool to be able to whip up curtains or seat covers n stuff. Cathe has a virtual road trip?

Mary, ah yes, I scrolled back and see that you are working on the new DVDs. No we never have enough!! I imagine I will crack open the yoga/agility DVD on a day when I'm too wonked to do anything else. Who knows, maybe it will become a mainstay since I'm usually wonked.

Lisa, you are the lean mean Pelo machine still? How is your weather, cooling off enough to tempt you outside?

Waves to all~~
ETA I did the High Hiit today- heavily modified via limited arms and tiny hops instead of air jacks type stuff. I'm not sure what it will take for me to be able to do it full out but it was still effective with my mods.

Also-Mom, if you are of sound enough mind to make fiscal decision to donate $600 to your favorite political party this month, I think you should be able to figure out how to review your own bank account without your daughter's help.

ETA Wed w/o was just the pyramid hiit and a little bit of UB. : )
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Hi all! We are back, had a wonderful time, so nice to have time with DH alone!

Jody, have you tried any of the new ones? I need to do the yoga one and the high impact, loved the low one. How’s school going?

Ronne, I had read the high impact one has lots of burpees, is that true?? I try to avoid those at all costs! When does DD get break? DS is coming back in 2 weeks for the holiday and I’m so excited!

Lisa, how’s that baby?? And your biking??

Tracey, you left your DVD’s at work?? I like to keep them within reach!

Long week in many ways is over, my wish is for hope and healing to return.
Stay safe friends, Mary
Hi fit babes! Good to see you!

Hi Ronne! I heard that you went into full shutdown mode again this past Thursday. How are you doing with that? And thank you for saying I don't talk too much! And I never follow Cathe's rotations as she has them. I usually skip one or 2 workouts every week. This week I skipped P30 high Hiit! I plan to give it a try this week. I use the pause button as many times as I need to and don't apologize for it. I may sit on the sofa with you on this one! I'm already scared of it. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your DD at uni! A half hour's drive to the beach sounds wonderful, I live 2 hours away. I think Jody can enjoy the great outdoors year around.

Hi Jody! I've done both of the Perfect pumps--I really like them! Hoping not to sit on the sofa this week with the high Hiit. I wouldn't say I'm great with needle work, I get by OK. I'm making a pillow now, I'll post a pic when I'm done with it. I've never made curtains or anything with the sewing machine and I had to enlist my sister's help to make a cape and skirt for Halloween a few years back. The quilt kits are easy in comparison. I think anyway! Plus they have instructions on YouTube. And yes! Cathe is hosting a virtual roadtrip Fri and Sat. Nov. 20 and 21! And I registered for it! Here's a link to the info:
If the link doesn't work, you can search "virtual road trip" on Cathe's home page.
Older furry kid is doing well really. He still plays a bit and loves his walks and has a great appetite. I don't even see the cardiologist until the 16th. That date is taking forever to get here because I can see he doesn't always feel well. I'm sorry about your mom! It sounds alot like DH's father. DH goes round and round with him at times so we don't always answer the phone when he calls!

Hi Mary! I'm so glad you had a great time in Vegas!! Were you able to see any shows? I have heard there weren't any taking place now. I would love it if I was wrong about that! When my office shut down in March, I grabbed a bunch of dvds from work then. I always worked out at lunch in my office so they all lived there! I grabbed a bunch more as well as my high step top. Now I don't feel so limited with Cathe's regular monthly rotations! It did feel weird going there and taking the stuff, it almost felt like I was never going to return to work there. That may be because I've embraced working at home to the point that I only want to go back to the office once or twice a week when we do return! Most of my co-workers feel the same way too. And I agree with you that this was a long week and I'm feeling more at peace now.

Hi Lisa! How are you doing? Are you getting any rides outside now? Are you seeing your g-baby regularly now? Have you got a quilt project going now?

Beautiful day here today but cold. 31 degrees this a.m. Dragging out the heavy coat now! Am working on a safe Dec. get together with a friend since we do this every year and want to keep up the tradition! There are restaurants that will have outside dining with heaters through the winter. I'm grateful we live in a climate that allows for that. My friend in Montana got a blizzard yesterday! This coming week will be week 2 of the P30/X-Train rotation, modified of course! I'll let you know how I survive high Hiit! Or if I don't!

Have a great week fit babes! Tracy
Hi ladies! I'm just popping in to say hi. I've read the posts and promptly forgot most of what I read and didn't take notes like Tracy.

I'm still Pelotoning, rode outside last week a lot too, now it's cold and I'm taking it easy this week (riding only 30 min a day vs 60). My body just feels like it needs rest. Seeing the grand baby about every 3 weeks. She's so adorable! Not much really going on here, we're boring.

Mary, glad you had fun in Vegas.
Ronne, sounds like you had a nice vacay too but are you having lock downs now? We went up a level.
Tracy, I really should sell all my dvds, even if I do 2 lb weights and a few bi/tri exercises I feel it in my neck.
Jody, I can empathize with dealing with your mom, I swear my sister is a 61 yr old in an 81 yr old body. She's still having shortness of breath, went to ER, they found nothing, Covid pcr and antibody neg. It's just draining listening to her because she does nothing to help herself (like eat better, lose weight(, I feel like doc's are to a point they can't give her the miracle she wants). I stay at arms length (figuratively) to protect myself, it's hard being an empath
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