Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018

Jolie Fit

Diane Sue, we must have posted at the same time! Great workout today!!! I previewed some of Kelly's workouts this week and I want to do them in the fall after I do a full body rotation.


Jolie, good workout today. Nice that you are feeling great today :) That is sad about that duck boat accident. I haven't seen the news since yesterday. I have enjoyed doing Kelly's workouts. She has quite a variety of stuff.


Today I did Cathe Live Low Impact Cardio plus Upper, 60 minutes (53 actual), 331 calories, 2,808 steps, heart rate average 123, max 166. I liked that this was cardio first then moves to the floor after a break with mountain climbers and plank lunges switch. At 26 minutes it is upper weights. I then did Live Time saver Step Grooves which was fun and not tons of impact, 36 minutes, 227 calories, 3,331 steps, average heart rate 143, max 183, met 5.8. Total time 96 minutes, 558 calories.
Upper weights (I was unsure of Cathe's weights since hers are different colors and she only mentions 10# on the orange ones during the core)
overhead press 15# dbs 16 reps second round 12 reps
deadlift/upright row 12# dbs
rear delt flys 10# dbs (I think this was 3 sets?)
lateral raise 1 arm both arms 1 arm 8# dbs first round 5's second as Cathe changes the format
hammer curl 15# dbs 8 reps; sweeper curls 15# dbs 8 reps; traditional curl 12# dbs 8 reps; reverse curl 12# dbs 8 reps Repeat
push up wide 8 reps, close 4 reps repeat
pullovers 15# db first time , chest flys 15# dbs, pullover 15# dbs
Core Upper
15# db pullover move to reach toe
russian twist 10# db
elbow on floor reach toward toe one side then the other then alternate
leg shooters 16 reps
plank down up toe tap in
plank hold

Jolie Fit

Today I went for a walk, 6 miles and I burned 732 calories. Yesterday my husband and I went to Big Bear to visit may parents, a whole day of sitting in the car, sitting and catching up and then sitting in the car again. I wanted a long walk today just to stretch. It is very hard for me to see my dad, he has always been the strongest man I have known and he is deuterating right before my eyes. He is 85 and I feel so sad when I see him instead of feeling happy. I know it is wrong but I just cant help that he is so close to the end of life. He is active and his mind is very sharp but he is old!

Jolie Fit

Diane Sue, way to go on the workout yesterday!!!! I have to think you burned more calories than what you posted!


I did a short yoga from Sarah Beth on YouTube this morning to get moving. The med the Rheumatology doc gave me is making me feel lousy and weak or something. I had to lie down this afternoon. I didn't take the dose this morning because I did not want to go to church and feel bad. I go back in a week so I will see what he says. I decided I would just take the evening dose with dinner.

Jolie, I always feel so stiff and tired when I rid all day. I know how you feel when watching a parent age. I am glad that you went to visit.
I am pretty sure that I burned more calories than that. My calories burned net calories were significantly more. But, I do fine with it. It probably makes up for the little things I forget to log in MFP at times. Or those days that I end up not being very active.
Today I did STS Meso 1, Disc 4 - Chest, Shoulders & Biceps. Had an excellent workout and went up in weight a bit. Really made a difference. Can't believe how many pushups she does in this workout. Insane.

Drop Set Pushups: 14/12/10/8/6 reps
Standing Upright Barbell Rows: 25#/15 reps
Alternating Standing Curls: 15's/15 reps
Incline Chest Flyes: 25's/15 reps
Seated Rear Flyes: 15's/15 reps
Bonus Band Pulls: 15 reps
Incline Alternating Curls w/Twist: 17's/15 reps
Stability Ball Pushups: 24 reps
Functional Overhead Press/Front Raise: 8's/7 reps
Barbells Curls w/Band: 15#/15 reps (should have went heavies)
Prone Pushups on Stability Ball: 20 reps
Seated Lateral Raise/High Ends: 5's/6 reps
Seated Concentration Curls 1.5's: 17#/12 reps
Straddle Pushups: 18 reps
Side Leaning Lateral Raise: 5#/15 reps
Alternating Seated Curls + Both Arms: 17's/16 reps (killer)
Chest Flyes: 25's/15 reps
Seated Overhead Press: 12's/15 reps
One Arm Preacher Curl On SB: 17's/15 reps (did Hammer Curls)
Core Pushups - Bootcamp style: 16 reps (did all on toes, was shocked!)
Double Arm Seated Barbell Front Press 1.5's: 20#/12 reps
Reverse Dumbbell Curls: 15's/16 reps
Staggered Pushups: 16 reps (did all on toes)
Bow & Arrow w/Band: Tons of reps
Double Arm Hammer Curls: 15's/15 reps
Pushups - 21's: Knees
Standing Barbell Overhead Press: 20#/21's
Barbell Curl Narrow Grip: 25#/21's

Tough workout. Cathe looks amazing in this series, she has some serious biceps.

