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I walked this morning. I will do STS Mobility soon.

DH and I tearing out the the carpet in the living room replacing it with luxury vinyl planks. We also replacing the flooring in the kitchen with the same vinyl as the living room. My kitchen his huge, flows right into my living room. Now DH has the crazy idea replacing the cabinets :) Once we are halfway through I will share the final outcome.

Debbie - thank you! My knees are not better, they are bordering me after GS :( Go figure. I keep the weights lighter for shoulders. I do what I can. I do like the new STS workouts, I find them completely different in structure than the original one. Each week you increased the weights with original STS. These ones, I have no idea how you increase them each week for 12 weeks? I hope I make sense? I will wait for the user guide to came out, maybe Cathe is mention something. Later on, you can interchange these workouts with any other Cathe's weight workouts or other instructors.

Cam - I feel worked out but not wiped out with the new workouts. Unlike the original STS. They are different, IMO!

Diane - if you look at all the STS rotations, the 12 week one had the most weight workouts, All the others had some mobility/yoga/stretching and other workouts like RWH sprinkled in there. One was high impact. This one fit the best, I can walk on those day's she schedules a stretch.

Roselyn - great job!

Julie - enjoy your recovery week. Knees are not doing better. I am so tired of this.

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I did Michelle 40 min No Equipment Total Body Met Con. I really liked this. I will take a walk tonight it's almost 90 here. Jeez. At least it isn't humid.

Debbie, I am about to start Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty. Never read anything by this author, but I could get the e-book right away and seemed to have good reviews. I will have to look into the book you are reading and the author. I like that kind of stuff. I just read Kat Timpf's book. It was ok, but I don't agree with some things she says and it was a little boring in some parts. I skimmed the last quarter of the book. I think the extra stretching will help.

Belinda, sounds like a fun home project. Are you doing it yourself or hiring contractors? I don't have the first STS, so I can't compare. Thursday I plan to do Tri Sets.

Jolie, an active rest week sounds like a good plan. I probably should do that for a week. Sorry for your bad weather.

Tomorrow will be a rest day and I plan to do STS Tri Sets on Thursday.
Today I did STS 2 Body Parts Shoulders express no repeats, 23 minutes, 84 calories, heart rate 99/124. I followed with STS 2 standing abs core plus floor which uses gliding discs and a 10# weight plate, 15 minutes, 59 calories, heart rate 108/127. I finished with 2.0 mat yoga 22 minutes, 32 calories.
Total time was 60 minutes, 175 calories. I will do cardio tomorrow and then maybe a full body Thursday or Friday. I don't think I want to do chest.

Cam, I think if one views most of these workouts there is generally a dumbbell option for everything unless maybe some of the tubing, although I know one of them today had a dumbbell option instead of tubing. There was other options in place of the tower or the double thing some were using. Tubing anchored or something. I have had my tower since the set of Fit Tower Advanced workouts came out. Never use it as a barbell stand though. I tried it with the one workout and thought I really did not need it for the weight I was using for chest.

Belinda, thanks I will go check out the user guide and download it. It will make things easier for sure. Your flooring will be wonderful. I remember how nice it was when we replaced the carpet with wood and tile in our last home. It was a large open area of kitchen, dining , entry and living room. I hated that carpet. This house is open and the whole dining, kitchen, halls, and living area is wood look, ceramic planks. I love it. So easy to sweep up and mop and makes everything feel so much cleaner than carpet. I will love seeing your before and after pictures.
I forgot to post the workout

