Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018


Roselyn, I use www.fitnessblender.com It is still free unless you decide to buy a premade plan which uses the workouts ,but put together for you. I like that there websie is set up where you can choose equipment and type of workout and it will show only thise workouts that fit what you want. I do have a couple of pre-planned workouts that I purchased when there was a half off sale. I can put them into my calendar and pull them up that way if I coose. I believe the fat loss plan I purchase also came eith a full rundown of each workout and suggested dietary help. I had contemplated the mass building workouts. I wish they used music. I have used my own before. I can do weights without, but like music with cardio. See, I wouldnt want to pay 39.00 for Beach Body streaming,

Jolie Fit

I am taking a rest day today, I am tired, it was hot sleeping last night and I did not wake up feeling refreshed. I may get a walk in sometime but I am not sure. This heat is really wearing on me!

Nice workouts yesterday everyone!


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw Tabata Barbell Dumbbells, 47 minutes, 233 calories, average heart rrate 100, max 142, met 4.5, 765 steps. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Stretch, 28 minutes, 62 calories. Total calories 295, 75 minutes. I have a lot to get done and have my grandson here today. I liked the Tabata's and next time some moves I may just use dumbbells where I want heavier or lighter.
Coffey Fit Raw Tabata Dumbbells
you can use either Barbell or dumbbells Kelly uses a bar throughout and a bench her weight was around 33 # I used 35. She does drop the weight down after some of the moves
This is 20 on 10 off 8 sets for each body part
Squats 35# barbell 4 sets with bar on shoulders, 4 sets from the floor
Bentover Rows 35# barbell 4 sets underhand, 4 sets overhand
bench press 35# barbell 4 sets standard and 4 sets wide
deadlifts (I like her form pointers) 8 sets I used 35# barbell for 5 rounds and 25# dumbbells for the last 3 rounds
upright row alternated with overhead press 35# barbell upright row dropped to 15# dumbbells for overhead press 8 sets
bicpes curls 35# barbell 8 sets Kelly drops the weight down near the end
Triceps skull crushers 35# barbell 8 sets (Kelly kept her bar at the lowered weight I think 25#)
bridges using the bench with barbell on hips I used 35# Kelly used the lower weight 8 sets

Jolie, I would love to wake up refreshed. It doesn't happen often. My allergies are dreadful right now so I lose a lot of sleep and too many things to do right now.
Good Afternoon

Yesterday I walked and cleaned my car, it was so needed o_O

Today’s workout, STS #15 Back & biceps, and I walked 1.45 afterwards, trimmed my brushes and did lite yard work, I am pooped

Jolie - Nice workout.

Diane Sue - yep! I’m getting bored but I’m going to finish Meso 2. Looking forward to Xtrain, maybe I’ll do 90 day’s been looking at a few rotations. Awesome workout.

Roselyn- Nice work


Roselyn, you are really getting some use out of Cathe live ;)

Doz, that is a lotbof activity. It has been so hot and I have avoided outdoor work. It needs done.

Debbie, I hope you are enjoying your recovery week.


Today's workout was Coffey Fit Raw Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion, 32 minutes (27 actual), heart rate average 125, max 157, 204 calories, 1,667 steps. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw Home Gym Intervals #1 , 29 minutes, 190 calories, heart rate average 126, max 152, 190 calories, 1,718 steps. I used the spin bike for this today. I thought about doing it from my tablet and using the tread climber. Maybe next time. I finished off with a Sarah Beth youtube yoga 15 minute post workout cooldown, 33 calories. Total time was 76 minutes, 427 calories burned.
Kettlebell Kickbox Fusion Kelly used 20# kettlebell, 15# dumbbells, and 3# dumbbells for kickboxing
2 rounds each group of moves I adjusted the weights so not all were 15's for me after yesterdays weight workout
side to side squats with curls 12#dbs
boxing 3# dbs
kettlebell double hand swings 20#
deadlift/row/high pull 12# dbs
boxing upper cut switch feet 3# dbs
alternating kettlebell swings 20#
dumbbell kickbacks lunge back 12# dbs
boxing hooks high hook low 3# dbs
figure 8's 20# kettlebell
push ups
sit up punches and hooks 3# dbs
2 rnds

Jolie Fit

Today it is so hot and humid again! I went for a 5 mile walk and that is as far as I could go, my feet were wet and I was afraid I was going to get blisters. I walked for hour minutes and I burned 821 calories. The air is so heavy it was hard to breath in a way. Average heart rate was 141 and max up the hills was 189.

Diane Sue, great workout today. I was wondering how many pounds kettlebell I should buy for the Kelly Coffee Meyer workouts? If my shoulder feels good by Monday I want to start doing some of them so I need to purchase the kettlebell off Amazon.

DOZ, good job on finishing up STS! I know you got awesome results from the workout so good for you! I love STS Meso 2, it is my favorite workout ever!

Roselyn, I love Cathe Live too! Way to go!

Debbie, I hope you are having a relaxing vacation with your hubby!

Happy Friday.


Jolie, I started with a 15# kettlebell myself. Later I got the 20 and some progressively heavier ones. I also picked up a 10# one just for a couple of workouts that I have that are very fast paced hopping around and did a lot of flipping the bell around. I was afraid the 15 could cause an injury.

Jolie Fit

No workout today, I am helping my hubby out at work so he can get out of the office early today. I fixed my spin bike yesterday, the resistance pad came off a long time ago so I got it back up and running. It is so good for the quads so I am going to spin for awhile after my walks.

Happy Saturday!