Workout was 1 hr., HR was 132/179 and burned 417 calories. I can't believe I burned that much!! That never happens.

Also walked on my treadmill. Walked for 45 minutes, went 2.22 miles, burned 289 calories and did 5360 steps. HR 119/130.

I preordered Kelly's new workouts, they look good. Sort of miss doing her, but needed a break.

Jolie - I know what you mean about your dad. I'm going through the same thing with my mom. She turns 81 on the 30th and she is just getting so slow and doesn't want to go anywhere. Granted, she is almost blind so I get that its hard for her to go out into an unknown environment, but I wish she'd want to go places more. She's still very healthy and does still live alone, but I hate to see her decline. It's sad. So I get it.

Diane Sue - Nice workouts! You are really kicking some butt lately. Sorry those meds are making you feel weird, hope your doctor can prescribe something else.

Roselyn - Wow, your daughter's wedding will be here before you know it. How exciting!!!

DOZ - Hope you had a great weekend and some great workouts!!! :) I'm sorry the job didn't work out for you.

Jolie Fit

Today I did a Total Body workout and I loved it! I did 3 rounds of the circuit, x 16 reps and the last set TF. I really am feeling the stiff legged deadlifts! Workout was 50 minutes and I burned 347 calories.

DB Squats- 15# x 16, x 16, x 19 TF ( 3 full rounds of this circuit )
Incline Chest Press- 20# x 16, x 16, x 20 TF
BB Underhand Rows- 45# x 16, x 16, x 21 TF
1 Arm Lat Raise- 10# x 12, x 12, x 13 TF these irritated my shoulder a little
Hammer Curls- 15# x 16, x 16, x 21 TF
Close Grip Chest Press- 17# x 16, x 16, x 21 TF
Stiff Leg Dead Lifts Wide Stance- BB- 40# x 16, x 16, x 18 TF
ABS- 3 exercises, a lot of reps!
Leg Ext.- 50# x 16, x 16, x 18 TF


Debbie, you kicked butt with your workout today! I cant do Meso 1 because of the pushups. Good for you for getting them done! Cathe looks awesome in STS and the Gym Series workouts!!!! I like STS but the workouts are so long. I sometimes break up the body parts to individual workouts in Meso 2 so I can get more cardio in.

Diane Sue, DOZ and Roselyn, I will be back later to read your posts. I hope you have kick butt workouts!

Have a nice day, hot as hell here this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fit Tower Total Body with Weights
single leg press 12# dumbbell
deadlift 15# dbs
high and tight
tower level 4 dips/triceps press down with band and tower superset
level 3 tower push ups 16 reps, drop to level 2 16 reps, drop to level 1 16 reps
level 8 tower
on toes heels together shallow/deep repeat
15# crossback lunge
biceps (upper)
chin ups 15 reps, sweeper curls 15# dbs second set chin ups , W curls 15# dbs
pull ups 8 reps 3 sets
band t-pulls, band Y pulls
10 chin ups
lower with upper 12's or 10's
12# dbs lateral raise step outs
10# dbs push press
curl push press 10# dbs 3 reps
lunge lateral raise 8# then singles repeat shorter set
chest, shoulders, triceps
flys with leg left 15# dbs
triceps push ups
Abs-band over Fit tower crunch/leg lift; oblique pulls; over under at level 3, heel on bar leg raise toe out; plank toe tap on level 3, plank knee out level 3, plank hold


Sorry, I had to run off. My husband was off today and we were taking care of some things. I took my medicine at lunch time today instead of morning and managed to work through the weird feeling this afternoon. I kept moving and steam cleaned the workout room and guest room upstairs. I still need to do the stairs. Thankfully the downstairs carpet is only in the sunroom and master bedroom. I cleaned the sunroom Friday. From what I understand the medicine that I am taking is the standard and not so strong of a medication. My daughter said I must have said something that made them choose that one. I told her when asked why I quit taking some stuff I have been given before, I told them they made me feel bad and I took myself off of them. Like Boniva! I hurt for two weeks everytime I would take the one month pill.

Debbie, nice work on STS today. Those push ups are tough. I thought I had enough of them today with the Fit Tower workout and I had the bar to hold onto. Does your mother have any outside activities that she does at all? I think it is always good if they get out with others and/or have some hobby. It is great that she is still able to live on her own. My great grandmother lived to be 94 and lived by herself. I still remember her playing her fiddle and dancing around when she was in her 90's. It amazed me. In fact she did not die from an illness, she died in a car accident. From my understanding she was not driving. I think it was a great aunt that was driving. Thanks for reminding me about Kelly's pre-order. I think there is a week left? I need to go over and do it too. I have so much fun with her Step Boxing and I really like her weight workouts.

