Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2023

Today I was going to do a lifting Cathe Live workout but I got poor sleep so I went for a walk outside with my neighbor and my puppy. My neighbor is 75 years old and can really walk fast, I got in a great walk with her thinking that I would not due to her age. Walk was 1 hour, 3.2 miles and I burned 488 calories. Tomorrow, I hope to get a lifting workout in, maybe Vertical Loading and use my Max Trainer for the legs portion.

Yesterday I ended up taking the dogs out again for another 2 mile walk so I a lot of steps in for the day.

Debbie, welcome back to working out and I am so happy that you are feeling better now. Nice job on the weights since taking time off from lifting due to your health concerns. Did you buy STS? I am waiting to hear some feedback first and then I will buy only if they are any different than what is already out there in all of her workouts.

Belinda, I am glad that you liked the new STS workout today.

Diane, Great job on the step workout yesterday. I want to make more room in my gym so I can do some step workouts and some kickboxing. Right now, it needs to be re arranged for more space.

Make it a great day.
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Today I did CDorner Hiit Step with dumbbells, 32 minutes, 139 calories, heart rate 115/141, 1,100 steps (maybe a bit more as I forgot to look at starting steps till 4 minutes in) She uses 10# and 8# dumbbells which I did as well except overhead press which I switched to 5's.
I then did CDorner 80's Rock no equipment hiit using the modifier for most of it and skipping the warm up, 24 minutes, 120 calories, heart rate 128/157, 1,349 steps. This was fun because the music was good and even with the modifications I got a good workout. I avoided most of the moves that were plank type moves and butt kick or whatever they call that move. I had already done plank type moves on the step workout. Total time was 56 minutes, 259 calories, 2,449 steps. I did a Walmart order and ordered my favorite protein bars Vital Proteins Jennifer Aniston bars in cold brew coffee. Usually it takes 3 days to get them, but they have showed up on my doorstep even before the groceries. Makes me happy as I also had ordered some Quest bars which have bad sweeteners in them to tide me over. I like that Vital Proteins ones have collagen in them and mycelium cordyceps and maca in them. I have tried the other two flavors, but always go back to the cold brew. A protein bar in the morning is generally my pre-workout meal so I can take my supplements.

Belinda, I am glad to hear that your heart is good. That is good news. Hopefully the doctors can get this all worked out for you. Having 2 radiologists trying to find an artery would be terrible. I understand why they suggested maybe you should stay with the statin. I tried 3 times with what mine gave me and it just was not something I could do. The third time I went longer thinking I would get accustomed to it, but got sores clear back into my throat as the days went on and it made it hard to swallow. That is when I was done with it. The cardiologist just said okay when I told him I quit, but did try. It was supposed to be the most easily tolerated. Way to go getting in STS 2.0 Giant sets. It sounds like a good workout. I have tried to stick with mainly cardio this week so maybe I can try some weights when mine come tomorrow. I saw them on my informed delivery.

Debbie, great job doing Raw Burn Out Upper Body today. I check my blood pressure and stats often so it does not go too far the wrong way. They do have some amazing tools to use now and to follow our own health. I like having the watch face on my Garmin with my steps and heart rate. I love my Garmin.

Jolie, that is nice that you did a walk with your neighbor. It also is impressive that she walked fast.
Diane - great job on your workouts. Thank you! I was worried something was wrong with my heart. I have very little plaque. I'll be honest, I may stop taking statin too. I have a giant headache since I am on it. Your side effects sounds horrible. I think you like the STS case too. It's very pretty! I like the Giant Set workout. I am having trouble with the recovery ones? I am going to have to contact the help center. I eat a light breakfast before I workout. I gave up on bars since most have collagen. I saw my Rheum, he checked me out from head to toe, lol. He wants to add another medicine to the ones I already take to help control my flair ups. It hopefully will help to reduce the high doses of prednisone. He still wants me to stay on the prednisone taper.

Jolie - I think you would like the STS 2 Giant Set. The pace is a lot slower, you can go as heavy you want. I went heavy today. There wasn't any new exercises, it flowed very nicely. Great job on your workout.
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Total Body Giant Sets
Round 1: 10 exercise/10 reps/bilateral
chest press
overhead press
alt. rear lunge
bent over rows
side to side lunge
bicep curls
lying tricep ext.
hip thrust (Cathe used a 65 lbs BB) I used a dumbbell.

Round 2: 10 exercises/10 reps/unilateral
elevated lunge - switch side
alt. single arm chest press - switch side
alt. single arm overhead press - switch side
single leg rear lunge - switch side
single leg deadlifts - switch side
kneeling one arm row - switch side - I did standing 1arm rows
single leg side lunge - switch side
single arm bicep curls - switch side
single arm lying tricep extensions - switch side
single leg hip thrust - switch side- Cathe used a 65 lbs BB - I did regular hip thrusts. My knee didn't like it.

