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Hi all, not much new here just dropping by. My son's dog had pneumonia, turns out it's because she has maxoesophagus, now she has to eat and drink only in a high chair like position (I'll post pic) otherwise she aspirated in her food and drink and that's what caused the pneumonia. So we are all a bit sad at that, just hope she gets rid of the pneumonia.

Jody, can't wait to hear about Disney, surely there can't be that many people going, I guess as ki g as you can stand wearing a mask.

Ronne, I'll post pic of signs at the trailheads regarding masks. It finally got cooler here and less smoke, can actually see the sky and best of all no air quality alerts, we had them for 3 weeks straight.

Hi Mary, sounds like just normal boring life? I like that!


This is the position Olive has to be in for eating and drinking. If this works, then maybe we'll make a nicer contraption, they are called Bailey chair for dogs. She has to stay upright afterwards too for a few minutes. Also trying a thickener for her water so she can't aspirate it. It's called thick-it, used in nursing homes. Poor baby just turned 2 when this started! 20200829_134355.jpg


Hi everyone

Lisa - Oh poor dog!! That's like a little doggy prison ... hope she gets better soon. Glad the smoke has died down. I guess this is the best time of year for getting out now, is it Lisa?

Jody - great news about DD. Hope they can find a cause. Have a great time at Disney.

Had a long weekend off from work and finally went to see my parents. I hadn't seen them since Christmas! It was really nice to see them and we all had a good time. We did manage to get out to a park one day although the weather was awful. Coldest bank holiday for 50 years!
Back to work today. It's going to be a busy week.


Hi all!
lisa, poor Olive! That thickener is awful! Funny when people have it in their coffee, looks like sludge! Good job on the bike!
ronne, so glad you got to hang with your parents. Has DD gone back to school?
jody, enjoy Disney! Jealous!
tracey, what you doing?
finishing up meso 2 this week, did not mi all the push ups from 1! Not much else here, work, etc.
stay safe friends, Mary


Hello, friends!
Lisa, I hope the rig works for Olive and it becomes easy to use. I'm sorry for her and also it seems like a huge PIA. Disney was really nice. They have limited park capacity and reservations are required for annual passholders and there is no park hopping or fast passes. But all the lines were manageable and were rather pleasant. The only area we didn't do was Galaxy's Edge at HS. Masks were worn by all. The weather was hot and we did have some showers. I hope to go back a few more times this year, but maybe one day at a time.

Mary, I couldn't imagine doing STS- Kudos! To Ronne as well if you have started it? I think the weight training is important. My version is PHA TS premixes. : / I'm off today and tomorrow so workout plan is a PHA and some Tabata or Hiit. I just don't feel like doing it though if I'm to be quite honest. Ronne I'm so glad you got to see the parents. Wow, that had been a long time between visits. Crazy how this year has gone. Tracy I hope you are well!

I started school again for BS in cardiopulmonary science. I had signed up for 3 classes but I'm definitely dropping one. It will take forever at this rate but oh well. All the APA format and writing- ugh. I'm already changing my mind.

ETA my workout today PHA. I'll admit it was the accountability here that helped me get it done. Ronne, sorry to hear about your little bit of wt gain. For me, the extra 25 pounds beyond ideal body wt makes it harder to stay on top of my workouts. I have a feeling you will kick your pounds to the curb pretty quickly.
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Hi all, I did a puny version of CF. I like the music in that one. I'm working the next 4 days. I've dropped one class so I'm down to 2 but seriously considering just taking one to start! Many of my concerns are technology related. I have to use APA format for everything including discussions. I used to have all the tricks and websites so I would be able to copy and paste citations, You have to use a special browser and vid cam for tests. MS office should be free and I think I've DL it at least 3 times in order to access as such but so far I just keep installing it and getting same error that it is about to expire.


Imax 4 done, I've been slacking quite a bit on workouts. So good I got one in. I need to do mom duty plus school work and stuff for clinical ladder at work. How are yall?


