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Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well. Working, working out. No mowing, so hot here, grass has stopped growing.

Ronne, holy moly! I’m so glad you are ok! How scary! Rest is definitely what you need. How did DD like being home alone? I haven’t been brave enough yet!

Lisa, how’s the hair? Glad the bike is working out!

Jody, jealous of your beach! How did your 4 day stretch go? I’m back at it tomorrow.

Hi Tracey!

Not much at all here, now DS is beating me on weights, I guess that testosterone caught up! I can all ready see a difference in him, boys, we have been doing this how long?? Lol
Stay safe!


Hi fit babes! So good to be here and see you! Summer started here yesterday and we're all dying in 85 degree weather! lol

Jody, I am so glad you are OK and have been able to enjoy the beach and snorkeling! I haven't done the BB series in a long time, I may give the Timesavers a try soon. I hope your mom is doing well! I also hope the numbers start decreasing for you and those you know that have it have recovered. I saw my doctor for a routine visit and he said the county I am is is doing pretty good numbers-wise, We listen to what the government is telling us! He has referred 40 patients for tests and all came back negative. He also told me that if I come down with anything, I am to assume it's COVID.

Hi Lisa! How's your hair? I got mine cut and colored relatively quickly after we were allowed to. No color since Feb. lead to about a 2 inch gray grow out and I did not like it! Now I need it again and can't get in! The Peloton came at the perfect time for you! You used it in the cold of winter and now the heat of summer and you can stay safe! I hope your sister is doing better. I also hope she's not in a sick building.

Hi Mary! Are you back to teaching now? I think it says alot about you that you lifted higher than DS and don't let anything take that away from you! I would expect any guy to lift higher than me the first time out so if they don't, that's awesome!!! I don't think you ever said how the big BBQ went, how was it?

Hi Ronne! Thank you for the reminder that you were in NY last year on the 4th, I had forgotten! This year, DH and I watched a movie, loudly, since Riley wanted to get the person responsible for making a lot of noise! Your trip with DH sounded absolutely lovely, except for the horse kicking part--ouch!!! I hope you are feeling much better, and your ankle is all healed too. The area you described reminded me of Yellowstone, where all of the park's animals roam wherever they want to. DH and I went there many years ago and we had to delay our plans one morning because there was a herd of buffalo hanging out in our small parking lot so we weren't going anywhere!

I've been staying close to home lately. Our state's numbers have gone up another 15,000 since I last posted here. The majority of new cases are in younger folks but it still makes me nervous to go out. A friend of mine had a scare after her first-responder son was exposed to a patient with it but his test came out negative. Regardless, I'm waiting more than 14 days after she was exposed secondarily to see her. We figured everything out for the furloughs at work (even when I thought my head would explode!) and it ends after this coming week. I highly doubt federal benefits will be extended. I am concerned we will be shut down again if our numbers don't improve like California was last Monday. That put my friend there out of work again! DH and I have our 15th wedding anniversary next month and we hope to get out of town but it will likely be a last minute road trip, depending on what's open. I have been working out! I've been doing an X-Train rotation and it's my last week coming up. After that, I'm going to do a Beach Body series called Muscle Burns Fat with a friend of mine. Looking forward to it!

Before I let you go, I have to tell you a little story. 2 days ago, I was about to start a workout during my lunch hour when I heard DH yell, "There's a black cow in our backyard!" Huh?!? I ran to a window and what do you know? A young cow was trotting through our yard at a pretty good pace. It didn't damage anything we could see and he left our house and headed elsewhere. I couldn't imagine where it came from, we don't have any pastures near us. DH thinks it came from our next door neighbor's place where he is apparently trying to start a farm. He has chickens, a turkey, a duck and 2 pigs who do not smell good. So, why not a cow too? OK, except I don't think this area is zoned for animal farms!