Round 3: same exercises as Round 1/8 reps.

The downloads have a lot of files, it took me awhile to download them all. I have trouble with the recovery workouts? for some reason they will not download.

Did I mention how much I love the Dvd case. It's so petty. Doesn't take up a lot of space.
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Time has gotten away from me this week. Checking in with Michelle 30 min. Lower Body Supersets followed by a 1.5 mile walk with my dog. Mon. I did Tracy 45 min. Total Body Strength Complexes and a walk. Yesterday I did Tracy 30 min. Hi/Low HIIT. The weather has been so awesome this week.

Belinda, glad you like Giant Sets. Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will do one of them on Saturday.

Debbie, glad you are feeling better.
Belinda, I hope adding a new medicine will help so maybe you can use the prednisone less often.
There is another protein bar that I have discovered that has good ingredients and uses plant protein.
I bought a box of the almond butter chip two times and then the last time a bought a variety box to try other flavors. They are IQ Bars Keto, vegan, and paleo bars and use pea protein. I got them from Whole Foods and Amazon.

Cam, nice work on Michelle 30 minutes, Lower Body Supersets and the walk. It has been nice mostly the last few days and I have been outside getting some things done.
I didn't realize how long its been since I checked in. Busy at work - lots of meetings.

I got the STS 2.0 downloads. I did 40 minutes of Lower Body 1 today. Lots of room to grow with this program!!
Today I had an excellent workout, I slept well, and I had a lot of energy. I started with a 40-minute dog walk through the hills. traveled 2 miles and burned 367 calories. Next, I did Cathe Live #136 Upper Body Challenge with the Ball and did really well with it. I am lifting heavy weights again and it feels so good to challenge my muscles. Workout was 1 hour, and I burned 537 calories. This workout has a great AB and Core section at the end, I of course had to modify some of the exercises to suit my low back. Total calories burned for this morning were 904. I still have a 2-mile dog walk to do this afternoon! :) Getting this puppy is really getting me in good shape. My goal for next month is to up my protein intake, I really have to focus on getting more if I want to build muscle. I just ordered some protein powder, Iced Tea flavor and will sip on that during the day and during workouts. I think I will make some Deviled Eggs, that sounds good for a treat too.

Belinda, thanks for sharing the STS workout you did yesterday, I think I may buy the set since you like the case and I love having them when my internet is down, or I have problems with downloading. Great job on the workout too!

Cam, great job on the workouts this week, I was wondering where you have been! We have crappy weather at the beach, the typical May Grey is here.

Diane Sue, nice job on the workout yesterday. Thanks for sharing the info on the protein bars, those sound really good. I am going to Walmart today so I will pick myself up some if they are on the shelves. I like the Power Crunch Bars in Peanut Butter Cream. They taste like a candy bar and really come in handy when I have sugar cravings, which is most of the time!

Doreen, great job on the STS workout today. Please let us know your thoughts on each workout so we know which ones to buy and which ones to skip.

Debbie, I hope you have a great workout today.

Make it a great day.
This morning I walked on my treadmill. I am so sore from yesterdays workout, it's been a long time since I lifted and I'm really feeling it.

Workout was 35 minutes, burned 324 calories, did 1.75 miles, did 4130 steps and HR was 137/160.

I then took some time to stretch my whole body. My upper back is feeling like a knot is there again and I know it was the Rows I did yesterday. I'm starting to hate back work.

Great job with you workouts, everyone! I don't have time for personals. I thought once my events were over I'd have more time. Wrong... Now I'm back to meetings all the time. I hope to have time to catch up tomorrow.

Have a great day!!
Sleep deprived again and rib pain again. I managed a workout though. I did STS 2.0 Body Parts Biceps Express 2.0 no repeats, 31 minutes, 84 calories, heart rate 94/118. I followed it with STS 2.0 Body Parts Triceps Express #2, 21 minutes, 59 calories, heart rate 95/120. I finished with STS 2.0 Mobility #1 18 minutes, 30 calories. I also did half of the upper foam rolling, but ran out of time and needed to pick up my husband from the auto service center. Total time was 60 minutes, 173 calories. I tried to choose things that would not affect my ribs and chest wall too much.
The kneeling work in these workouts does have options for standing.