Jolie, nice circuit today. I like to be able to fit cardio in too. Some workouts are so long that it is hard to get much else in when I have other things to do. That is one of the things about Kelly's is that the time is not so long and her workouts are tough enough that I can get more in.


I just realized I did not put the info on my workout in today, just the rundown of the Fit Tower workout :)
I did Cathe Live Fit Tower Total Body with Weights, 59 minutes(55 actual), heart rate 95-140, met 4.0, 260 calories, 878 steps. I then did Cathe Live Quick Fix Cardio, 33 minutes, met 6.0, 218 calories, 2,397 steps, heart rate average 132, max 161. Total time 92 minutes, calories burned 478. I liked the Quick Fix Cardio but finally got rid of the mat after catching my feet in in several times. Thankfully a lot of it was not using the mat. suggested weights were 5, 8, 10# and high step platform.
So I'm drinking my protein shake - like I do after each workout - and last week when I made them they tasted so sweet. I couldn't figure out why, I thought the kiwi I was using was really ripe and that was making it really sweet. However, today I did not use kiwi and it is still so very sweet. Sickeningly sweet. I checked the BCAA's I just purchased and sure enough, it has sucrose in it. WTH? Why do they have to put sugar in EVERYTHING we eat and use? This is what I get for not purchasing my tried and true BodyTech BCAA's. I just ordered that so this will not be an issue next week. Ridiculous.

Today I did Treadmill Coach #1 and had a really good workout. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do this as well as last time because it's been about two weeks since I've done a good run, but I did well with it. This is a very hard workout but I like the challenge. I caught a glimpse of my legs in there mirror while I was running and I have some good striations going up the side. My legs are very lean and solid and I'm so happy to see that. My legs have always been my troubled area. Running has really done my legs good.

Workout was 57 minutes, ran 4.17 miles, burned 522 calories (TM said 599) and went 8291 steps. HR was 151/181.

Then I did the stretch workout from Karen Voight's Yoga Focus. Felt really good, I am really sore from the STS workouts.

Jolie - Nice job on the workout. That looked killer girl!!! I agree about the STS workouts, I really wish they weren't so long and way too many pushups. Not sure if I can keep doing it after my summer hours are over, which is next Wednesday. We'll see. I also have wanted to start this 14 day Plank Plan for my abs but just don't have time to do it after STS. I figure I'll try and get the series done as I always get good results from it and then go back to Kelly's shorter workouts. So right now, that is the plan.

Diane Sue - Nice job on your workout yesterday. I seen it after you posted it and thought, why didn't she put her stats out there? LOL!! Then I figured you had to rush out somewhere. Yuck! I hate cleaning carpets. I actually hired Stanley Steemer to do my mom's carpets earlier this summer and they are quite reasonable and did an excellent job. I give you a lot of credit for doing that yourself! That is a workout in itself!

DOZ - Where are you girl? Have you started Xtrain? How is it going?

Roselyn - You've been MIA too, hope you are doing well. Was the shower last Saturday or coming up this Saturday?

Have great workouts everyone!!!


This morning I started with Cathe Live Cardio Core and soon realized I did not want to do it since it started with burpees and things I do not care for and went into standing with the stability ball and doing pendulums swinging the ball like Drill Max, I stopped there and started Live Jabs and Kicks so my time is 63 minutes(actual for Jabs and Kicks 54 minutes), 409 calories, heart rate 129 average, 169 max, met 5.9, 5,122 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Core Moves with the stability ball, 25 minutes, 97 calories, met 3.5 heart rate 92 average , 120 max, 245 steps. I finished off with Coffey Fit Raw Stretch, 28 minutes , 62 calories. I like the Jabs and Kicks workout. She does some heavy bag tabatas at the end :)

Debbie, I did that with Bio Chem grass fed whey before. I finally read the label and it had sugar in it. THey have a Stevia sweetened variety and one with sugar in it. I just bought a bag of Isopure unflavored keto friendly whey from Amazon's Prime Days . I use Dr Axe Bone Broth Protein Burst pre workout most days in coconut. Collagen protein daily and whey sometimes. You did great on your treadmill workout today. I love it when I notice some nice definition and can see my workouts are working. You are doing great:) Things have been busy around here a lot this summer. It seems I have had to run out the door a lot or someone calls or comes over. I thought I had sent the whole post and when I looked last night I saw I had missed the first part.

