Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018


Debbie, I think I finished my workout around 9:53 yesterday and it says 9:51 so I think it is correct.
Weird, the post that I posted last night says 7:02 p.m. and I posted it at 7:22. So for some reason my posts are 20 minutes off. The time on my laptop is correct so not sure why that is happening. Oh well...

Today I did STS Meso 1, Disc 5, Back & Triceps. Had a great workout and went up in weights a bit from last week.

Double Arm Dumbbell Row: 15's/15 reps
Close Grip Pushups: 8 reps
Double Arm Dumbbell Row: 15's/15 reps
Close Grip Pushups: 8 reps
Chinups: 12 reps/assisted
One Arm Seated Overhead Extensions: 13#/15 reps
One Arm Row: 25#/15 reps
T-Pull w/Band: 36 reps
Flat Bench Dumbbell Triceps Extension: 13's/15 reps
Barbell Rows: 45#/21 reps
Y's w/Band: 36 reps
One Arm Kickbacks: 10#/15 reps
One Arm Horizontal Row: 22#/15 reps
Deadlifts: 25's/8 reps
Seasaw Pushups: 20 reps
One Arm Press Down w/Band: 36 reps
Chinups: 12 reps/assisted
Double Arm Seated Overhead Extension: 22#/15 reps
Barbell Rows: 45#/21 reps
Double Arm Rows w/Band: 36 reps
Side Leaning Overhead Extension on SB: 10#/15 reps
Pullovers: 22#/15 reps
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's/15 reps
One Arm Band Kickbacks: 36 reps
Pullups: 10/2 reps (had to stop after 10 and then continued to complete the 12)
Cross Body Kickbacks: 12#/15 reps
Lat Pulldowns w/Band: 10 reps
Side Lying One Arm Pushups (I did Close Grip Pushups): 16 reps on toes
Skipped this:
Double Arm Horizontal Row Drop sets
Double Arm Kickbacks Drop Sets

Just didn't feel like I needed all this, my back was really burning and so was my triceps. Didn't want to risk an injury.

Workout was 58 minutes, burned 296 calories, HR was 118/172.

Also walked on my treadmill. Went 2.23 miles, burned 248 calories and did 5417 steps. HR was 88/126.

DOZ - Get on it girl, don't stop now. You are doing great so keep it going. You will love Xtrain, the workouts are really fun. Show us what you got!! :)

Diane Sue - Burpees first thing in a workout is a reason for me not to do it at all. This is why I don't care for Cathe cardio much, it is WAY to high intensity with all the jumping moves. I have learned from Kelly that you can get your HR up just by doing low impact moves. The hardest moves Kelly does are jumping jacks and mountain climbers. I can handle those! LOL! Sorry you are having so many problems with your joints, that isn't fun. I have a bump on my left pointer finger right where you bend your finger and I'm not sure what it is. I tend to think it's calcium build up or a cyst, and I'm hoping it isn't arthritis. I need to go get it checked, I keep hoping it will go away. I can't imagine going through what you are going through, that must be very painful. Hope your doctor can find meds that work for you.

Jolie - I seen it was 123 degrees out there, but I think it was Death Valley? I can't believe it is that hot out there, I always thought California had the perfect weather. And I'm shocked to hear you deal with humidity too. I thought you only had dry heat out there? It is very humid here and only 78 degrees. I can deal with that!!!

Roselyn - Are you talking about the Duck Boat accident? That was so horrible. They really need to get rid of those boats. That was just so sad, especially for the one woman who lost 9 family members. How do you go on from that? OMG.

Have great workouts everyone!!

Jolie Fit

The time I posted yesterday was correct for Pacific Standard time.

Today is going to be my rest day for the week. I am tired and I didn't sleep well, it is so hot, and will continue to be for the next 2 weeks. I made some deviled eggs this morning to snack on instead of reaching for something bad and filled with carbs. I have to start prepping food in advance so I make better choices. They say that your diet is more than half the battle!!!