I hope you have a safe and healthy week fit babes! Tracy


Quick update from phone. Tracy what jumped out at me was DH indicated color of cow. Lol like you might have brown cow not unusual.
I did get thru my shifts and added one to it so I ended up worked 6 of 7 days. I skipped my workout on my day off. Yesterday I did LIC and today should be something quick and dirty. I'm gonna go see dad. Gotta go. Oh another 2 of my RT coworker out sick. One very ill, other seems mild. They probably got ill from original co worker who got it at the doctor's office she works at as well. That doc and his office manager also sick. That original coworker is out of ICU but still hospital. Other 2 at home so far.


Hi all! Another week! DS and I started STS, we have the time! Lol.

Jody, please stay safe, I keep you in my prayers. Hope your co-workers feel better quickly.

Tracey, hot in Ohio too, 88 right now, 74, sunny with a light breeze would be perfection! The bbq was fun, the water balloons were a big hit, literally and figuratively! Happy Anniversary to the two of you, I hope you get a change of scenery.

Ronne, how are you? How’s the ankle? Improving? Will DD be going back to school soon? We aren’t sure if ours here are going to open, half and half or online, numbers keep increasing. We will see. How is DH? Is his vision back completely?

Lisa, how are you? How’s the bike? How’s your hair? I go tomorrow, I’m trying to go gray/platinum, so then I won’t have to dye it anymore, she’s easing me into it, because it would take too long to do it in one day. I’m kind of excited about the process.

Please stay safe friends,


Hi everyone! I'm not ignoring you all, I'm just sucked into Peloton and this Peloton group. I just became a co-coordinator of our group rides everyday. Today I really killed the ride and I'm beat!

Tracy, I lol'd at your farm neighbor comment.

Jody, how are things where you are? It sounds like it's crazy down there!

Mary, I started doing a little lifting too! I like how Peloton has 10 min arm toning and other shorter strength classes. I like that I'm not lifting for an hour because neck would not like but yet I'm getting a little bit of lifting in. How's sts going? I've been wearing my sts t shirt!

Ronne, are you back to basically working from home again.


Wow, Lisa, that is amazing!! What a lovely comment from your buddy as well. You guys really support each other and you clearly are motivated with your group, WTG!!! Is DH missing out on the outdoor rides?

Mary, how far into STS are you? Is DS hanging in there? How is DH managing all of the virus?

Tracy, have you planned anything for the anniversary? I've been to beach/snorkel a few more times. The conditions have been pretty nice.

Ronne, I go for days without really looking at my home computer. I can imagine how annoying it would be to add computer time to the end of the work day. I hope your injury has resolved to the point you can work out on it again?

Has anyone been looking at the updates on the new workouts?

I'll add to my post tomorrow, hopefully with a workout! I haven't done one in a week at least. I did another 4 days on last weekend. All my co workers are doing well. Lots of drama at work. DD is still being evaluated for her blood pressure- now seeing a cardiologist. Tomorrow she gets an echo- ultrasound of heart. Today I cleaned off patio since it was clear from bringing in all the stuff due to hurricane concerns. I'm happy that that storm wasn't a problem.
I am super geeking out on TWIV virology podcast and MEDCRAM- listening to them while I watch this very cool Deerfield Beach live underwater web cam and sort my gajillion life saving supplements for the week. Ironically I almost choked on one the other day. Doh!


Jody, we still get in some outdoor rides, just shorter which is nice. It's been a hot summer so it's nice not being out there in that, plus it's good that I don't have so far to get home when I get tired! I'm seeing so much in improvement since riding with these groups, and best of all I show up because they are counting on me! My legs haven't been this muscular, even with Cathe!

What's up with Dd BP? I've been having issues too, too low, then too high, I think I'm seeing I'm more sensitive to salt and some meds. Hope she finds what's going on, how does she feel? That medcram stuff gets confusing to me, good for you watching it!


Hi everyone

Lisa - congrats on the rides - you've really got the bug. It must be nice to ride that hard and not get injured. Also great that you can do it indoors and avoid the heat.