STS 2.0 Body Part shoulders express
warm up uses light tubing and 10 and 12# dbs I used 8's
Standing overhead press barbell I used 25#
seated isometric hold with overhead press 5# and 10# dumbbell one arm holding light other overhead 8 r
incline front raise on stability ball 8# dropped to 5# dbs 8 reps
seated lateral raise 8# dbs 8 reps
standing front raise/side slide combo 5# dbs 10 reps
hip huggers 15# dbs 8 reps
delt fly on ball 8# db r/l superset with hip hugger 15# dbs
banded single arm rear delt fly tubing anchored with 40# dumbbell R/L 16 reps each
banded face pull door anchor with tubing is what I used
Belinda, I would not choose one of the rotations that mix other workouts. I can add a short cardio to any of them. Her guidebook says to keep cardio a couple of times a week and no more than 30 minutes. Also, you can add the stretches and recovery's whenever you want. Even if I started the 8 week I could add. I think there is not a specific plan for raising weights. You choose what makes you work hard. Also if you feel energy and want to add a little more there are the bonuses that are on the body part workouts that you can add on. Also, the option if wanted when doing the body parts to do two body parts a day and 3 times a week rather than one body part a day. I was reading over the guide. Premixes are helpful if you have a day where you are short on time. I like the looks of the program. You build as you go from total body to upper lower and then to body parts. I will wait till next week to start. Unfortunately I have a field vision test Monday morning. Maybe I should do the first one on Saturday.
i cannot find my original email when i ordered sts for the code for the user manual i emailed them today so i hope i get that

Yesterday i did caroline shoulders and today legs

Hoping to get codefor manual and start a rotation on monday
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STS 2 Super Sets is done. Went up in weights again, except for legs. Knees done't like heavy weights.

Diane - I read through the guide yesterday, that is why I chose the 12 week rotation. I walk my dog daily that's enough for me. Yes, as far as the weights goes...pick what you can. That's how I plan on doing. I like how STS2 is structured. I will work around my rotation, I have a lot of appointments coming up too.

Roselyn - I hope you find the code. Which rotations are you doing?

Cam - we are doing it ourselves :( the kitchen floor is going to be a nightmare. I love the original STS, I have done the rotation so many times over the years. Great job on the Michelle workout.

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This morning I did a couple of CDorner's Mobility workouts. I did the beginning of her 30 minute Mobility: Strong & Sweaty. I did fine until she got to the hands and knees part. I can't do Child's pose yet nor any of the other knee stretches. Plus, it was more advanced and I'm no where near that stage of yoga yet. I really liked it, though. I then did her Boost Your Balance & Mobility workout and was able to almost complete that one. Again, I stopped at Child's pose but did lay on my back for the ending. It was a good workout and my muscles felt so much better afterwards. I seriously need to keep these types of workout in my rotation. I have to figure out how to do that and not lose my cardio and weight lifting time.

I happy that is will be June 1st tomorrow!! I only have 2 more weeks of work. :)

Belinda - Sorry to hear about your knees. I will look into STS 2.0 but I'm sure it's quite expensive. Thanks for posting the User Guide. I will look through that before I make my decision. Sounds like you are doing tons of work to your house. My DH and I tore out our carpet a couple years ago and I'm so glad we did. Hardwood floors are so much easier to take care of!!

Cam - I'll have to check out the book you are reading. I sure love to read. Me and my mom read the same books so it's fun to talk to her about whichever story we are reading together. She is almost blind but seems to be able to read the Nook I bought her. The words are big and I have them on a black background which makes it so much easier on her eyes. She loves that thing. I was happy to read that your mom is doing so well! That is great!!

Diane - I totally understand what you mean about getting the X-ray, however, I do think you should get one soon. Obviously something isn't right. It is amazing what the steroid injections can do, but that seems to be more of a bandaid than a solution. Great job with you workout!! Did you buy the entire STS 2.0 series?

Roselyn - Have you subscribed to Caroline's website yet?

Jolie - I take Magnesiu, Potassium and D3 every day. I also take Vitamin C and sometimes an Iron supplement. These things seem to not help my muscle issues at all. :( Hope you enjoy your recovery week!!

Have a great day everyone!
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Today I did I Max 4 45 minutes, heart rate 132/169, 234 calories, 3,734 steps. I then did 2.0 no equipment abs 12 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 97/121. I am not so fond of ab workouts that do not support my neck though and as expected I had to keep at least on hand behind my head through some of the moves. It is a good workout though. I finished off with the 2.0 chair yoga since that is the only one, I have not done, 21 minutes, 37 calories. Total time today was 78 minutes 308 calories. I think I will do a total body 2.0 tomorrow but will do one that I would not do if I started a rotation Monday. I started rearranging my workout room to try to make more space to work. Right now it is kind of a mess.