warm up using light tubing, then 5# dumbbells, then moved to heavier dumbbells I think 8's but I did not know we were still warming up and used 12's
Barbell Curls 1 35# 8 reps
Barbell Curls pause 30# 8 reps
kneeling dumbbell sweeper curls alternating 15# dbs 16 total reps
kneeling double arm sweeper curl 15# dbs 10 reps
hammer curl 15# dbs 8 reps
cross body curl alternating 12# dbs 16 total reps
kneeling hammer/cross body curls 6 rnds 15# dbs 4 rnds and dropped to 12 2 rnds
incline curl on stability ball 15# dbs
single arm preacher curl 15# db 8 reps(stability ball)
bands and weight 5 # dbs with tubing
reverse curls 10's 12 reps
wrist curls bar or dumbbells 25# barbell seated on step
cool down

warm up with 5 and 8 lb dbs , light tubing
lying overhead extension on step 30# barbell
seated single arm overhead triceps extension 10# db 10 reps R/L
Dips options dip station/tower/or step I used step with a 10# dumbbell in my lap
kneeling single arm kickback R/L 12# db 10 reps (one knee is on the step)
banded overhead extension 10 reps
banded triceps press down I used the boss band option R/L 10 reps
banded reverse grip triceps press down I used boss band green R/L 10 reps

Doreen, I think there are so many options to try these workouts will give room for lots of growth. I would change some of what I did today myself next time. I was just not set up to use the Fit Tower I also could use some other options on the band/tubing work.

Jolie, nice work on the walk and Cathe Live Upper Body Challenge with the ball. I am glad it worked well for you. I like doing work with the ball. I consume a lot of protein throughout the day. I think that is why I am gaining muscle along with the workouts. I cooked up chicken yesterday and made a mexican tortilla soup from Fixate cookbook. I always leave out most of the tortillas. Also have chicken to throw in salad or make a buffalo chicken dip from a paleo cookbook to top a baked sweet potato with. I alway have protein powder at least once a day. Usually at bed time and a couple of protein bars. Summer time I make some shakes. A favorite I have been using lately from a Paleo cookook uses frozen cherries, almonds and flax seed with fresh squeezed orange juice, almond extract and then I add a serving of grassfed whey and sprinkle some sliced almonds on top. I did not eat enough calories the last couple of days though. I need to work on that. I get tired of recipes for smoothies calling for bananas. I never could understand why someone would want a banana in a coffee smoothie.
Protein balls stored in the refrigerator are nice to have too. I make them sometimes.

Debbie, nice work on a treadmill walk this morning. I think some of my rib and chest pain may be from the boxing workouts I have done of Kelly's and CDorners workouts. I hope that the knots can be worked out. I feel them starting and really try to pay attention and work on them before they get too bad.

I walked this morning. I had to get ready to meet my son and DD in DC for dinner. DS is flying home tomorrow. He will be back soon. DD is flying to Croatia for a yoga retreat.

Diane - I am glad you liked the new workouts. I am impressed with these. Lots of room to grow with this program! I don't feel rushed either. Great job on your workout today. Thanks about the bars. I will look into these. I started taking the new meds. Hopefully it works. I was on it when I first was diagnosed with RP. The goal is to reduce the use of prednisone. I try anything at this point.

Julie - you are so welcome! I thought you would like the giant set workout. I do like it a lot. The case is gorgeous, IMO! I am glad I got the set. I contacted Cathe's team. I know they are busy.

Great job, ladies. I am tired. BB in the morning.
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Checking in with Michelle Briehler 30 min. Upper Body & Abs Supersets with Dumbbells. I really liked this. 5 circuits consisting of 2 strength & 1 ab/cardio move 40/20 2x thru. I went pretty heavy for me. Now time for the dog walk.

Received the 3 STS2.0 workouts today. Not sure which one I will do on Saturday. I think I may try Super Sets. I love super set workouts. I'm sure Cathe's will be quite a sweatfest.

Rest day tomorrow. Have a great weekend!
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Belinda, nice work before you went to have dinner with your DD and Son in DC. The body parts workouts were a nice pace and not rushed that I did today. I don't blame you, I would take anything too to try to improve things. I sure hope it works for you.

Cam, good job getting in Michelle Briehler Upper Body and Abs Supersets with Dumbbells.
Today I am tired, so I just took my puppy for a 1 hour walk in the hills, 3.1 miles and I burned 446 calories. Yesterday, I got in an extra mile and a half in the late afternoon, my puppy was bouncing off the walls LOL!

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! I cant wait to hear your feedback on the STS workouts, I am going to buy a few but not sure which ones yet.

Happy Friday to you all. Enjoy your day.
This morning I did RAW Burn Out Lower Body and had a really good workout. Wow are my legs going to be sore tomorrow. They felt it because I haven't really done a weight session with all legs in a long time.

Each superset is done 3 times - 45 seconds on/15 off

Squats: 12's
BW Squat Up to Calves

Reverse Lunges: 10's
BW Lunges w/Pulses

Plies: 15#
BW Plie Pop (I did what I could)

Front/Side Lunges: (I did Eleveated Deads using 12's)
Side to Side BW Lunges: (I did Firewalkers w/green material band)

Bridges: (I skipped and got on my treadmill for .5 miles)

This was tough for me and I even went really light. But I enjoyed it and my knee feels fine.

Workout was 48 minutes total, burned 362 calories and HR was 124/176.