Jody - sounds like you're working hard at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about DD; does high bp run in the family? I hope she gets an answer and some help. Yes, I've been checking out the updates. I like the look of the mobility one - sounds right up my street (and I really like the outfits!). I cna't believe they filmed them so quickly - just a week. It'll be great to have some new Cathe stuff - I don't think I've bought anything since Fit Split.

Mary - how's the hair? I'd like to follow you down that route at some point. I've finally got a hair appointment for two weeks time. I've decided just to get roots done (I usually have a second colour put through). I just can't be bothered and want to see what it's like going back to the hairdressers first. I haven't had my hair cut since Feb!! It's actually annoying me now.

Tracy - Is it still hot with you? It's been a nice summer here so far - fairly steady temps, though we had a day of 33 the other week and it's forecast to hit 32 today. Not great for working at home in! Hope you manage to have a nice break with DH for your anniversary. I'm impressed with your rotations :)

Not a lot to report here. Our car is finally fixed, it's had an intermittent fault for a couple of months which took the garage a while to figure out. It cost £1500 - it's a good thing we haven't been spending much money in lockdown!
I'm gradually upping the workout intensity - I did a TTM premix yesterday (lower impact) and it floored me but it did feel good to work out that hard. I still have to be cautious with my ankle but it is getting better. My leg is almost healed as well. Getting older is rubbish!
No great plans this weekend - we should be finally getting our kitchen floor sorted out next week so we'll be eating out all week as we won't be able to use the kitchen. We've booked a few places as the government is running a scheme to support cafes and restaurants and you get up to £10 off per person. Good timing for once.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Lisa, sounds like you are having amazing results, I am happy for you!

Ronne, I did 30 min of TTM as well this week. Boy, that's a big car expense. Sorry to hear about it. We have been getting take out from local restaurants pretty frequently. It sounds like a good opportunity for you to eat out- stay safe!

Mary and Ronne, good luck with your hair! I've stopped highlighting as much so I'm not really blond like I used to be, but so far gray is minimal. I started seeing a new hairdresser just before pandemic and so my old one will maybe never know what happened to me. I'm trying to transition to fuller eyebrows cuz the trend is so much fuller. But I don't have the artistic skills, patience, etc to pencil them in. And when I do, I feel like a weirdo/clown. Oh well.

Waves to Tracy~~ how's the anniversary coming along? You are a regular butt kicker on the rotations.

DD bp remains high, it was 160s today prior to testing (a tilt table test). They don't know why. :(
I did a walk in downtown along the intracoastal- it was 5 miles of HOT! I also found a cool vegan cafe. I'd like to go back.
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50 minutes workout yesterday- 30 min of step SB SS and teensy bit of weights via PHA3. I really like SS more and more; it's quite fun and a good work out. Saturday was a pretty snorkel day but I didn't see much big stuff. Well, I nearly bonked into a woman's cleavage. o_OIt was crowded that day with more people in water than usual. .FB_IMG_1597057961729.jpg

Today's workout PHA and abs from SnS. I'm loving the looks of the new workouts so far. I've really enjoyed the SB series, too
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Hi everyone

Jody - gosh, that is high. You must be worried. Hope they manage to find a cause soon. Well done on the workouts, you've really got your workout mojo back, haven't you? Re eyebrows, I was so lazy I could never be bothered with plucking mine (I did occasionally trim them with scissors :D). It took 30 years but it was worth waiting for the trends to change!! Yes, I'm excited for the new series, it looks good.

Finally the weather's broken. We had 6 consecutive days of temps above 34 which hasn't happened since 1961 apparently. We had to sleep with the fan on all night for a couple of nights as upstairs was unbearable. I haven't done many workouts as it's just been too hot but also we've had most of the contents of our kitchen in the lounge while the work is being done.
We now have a kitchen floor - it's been 5 months! It looks great and I think I'm going to move in there and sleep on it!
Have a nice weekend everyone.