Hey there

Jody - you're keeping us going single-handedly!! Glad to hear Disney was fun and it sounds like they had it all really well organised. It's good we're keeping you accountable!! I've started STS and I'm really glad I have, I'm really enjoying it and finding a little bit easier than first time around (only a little ;)) I'm impressed with you taking extra classes (even just one). It's really hard to study when you work as well, so you should be proud of yourself. The technical stuff is a pain in the arse; hope you get it sorted out.

DD went back to uni at the weekend. Everything went really smoothly and her new place is a vast improvement on last year. She's really near the centre and the uni buildings, she's in a flat with two other people and they've all got their own bathrooms!! She's already making it cosy and has bought plants. She's got into crafts over the summer; she's bleached her old bedsheets and turned them into curtains!
We stayed over there at the weekend and treated ourselves to a nice B&B as an early wedding anniversary present.
Another busy week at work but I've kept up the STS. I've almost finished week 3. I'm really liking it second time around; it just gets the job done and you know if you keep at it, you will improve.


Hi all! We are starting week 2 of meso 3, now DD is joiNing us, says she can see a difference, I am getting stronger in my shouleers.

Lisa, did you get snow? So crazy, it’s still summer!
Tracey, are you in Oregon? If you are, hope you are safe and not near the fires. Keeping you in my prayers.
Jody, we went to Cedar Point this past weekend, lines were crazy, kids went on one coaster in 6 hours, then we left. Rides took a long time with only every other seat and disinfecting between riders. I’m sure Disney is much more organized.
How’s work?
Ronne, so glad to hear about DD! How great to have her own space, I’m sure she loves it.

Not much here, mowed 4 lawns today, legs are tired! Hope everyone is safe. I keep you all in my thoughts.


Hi all! Yes, snow here! 101 on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mid 90s, then a drop of 60 degrees to mid 30s! I'm cold! Did not have time to acclimate! DS dog, Olive, has finally cleared the pneumonia (that's what dogs of megaesophagus die of normally) so that's good. It's quite a chore feeding her, hopefully they all acclimate. It was so sad, I had to keep the water bowl up on the counter so Olive wouldn't try to drink it (she aspirates it) and the other dogs were like where's the water? My son 'feeds' her a mushed up dry kibble with water and then adds more water with gelatin, feeds her with a spoon and she flicks that stuff everywhere with her tongue. Again, hope they acclimate to this new way of life.

Ronne, I bet that was nice seeing your parents! And getting DD settled in uni, ah, some normalcy! Wow in starting STS and it being a but easier! I have quad muscles I've never had before from so much pelotoning!
Jody, kudos to adding in a class along with your crazy work schedule!

Mary, I bet that's fun doing sts with the family. No one's as addicted to the Peloton in the family like I am. I know it's the riding with a standard group of people everyday that makes the experience fun! Did everyone see that Peloton lowered the price of the bike and introduced a more expensive one? So my bike is now basically almost $400 less.

Ronne, I take a lot of classes with the British instructors, I'm feeling quite like the Brit some days! It's fun with the difference in sayings!


HI, great to see you all! I did a short SnS BC pm today, a PHA TS yesterday and tried to beach it but there was shore break and it was very silty so we walked across the street and hit the intracoastal for a different kind of explore along the mangroves. It was fun. I got caught up on classes but they will be dropping more assignments soon. I'm at work the next 4 days. There is a conference AAP (Am Academy of Pediatrics) that will be virtual this year, I'd kinda like to take it. I'd never attend such a thing in real life but it would dove tail nicely with my new area NICU. Maybe...
So thrilled you guys are pumped on STS! Woop woop! I'm just gonna keep treading the fitness water for now but I'm not out. Lisa I can see you are looking very Quad fit, too. Again, you have really found your groove and you really thrive on the social aspect. OK, hugs to all, I gotta call it a night. I'll be back with more personals later. Hugs and smiles, J


Hi fit babes! So good to see you here!

