Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018


Question, do you have to sign up for the Cathe on Demand package to use the Roku on demand app. I just want Cathe Live. I have the dvds.


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 25 minutes, 175 calories, met 6.3, heart rate average 149, max 186, 2,195 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Kickboxing and Contour, 42 minutes, 283 calories, met 6.1, 1,905 steps. Total time was 67 minutes, calories burned 358 calories. I signed up for Cathe Live again today. I had a few troubles getting it on the Roku, but they finally helped me out :) It works great. There are a lot more workouts than when I last signed up for it.

Debbie, nice work and calorie burn. I remember Mesocycle 1 being a bit better on the calorie burns than on the lower rep longer rest workouts. I am liking the Finisher workouts on the Coffey Fit channel. I did the cardio one one day which was short and sweet and she suggests for if you want more after a strength workout. The cardio finisher took was around 14 minutes. I think there is another one that I have not tried yet.

Jolie Fit

Sorry that I did not check in yesterday, but my computer was in for repair.

Yesterday I walked 6 miles and then went to the chiropractor to get my shoulder and arm adjusted. It is feeling much better but I am going to avoid doing upper body this week so I don't hurt it again.

Today I had and awesome workout. I started with a 5 mile walk, 1 hour and 30 minutes and I walked as fast as I could, even up the hills. After my walk I got on my spin bike for 15 minutes and rode with the resistance high enough to where my quads were burning!!! Next, I did the following exercises:

I did these in a circuit, 2 rounds with no rest.
Body Weight Squats- x 30 reps
Leg Curls- 22.5 pounds x 14 (these were killer)
Body Weight Plie Squats x 25
Jumping Jacks x 30

Total Workout time was 1 hour and 56 minutes and I burned 1,032 calories. Yeah!!!!!!! I am trying to burn more calories so I can drop some weight. This week is a good time since i cant lift weights anyway. I have been watching some girls on Instagram doinging some circuit workouts using body weight and cardio and they are killer workouts. I am looking for a change so i am going to try some new things to see if I like the results.

Great workouts everyone. i am running late to a school meeting so I dont have for personals. I did read all your posts and you are killing it!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day.


Roselyn, nice workouts. I am sure you are very busy getting the wedding prep together. It is getting close :)


Today I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Cardio Legs, 63 minutes, 313 calories, met 4.5, heart rate average 105, max 141, 1,728 steps. This one had a mix of barre, weights, cardio and isolation that they did at the end. My legs were on fire :) That is it. I need to clean house and bathe the dog. My grandson is coming over to mow and take care of my morning glory planter in front. They are creeping out into the driveway and the neighbors drive. It is needed care badly.

Jolie Fit

Today I am tired from my workout yesterday so I walked on my treadmill uphill for 40 minutes, traveled 2.3 miles and burned 401 calories. I finished with ABS.

Diane Sue, that Fit Tower Cardio legs looks like a good workout, nice job on the isolation work! Don't you just love when your legs are on fire!!!!

Roselyn, way to go in getting the workouts in with the wedding quickly approaching. Give us an update!!!

Debbie, I will check back in later to see if you posted a workout.

Have a fabulous day!
Hey Guys,

Today’s workout, STS back& biceps and I did Legs, durning the 1 minute rest after that I walked to Giant Eagles; only 45 minutes. Yesterday’s workout, I walked 1:45 hours.

I’m lying here resting:eek: watching Xtrain dics 1, really looking forward to starting. Have a great evening all.

Nice work everyone ;):)

Debbie, I’m not working anymore, just didn’t work for me.


Jolie, great workout even when you are tired ;) I keep having extra things during the day, so I am just not worrying too much about how long my workouts are. I would just like to get something in. I am taking my 7 year old grandson to a day camp tomorrow morning and figured I would make a stop since I will be near my vets office to pick up Frontline and hit Sprouts on the way back. Maybe get some gas as my husband is out in my car at the moment :) Then maybe I will get in a workout. I am really not very good at getting put together and then doing a workout in the middle of the day. I think they said something about it being 105 tomorrow. Not a good day for going outside.

Doz, I would think that it would be hard to go back to work after having the freedom of enjoying your time to your self most of the time.


Today I did Cathe Live Advanced Step Choreography, 51 minutes, heart rate average 145, max 182, 355 calories, 4,681 steps. I took my grandson to a day camp this morning and will be picking him up this afternoon. I had to run errands so am lucky I got in a late workout :) I would like to do Kelly's new toning workout tomorrow and maybe add some cardio. I will have to see how much time I can squeeze out before taking my grandson to camp again. I may be helping my daughter out tomorrow afternoon.

Debbie, where are you?
Today’s workout, Kick Punch & Crunch And I walked 1:45 o_O I’m done.

In regards to Xtrain, love all the workouts except Hard Strikes, I’m headed out to run a few errands, I will check back later.

Diane Sue - Nice workout, as always.
today was cathe live summer kickoff 2016 cardio and strength very good,

Next Saturday is my daughters bridal shower, august the bachelor/bachelorette parties and then september to tie up all loose ends for October 12!! Seems far but...NOT:)

Jolie Fit

Today I got up early and went for a 4 mile walk before it got hot outside. Next I jumped on my elliptical and ran 2 miles on Interval Mode, high incline with high resistance for 2 minutes alternating with low incline and lower resistance for two minutes. I finished with 4 sets of leg extensions: 50# x 20, x 18, x 16, x 14 reps. Lastly I did some ABS. Workout 1 hour and 58 minutes and I burned 945 calories.

