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Hi fit babes! It is so good to see you. I've been keeping busy and time is flying. I don't know if that is good or bad!

Mary, I'm glad your kids have had graduation ceremonies in this strange time! I'm sorry you missed the drive by one though! Dad is moved and happy at his new place. I hope to see him on the 27th. His county is still in lockdown but we can get take out from restaurants. I'm glad your kids have future plans in place. It definitely helps to keep moving forward right now.

Jody, I LOLed about being able to spell respiratory before graduating. Thank you for showing me! How much more time would it take you to get the B.S.? Fit Split went well but there's some hard work in them! I love the 4DS series too but they run long so I don't usually do them during a workday. I am so sorry you are up to armpits on the virus! Prayers for your health and immunity Jody!!! I cancelled future fixes from Stitch Fix but I look at the Shop part of the app and have bought a few things. I don't have a uniform so to speak for work as you do so I understand your penchant for Life is Good shirts!

Hi Lisa! Ain't it great to enjoy the grandchild and not do the work? I get to see pics of the grand nieces and nephews now but I miss holding them so much! I am nor surprised the bbq was exhausting. DH and I ventured out of town for the first time last Saturday and met for lunch with another couple. I was exhausted when we got home. Being safe at the restaurant and driving in downpour rain probably had something to do with that. I imagine some new summer pjs are needed, huh? Sounds like there are some good sales right now!

Hi Ronne! I am SO glad DH is fully recovered!! I was worried as I read through the posts! And I'm happy your ankle is getting better! I can really relate to being tied to your computer all day right now and walking away from it after 8 hours! I am living that kind of workday too. I think that's why I always post here on a weekend, when I've had a break! The U.S. is not at all back to normal but some people are living as if it is. So our numbers are going up. DH and I are still playing it safe and not venturing out other than what we did last week.

I finally got all mask making supplies and have made a few, some for friends too. They are not for riding your bike or running, more for when being out among people and staying safe. And they can be washed. Our county is supposed to wear masks when we are in stores and I always see people who are not. I turn my head away from them when I can. Most people wear them though. We are all still working at home, but looking at a possible staggering 15% budget cut, all state agencies are. Last week, State HR asked all agencies to notify them of positions that don't lend themselves to teleworking. State HR was told there are NO positions in our agency that can't telework. We also told them of the dire consequences to the work we do if we have to cut 15% of our workforce--220 positions in a 1300 person agency. Both DH and I are pretty safe in our positions but it makes me just sick to even think about it. Sooo, I really don't!

After Fit Split, I did a barre workout for a week on Beachbody. It was hard! I liked it though. I can see doing all 6 weeks of that program at the height of summer. I don't sweat much with it! I'm now doing a mix of workouts from LI and S&S series. Then I may do a rotation from X-Train. That series is one of my favorites.

Here is to good health, less violence and more peace and justice for our countries. Have a good week fit babes!


Hi all~~
I did LIC today at a fairly low intensity. I'm having a lot of low energy days and having to force the workouts. BM2 x 30 min of cardio was on Tues, yesterday was gardening as in putting a single bush in the ground.

Tracy, when I have used 4DS lately I've only done pm so my times have come in under 30 min. Wow, that really stinks about potential budget cuts. I fear those sorts of economic issues will be quite widespread. I found out yesterday that many of the payroll cuts and furloughs at the hospital are going to be maintained.

Ronne, I was so happy to hear that hubs has recovered so well!!!! I don't blame you for avoiding computer when you are not working. Hopefully the ankle is still coming along.

Lisa, Woop on the massage relief! That baby sure looks like she is growing quickly.

Mary, how are work and Virus going? We are staying busy.

Saturday, I went for a beach snorkel and had a PTSD moment when I applied my mask and snorkel. The sensation is very similar to wearing a tight N95 and foggy goggles. Bleh. I saw a barracuda and a couple of sting rays on snorkel. Still, it was good to go and get some habit energy around it. I tend to want all the conditions to seem perfect before I haul myself to ocean.
Edited to add PH on Fri a modified and condensed version.
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Hi everyone

Jody - how lovely to be able to go to the beach and snorkel!! Do you manage to find a quiet beach? Be kind to yourself on the low energy days - you've been banking the workouts lately so you're allowed to go easier on yourself. I'm with you on 4DS PM - I never do the whole programme.

Tracy - keeping my fingers crossed for you. There are definitely going to be tough times ahead in terms of jobs. We just got handmade masks from someone DD knows, they're just simple fabric ones. I haven't been out in public yet to use it. I have to confess I barely leave the house these days. Mostly just once a week!