Diane Sue, sorry to hear about our pain issues. That is a bummer, I go out of my mind when something happens to me and I need to go to the doctor. I hate not being able to handle the issue myself. Have you tried MSM? I think supplementing collagen, hyaluronic acid, msm, high doses of vitamin C. hydroxyapatite( Bone Meal ) and vitamin k2 would work well. Also, I know that Prolotherapy would help as well, I have friends of the family that it worked for with Arthritis. Also, they are now doing the stem cell treatments.

Roselyn, I am missing lifting heavy as well so I am going back to the total body workouts just for that reason.

DOZ, life gets in the way sometimes! No biggy about the workouts, just keep moving forward, you have done so well lately.

Debbie, did you workout today? I didnt see your post if you did.

Have a nice day.


Today I started with Cathe Live Move It, 39 minutes, 252 calories, heart rate average 138, max 169, 5.9 met, 254 calories, 3,072 steps. Funny before I started my workout I had 666 steps and when I ended my workout I had 4,666 step. I had to laugh at the 666 popping up. That used to happen when I would run on the treadmill and I would look at the calories, so I would go a bit longer LOL
I then did Cathe Live Pumped Up Upper Body 59 minutes, (52 actual because of writing things down) 293 calories (MMF says 348 calories), met 4.5, 822 steps, heart rate average 98, max 140. Total time today 98 minutes, 545 calories.
Live Pumped Up Upper Body
5 rnds of 3 sets then 2 rnds abs
5# dbs warm up
sweeper curls 15# dbs 12,10,8 reps
upright row 12# dbs 16,12,8 reps
3 times
W curls 12# dbs 8 reps no changes
front raise 12# db 12 reps
3 times followed with biceps isolation curls holds and various counts done on it's own
Dips 32 reps
close grip bench press 15# dbs 24 reps final set 16 reps (this is done with some alternating and some both)
rear delt fly 10# dbs 10/8 reps all 3 sets
pullovers 15# dbs 8 reps all 3 sets
3 times
push ups using step variations all 3 sets
chest fly 15# dbs 10 reps and 12 reps final set
seated overhead press 10# dbs 12 reps and 10 reps final set
lying extension 10# dbs 8 reps with partials and final set 5 partials
3 times
1 arm row 25# db, 16 reps (Cathe holds a 10 and 12 together)
lateral raise 5# dbs 32 reps
3 times
abs done on step bicycles, reverse crunch, leg shooters, L crunch, leg chasers, repeat for a shorter set

Debbie, I find it odd at times that my husband and I have the same cell phones and our time will be off by a couple of minutes between the two. I have found Kelly's cardio has a fun factor for me because I don't dread so many of the moves. You are right, you still get a great calorie burn and I find I end up with less joint pain with hers. After the burpees and she started into swinging the stability ball overhead and down I just stopped. That used to make my shoulders and neck burn and hurt when I did the cardio in Drill Max. I suppose I could just put the ball down and do something else, but felt if it was an indicator for the rest of the workout I was through with it. You should get the bump checked out. It could be just a cyst or maybe a bone spur, or something else.
I kept hoping things would stop with me, but it didn't. The thing with the medicine is that it is supposed to help stop the problems from progressing.

Jolie, I take the collagen, usually bone Broth or I buy bone broth protein powder. I use homemade bone broth in cooking. I use msm sometimes, but I don't know why it is, maybe sourcing, but I sometimes have a reaction to it. I have wondered if it was my sulfa allergy and how some of it is processed. I can take it when I use the Joint Vibrance. I wish that stuff was not so costly for 21 days worth of product. I usually pick it up when I find a sale on it. It has about everything in it. I take lots of vitamin C and a natural magnesium calcium supplement that has K in it. I also use Amazing Grass that has K in it and lots of C. I buy the immunity one. I had to list all of my supplements on the paperwork for the Arthritis center so they know what I am taking. I also take extra bromelain and tumeric. I take extra D and B stress formula and Now Hyaluronic Acid with some herbs to help the body absorb it better. They do help. I quit taking them for a couple of weeks before my labs and I could sure tell the difference.