Roselyn, I don't think that you need a code for the user manual. Just go to link and download it. I did it on my tablet and computer. Belinda posted a link yesterday and there is a link in the new workouts part of the forums. If you are referring to the downloads you may have to call them. I did that once and later realized I still had the original email that had the code on it saved in a different area. I thought I had printed it ahead of time, but couldn't find it.

Belinda, nice work on Supersets 2.0 again. I figure I can work around most things and change moves if necessary. If I chose the eight or ten week I can always extend if I am really wanting too. It seems phase 3 she has for a more extended time on the shorter rotations. I know I will not be using the weights Cathe is using on a lot of it. It is uncomfortable for my shoulders just getting a barbell on them so the weight has to be lighter, or I will use dumbbells. I might choose to do the Supersets that would be Monday on Saturday. I don't know for sure how I will do that since I am not sure how long my appointment will take. The workouts can be split to upper and lower for the tri-sets, supersets, and giant sets if one would want to split it to get it in at shorter times. My son did all of the tile in our kitchen, baths and entry way. The wood we paid someone to install. We took out all of the carpet and prepped the concrete underneath and bought new molding and stained it since changing left space at the bottom.

Debbie, CDorner is my favorite for mobility work. Some is more difficult that others, but for the most part there is not one that I didn't like. I see she has a new one tomorrow and a low impact workout with Tina Turner music. I may do that for one of my cardio days. I did purchase the whole STS 2.0 set. I was going to order just a few, and the cost was as much as buying the set. I am glad I bought the set as I see a lot I can do with it with the options and premixes. The work is not rushed as far as I can see.
I liked the balance mobility one too. The steroid was just a way to tell if it was arthritis or not. The arthritis doctor says we may need to add another medication since what I am taking is not controlling the pain and arthritis. It now appears that the rib and behind the breasts is obviously not arthritis.
I've been forgetting to check in. May is too busy. I went for a 2 hour bike ride Sunday, did a Penny Monday and did an Ifit 35 minute ride this morning. Getting ready for road trip tomorrow to Iowa for my parent's 50th anniversary and party. Lots to do for that still! See you all in June!
Today I went for a walk outside with my puppy, and two neighbor ladies who are 75 and 84 years young and we walked fast through the hills for 2 hours and walked 6 miles!!! I burned 1,100 calories and I am tired this evening. These gals did really well and kept up with me for the most part. They walk together every morning and are in great shape and I think I may join them a few times per week. They only went 4 miles, and I kept going but damn that is good for their age right! I want to be like that at 84 years young, slender and mobile and full of energy.

Great job on the workouts today everyone! I am loving my recovery week; I think I really needed it. I am sleeping better, and my muscles feel better with no soreness.
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Debbie - you are welcome! The price for the STS 2 is double from what I paid. I do like the workouts a lot. I am glad I got them. Yes, you can figure out how to do the workouts with the user guide. I like following along. I think I overdid it with my knees, walking longer, lifting heavier. I need to back off a little. We chose luxury vinyl flooring over hardwood. The price was the same as the hardwood. We always have dogs running around the house, it scratches easy. I wanted something that was easy to clean and doesn't show a lot of hair with DD dog. Great job on your workout.

Diane - the new workouts are more flexible than the original STS. I think they interchangeable with other workouts, or instructors. I will stick with the 12 week rotation. It's all laid out plus I like the looks of this one with no cardio, I can do whatever I want for cardio if I want. Although Cathe limits the cardio for the 12 week rotation. We don't have concrete in the living/kitchen. My living/kitchen is on the 2nd floor. We have a basement. It's all OSP subfloor. I wished I had concrete, would make things easier. When we did the basement floors, it was easy to lay tiles. We have wood throughout the 2nd floor like the dinning room/ antik room, entry way all away through the kitchen and and bathroom downstairs. I didn't wanted wood floors with dogs anymore. Plus, wood scratches easy.
Good morning,

took the dogs for a walk before it gets too hot outside. Went almost 3 miles and did STS Trisets.


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