We're going for a short walk today as it's Father's Day; we're meeting DH's son out in the countryside.
We had another family quiz over Zoom last night - we won again!
I've been doing a few workouts this week, some 4DS weights, a bit of yoga. Still not attempting cardio. Ankle is a lot better but there's a way to go yet.
I'm so bored with this lockdown but we're still so far off normal. I just want to see family and friends again, I don't really mind about anything else for now.


Took today as an overdue rest day. These Peloton girls have me hopping in that bike all the time. There are 2 to 3 groups I ride with. I thinking I'm dying trying to keep up with these 30 and 40 yr Olds. I'm feeling my age for sure. Neck muscles still not great, I think it's going to take time and maybe rest somehow. Along with religious foam rolling and stretching. I hope its what is needed.DH thinks I'm overduing everything but I don't know what else I want to do especially with covid conditions out in public. I think it's more that I went without a massage for 3 mths (thx covid) and now it needs time and regular massages to get loosened up again. My massage lady is so busy, not with massages, she has regular job now and helps out the seniors that are on lockdown in the nursing center, getting their groceries, etc.

I'm going to suck at personals. This covid stuff has me a bit down again. I really need to quit watching the news! I'm having problems posting and wanted to post before I lost what I had said. I think it's time to give up the ghost and just go to bed and hope tomorrow I feel more spunky.
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Hi friends, it is always good to see you. Today I did CF- a likable version where I subbed push ups/pull ups and planks during the first section.
Lisa, how's the mood these days? You can't out ride it on the P? I know it helps. I think our activity habits help us all stay sane.
Ronne, the beach and parking were extremely crowded in clumps, like people do at the beach. The ocean water itself is often not crowded. Most people I know are a little fearful?
Tracy, have your masks turned out as you would like? I have a pile of them at this point. In the "feels like 103 degree temps" it can be challenging to keep on when I'm outside at the garden shop.
Mary, how is it going these days?
I hope all of you are well and safe.


Hi all! Have been working, cleaning and mowing, and working out.

Lisa, I hope you get a massage. I’m sure all that leaning over puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders and neck.

Ronne, so glad to hear about DH, must have been so scary for all of you. We have been out a few times, outside dining only, when I go into use the restroom. I’m floored at the number of people and their closeness to each other. I run in and right out!

Jody, how’s work? I’ve been watching the numbers down there, please stay safe. We haven’t been too busy, the ones we see really belong in an ER, people have been better about using the ER for what it’s intended for!

Tracey, we have piles of masks everywhere, house, car, purse, sometimes we are the only ones who are wearing them, makes me furious!

Hope everyone is well, I keep you all in my thoughts!


Hi girls, I'm doing better now. I think DH was partially right, I'm doing too much and it strains my neck especially with only having 1 massage in 3 mths. I rested all day after riding Monday with moist heat. I'm also instituting foam rolling like pt showed me every night and I'm taking my Potion (it is a muscle relaxer right?). When I add up all these little things it adds up to a big thing. And with less pain my mood improved too!

Jody, I worry about you in FL too, I know you'll stay as safe as possible.

Mary, how's the kids doing? Sister is starting up with shortness of breath again, sigh. I just listen and not dwell. She's on the taper of dextrmethasone down to 2 mg for yet another 2 weeks (she started at 8mg), now she's retaining water horribly. Of course it isn't because of any life style she has, it's now the carpet in her apartment so now they are taking it out. ‍♂

Tracy, how are things with you?

Ronne, I understand posting limitations. I'm never on a computer so do posting from phone, that's a chore in itself and the angle stiffens my neck. I'm too lazy to turn on the computer. I barely leave the house too!


Hi all

Bit of an easier week this week. I've had two days off work which has been great even though I haven't really done anything with them. We've been given the day off today because we've all been working so hard which is much appreciated. Temps have gone up to low 30s so I've just stopped working out the last few days as well as it's just too hot. I have been out for a couple of walks though which has been nice. Haven't done that for ages as I've got bored walking round here. The warm temps have also brought out the idiots: beaches overcrowded, people parking anywhere as car parks are full, seaside towns gridlocked. It's ridiculous.

Lisa - glad you've perked up a bit. It's very easy to overdo something you enjoy so much. What you do is amazing and resting will allow you to continue to do it ;)

Mary - I'm afraid I'm one of those non-mask wearers! Hardly anyone is wearing them here. I went into town yesterday and just never thought about it, but I didn't stay long and stayed away from people in the handful of shops I went in. There are a few more shops opened up in the centre but still only about one-third of normal. Eating places are opening up in just over a week. Not sure if we'll venture out or not. I've sort of lost the impetus to do anything.