Hi, I did IMAX4 today at a modified intensity. I was ready to just bag it but I managed to push through. It is a nice workout though. Yesterday I did PHA1 again.
Ronne, it has been that long for the floors? Wow, between virus and floors and switching work locations, you have had a lot of chaos! Congrats on the new floors. I loved DD bath floor. My neighbor just got her popcorn removed. I'd like to do that soon. Oh our hurricane shutters are delayed b/c the owner, his wife and two employees are all sick- hopefully on the mend soon.
Lisa, happy BD!
Mary, how's STS?
Waves to Tracy!
Gotta get to bed, nite all~~


Hello, friends! I did a very short step w/o today. Yesterday was PHA pm again and long snorkel, over 2 hours in the water. Visibility was not optimum but I saw a manta ray again, a guitar fish and some other cool stuff.
I'm at work for the next 4 days, so that will be it for now.

Mary, how did the hair turn out? Are the kids still home? DS is moving soon to new job? Did you make it through STS? Super kudos to you if you put a dent in it!!

Ronne, my workouts are actually on the downward spiral trend but I'm never totally out of the game- that counts for something. How has DH recovery gone? All clear? DD is still getting various tests. How did the week of restaurants go?

Lisa, are you having fires there at the moment? Good for you on all your accomplishments on Pelo. How are the new parents doing? Are they working from home or did DIL return to work?

Tracy, are you managing to avoid the virus? Did you have a special anniversary? Hopefully beating out eating takeout in the car. Any more farm animals?

Speaking of critters, does anyone have a Ring doorbell? I've considered getting one. I looked at the Neighbor app (by Ring) and someone posted video of 2 coyotes trotting by camera. I wouldn't have expected that in our area. Anyway, my neighbor has a Ring and I probably trigger it frequently as we share sidewalk to the parking lot. I actually find that annoying and it feels invasive.

Have a good week and weekend~~


Hi fit babes! So good to be here! I don't know what I've been doing, probably yard max!

Jody, you gave me a chuckle saying that DH pointed out what color the cow was which had no bearing on the incident at all! I hope your co workers get all better soon! I worry about you and the number of cases in your state. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! I'm glad you got to do some snorkeling! I really miss hiking but there are just way too many people on the trails and I don't think it would be much fun huffing and puffing with a mask on! I've paid some attention to the new workouts. I know they have all been filmed and I saw the 2 mobility workouts Ronne mentioned that I am looking forward to. Other than that, I've just looked at the outfits! I'm sorry about DD's BP! I hope a reason is determined soon so it can be treated. I know with me, my face is showing the stress of this virus (frown lines between the eyebrows have never been more prominent) and I hope DD's increased BP is temporary! I have never really had eyebrows so I pencil them in. Nothing fancy, just so they can be seen a little! So far, no virus, for me or anyone I know, even though our numbers have increased daily by the hundreds. My county is doing OK. Just found out today that animal farm neighbor is planning to take care of his pigs this weekend or next. Guess he can't afford to have a professional do it. I so hope I don't know when it's happening!

Hi Mary! Thank you for your kind wishes. I'm glad your BBQ was a success! We are taking a couple of day trips this week to get away. DH is not comfortable staying the night anywhere yet and I'm OK with that. We went to the beach yesterday and we are going to head north to a small town we like tomorrow. The drive there is beautiful. We pack our lunch and stay safe! How is STS going?

Lisa! You ARE killing it and now you have it memorialized posting it here! That is so awesome!!

Hi Ronne! I'm glad your leg is healing and your ankle is better! I agree aging is rubbish! We've had a pretty average summer but got up to 103 degrees 3 days ago! Yikes! So blessed we have air conditioning because I don't do so well in the heat. Our dogs lay on the air vents after their evening walk in the summer as it is! I'm sorry about your car troubles, I've had charges that high for mine before, ug! I love eating out but we haven't done it a whole lot since we were told we could. Enjoy! Did you sleep on your new kitchen floor? I'm glad your heatwave finally broke! I think I want to go out to dinner this weekend now....