Doz, you have made so much progress on your goal. I am sure that you will love your next rotation. I know sometimes things get in the way. I think my workouts are so much a habit, I forget that I really could take time off :) I feel like I missed something if I don'e do one. Even if it is short.
Today I did Cardio Coach 3 and had a great workout. I have a Thermography today at 1:00 which replace mammograms for me since I refuse to do mammograms. The one thing I can't do today is drink coffee. My head really hurts but hopefully it won't be too bad. I should have made the appointment first thing this morning, not sure I took the 1 p.m. appointment?

Workout was 40 minutes, ran 2.87 mile, burned 353 calories and went 5765 steps. HR 147/183.

Diane Sue - That is funny about the number 666 on your FB. How weird. I'm like that with that number as well as the number 13. They freak me out. Nice job on your workouts!! Those looked tough,

Jolie - Hope you enjoyed your rest day!

DOZ - Great job getting your workout done! What Meso cycle are you on now? I thought you completed the series?

Roselyn - Great job with your workout!!!

Have great workouts everyone!

Jolie Fit

Today I put together a kick butt total body workout and loved it! 3 rounds of the circuit, the last round to failure. Hot and humid again, a hurricane is off the coast of Mexico bringing in this humidity! Workout was 46 minutes, I didn't rest at all between sets unless to stand in front of the fan for a second to cool off. I burned 359 calories 188 average heart rate and max was 145. By the time I was done with my stretch I had burned an additional 48 calories.

Debbie, nice job on the running today! I am loving my full body workouts again, I am trying to get some muscle mass back again. Its too hot to go outside and walk lately so I am in the gym more. Walking is really good for my stress for whatever reason so I do miss it. I defiantly get better results from more lifting.

DOZ, way to go yesterday with getting STS out of the way for the day!

Roselyn, What did you decide to do next, Body Beast again or are you going to do it On Demand and do the newer workouts?

Diane Sue, I hope you have a great workout this morning. I will check back in to read your post. I made deviled eggs and have been snacking on them all week. I am going to make Asian cucumber salad today!

Have a nice hot day!!!

Jolie Fit

OK I forgot to post my workout, I was rushing...

Leg ext.- 50# x 18, x 18, x 20 TF
Chest Press- 25's x 14, x 14, x 16 TF
Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50# x 14, x 14, x 18 TF
BB Seated Overhead Front Press- 40# x 14, x 14, x 17 TF ( I thought I would die )
Hammer Curls- 17's # x 14, x 14, x 17 TF
2 Arm Kickbacks- 8's x 14, x 14, x 19 TF
DB Squats- 15's X 16, x 16, x 19 TF
Stiff Leg Deadlifts- 40# x 16, x 16, x 18 FT (these were hard )
ABS- Bicycles x 40, x Diagonal leg lifts x 20 each leg, alt. leg lifts x 40
Leg Curls- 22.5# x 14, x 14 x 16 TF

Thats it! As Cathe would say, "Tuff Stuff"!


Today I did Cathe Live Get Steppin, 52 minutes, met 6.0, 342 calories, 4,826 steps, heart rate average 142, max 173. I then did Live Bun Burners Barre and Ball, 48 minutes, 212 calories met 4.0, 1,767 steps. Total time 1 hour 40 minutes, 554 calories. Bun Burners barre and Ball was standing non weight leg work followed by barre work and ending at 36 minutes with ball . I liked it. I really was wanting to get some lower, but not weights today. I am not sure if I will get a short workout in tomorrow or not. I will be helping my daughter with some things.

Doz, nice work with STS. Glad you are getting back at it.

Roselyn, good to see you are still working out as I know how busy that you must be.