Jody - I'm hearing noises about Florida on the news, cases rising etc. Sounds like you're back on the workouts again, good for you!

We're going to see friends on Sunday - lunch outside in their big garden. It will be so nice to see them. I'm trying to figure out if I can see my parents at some point. I haven't seen them since Christmas!


Hi fit babes! I'm happy to see you all!

Jody, I am so glad you got to go snorkeling! I know you really enjoy that, well, except for the PTSD part. I am sorry you experienced that. I don't blame you at all for low energy days, you're at ground zero! I have low energy days and I am not even near it. So kudos to you for getting any workouts in! My masks turned out pretty well and they are comfortable as far as masks go. I had an N95 when we first started wearing them and I hated that thing! I heard on the news that your numbers are going up. I hope you are not over run with patients in your area!

Hi Ronne! I am glad your ankle is better! And being the strong and sensible fit babe that you are, I'm sure you won't jump back into cardio too soon. I was able to see my dad yesterday and we went out to lunch at a restaurant that practiced social distancing. I was very happy about that! But I woke up with incredible anxiety about it all before DH and I even left the house. Things are not at all normal. I hope you are enjoying your visit with friends right now! That's all I am interested in doing too, seeing friends and loved ones. Doing anything more than that is too scary to me.

Lisa, I am glad you took some time for rest and self care! Pain can definitely affect your mood. I've had a stiff neck since I started working from home and haven't gotten a massage since February. I have an appt. this Thursday and I am a little scared about how much it's all going to hurt! My MT isn't the kind that gives relaxing massages, she wants to fix what's wrong with me! I'm sorry sis is having issues again but you are handling it well!

Hi Mary! I am shocked that so few people are wearing masks in your area! This past Friday, our governor made it mandatory that all Washingtonians wear masks in public. It's been proven they help stop the spread of it so I have no problems wearing one. This came after another county east of us had a huge outbreak. I'm glad you are well and working and working out!

Thank you all for your kind wishes about the financial issues going on with my work! We have been told to take one furlough day a week through July 25, the last day you can receive $600 from the feds if you can't work. DH has to do this also. Unfortunately, furloughs for some staff members are on a voluntary basis starting this Monday so that creates a pretty big mess for me and my boss to deal with. In the sense that people have different schedules and they need to be changed to 8-5 M-F. But as long as everyone makes sure they meet their deadlines, I'm fine with it. I'm leaving it up to staff members to figure it all out, I'm not going to tell them what to do (which is what they would prefer)!

DH read yesterday that there are 70,000 cases in Arizona (by comparison, we have just over 30,000 cases in my state). DH's parents are there but they are staying safe. What I don't understand is how did that happen? There are no beaches there! Is everyone going to giant pool parties or something? I have read that the spike in the U.S. is among young people who are not being safe. As for where DH works, he has already been told that he is to work at home until December.

Take care fit babes and be safe! Well I know you will be as safe as possible since this is the strong and sensible group here! Tracy


Ronne, I saw your/ those beaches on my news feed. Wowzers! I hope you manage a get together with the parents. How was friends' visit?
Lisa, I'm not checking in much on Strava- I've not been out much! I say I love the heat, but, dang, it is truly hot out there. Re your sis, I could easily be in the same boat- lifestyle/eating habits.
Mary- so much Covid, so much.
Tracy- you are mostly still staying quarantined?
I skipped workouts on my two days off. I spent time with my mom on Sat. Today I did IMAX4 and I'm off to Ichetucknee and Gainesville for tubing this week. Have a safe week! : D


Hello everyone! Happy weekend! Still not much here, working, mowing, cleaning, you know, the usual!

Jody, hope you are doing well and aren’t too overwhelmed at work. The numbers are horrendous. Have fun tubing! You deserve some time off!

Tracey, work sounds complicated! I don’t know why people aren’t wearing the masks, I think they should have been told it would protect themselves and not others, I just see so much selfishness, people talking about saving the economy before saving lives, I understand money is important, however if we aren’t around it doesn’t matter. I’m done with my rant!

Ronne, don’t feel bad about not wearing it, you all are in a totally different situation than we are, our numbers are scary! Enjoy your friends and I hope you get to see your parents soon. Mine are coming over for a cookout tomorrow, first time we will all have a meal together this year! Hope the weather holds

Lisa, how is your sister? Hope she is feeling better. And you? How are you feeling? That neck tightness is terrible, takes over everything. What about that grand baby???