Other than yard max, i have been working out! I'm doing the Beachbody program Muscle Burns Fat Adv. after 3 weeks of Muscle Burns Fat. It's a step up in the challenge but definitely doable. It's for 3 weeks, then I'll go back to Cathe. And get creative with some older workouts to prevent boredom. I'm looking forward to Perfect 30!

Take care fit babes, stay healthy and safe! Tracy


Just Pelo here, killing it I feel! Kinda staying more busy than I thought I would co-captaining the group rides

Jody, saw your beach and manta Ray pics, nice! 4 fires in mountains but so much smoke here the air is awful to do any outdoor exercise. We even had ash coming down one day. Sounds like you are keeping up with the Cathe workouts. I think DIL is staying home with this pandemic (she used to do makeup), kind of hard to do these days. They really are touching base with us more with the baby and my other son we are trying to keep busy now that his fiance is back in VA doing her PA rotations. Hopefully she's back in Nov. Pandemic set her back too. I don't have ring but we have a camera pointing out the front window.

Ronne, are you ready for things to settle down?

Tracy, I wouldn't stay anywhere overnight, more because I don't think there's anything I want to do all masked up, ugh. I agree with masking but don't like it! It's more the heat and smoke keeping us from the trails, most people are good here with masking on them when passing. I had a cyclist come up behind us saying 'on your left, mask up'. A sign of the times.

Mary, I forget what's going on with you, hope all is well in your corner.


Hi everyone! Sorry to be missing, just work, and what not, I’m so far behind on all your lives, I’m sorry!

Lisa, your grand baby is so beautiful! I would never be able to let go!

Jody, how’s your DD? BP coming down at all? Thinking of her.

Ronne, congrats on the floor! Took us awhile to get our bathroom floor so I feel ya!

Tracey, how’s Beachbody? I have P90x, but have never done it, maybe someday?

DS is running me through STS, we are on week 2 of meso 2, he leaves at the end of September, he wants us to finish by then, it’s been fun to do together! Hope everyone is safe! Mary


Hi everyone

Mary - that's so cool that you and DS are working through STS together. So will he be going into an office or will have to work from home? Are you back teaching again?

Lisa - it's nice that you're seeing more of your family. Smoke sounds awful. Are people supposed to wear masks when outdoors as well where you are? Here, it's just indoors.

Tracy - congrats on the regular workouts. Success is just doing them, I always think.

Jody - any news on DD? DH has made a full recovery - you wouldn't know anything had happened. He's lucky actually as he's part of a study, so he'll be followed up for the next 10 years. You get discharged after 6 weeks here. We enjoyed our trips to restaurants - although some were more virus aware than others, shall we say?!

I've managed to put some weight on over the summer - a combination of more time at my desk, less exercise thanks to injuries and probably a bit of overeating in there. So, I've decided to pick STS up again as I think that will make a difference. Disc 1 down, just 35 to go!


Hello from the most magical place on earth : ) DD bp is improved, she's taking medication at the moment but still getting evaluated for cause. Thank you for you concern and well wishes. I will keep you posted. Shes running 120s now.
I worked 6 of 7 days in a row (TH FR SA SU TU WE) so I was wiped out. I did a CF Tabata x 15 min workout on my day off (last mon) but skipped Thurs and Fri so I could get out of town and now we are at Disney so 18 to 20K steps will be it til for Fri Sat sun. JEEZ thats a lot of jibber jabber.
Lisa, you are high on all your Pelo rides and shout outs, WTG! I hope PA DIL manages the rest of her education and clinical without incident. Our virus is dropping we only had about 10 in patients. People dying or otherwise getting discharged and fewer to replace them.
Ronne, STS sounds like a good plan. Let us know how you manage. I've fallen off. Soooooo happy to hear about DH recovery.
Mary are you still chipping away at STS? I am considering Cathe Live.
Tracy are you working from home til?
I'll do more personals and update on Disney and Covid when I'm at a computer. I mostly wanted to say thank you for Dd well wishes and let u know shes better. Xoxo

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