Mary, that is awesome DS is doing STS with you, and now DD has joined you! I could not do STS now, I don't think I have it in me. I'm not in Oregon where the worst of the fires are, I'm north of there in Washington. Our smoke is pretty awful from the all the fires on the west coast. We had a fire 16 miles south of where I live and that's close enough! Thank you for the prayers, I appreciate it! I'm sorry Cedar Point was so crazy and apparently not Disney-like at all!

Hi Lisa! You had smoke in August, now we have it in Sept. Poor little Olive! I hope she is getting better! I imagine everyone will acclimate to her new way of eating and drinking. It will just take a little time. I have the water bowl for our dogs on a short platform because it caused Basil problems having it on the floor. It sounds a little like what Olive has had! DH told me about your temp changes and snow--OMG!! I would not expect you to acclimate to that, no one can that quickly! Prices always go down on products after awhile. But you wouldn't have had this much fun with new friends and biking this way if you didn't get it when you did! I wonder if Beach body will have some British instructors sometime....

Ronne, I'm so glad DH has made a full recovery, that's wonderful news! Most of our restaurants are COVID safe, pretty consistently. But we have to wear masks indoors and out. I'm glad you got to see your parents! I didn't know you hadn't seen them since Christmas, that is a really long time! I'm glad you are really liking STS! It's quite an accomplishment getting that one done! I was really happy to read that your DD is back at Uni and has a great place to live. Pretty cool about her new curtains! I love crafting but haven't done much of that in a while.

Hi Jody! I'm glad DD is on meds for BP and she is better. And yep! I'll be working at home through the first part of January 2021. I'm glad Disney was good!! I would love to be in the Happiest Place on Earth right now, with restrictions and all! Awesome job taking on classes during this crazy time! I know you will do really well in them! I got a free version of MS Suite a few years ago and it never downloaded correctly. I really need the discs to get it correctly but I don't even think they make those things anymore, do they? Glad this group helped motivate you to workout! A friend of mine loves Cathe Live, it's basically a new workout every single day. That's how Beach Body has been for me too. You do so well with IMAX 4, I do the extended chair stretch from that alot more than the workout!

I didn't go back to Cathe after mbfa, my friend talked me into doing 10 Rounds next. I wasn't too excited about it but gave it a try. I like it more than I thought I would! And I found out you can do enough punches and jabs with no weight to make your arms sore! 1 week down, 5 to go. And the weeks go by really fast.

Take care fit babes, stay safe and healthy!! Hugs to you all. Tracy


Hi Tracy, I love your comprehensive posts, they always help me remember details from our group that I was interested in but didn't comment on previously. I'm like, OH yeah that happened and that was good, and ouch too bad about that! I suspect you would do fine with STS, you are so consistent. Maybe you would not meet your own expectations though? I haven't thrown any fitness money away lately, maybe I will sign up for the Live and see how I do. Sometimes I am better with familiar rather than new, but then I also plan out in my head how to pre cheat!

Mary, sorry to hear about disappointing Cedar Point trip. To be fair, Disney has limited admission which keeps the crowds low. We are hitting Magic Kingdom in Oct on one of the only available weekend days we can get it. I meant to mention that Disney hotel (we splurged on Swan- walking distance to 2 parks) had staggered line spacing to wait for access to the elevators, There were new partitions up throughout the ride lines, they really did a great job of safety, imo, even though none of that was really important to me. You guys must be through another week of STS by now? Well done to all of you. Ha ha, STS bonding = pandemic silver lining. Are you still mowing? do you do the entire street?? : O

Ronne, I'm happy for DD at Uni. I hope she has a good year in all this crazyness. I got a text/pic from my Uni dd at 2 AM- a pic of her and some friends. Just a pic, that is all. It was reassuring to think of her smiling and happy and connected, but also, why you send this now?

Lisa, I see all your rides on Strava (or not? do you leave some off? ) I like to track all my outdoor stuff on there and follow (ok, stalk) locals for ideas and inspiration on places to hike. I'm getting a waterproof buoy thingy for visibility and to put my phone inside so maybe I'll have some swim posts. I'm off today and caught up on classes.