Debbie, nice work on the calories and steps. I have not known anyone to do the thermography. My older dd just got her first mammogram and said that she wasn't sure she wanted to do it again. I was talking to her about all of this exposure with x rays and the like yesterday. I mentioned the coming colonoscopy for me and the need when you are not having problems. She said it catches cancer and those that catch it that way can live, the ones that go in because problems that have started are the ones who do not usually survive.
I generally go beyond the dates for those tests. I put them off.
I am not familiar with how thermography works.
That workout yesterday ended up being tough. I was pretty well spent by the end of that upper body workout.

Jolie, that is great that you are enjoying your total body workouts. I like doing at least one a week along with upper and lower days. It depends on how sore I am. I orderd some Thorne brand Meriva curcumin Phytosome this morning, in hopes of it working for me intead of so much Advil. Advil has such bad side efffeccts. The Meriva is supposed to be absorbed and used better. I was reading on Chris Kressor website about RA and how he treats his patients and trying to keep from the meds that cause so many adverse effects. Although he did say if it was him he would try all of the natural stuff first, but it is a tough call when it comes to an auto immune protocol.
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Today I did STS Meso 1, Disc 6, Legs and had a really good workout. My knees bothered me a bit so I used fairly light weights. Don't want to mess my knees up again.

I also walked on my treadmill and then my brother called and said he was having hear palpitations all night so I'm going to take him to the emergency room. I will be back later if this doesn't take too long.

Leg workout was 48 minutes, burned 247 calories and HR was 111/140.

Have great workouts everyone!


This morning I did Cathe Live Low Impact Step Bootcamp, 47 minutes, met 5.5, 285 calories, heart rate average 119, max 154, 2,307 steps. I used 5 and 8 # dbs, along with the tubing. I then did Coffey FIt Raw Stretch, 27 minute, 60 calories. Total time 74 minutes, 345 calories. I need to get out to my daughters or she will be wondering where I am at.

Debbie, sometimes we just have to go it bit lighter. Nice work on getting it done. I hope that things are okay with your brother and it is not serious.

Jolie Fit

Today I woke up sore and it feels so good! I was supposed to walk but I have decided to take the day off and do whatever I want to do, not what I have to do for the family. I might go out to lunch and go shopping without any men with me!

Nice workouts today Debbie and Diane Sue.

Debbie, I hope your brother turns out ok at the hospital. Keep us updated and I will pray for him.

Happy Friday.

Jolie Fit

It's Hot Hot Hot again today!

I did another Total Body Workout, 3 rounds of the circuit and the last set TF. I didn't have a lot of energy today, hot sleeping environment really takes the energy out of you. Workout was 46 minutes and I burned 313 calories. Usually I have a higher calorie burn, not sure why it was lower today.

Chest Press- 25's x 14, x 14, x 17 TF
Rear Flies- 10's x 14, x 14, x 19 TF
Upright Rows- 15's x 14 , x 14 , x 18 TF
W Curls- 15,s x 14, x 14, x 20 TF
Cross Body Lying Ext.- 14's x 14, x 14, x 19 TF
Front Squats, heels elevated- 15# x 20, x 20, x 21 TF
Stiff Leg Deadlifts- 35# BB x 16, x 16, x 20 TF
Leg Ext.- 60# x 14, x 14, x 16
ABS, Crunches- x 20, x 20, x 20

Wow! Now that I look at this workout this was a good one...

Roselyn, I hope you have a wonderful time at the Bridal shower!!!!!

I will check back in later to read your posts.

My son flew back from college last night and left with my husband for a 3 day charter fishing trip to the Mexican waters for Ahi and Yellowtail. I hope to maybe spend Monday with him if he is not too busy with his friends.

Have a nice day.


This morning I did Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, heart rate average 149, max 185, 166 calories, met 6.3, 2,116 steps. I then did Cathe Live Step Grooves, 35 minutes, met 6.2, 241 calories, heart rate average 148, max 174, 3299 steps. I finished off with YouTube Sarah Beth yoga 15 minutes morning flow, 16 minutes, 35 calories. Total time 76 minutes, 442 calories.

