Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for May 2023

Diane, have you ever thought of going to a Chiropractor about the pain in your ribs, they are probably out of alignment, and it just takes no time at all to fix the problem it that is the issue. Just a thought.
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I also just did Super Sets. I liked the exercises. She moves slower and you have time to set up your weights. The time flew. I use lighter weights than Cathe for most exercises, so I shortened the rest time from 2 min to 1 min and I added some extra reps where I could. I was surprised though, I did match her for biceps. The 15's weren't as difficult as I thought they would be. I just don't want to go too heavy and screw up my neck and shoulders. Definitely a quality program. I didn't listen to the music, I stream my own. I am not a fan of electronic music. I assumed that's what it is.

I will take a walk later.

Have a good one!
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Today I did Raw Box 4 your waistline which I really am enjoying, 32 minutes, 174 calories, heart rate 134/153,1,252 steps. I followed this with STS 2.0 Abs premix standing abs metabolic core +mini ball, 22 minutes, heart rate 98/124, 66 calories. I used the 5 and 10# weight plates like Cathe and a pilates ball. I finished off with STS 2.0 mobility #2, 17 minutes, 28 calories. Total time spent was 71 minutes, 268 calories, 1,876 steps. I will try to get in the shoulders and back next week. Not sure about chest till I look at it. Chest and shoulders are areas I keep lighter. I already did all of the body parts Monday with CDorner anyway.

Jolie, I hate it when I tweak something. I try to be careful picking up things or reaching at odd positions to get things and sometimes I totally lose my mind and forget. I had some sort of a spasm in my shoulder and lat the other day and every time I would try to reach out it would feel like something caught and cramped up and limit the movement. I would stretch it and try again. Finally I got in one good stretch position and held it for a longer time and then worked to loosen up and it quit. It is weird how things like that happen.
I am going to wait and see if I get x rays and can know what I am dealing with. I have tried things watching youtube vids because a lot of it sounds like and looks like the pictures of where costochondritis is. That can be caused from various things. But, I need to be sure before progressing further.

Belinda, nice work with the walk and STS 2.0 total body supersets. I thought you did that workout a couple of days ago. Maybe it was someone else. Or you just love it a lot :)

Cam, good work on the STS 2 Supersets total body as well. I keep mine lower. I used to go way heavier on the upper body work, but now if I go to heavy I feel my shoulders and neck tensing and pain is not something I want.
Diane- I did Giant Sets the other day. Today I did Supersets. If I have time later, I will post the workout. Great job on all your workouts.
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There are 8 Rounds/3 sets/8 reps/2 min rest each round. No rushing, nice pace. I really like the total body workouts so far. I feel worked out but not wiped out. I will check the WM for the STS rotations that Cathe posted today.

Round 1:

Round 2:
incline chest press
rows (overhand)

Round 3:
kneeling sweeper curls - I did standing.
Incline tricep ext.

Round 4:
calf Raises

Round 5:
alt. sumo squats
alt. cross back lunges

Round 6:
Incline chest flies
rows (underhand)

Round 7:
hammer curls
1 arm tricep kickback w/ loop

1 arm lateral raise
Rear Flies
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Diane - you are welcome! Cathe created 7 rotations for STS2, they are all in the WM. Cathe's original STS rotations are in the WM.
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Checking in with Penny 45 min Standing Cardio & Abs Super Sets. Each super ser was 40 /20 2x.I loved this. It was mostly low impact and she had good exercises. I did take some of the standing ab work to the floor though for better core work.

Belinda, I only bought the 3 total body's so I am not much help. People are sure getting worked up over not having the user guides. I would think as seasoned exercisers, this wouldn't be such a hardship. I do plan to do Giant Sets tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to that one. I though my upper body would be a little sore today, but only my chest is a little sore. Maybe tomorrow I will have more Doms, but that's ok by me.

I think the next time I do Super Sets, I will use 1 of the 2 minutes to add a little cardio drill. I think that will make it more challenging for me. I don't need 2 minutes to rest for my weight amount.

Roselyn, welcome back!

Just took my mom outside and got us milkshakes. She sure is getting stronger. Amazing! We talked with a woman who is at my mom's facility who is 101! She looks like she's in her 70's. Wow! So alert and walking on her own and dressed really nice. She doesn't look like she belongs there, but she seems really happy. Her daughter who is 78 is doing worse. Go figure.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
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This morning I just did the 2.0 Active warm up. It is a rest day for me.

Belinda, I looked over the rotations, but think I am just going to go through them all and then maybe decide on a rotation.

Cam, nice job on Penny standing cardio and abs. That is great that your mother is getting stronger. Nice that you were able to spend time outside with her.

