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Hi everyone

Lisa - glad to hear you're taking it a bit easier and listening to your body. It's great that you're getting to see your new grandchild so often.

Tracy - relieved to hear that you skip bits of rotations as well. Sometimes when I have a look through the forums it can sound like people are elite athletes on here! I love proper cold, clear weather. We're getting loads of rain at the moment, it's dark, grey and miserable. It's quite mild though but I'd rather have it cold and sunny. Great that you will still get to meet up with your friend.
I've been toying with the idea of signing up for the Road Trip ... times are a little off for me and also not sure what I'd watch it on. I have a desktop I sit at upstairs but I would have to borrow DH's laptop and stick it in the lounge.

Mary - sounds like you had a great time with DH. I'm afraid there are a lot of burpees in the High Impact :( - I don't actually mind those so much. I'm sure you could sub them if you wanted to.

Jody - you've found your new favourite series! I'm looking forward to trying Pump once I've finished STS. I did the Mobility Basics in my lunch break on Thursday - it was nice to do something to break the day up a bit. Hope you get to catch up with DD soon.

So we are back in a lockdown again though not quite as drastic as last time, in that factories, schools, universities etc. are still open. It had to be done as the numbers were rising and hospitals starting to fill up again. We probably should have done this in September when scientists were calling for a two week break then. I think the potential problem is that we come out of this, loosen restrictions a bit and then everyone goes bonkers at Christmas. How are things in your different bits of the country?

I had another go at the new Hiit and did better second time round: one short break, a bit of low impact and I didn't end up on the sofa!
Halfway through Meso 3 and enjoying it. I just love the simplicity of it.
Hi fit babes! Good to be here.

Hi Lisa! Boring is good these days I think, It means you are and your family are healthy and safe. And you are strong and sensible listening to your body! I can relate to your sister issues! My 55 year old sis is all about herself and only calls me when she wants something. Well, she didn't bother to call, she texted me a couple of weeks ago saying she needed to get out of town and didn't want to pay hotel prices so could she come to my house for 5 days? She and her partner were having problems. I was really mad! I waited until I calmed down, then texted her back that I would have to check with DH and wouldn't be avail. during the virtual roadtrip and would she be OK hanging out while DH and I worked? She decided not to come under those circumstances.

Hi Ronne! Thank you again for the Perfect Hiit warning! I psyched myself up to do it and took a lot more breaks than you did! Lots of burpees for sure! I'm supposed to do that workout again this upcoming week but I will be skipping it! I think in our forums it can seem like some are quite a few elite athletes (and there will be a couple on the virtual roadtrip) but most people just do what they can. Having been on 2 roadtrips before, people who attend all vary on their fitness levels. I believe someone from England is attending the roadtrip but I do not know how she is adjusting her time. Cathe is 3 hours ahead of me and the first workout Saturday morning is 7 a.m. my time. I'm NOT looking forward to that, LOL!

The governor of my state just announced today that bars and restaurants will be closed to dining beginning this coming Tuesday through December 14. We can still get takeout. The number of cases we're getting per day now is over 2000 which seems crazy to me! I have stayed safe and so has DH and I figured I would do any Christmas shopping online. I have no desire to go to the mall! I'm glad your lockdown isn't as drastic this time around Ronne! Our new restrictions aren't as bad either.

I will try to post during the roadtrip but if I'm too tired, I'll post afterward. :) Have a great week fit babes!
Hi everyone! Not much here, Friday I’m driving to Chicago to pick up DS for the holiday! So excited to see him!!!

Tracey, you are doing the “road trip”? That sounds so much fun! Lots of workouts over a couple of days. I know Lisa and Jody went to Daytona together. Our numbers here in Ohio are getting to about 8,000/day. They just implemented a curfew from 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, not quite sure how that’s going to help?? Restaurants and bars still open, people are mad about their rights. Just insanity from a medical standpoint.

Ronne, I loved meso 3 too! Simple, straightforward, I even liked the ploy legs! Will DD be coming home soon?

Jody, how are you? How is school? Semester is starting to wrap up! My nursing clinical has gone “virtual”, computer patients, should be interesting!

Lisa, how are you? You can still bike outside? So cold and windy here, I watch the bikers riding into the wind and I feel so bad for them! And that baby! Goodness, so cute!

Everyone stay safe!
Hello, everyone! Training lately is becoming more difficult for me, I can not always find the strength and time to train. Now I work at home for 8 hours, I rarely go for walks, but I try to go to the gym twice a week. I have strength exercises, cardio, stretching, but I feel that I am not getting better. Maybe it is because most of the time I sit in one place. Any advice for me? Thank you!
Hi Fit Babes!

