Is anyone else a bit disturbed by VW's ads?

We called it slug bug growing up in Texas and Oklahoma. My husband thinks the commercials are dumb because they are doing it for any VW rather than just bugs.

Yeah, it's not a violent punching (unless you are hanging out with bullies) just a little punch to the arm. To me it wasn't so much about hurting your friend as trying to be the first to do it for pride's sake.

We also punched if we saw a "grocery getter" (wood-paneled station wagon) and if it was parked in a grocery store parking lot you got two punches.
it was a game

called "slug bug" and now the idea is that the car is so fast the other guy doesn't even get to see it. My cousins always got me with that one.
dead critter slug

I live out in the county and me and my hubby play a game called dead critter slug.....first person to the the oppsum, skunk....whatever slugs the other started when Tennesse passed a law stating that you could dress and eat roadkill (deer and the like)it's a real law look it up....we started it as a joke about what's for supper and it turned into a game.....please don't hate me because of my dark humor.....I really love animals(not just for food).
I have it here too

The "punch buggy" is here in HI and I have been victim to it from my Or sometimes its about seeing a "yellow punch buggy"
Isn't that funny how things go by different names in different places? We called it slug bug too and when you punched someone you had to yell "slug bug".
I knew it as punch buggy in the Northeast, but I kind of like "slug bug", sounds like the Southern or Midwest version!
Did ya'll do this one?

everytime we saw a cadillac or a car that looked like one, WHACK! haha!! so funny and so many memories!

THANKS for starting this thread!! fun :)

After the punch buggy punch, if there's a caddy nearby, you can do a "Cadillac Smack back!"

We used to play as kids, and then taught our kids to play too. We even started making up our own, like "Cruiser Bruiser" (for PT cruisers) and "OW-di" (Audi).

Just a fun silly little game. And we all loved the Stevie Wonder commercial.
Punch Bug - we not only still play it, but it has been enhanced in recent years.

How about "Cruiser Bruiser"? That's when you punch someone whenever you see a PT Cruiser, and one of my interns (who is about 25 years younger than me!) introduced me to Ram Bam (in which you ram the top of your head into the person next to you whenever you see a Dodge Ram truck). That one is hard to play when you're driving, though.

To tell the truth, I think the commericial with Stevie Wonder is really cute, but I think Volkswagen is really reaching, trying to get everyone to notice every single Volkswagen on the road. It's the punch bug game - for the Bug, not the Volkswagen.

It's just in fun, though, and I've never known anybody who would ever really PUNCH someone. Not a mean spirited game at all - just for fun!
And copper bopper when you see a cop car! Of course growing up with the sheriff as my dad and now my nephew is sheriff I see way to many cop cars.

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