Speaking of classes, I'm back with Professor Hence Why (smack my face) but I'm off to a good start in both classes. I was also able to submit my Clinical Ladder application thingy at work (1.50/hour extra if I keep it going but I have to re apply each year and can go higher), it was kinda PIA but now that I have taken first step, not bad. I worked 4 in a row last weekend and it didn't suck, so that was cool and off today, then on Wed and Thurs. Maybe I will workout? Waves and hugs to all, stay safe and non smokey. : D.

Edit to add I signed up for Cathe Live and on demand and did a Live workout step BC. I really enjoyed it and Cathe looks so wonderful.
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Hi all! We have 5 more STS workouts, this is our heaviest week, thankfully only 6 reps!

Jody, im so impressed with you going back to school, school, work, daughters, working out, home, family, very impressive! Jealous you have the determination!

Tracey, thank goodness you are in Washington! We have started to get the smoke here in Ohio, very hazy. Amazing that it has traveled so far. How’s your dad?

Lisa, you are impressive with your biking! I’m so glad you found something you love! How’s the quilting?

Ronne, how are you? Work still busy?

not much here, we move DS in 2 weeks, the past7 months has flown by and been the slowest of our life! Funny about the mowing, I do the two houses on either side of us, just walking back and forth, and the lady across the street. I get my steps in!
stay safe my friends, Mary


Hello everyone

Mary - congrats on STS. Are you enjoying it? Remind me where DS is going?

Jody - So cool you signed up for Cathe Live. I always think it looks fun - now you've got hundreds more classes to procrastinate over! That's so funny about DD's pic at 2am - I know what you mean. It's like 'great that you're happy but I don't need to know everything ...' Glad you're enjoying your study classes as well (despite Prof HW ;)) Disney sounds like it's really well organised. Enjoy your time off.

Tracy - I guess 10 rounds is a boxing-based workout. I love kickboxing so sounds like it would be right up my street. I usually get DOMS after most KB workouts particularly in shoulders. Hope you enjoy it. That must be horrible seeing the smoke from all those fires. It's so sad.

Lisa - I can't believe you've had snow again! Hope the temps have risen again for you. Are you still biking outside or are you done for the year?

We're having a mini heatwave at the moment, but not too hot, just lots of nice sunshine. I've just finished Meso 1 so looking forward to have a week or so off. My body definitely needs it. I think it's making a difference to the weight gain though so that's a relief! I've also enjoyed putting Stretch Max in there a couple of times, it's really thorough.


Lol at comment of Tracy's comprehensive posts.... I always wonder how she does it...sounds like I'm almost as disorganized as Jody, lol. Smoke was gone for a bit, got warm, then cool front blew in and so did the smoke, we did get a little outdoor bike ride in this morning (after I did spinning for 30 min) how I do all of it is beyond me, I come out of spinning looking like a drowned rat! These girls are pushing me!

Tracy, sounds like you get 'encouragement' from friends too!

Mary, no one should mow that much! It is crazy seeing the smoke getting all the way to the east, pretty soon Ronne will have our smoke!

Jody, Disney sounds like they have a great plan, but of course, it's Disney! Funny about DD, my kids don't think about the time they are texting me either even though they know their texts don't get automatically blocked at night like all the others.

Ronne, well done in weight loss, I only manage through diet and this one is easy for me to do, finally found something that fits my groove. I can't really do punches without my neck flaring (finally tuned into my body in what triggers, but I keep learning more), for example triceps extensions today with 2 lb weights, I can do that, um, later my neck hurts I explain what I did to DH then light bulb moment.... From now on sub skull crushers or kickbacks, no overhead movements or out from the body movements. Guess I'm not as invisible as I feel! Lol!

Tomorrow Peloton came out with a bike and boot camp class, I must remember my modifications needed for neck and be glad I'm doing something!

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