Tomorrow we are having a cookout, got a blowup pool, 600 water balloons, sparklers, neighbors are smoking a brisket, I’m kind of excited! Watching Hamilton today! Hope everyone has a good weekend!!
Stay safe friends


Gainesville and tubing was good, my friends will now quarantine for 14 days. Geez, our cases are growing. I think we may be looking like NYC in it's worst time. My mom went out today for haircut facial and publix. I told her shes confined until further notice. Mary I'll save Hamilton for next weekend, I'm on thru Mon.20200701_110604.jpg


Hi Ladies

Jody - love the photo! Looks beautiful. Keep yourself safe, I saw that Florida is becoming a hotspot. It looks like anywhere around the world they open bars, restaurants etc. then the numbers start to rise again. Our pubs etc. open today, so watch this space.

Mary - hope you have a lovely day today - sounds like fun. We're reminiscing here because a year ago today we were in NYC watching the fireworks by the Brooklyn Bridge! So glad we got to go then. It was only as I was typing that I realised why you were having a celebration today ... :rolleyes:

Tracy - that's worrying news about your work and must be a lot of stress for you and DH. At least you're in a relatively safe state by the sound of things.

It was lovely to see our friends last week; we had such a nice time catching up with them. I've had a fairly quiet week at work and also on the workout front. My ankle still isn't healed so I took most of the week off. I did some light cardio today and yesterday and it's seemed to go OK. Rest does seem to make a difference!!

Happy 4th July to you all!!


Hi all, it’s been a rough week! Dizzy, sinus headache. I’ve narrowed it down to allergies so back taking allergy pills. Silly me for thinking I didn’t need them. Same with Advil, I noticed that helping my sore neck. I have massage again today and a bought an adapter for the peloton so I don’t have to reach as far for the handlebars. Excited to try it out today! At least I can’t fall off the peloton like a real bike because I’m a bit dizzy this morning. Sis had a lung biopsy, hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

I’m gonna try to get back to do personals.


Ronne, hows the ankle? You’ll be joining me riding a bike (peloton) soon because that’s a great low impact exercise! My friend says I seem to like the competition, she prefers yoga (sound like you would too)

Mary, how was the bbq? Illegal fireworks here was awful! Now it’s just plane hot! So glad I don’t have to go out for a bike ride in this heat!

Jody, how are you? Is work busy? I’m sure tubing was fun, but be careful! I’ve never reacted the way I am with allergies before, I was so dizzy! Read that could be a covid symptom, but then the headache came on and I knew what it was.

Tracy, every state is going up in cases. Our governor said in a news conf yesterday ‘wear a mask, wear a dam mask!’ Why has this become political? And how embarrassing, no one wants America to travel to their country! Oh my!


Hi everyone! Nothing new here, same ole, same ole!

Lisa, how do they help your sister? Antibiotics? Steroids? I hope she feels better soon! Fireworks were horrible here too, ir was 360 degrees all around us, I thought poor little Boo was going to have a fit! Hid upstairs under the bed! How’s your neck? Better after massage?

Jody, hope you are safe! I know your numbers are horrific. I think of you daily. Please stay safe.

Ronne, do you think you tore something in your ankle? I hope it has improved.

Hi Tracey! How’s everything your way?

Finally masks have been mandated here, nice to see everyone in one, gives me a small amount of security. Eldest DD and I have been working out together, he likes lifting with Cathe and being told what to do! Also, gives me a bit of an ego boost that sometimes I lift heavier than him!

Stay safe my friends,


Hi friends!
Mary, how was the BBQ with all the H2O balloons and pool? Did you enjoy Hamilton again? I've watched the first half so far. LOL, DD prob won't watch 2nd half, she stops being able to root for Hamilton once he "makes so many bad choices". Which workouts are you doing w/ DS? Sounds fun! I did a round of Dance dance revolution with DD. I kinda suck!

Lisa, tubing was easy to be careful- outdoors and spaced out. We only did take out or widely spaced outdoor seating for meals and wore masks if we were around others, in lines, checking in, etc. I hope you are feeling better and allergy meds kick in. Did the adapter work on the bike? Peleton has been great for you! Uh, yes, I agree, you are a little competitive. At least you find motivation that way. Sis had a second bronch?

Ronne, I was looking at Worldometer this morning. Under deaths/1 million population UK is about 4th at 660. US is 415/1 million ranking us 9th in that particular category. Treatment methods, genetics and co morbidity, pursuit of treatment and statistic reporting must all play a part in those numbers. But in the meantime, don't go to San Marino (1238/ 1 mil). How goes the ankle? My fave July 4th memory is being in London and buying sandwich from one of the green cab shacks and the guys seated inside shouting out happy 4th to us! Coincidentally, the woman who served us that day was shown briefly on a morning tv show here (featuring the green cab shacks). I looked up and recognized her!!