Jolie, that was a great workout. I hope you have some time with your son. That is great that he is able to come home once in awhile :) I bet you were glad to see him.
bridal shower was so much fun

Today was a live metabolic i checked out beach body on demand you get 14 days free but i was interested in lift 4 and i missed early access and that costs 39 so i cancelled
Today I did STS Meso 1, Disc 7, Chest, Shoulders and Biceps. I cannot believe how many pushups are in this workout, ridiculous. I did not do all of them, I skipped the drop sets towards the end. These were the warn up in the first workout, I think, they weren't bad to do when you are fresh and just getting started. Putting them at the end of the workout is just nuts. She's crazy.

Crossover Pushups: 16 reps
Standing Overhead Press Dropset: 15's/10 reps
Standing Overhead Press Dropset: 12's/10 reps
Standing Overhead Press Dropset: 10's/10 reps
Barbell Curl: 30#/10 reps
Elmo Pushups on Stability Ball: Just did regular pushups, these are dangerous for me
Standing Barbell Front Raise: 15#/15 reps
Seated Incline Hammer Curls: 17's/15 reps
Flat Bench Chest Flyes: 25's/15 reps
Seated Overhead Press: 12's/15 reps
One Arm Preacher Curl On SB: Did alt. incline curls w/twist: 17's/15 reps
Pushups - Standard 1.5: 8 reps on toes
Pushups - Wide 1.5: 8 reps on toes
Pushups - Standard: 15 reps on knees (was supposed to be 30 reps, screw that!)
Alternating Seated Overhead Press: 12's/15 reps
Seated Barbell Isolation Curls: 20#/15 reps
Chest Flyes on Stability Ball: 20's/15 reps
Lateral Side to Front Combo: 5's/8 reps
Incline Band Hammer Curls: 32 reps
Straddle Pushups: 18 reps
Side Leaning Lateral Raise: 5#/15 reps
Seated Alternating Curls & Both Arms: 17's/16 reps
Staggered Pushups: 16 reps on toes
Bow & Arrow w/Band: 47 reps
Wide Grip Barbell Curl: 30#/21's
Pushups Drop Sets: 14 reps on toes
Pushups Drop Sets: 12 reps on toes
Pushups Drop Sets: skipped
Pushups Drop Sets: skipped
Pushups Drop Sets: skipped
Stadning Upright Barbell Rows: 25#/15 reps
Alternating Standing Curls: 17's/16 reps
Pushups: skipped
Standing Barbell Front Press: 25#/21's
Narrow Grip Barbell Curl: 25#/21's

1st complaint about this workout are all the pushups. 2nd is the switching around with weights, using the step, using the ball, moving everything around for each exercise. It took me over an hour to do this workout. I had to change the weight on my bar 4 times. My summer hours end tomorrow so I have no idea how I will get these workouts done unless I start them at 5:15 in the morning. Yikes. I might be going back to Kelly's workouts soon. I really do love the STS series, but it is impractical when you have to get to a job by 8 a.m. :(

Workout was 1 hr. some odd minutes, burned 423 calories (which is amazing for me) and my HR was 127/163. So good workout!

I also walked on my treadmill for 45 minutes, burned an additional 251 calories, walked 2.25 miles and did 5395 steps. HR was 93/121.

Jolie - Great workout on Saturday and I'm glad you got to spend some time with your son. It's good that he can come home sometimes.

Diane Sue - Neat how you mixed two cardio workouts from Kelly and Cathe on Saturday, looks like it was fun!!

Roselyn - Glad the shower went well!! I bet she got a lot of nice things!

DOZ - Hope you are doing well.

Oh and my brother is fine. He decided not to go to the hospital after all. We think what happened was he ate some bad clams and it spiked his heart rate and he was sweating really bad. He kept checking his blood pressure and it was normal the whole time. By the time I was going to go get him, he said he was feeling better. That was a relief, I was really worried about him. He's my only brother and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Have great workouts everyone!!!

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