DGaves, I have been working at home 8 hours a day M-F since March. But I take my lunch hour every day and workout at home to dvds. It helps break up the day, I'm more productive in the afternoon and it does wonders for me mentally. Maybe you can try that?

Ronne and I both went on Cathe's virtual road trip! I was really happy to see one of our buddies on this forum there! Friday's workout was at 10:00 p.m. for Ronne so that was a quite a challenge but Saturday's workouts were at a better time for Ronne. If you get Cathe's newsletter, both Ronne and I are in the Zoom photo Cathe posted. I had a great time! All of the classes were 60 minutes each so we got our money's worth! And they were tough! We did quite a bit of weight work that is not usually done on the road trips. The road trips are usually more cardio focused. And Mary, I was on the road trip Lisa and Jody went to but I didn't know them then. I wish I did!

We were able to follow Cathe just fine, there were hardly any computer glitches. Q&A was pretty lively because we were somewhat of a captive audience. The road trippers were supportive of one another, helping people with tech issues and what was needed for the next workout equipment-wise. Ronne and I were able to chat privately over Zoom so that was great! We gave feedback to Cathe and her assistant Jenn at the last chat and we were in agreement that Cathe should do this again. The majority of the attendees were first time road trippers because they just can't physically get to the road trips. I would definitely do it again! I was in the comfort of my own home and didn't have to worry about anything. Basil, Riley and DH also made an appearance at the last chat. Cathe wanted to see all of our furry kids!

I was pretty wiped out on Sunday and it's been a bit busy since. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and Bank Holiday for Ronne! How long is DS staying with you Mary? I'm surprised you got a curfew! We don't have that but our numbers keep coming. Thanksgiving was with my Brother and SIL and DH, that's it. BIL has a possible exposure to Covid so he wore his mask and stayed away from us. My nephew in Alaska has been exposed and a friend in Montana got it. C'mon vaccine!

Mary, I so agree with you that people getting mad about their rights is insane! Dr. Fauci said that people who refuse to wear a mask live in a small world. I think that is a really good way to put it.

Take care fit babes! I hope you all stay healthy and enjoy the holiday season as you can. Going to start Cathe's November rotation on Monday, with modifications of course!

Hi everyone! Is everyone ok? Just Tracey and I?
Tracey, I’m so glad you had fun! You have all met live and in person! I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting Jody, someday I’m going to make it to Colorado and get across the ocean.
We got DS back to Chicago, he’ll be back in a couple weeks, we are making one of the bedrooms an office for him and DD, since right now they are both working from home. Ton of snow this week, lots of shoveling.
I hope everyone is good and safe.
Hi all! I've been MIA! Just Peloton and quilts, that's my life! That Peloton wears me out! I think I must have been a wimp on the Cathe cardio!

Tracy, that zoom road trip sounds cool!

Mary, it's been cold here, snow still on the ground from over a week ago, that's not normal here. We did get Suki out for a little ride through our town. We ride away from the house, then she walks back on the sidewalk paths home.

Hope all had a nice and safe Thanksgiving. We got BBQ takeout (they do a special turkey) and had it at my son's house. Christmas we will do the same except the BBQ place does hams and we'll have it at the other son's house. We missed having my sons fiancé, she will finally be coming home from PA school end of the week! The granddaughter is standing already at not even 9 mths old! She starting to get more fun!
HI friends! It is so good to see your updates. I will be back later with a workout (swears to self). In the meantime, the road trip sounds like it was awesome! I am so happy it worked out so well!! Mary, that is crazy about people being so resistant to safety. I will admit, I had been a fan of Mercola, but I'm now questioning any of my choices that have been based on his information. Lisa, your little GB sounds adorable!
My two classes are done (thank you for your help, Mary!) I put way more into it than I needed, but I have a hard time scaling down. Moving forward, I will just do one class at a time.
That's it for now, I hope I can get my workout and food groove going soon.
Hi everyone

Can't believe how long it's been since I've been on here - not that there's loads to report ;)

Jody - well done for finishing your classes! Will you be qualified to do more/different stuff now? (My knowledge of the medical profession is zero!)

Lisa - wow, standing at 9 months! It's great that you're getting to spend some time with family.

Mary - I wish we had some snow here! DH was just saying that the other day, we haven't had proper snow for two years. How long will DD and DS be with you for?

Tracy - it was so lovely to get to chat to you at the road trip and it made it much more fun having a friend there. I really enjoyed it, just wished I could have stayed around for the socials a bit longer.