Diane - So sorry your sleep isn't great, I sure don't have that problem and I am so thankful! Great job on your workout yesterday, I'm keeping my eye on the STS2 workouts. So far they look good. I sometimes also think my knots come from boxing but I love it so much! However, the last time it flared up I did that band workout in MegaMix. That was what did it that time. :( How long has your ribs and chest hurt? I missed that somehow, what happened?

Belinda - Have fun with your kids!! So glad you get to see them quite often.

Cam - Looking forward to seeing what you think of STS2!

Jolie - Good job with your walk!! I sometimes wish I had a dog I could walk. Maybe I should become a dog walker. LOL!! Then I can send them home to their owners!

Have a great weekend everyone! Woohoo! Long one!!
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No workout to report today. I ended up helping DD getting ready for her yoga retreat trip today.
I will workout tomorrow.

Diane - all the STS 2 workouts look nice pace and no rushed. I think, I will get a lot of use out of them. Especially since my cardiologist gave me the green light to workout, lol. Now I can go a little heavier. The med that was added, I was on it at the beginning with this disease. it wasn't enough to control it. Hopeful will everything I am already on, it may do the trick. It will take time for the med to kick in, even with everything I am on. My team of Rheum still wants me on prednisone taper and finish what I started. I had to stop the statin, it gave me very bad headaches and stomach cramping. Being off for the last 2 day's, headaches/stomach cramping are gone. Go figure!

Debbie - I am thankful to see my kids often. DH and I plan a trip to TX in July if am allowed to fly. I have to wait for June 8 to finalize our plans.

Cam - I think you like STS 2 Giant Sets. I enjoyed it.

Good night.
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I did a 30 minute bike ride today in Redwood national park. It was good but you could tell the instructor was just coasting along not following his own cues for the intervals in the workout!
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Today I did 4 Day Split Lower Intensity Step skipping the stretch, 32 minutes, 154 calories, heart rate 121/147,3,986 steps. I then did STS 2.0 Body Parts Legs Express #1 no repeats, 38 minutes, 106 calories, 99/123 heart rate, 250 steps. I finished off with STS 2.0 Recovery Total Body Stretch, 27 minutes adding a bit of rolling, 40 calories. Total time was 97 minutes, 300 calories, 4,236 steps.

Body Parts Legs Express no repeats
warm up
weight warm up squats 10's/10 reps, 12's/8 reps, 15's 8 reps
Squats #1 25# dbs 8 reps
squats #2 with fabric loop and 25# dbs 10 reps
squats #4 heels elevated squats with weights on shoulders 15# dbs 10 reps
Deadlift #1 25# dbs 8 reps
close grip sumo squat 40# db 10 reps
static lunge rear R/L 15# dbs 10 reps
side lunge # 1R/L 15# db 10 reps
elevated lunge R/L 15# db 12 reps
forward leaning elevated lunge R/L 20# db 12 reps
Barbell Hip thrusts # 1 I used 30# dumbbell option
side lying hip raise using fabric loop L/R 12 reps
calves in a box 15# dbs 16 reps each direction then a bonus of 8 reps each direction(this is 96 reps total)

Jolie, I nice walk with the pup sounds good for a relaxed day.

Debbie, great job on Burn Out Lower Body. I am sure you will feel it. I am already feeling my legs this evening from my workout. This rib and chest thing has been going on since the surgery. At first I thought it was the surgery and as I started healing I realized it is maybe something else. The pain wakes me up and it had kind of started showing around the sternum wrapping around the ribs and under my breast. The worst of the pain is in the upper side of my ribs. My arthritis doctor said if the steroid did not help then it is something they will have to x ray and see what is going on. If he doesn't do it my primary says she will get it done. She wondered if my rib was out of place. Anyway planks, push off moves, some chest moves and abs can set it off big time. It has been about a year and a half.
Those knots are so hard to keep under control. I am liking the STS 2.0 workouts so far. They are slower paced and so far I do not feel like I am rushing through a workout.

Belinda, I bet your daughter will love the retreat. That is nice you helped her get ready. Most of those meds are not instant. My doctor said we me need to add something else if the Steroid works and shows it was the arthritis. We will see. I am glad you feel better after stopping the statin. I have heard so many people have bad reactions to them.

Doreen, nice work on the Redwood ride. That is odd the instructor was not following his own cues.
Today is rest day #1 for the week. I tweaked my back yesterday bending down to pick up some laundry and I have really bad nerve pain and a spasm in my hip. I hate when this happens, it tends to linger for a while. I have a chiro appointment but it is in over a week so I will see what i can do for myself with stretches and hanging upside down on my teeter machine. I just took an Aleve, let's see what it does for the pain. I had planned on taking the weekend off from workouts so this is perfect timing to deal with the issue.

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend; I have no plans at all. Just the way I like it.

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