Roselyn, nice work on chest and tris today.
Good morning,

I decided to jump right into the 12 week STS 2 rotation. Today I did Giant Sets. Tomorrow mobility 1 is on the schedule. I probably will add a little more stretching especially after a weight workout, they are short.

Total Body Giant Sets
Round 1: 10 exercise/10 reps/
squats - 45 lb
chest press - 15's
overhead press - 10's
alt. rear lunge - 20's
deadlifts - 15's
bent over rows - 15's
side to side lunge - 15's
bicep curls - 15's
lying tricep ext. 12's
hip thrust -20's on the stability ball

Round 2: 10 exercises/10 reps
elevated lunge - 15's
alt. single arm chest press - 20's
alt. single arm overhead press - 12's
single leg rear lunge - 20's
single leg deadlifts - 15's
one arm row - 15's
single leg side lunge - 20's
single arm bicep curls - 15's
single arm lying tricep extensions - 12's
single leg hip thrust - 20's

Round 3: same exercises as Round /8 reps
squats - 50 lb
chest press - 20's
overhead press -12's
alt. rear lunge - 20's
deadlifts - 15's
bent over rows - 15's
side to side lunge - 20's
bicep curls - 15's
lying tricep ext. 15's
hip thrust - 20's

Cam - I have to check out the forum. I like everything so far about STS 2. I am glad I got the set. Have fun with Giant sets today.

Roselyn - hope you had a great time on vacation.

Diane - I looked through the rotations, I decide to jump into the 12 week one. That one appealed to me the most, I can do cardio on day's of the mobility/yoga/stretch day's.

Have a great Monday, everyone.
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Happy Memorial Day! It is gloomy here today, typical of the beach at this time of the year. I cannot wait for the sun to come out and stay out. Today I went for a 4.5 mile walk outside through the hills and had an excellent workout. I say workout and not walk because I am really working hard to walk up the steep hills, it is not an easy walk by any means. Walk time as 1 hour and 30 minutes and I burned 893 calories. I also took my puppy for a walk so I hit 10,000 steps before 9am this morning.

Great job on the workouts this weekend everyone! I love hearing the feedback regarding the STS workouts, keep them coming. My husband is working today so I am spending the day by myself. Not a bad thing, I think I will meal prep today and watch a tennis tournament, I could not be happier :)

Have a wonderful day.
Today I did Ice Low Impact Sweat #1 28 minutes, 127 calories, heart rate 120/150,1,827 steps. I then did Cathe STS 2.0 Body Part back express no repeats. This took me 47 minutes when it was around 30. So much switching equipment and not sure what would work best for me. Once I put the Fit Tower up for needed space which meant dismantling it for me and then later another move could have used it again. I did not care for this much, but I think once I know what I need so I have it set up right it may be okay. I burned 111 calories with this and heart rate was 92/132. I finished with foam rolling upper body.

2.0 Body Parts Back express no repeats
warm up uses a 10# dumbbell and light tubing
Straight arm press down/seated rows tubing
double bar inverted rows used fit tower
Fit tower for chin up
Fit tower pull up (I am not sure if I have these moves labeled correctly but think maybe next time I will forgo the that and use the other options for those with no tower or double bar thingy.
Step with 5 risers 1 arm kneeling row R/L 20# db 10 rep
barbell pullover /banded pull apart 30# (I did not go very far back with the barbell 10 reps superset with the tubing 10 reps medium
Barbell Penollay Row removes step top and sets barbell on 2 risers each side/ superset with shrugs
(I started with 50# and soon switched to just barbell rows) Cathe has 60# and says it is an advanced move and she follows with same weight for shrugs. I picked up 10# dumbbells for the shrugs and after the set was done I lowerd the bar to 30 and did 10 more shrugs. This was done in 10 reps each move
banded close grip pulldown (could have did seated with the tower that I put up) I put up the door anchor that goes to the TRX and slipped two tubing strengths through that I could remove handles from to get through the door anchor. This took up time, but worked. I used the medium and heavy b-lines for this as I only have 1 heavy old Cathe tubing with handles.
seated T band pulls lighter tubing
superman swimmers with stuff all over the floor plus one dog. The swimmer part did not work out well.
As you can see the experience was not optimal at all.

Belinda, I was looking at the 8 week plan. I don't know though till I see the guide and moves etc. The whys of how it is mapped out. 3 total body workouts a week seem like something I would not have time to recover between workouts enough. Not sure I guess, but I have limited myself to two most of the time or 1 total body and the rest of the workouts body parts during a week. It has worked best for me. Nice work on Giant Sets. That one doesn't look too bad.