So I finished Meso 3 and am feeling good. I lost a few lbs over the past month or so, so I'm closer to my normal size and feeling much better for it. This week has been active rest, so just one light cardio session and I've started a 14 day yoga rotation; it's only short sessions so I may add in things next week if I feel like it.
DD comes back on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to having her at home again. It looks like Christmas will be fairly normal in terms of family for us as my parents are coming to stay as usual (which is allowed). We're going to try and meet up with friends by going for walks (we can't meet indoors at all at the moment).
I will definitely be getting vaccinated when they eventually get around to me!!
I’m so happy to see everyone is well! My mind goes bad places! Must be my flaw!

Jody, so glad school is done! I know I wasn’t much assistance! People make me crazy! Since we are in the city, people are much more willing to wear masks, in the more rural areas, there is much more resistance. i think right from the beginning they should have told people that the mask protects themselves, not others. People would be more willing then. Ok, done with my rant.

Ronne, DD is coming home!!! I bet you are so excited! I will send you our snow? It’s been the most we’ve had in a couple years. I read vaccines are starting by you next week? I think we start in late December, early January. Because DH is in the fire department, they are one of the first ones and their families. I’ll let him go first! Lol!

Lisa, we did takeout for thanksgiving too. So much easier, just the 5 of us, we did visit my parents, in the driveway. Not the same, next year will be epic!

Tracey, hope All is well with you!

stay safe!
Hi all~~ I've pretty much stayed in the weeds but today I actually did a walk and yesterday I did some Hiit and body weight work. It was pretty weather for the walk.

Ronne, I bet you are enjoying DD. I'm not sure if my younger one will come home or not? How is Yoga week going? Congrats on finishing STS! Regarding school, I can explain better later, but really no change in my job duties but employer is paying for my classes plus I used the education "points" to go up clinical ladder (which means increase in pay as long as I maintain). So it really only costs me time and energy- but an F ton of both as it turned out.

Mary, are you doing workouts w/ your DD these days? Are you raking leaves, shoveling snow or mowing lawns? : D

Lisa, maybe the Peloton drives you harder than Cathe? You seem to benefit from the group motivation and encouragement. I'm happy you have your quilting, it seems like it would be beneficial in many ways plus you have your lovely quilts! What are you reading these days?

Tracy, it sounds like the Road Trip was a complete blast! I'm really impressed! Ha ha, I just had am image of myself participating in Zoom, but I'd be sitting on my step with a cup of coffee while everyone else was busting a move.

Stay safe, y'all~~~
Ladies, I'm popping in to say hi! These Peloton people are keeping me so busy! I'm in a challenge now, I'm doing 75 min yoga a couple of times a week for the challenge and I think I'm going to incorporate it regularly now. I even did a 20 min one today after my ride on top of the challenge. I'm exhausted, we're doing close to 11 hrs a week of some type of class. Sorry I don't have time for personals, sounds like all are doing well! Have a good holiday season!

Oh and yes Jody, Peloton. And this group of people on FB is pushing me like never before.
Hi, I did PH today. I'm trying to sweat off my new brows. I had a soft ombre brow done which basically means I shaved my brows and now have two big tattoos over my eyes. It's not quite that bad but also, sort of is. Waves to all. J.
Hi all!

Jody! Lol! My brows are starting to turn gray, . Did you get micro blading done?

Lisa, enjoy that baby this holiday! One year anniversary of your Pelaton!

Ronne, are you back on lockdown? Please stay safe.

Tracey, will you get to see your dad?

Kids are home, I love it! Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy what we can.
Hi fit babes! So good to see you all here and that you are safe!

Hi Mary! Is the office ready for your kids yet? I'm glad your family is together for Christmas! I'm sorry you got all of that snow! But I don't want any please so feel free to send it all to Ronne. I won't be seeing my dad for Christmas this year, we are staying safe and apart. We have agreed to do that so we can see each other when it's better. We plan to see in-laws for a bit on Christmas but won't be visiting long.

Oh! Before I forget! Wonder Woman 1984 is being released Christmas day! We don't have any theaters open in WA so it is going to be streamed for free on HBO Max. Woohoo!

Hi Lisa! Peloton and quilting seems like a great life to me, especially when you add a little grandbaby in too! That's great you have a FB group that challenges you! I don't think I would be very good at that though, I'm so used to competing against myself. And yes, Christmas is your one year anniversary with your Peloton! Time sure flies.