Tracy, you are making the best of the work situation, good job. I hope your dad continues to stay well and safe. You know, with the hot spots in S Cal, AZ, TX and S Fl, I am wondering about the relationship between severe covid disease and Hispanic background. More than half of my patients are Hispanic. A coworker's 30 yr old son is in ICU, that one feels close to home. But my first panic gut punch is when dd tells me her BF's mom is ill and then other dd has a beloved student who has virus. I've had 3 antibody tests- all positive for IgG, most recently in mid June. I'm going to test again in August.

For me, workout wise, I've done IMAX 4 a few times and I just started a BB rotation for the rest of July. So far I"ve done PP and SB. I hit the beach yesterday for a bit, but snorkeling was a bust. Still it was nice to swim and be in the water. I should garden today and manage the aphids and spider mites on the milkweed!
Stay safe, y'all.

Tues edit to add today's workout BB ts1 (step and Ch and tri) I missed Sun workout for mom care- she fell again, Mon was work- very long busy day.
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No different workouts to report, surprise! It’s been fun this week, they have a Pelothon going on. I’m coordinating some of the workouts for my group,doing yoga and meditation! Dr think it’s something in sisters apartment that she’s allergic to, she had them replace the carpet with vinyl. Lets hope that was it. She can’t afford any other place and the apartment building is only 2 yrs old! Maybe prior people in it had something it there?

Jody, I’m loving the adaptor in my bike! No more neck fatigue and pain. I actually had to lower it a bit because I was flexing my neck too much. I’m still dizzy, I keep upping the Benadryl and Sudafed and my nose still isn’t dried out but ears still feel plugged, Hope it resolves, do not like going to dr!

Mary, what a great feeling lifting more than DS! Makes you feel like a bad a__! That’s how I feel when I’m passing 20,30,and 40 yr old on the peloton leaderboard!

Tomorrow I get my hair cut, it’s been 6 mths, it’s driving me crazy!
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Hi all~~ BB TS2 today This series is really suiting me right now. SB is not one I've done often, and learning combo 3 is a wee bit tricky, but I quite like it. I"m heading to snorkel in a bit.
Lisa, how did the hair turn out? I haven't done brows or worn much make up in a while.
Waves to all

Edit to add snorkel success, The visibility was really nice- I felt like I was swimming in an aquarium. My major sighting was a Giant Manta- I've never seen one in the wild! I also saw sharks and sting rays. One time I spotted a shark and told my friend but it was gone. Later on she told me she saw it swim under me but I didn't see it.
: O Manta at Coral Cove <---not my video but it was taken at Coral Cove.

Thursday 2nd Edit to add Legs, shoulders and step cardio from BB TS dvd today followed by another trip to the beach. This swim was about an hour and new thing today were a group of about 20 little squid! I'm working the next 4 in a row so hopefully I'll see ya on the other side. Take care all.
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Hi ladies

Jody - that sounds so lovely going out to the beach and all that wildlife in the sea. Hope work isn't too bad for you. I know our statistics are pretty awful as well but at least it looks like infections are decreasing. The BAME community have been hit hard here (Black and Minority Ethnic) which has also affected a lot of healthworkers. They haven't worked out why but poverty and poor housing also play a role. Face masks will be mandatory in shops from next week and I think that's a good move. Hope your mum is doing OK.

Lisa - how was the haircut? I haven't had mine done since Feb and to be honest I haven't been in a rush to book an appointment now that they're open again. I don't know why - it's not that I'm worried, I'm just not that bothered. Though the grey does need covering! Sorry to hear your allergies are playing up - that must be horrible.

Mary - go you beating DS with weights!! Yes, I think I might have torn some ligaments possibly because it's taking so long to heal. (Also age :() Well, they do say resistance training is more important at our age, so at least I'm still managing that.

DH and I had a week's holiday last week - leaving DD at home. We went to the New Forest which is a National Park that is only 90 mins drive away. I've never been there before and it's beautiful. We were staying near the coast so we had the beach, countryside and river all nearby. We stayed in a lovely house and went out for walks (hardly seeing a soul) and did a couple of visits to gardens and attractions. Nowhere was too busy and everyone was being sensible. The Park has wild horses just roaming around (and cattle), they stroll down the roads and you just have to wait till they decide to move! Unfortunately, I got too close to one on our first day (trying to avoid people coming the other way!) and it kicked me! I've got a massive bruise up my left thigh from just above my knee. It didn't hurt so much to begin with but I was in shock. It's now all the colours of the rainbow, muscle's still a little swollen so I'm not planning any workouts soon!!

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