Jolie right now it is a bit gloomy outside. Sun comes out periodically and then it clouds up and gets dark with bits of rain. It was not bad when I got up though. I went outside and cut some roses to bring in and check things. Great job on the walk.
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This morning I also did Giant Sets. Belinda, we are on the same mind path. I liked this one and how set 1 are bilateral moves and the 2nd set is the same but unilateral and the 3rd set was repeated bilateral but less reps. It was a nice challenge. I think that I should be more exhausted, but as Michelle Briehler says, you don't need to kill yourself to feel the effects of a good workout. I need to remind myself of that once in awhile. I also just took a 2 mile walk. The weather here has been perfect. I don't remember a Memorial weekend this nice. I have spent most of my time outside. It's going to keep on all week. Though I will not complain, but we are going to need rain soon.

I took off tomorrow so looking forward to sitting outside and reading after my workout and errands.

Diane, Low Impact Sweat is my favorite of Cathe's low impact cardio. I opted for 2.0 workouts that didn't require a lot of equipment. Other than dumbbells, bands, tubing and a step bench, I don't own all those other gadgets. I wouldn't use them enough to justify the expense.

Jolie, I love when I get the house to myself. I can blast my music.:D
You are all making me want STS 2.0. Are these workouts set up like the first STS where the first 4 weeks is more of a cardio-ish setup to burn fat first, then the next 4 weeks is going heavier with low reps and long rests and the 3rd 4 weeks is really heavy with extremely long rest periods. The workouts you all have been doing look excellent.

Today I did RAW Boxing 4 Your Waistline. Really fun workout, I enjoyed it. The music was just ok for me, I recognized maybe 2 of them. Great workout and I see myself doing this one quite often. I did not use egg weights because my upper back has really been bothering me.

Workout was 32 minutes, burned 297 calories, did 2889 steps and HR was 139/171.

I also did CDorner's Morning Stretch that she just did a couple weeks back. It was 20 minutes. I enjoyed it a lot except when she got on her knees. I cringe when I think of doing anything on my knees anymore. I think it's just a mental thing but it worries me. Anyways, my body is so tight it's ridiculous. I'm going to try to add on at least 10 minutes of yoga or stretch after each workout. It will definitely be easier to do once I'm off on summer break. I was in so much pain this weekend because we did a lot of yard work. My upper back was just burning. I have to do something.

Diane - You're right, I did like the Boxing 4 your Waistline workout, that was fun!! Wow, I didn't know you've been dealing with the rib problem for a while now. I wonder what is causing that? I wonder why your doctor didn't just X-ray that for you? Why give you a steroid shot instead of figuring out what the problem is? There has to be a reason. I sure hope you can figure it out so it will heal. It's always something, isn't it? Yikes!

Belinda - Great job on the STS workouts. They look like fun. Your knee must be better because you were using some impressive weights with the Giant Set workout. Great job!! Keep the reviews of STS coming, I may actually buy it.

Jolie - Great job with your workouts this weekend. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!! Mine was really good but we worked a lot. We planted and did all kinds of stuff in my mom's yard. It is hard work but it looks so nice when we are finished.

Cam - Enjoy your day off! What are you reading?? I'm reading a book with the title "Homecoming" by Kate Morton. She writes psychological thrillers and they are always great books.

Have a great day everyone!!
I have decided that this week is going to be an Active Recovery Week, mostly walking and maybe just one or two days of lite weight lifting, I want to give my body a break and time to recover. Today I went for a 4 mile walk with my puppy through the hills and about 1 mile into the walk, it started pouring rain! We were so soaked when we got home, I literally had to change my cloths. I was going to do Caroline Girvan's Arms workout but decided against it since I was not in the mood after being so wet. Walk was 1 hour 16 minutes and I burned 670 calories.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. Sorry to hear how stiff you are, have you tried taking Magnesium, D3 and Potassium? That is the missing elements in our diets that cause soreness, stiffness and spasms. I loaded up on Friday when I had the terrible spasm, and it helped a lot.

Cam, great job on the STS workout. Also, enjoy your day off in the sun reading, my favorite thing to do :)

Diane Sue, nice workout yesterday, the fit tower things sounds like a pain!

Belinda, way to go on the workout, your knees must be feeling so much better!!!

Roselyn, great job on the workout.

Where is Doreen?

Have a wonderful day.
Debbie, nice work today. I felt the same on the music. I recognized the songs, but they were never in my collection. It is fun.
As for the x-ray my primary care will set one up if I want. She would have done it right away. I suggested maybe I could get one at the arthritis center. I may still ask her to set up. It is a matter of the drive to the facility area and my remembering the needle biopsy in my neck. The arthritis doctor did the steroid injection so we could see if it helped all of the pain. That way if I still have pain in an area it is probably not the arthritis and something we need to x ray or mri to see what is going on, it has helped with the constant spinal and back pain and knee. Not the rib and behind breast pain. Hope I am making sense. I am contemplating going ahead with my primary care Dr. She has worked with my daughter years ago and was concerned about it. I know she has my best interest.

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