Jody, congratulations on completing those 2 classes! That was a lot to take on on top of your already busy life! I don't think I have it in me to do it, my job already drains me at times. So does DH and doggies, lol! Are both DDs coming home for the holidays? I hope so! Did you get your brows sweated off? For some reason, that reminded me I chatted with a friend recently who is getting hair removed from everywhere and she told me she is living her best hair free pandemic life. That just cracked me up!

Hi Ronne! Being on the road trip with you made my experience that much better, thank you for doing it! I'm happy you get to spend Christmas with your family! How long will DD get to be home? Congratulations on finishing STS and dropping a few pounds! That's not easy to do during a pandemic when our stress is worse than usual! Oh! Jenn posted a video on the road trip FB page. It's a 3 minute compilation of the road trip. I saw you a couple of times and I am barely on there (but that's OK!) And I am so with you on the vaccine--give it to me please!

I started a new Beach Body program this week called 9 Week Control Freak. The workouts are around 30 minutes or less but you are working hard the entire time. The first 12 minutes consists of 5 exercises you repeat as many times as you can. Then you do 2 exercises for 2 upper body areas, then tabata for 4 minutes. I really like it and I've only done 2 workouts so far. And being short in duration it gives me extra time for stretching, hooray!

I hope you all have a safe and fun holiday fit babes and I will see you again soon! Tracy
Hi all ~~
Regarding my brows- no not microblading, she said that wouldn't last with my skin type. Literally she marked and measured my brows, razor most of them, then tattoo. I overthink everything, why not this? I think the result is nice, but not what I had in mind. And also will be on my face for the next 3 years.

Tracy- DD and I splurged on WW1984 and went to the lux theater with food service at your seat. I had wine and popcorn! I enjoyed movie but I think I liked the first one more. Your BB program sounds great!

Everyone- I hope you are enjoying some family time and staying safe and well. It seems like everyone is keeping up with working out? I'm having to start over because I've been so sporadic and lacking.

I did get the Moderna vax first dose and had a pretty severe reaction- probably b/c I had history of infection (possibly twice since my antibodies were IgG positive for several months, then negative in Sept, then in November I had positive IgM and IgG.) By reaction I mean fever 101, severe headache and fatigue for a solid 36 hours. I pretty much slept/couldn't move for 36 hours but I am feeling pretty normal today- about 72 hours later after initial shot. I don't think that is most people's experience though.

Have a good week and hopefully happy NY!
Hi everyone! Hope your holidays were joyful. Have been working out, enjoying the kids, now back to regular life.

Jody, DH got his vaccine also, he didn’t have those symptoms, just complained of a sledgehammer hitting his arm. when do you take the second one? I have no idea of when I’m able.

Lisa, that baby is so beautiful! So much fun to have little ones around! Did I mention we got a puppy? Sully, terrier/dachshund mix, so cute, Boo adjusted pretty well. He hides everything tho, never the same place, missing lots of socks.

Ronne, you are in lockdown? Please stay safe. Is DD still at home with you?

Tracey, how are you?? Your dad?

Not much else here, have to get rid of Christmas, big plans!
Stay safe! Mary
Hi all! I've done a bike ride and a hike this year, that is about it. I can't believe what is going on in our country- weird/bad. 2021, I expected more from you!

Mary, happy times with family over Xmas, then? Sully and Boo sound like a cute couple. My second vax dose is on the 25th. I will plan on being sidelined for a few days. I'm glad DH is on program for dosing.

Tracy, I am getting used to brows and have gotten a lot of compliments, so I feel like it is a better look than my "man brows". Re your friend's best hair free pandemic experience- that must include total bikini area? Yikes! I think most people went the other way and let everything grow out.

Lisa, are you keeping up with the yoga? My DD tried to get me to do a quick session with her after work one night (actually vax day) and I wasn't having it at all. She's back home and did a virus test after being with us in S. Fl.

Ronne, how is your world looking these days? Are you guys in a queue for a vax? I hope you all are doing well.

Hugs and waves~~
Hi everyone,
I did some bodyweight workout today and used some end of shift free time yesterday to do 26 flights of stairs. I got my hair colored and cut - first time in a year. I ended up more blonde than I wanted. I have a screen shot of our Cathe from FB last Oct as an example of color and cut, but color missed the mark. Oh well. I have one class this semester- at this rate I should complete my BS around retirement age. And finally, all of my Trump adoring Ohio kin have had virus but are doing OK now. Also, my mom made $600 worth of donations toward "Defending our Freedom" if you are looking for someone to thank for last Wed, I think you can include her.
So, how are y'all doing?
Also, I thought this was interesting and may help me improve my fitness. It is from Primal Fitness/Mark Sisson -->Hiit vs Hirt

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