Diane Sue, it is really hot here as well! I am hating summer this year, it is only been hot and humid everyday so far. Good job getting in a workout even being so busy, I cannot motivate myself to workout after morning time either!!

DOZ, nice job on STS and the long walk! Way to go!!! I didn't like Hard Strikes either, it isn't a very hard workout and a lot of Cathe's current kickboxing workouts have so many jumping jacks and higher impact moves that kill me!!! Cathe Live has tons of boxing, kickboxing kinds of workouts and a lot of them are really hard and a great way to burn calories. If you dont have a heavy bag she always shows you how to modify the workout. I always use 1 or 2 pound gloves to get a better workout.

Roselyn, so exciting about the wedding!!!! With all the working out you are getting in this summer you are going to be "One beautiful Mother of the Bride!"

Have a nice day. I guess Debbie is still on vacation.
Hi all, me and my DH went to the islands. We are back and I will do a workout tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

You all are kicking butt!!
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Doz, nice work. Hard Strikes does have a lot of jacks and I really have to be in the mood for that. I prefer some of the others. Nice work.

Roselyn, I do not think I have done that workout. There are a lot that I have not done on the live workouts.

Jolie, you are really burning some calories. I think I would have been done after the walk and not done elliptical too. I think the heat just makes me feel more tired or something.

Debbie, the islands sounds like fun. I am always excited to get back to workouts after I am away for a few days.
Today was STS Meso 1, Disc 3, Legs. This one is a killer, my legs are like jello right now. Had a great workout and my knees did not hurt one bit.

Walking Lunges & Plie Squats: BW - 4 sets of 4 sets/plies
One Leg Touch Down Squats: BW - 15 reps
Firewalkers: 4x4 steps 10 times
One Leg Elevated Lunges: 12#/6 reps
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 20's/15 reps
One Leg Slide Back Lunges: 8's/16 reps
Side Slide Lunges: 12's/16 reps
Wall Squats w/Stability Ball: BW/10 reps
Wide Stance Squats: 20's/16 reps
Calf Raises: 20's/40 reps
Front Lunge Same Leg: 12's/15 reps
Stiff Leg Deadlifts on Platform: 20's/15 reps no platform that is just stupid
Double Leg Wall Squats w/Stability Ball: 8's/8 reps (did not drop weights, I can't go down that far)
Lateral Step-Ups: 12#/15 reps
Drop Side Lunges & Stand w/Leg Lift: 12#/15 reps
Sequential Lunge into Front Kick: 8's/15 reps
Narrow Stance Squats: 20's/15 reps
Calf Raises: 20's/40 reps
Wide Stance Deadlifts: 20's/15 reps
**Did not do the bonus

Workout was 42 minutes, HR was 114/144, burned 220 calories.

Also walked on my treadmill for 1 mile.

I don't have time for personals, DH and I are going to a shooting range. Can't wait! I bought a new S&W 9mm and want to try it out. We got our CCWs back in January.

Have great workouts everyone!!!!


Today I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio Hiit, 36 minutes, met 5.9, 232 calories, 2,703 steps, average heart rate 136, max 174. I used 5# dumbbells. I then did Coffey Fit Raw upper sculpt/ lower tone, 52 minutes, heart rate average 110, max 152, 258 calories, met 4.5, 1,347 steps. This used 3# dumbbells and the site says 10# each leg ankle weights but Kelly says she has 8 on each when she started so that is what I used. She does say later that they could be 10#. I think 8 was enough. This was rounds of boxing moves with dumbbells and leg moves standing and later to the floor. Obviously no jumping. It was pretty active throughout though. I am sure I will feel it. She puts the 3's down during the final punching and squat combo. Total time was 88 minutes, calories burned 484 calories.

Debbie, nice workout today. Have fun at the range. My husband has taken me before. I was fine with the smaller gun, but his work issued gun really packed a kick when fired. I did not care for it so much. Husband has one with him pretty much everywhere he goes. I have never got CC My older daughter has hers.

Jolie Fit

Debbie, I love going to the shooting range! We do it all the time, my boys have being shooting since they were very young. Have fun!

Today I woke up hot and sweaty again, I am so sick of it. I did a total body workout and loved it, lighter weight and higher reps. I did 3 rounds of the circuit. Workout was 44 minutes and I burned 299 calories. I used DB's and machines.

DB Chest Press- 20# x 16 ( 3 rounds )

Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 16

DB Seated Overhead Press- 15# x 16

DB Bicep Curls- 15# x 16

DB Lying Triceps Ext.- 12# x 16

Leg Curls- 22.5# x 16

ABS- 3 different exercises

Bent Leg Deadlifts into stiff Legged Deadlifts 20# BB x 16
(Picking the bar off the ground and standing to a deadlift)

I feel great today!

Debbie, nice workout, I could never walk on the treadmill after doing that leg workout. I am so glad your knee is not hurting.

Diane Sue, DOZ, and Roselyn, I will be back in awhile to read your posts!

Happy Friday. So sad to hear about that Duck Boat Accident in MO yesterday, 13 people died just trying to go out and have some fun.

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