Jolie Fit

Today it is so hot again. I got up early and walked my dog 1 mile but that was all he could do in the heat and the humidity. Then I went for a 5 mile walk and thought I wouldn't make it back. I was so hot and tired, I just have to leave earlier if I want to walk for the next month or so. Workout was 1 hour and 35 minutes and I burned 721 calories. Tomorrow is another full body circuit, I have to put that together today so I am ready in the morning. I have been following some bikini fitness girls on Instagram and they have introduced me to some cool ways of putting exercises together. The Cross Fit gals are insane what they do for their workouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My eating is out of control this summer! I think we should start posting what we eat again because it makes me more accountable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Maybe we should start this fall, I need to be truthful with myself about why I am not loosing weight!

Debbie, good job on the running today. My legs look like crap even after all of my walking. I am incorporating more legs into my workouts now so I can tackle the problem area that I like to avoid! I have to get serious or nothing will ever change.

Diane Sue, nice workout today! Why do you need to take medication? I am sorry it doesn't make you feel good. My mom struggles with that and her blood pressure meds. Its always hard to find what works for you, I guess you keep trying till something works.

Have a wonderful day!


Jolie, there is no way I would be out walking in the heat. It would be exhausting. A lot of the crossfitters get really insane with their workouts. There are also a lot of injuries. I know there is a big feeling for competition there. I don't think it is entirely the concept, but it is there.
I have not taken any meds in years and am not real happy about it. My daughter and doctor encouraged me to go to an Arthritis clinic. It has to do with the fact that I am developing some deformities in some of my joints, particularly my wrists and my fingers swell and turn purple at times. They catch and I sometimes have to pry them open. I have taken care of this and found that Collagen and bone broth products along with Hyaluronic Acid keep the fingers from catching and throbbing. Only occasionally does this happen with it. But, the jutting out of my thumb/wrist joint has got me concerned. My doctor suffers from a form of rheumatoid arthritis and it does not show in a regular arthritis panel, which mine did not either. You can see it on her though her knuckles are raised up. She has had to cut back her hours at work. Anyway. So far the rhuematologist has put me on Plaquenil twice a day which is one of the milder meds for this type of thing. He did an x-ray of my hands and knees and was hoping to look at my bone density scans that my regular doctor had done. I go back on Monday. I just do not like taking meds. This one is supposed to help the body quit attacking itself. I am afraid of the stronger immune suppressant meds. I am pulled on whether I should be trying even harder to boost the immune system and keep my diet anti-inflammatory and not use meds. I mainly want to get to the bottom of which variety it is as the arthritis doctor says there are a 100 varieties of arthritis. I also wanted to rule out some things that could be connected that cause severe dry mouth. For me it is particulary bad at night and wakes me up with absolutely no moisture in my mouth. I have tried dry mouth products and they do not work. The lozenges end up stuck to my tongue when I wake up like that. They do not dissolve. Anyway, I guess this is part of the aging process and I am not liking it one bit. I don't want to find myself stuck on meds. Sorry that was so long. I am just upset over it and it really is leaving me extremely exhausted. I push myself to get the things I want done.


Jolie, I wouldn't mind posting nutrition and eating. I have been collecting more cookbooks, particularly Paleo and Keto for Instantpots. I still have to adjust Keto as I am trying to cut out most dairy. It is hard because I do like to use the plain yogurt and butter and cream. I sub coconut products a lot. I have a Keto Chicken enchilada soup I would like to try that has decent calories and macros are not bad, but it has cream cheese in it. I am thinking of trying subbing coconut cream. Most of those soups have you add on cheese for the toppings and sour cream, but I usually leave that out and use some avocado.
Hello Everyone :)

MIA I know....I know. I have been really lazy, duh. Need to find and get my Mojo back :eek::eek: All I’ve been doing is walking Sunday and Monday I didn’t workout.

Today, I walked and had planned to do STS UB afterwards, When I got back, came in my home picking up dog poop and then I begin cleaning my home. Tomorrow will finish up week 3.

Until tomorrow guy, have a wonderful evening.
When you all post, is the posting time correct? I'm looking at the time I posted my workout this morning and it ways 7:22. I was working out at 7:22. I posted the workout around 9:45. I checked my time in my preferences and it shows Eastern -5 US and Canada. Isn't that correct for me? I live in Ohio. So I'm posting this at 7:35 p.m. and will check to see what time it actually shows.

that accident was terrible we only live 4 hours from branson and go there alot going in august and staying on tablerock i road those years ago So tragic

today was insanity max 30 yesterday was upper body with core express

Need to start lifting heavy again maybe sts or beast again


Debbie, I think I finished my workout around 9:53 yesterday and it says 9:51 so I think it is correct.

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