Is anyone else a bit disturbed by VW's ads?

Ah yes, I used to play "punch bug" with my brothers and with my friends as a kid. Brings back fond memories! Then my first car ever was a VW bug!!!
Now I do know about pedittle! Anytime you saw a Car with one headlight you would try to be the first to shout out pedittle. There was no punching involved in that game though. Dh and I still do that. ;)
"Slug Bug!" That game made our family car trips so much fun! It was all in good fun and never malicious or mean. It was just something my parents taught me and my sister. Probably to keep them sane; because then we weren't asking "are we there yet?" a gazillion times!:p We also played the license plate game but it didn't involve punching. We had to write the name of the each different state we saw and whoever had the most at the end of the day or trip was the winner!:D My dad also invented a game called "belt snake". He pointed out these black "snakes" that were on the highway and told us to count them as we were driving down the road. Well, we counted them and had all these questions about the "belt snakes"-Were they poisonous? Did they only live in the desert? How come they died?...on and on. Well, the joke was on my sister and me; they weren't "snakes" they were fan belts that had flown out of cars!:eek::p Lots of family fun!! :D
I feel totally in the minority, I guess b/c I just never found it fun to punch anyone (or get punched by anyone), even my siblings.
I feel the same way (though I don't have siblings).

And I'd never heard of the 'slug bug' or whatever else it's called.
Well - I think there's a difference between getting punched hard with an intent to harm vs. a 'love tap' meant to be fun. Kids do wacky stuff all the time that can hurt - in a mild, laugh-evoking way. Ever shoot a rubber band at someone or give 'snake bites'?

We played slug bug all the time but only punched in the arm or leg. When my DH and I were dating, I slugged him and he freaked out (!) had no idea what I was doing because he had never heard of the game. It was really funny once I explaind it to him. He was an only child.

We did Pedittle too! You yelled it and hit the top of the car - not sure why!
Me too! Slug bug and pedittle (is that how it's spelled?!) were favorite car games to keep four kids occupied.

Lisa, that's a great story about the belt snakes!

We did a license plate game, too, but I can't remember what it was. I think it was tracking the number, also.

BTW, I love that commercial -- made me laugh out loud.
Well shoot! That's what I get for recording my favorite shows and FFing through the commercials! :p

My goodness, this conversation sure brings back a lot of fun memories! I never heard of "punch bunny", but we played "Slug Bug" all . the . time. and loved it!! :D

ETA I just watched the commercial on You Tube and I thought it was cute but they weren't playing the game correctly! You're only supposed to punch someone when you see a VW Beetle, hence the name "Slug Bug".
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I thought the commercials were cute, especially the one with Stevie Wonder.

We played the game growing up as well. That and the out-of-state license plate watching made long car trips pass quicker.

I think in one of the commercials they mention the deals are so great you don't have to wait for a bug to play the game, or something like that.

My boyfriend and I do this, but only when we see Jeeps, not VWs. He's a big Jeep fan, and we do off-road stuff up in the mountains. It's all harmless fun.
What about BANDIT? IIRC we would punch someone when we saw a car w/one headlite too! We were a mean bunch! :D:p

No, No, No...A 1 headlight car was called a "padiddle"...This is too funny ladies!

I also remember Slug Bug, but made the "no backs" rule when my brother tried getting me all day based on the same red Bug!

MJ in MN
Punch Buggy
Slug Bug
Spud Spy

They were all childhood games, playing who would see the VW bug first. We never did the punching thing, we just called it out and kept score.

The "punch" is done in fun though.

So many road trips were made to pass quickly with games like that. It's amazing to me that someone would never have heard of this! :D
You've never heard of "punch buggy, no return"? It's a classic in Canada and I can tell you, seeing one of the original VW bugs is considered a legit reason to punch someone hard in the arm for no other reason.

Morningstar, you took the words right out of my mouth. I haven't seen the new commercials though.
We still do punch buggies too! I had to laugh the first time the kids did it since we didn't teach them about it. And I had forgotten all about padiddle!


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