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw kickboxing and olympic lifts, 47 minutes(taking notes), 311 calories, heart rate average 129, max 171, 3,175 steps. I followed with Coffey Fit Raw Core Moves 25 minutes, 93 calories, heart rate average 98, max 131.
Coffey Fit Raw Kickboxing and Olympic Lifts 44 minutes Kelly uses 20# dumbbells and her co-host uses a 33# barbell
Kick box
Deadlift/high pull 35# 2 sets 8 reps
Clean from the hip 2 sets 8 reps
Clean only 2 sets 8 reps
Push press 2 sets 8 reps
Kickboxing Full clean and press 4 reps 2 sets
Kickboxing followed by stretch

Roselyn, nice work on the live workouts ;)

Jolie, that is great that you got your spin bike fixed. I like using mine with Home Gym Intervals that Kelly does. I pause the vid while I get on and off the bike though and sometimes get a bit more pedaling in between the weight segments. The one I did yesterday had short segments at about a minute each. Not quite the same as the other one or the dvd Home Gym Intervals.


Nice work Roselyn. I really think the website is much nicer to use than youtube and you get the information on the workout at the bottom of the page and moves. I should go back to doing more of them.

Jolie Fit

Today it is hot and humid again! I slept with the air conditioner on last night and feel better today. Today's workout was a 5 mile walk outside followed by riding my spin bike for 15 minutes and a pretty strong resistance. I had to dial it back a few times to recover but boy does that burn the quads!!! Calorie burn for the walk and spin bike workout was 988 calories!!!! That included calories burned while cooling down and short stretch! My quads look really bad so I think spinning might be the exercise I am looking for to lean them out!

Nice workouts yesterday!!!!! I have a ton of homework to help my son with today for summer school so that is what I am doing the remainder of the day and watching Wimbleton.

My computer wont let me highlite my posts anymore?

Happy Sunday.
Hi all! So even though our vacation continues on this coming week, I am going to try and get my workouts in. Last week we went to Silver Lakes in Michigan, and OMG, what a beautiful place. They have sand dunes there which is so odd. We had a blast.

I've been reading all your workouts and you all are kicking butts! Nice job to everyone!!!

So I've thought long and hard on what I want to do next and I decided to do STS again. DOZ got me wanting to do this series again so I dug out the DVD's and started it today. I forgot how hard and long these workouts are, but I think I need it right now. Even though I love Kelly, I feel like I lost some definition and muscle tone. I will do this and hopefully get through the whole series. I forgot how many freakin' pushups Cathe does in this series. Seriously, it's a bit much but I did what I could.

Today was Meso 1, Disc 1 - Chest, Shoulders and Biceps

Pushups - Standard 1.5: 8 reps
Pushups - Wide 1.5: 8 reps
Pushups - Standard: 30 reps (yea right)
Alternating Seated Overhead Press: 12's/15 reps
Barbell Curl: 25#/21's
Incline Chest Flyes: 20's/15 reps
Seated Rear Delt Flyes: 12's/15 reps
Band Pulls: 15 reps
Alternating Incline Curl w/Twist: 15's/15 reps
Decline Pushups: 20 reps
Incline Front Raise on SB: 5's/15 reps
Standing Quarter Stop Curls: 12's/8 reps
Prone Pushups on SB: 20 reps (I did some of these)
Seated Lateral Raise/High Ends: 5's/6 reps
Seated Concentration Curls 1.5's: 12#/12 reps
Straddle Pushups: 18 reps
Side Leaning Lateral Raise: 5#/15 reps
Seated Curls Alternating + Both Arms: 12's/16 reps
Chest Flyes: 20's/15 reps
Seated Overhead Press: 12's/15 reps (killer)
Preacher Curl on SB: I did Hammer Curls: 12's/15 reps
Core Pushups - Bootcamp Style: 16 reps (I think I got to 9)
Barbell Seated Front Press 1.5's: 20#/12 reps
Reverse Dumbbell Curls: 12's/16 reps
Staggered Pushups: 16 reps (on knees but did them all)
Incline Rear Raise on SB: 5's/15 reps
Wide Grip Barbell Curl: 25#/21's

Tough workout. I'm not used to this but enjoyed it.

Workout was 57 minutes, HR was 124/174 and burned 336 calories.

Hope you all have great workouts!!!
This morning I did Cardio Coach 2 - my version. Had a great workout for not running for over a week. I am sore from yesterday's workout, like big time!!!

Workout was 40 minutes, ran 2.77 miles, burned 292 calories and went 5638 steps. HR was 126/180.

DOZ - Nice job with your workouts, dang girl, your worked out for 2 hours! Hows the job going?

Hope you all have great workouts!


I just finished a workout. Surprised I was able to force myself upstairs when it is 83 degrees up there right now. I did Coffey Fit Raw Weights Circuit #1, 34 minutes, (28 actual) , 105 average, 141 max, 140 calories, 801 steps. I followed it with Coffey Fit Raw Upper Finisher 16 minutes, (13:55 actual) , 93 calories, heart rate average 101, max 136, 256 steps. Total time 50 minutes, 233 calories. I went to my arthritis center appointment today and they gave me some meds for my joint pain, fatigue, and other things. The doctor said it should help with the fatigue. Anyway, we will see how I do. I don't like to take anything. He took x-rays today and is waiting for the Bone Density scan report. I think that he may want to redo that himself as their center has all of the equipment right there in their building along with lab, pharmacy and infusion area. My doctor sent me there. I almost cancelled as I didn't think I really qualified for all of that. He seemed to think my fingers and hands were inflamed. I prefer to take care of my health on my own in a natural way.
Weights Circuit #1 (5 rounds) timed) kelly uses 12.5 dbs, 7# dbs, 25#DB, 35# barbells also a bench
Rnd #1

flys 12.5# dbs
skull crusher 12.5# dbs
pledges 12.# dbs
overhead press alternating 12.5# dbs
alternating row from floor 25# DB
kickbacks 8# dbs
deadlifts 35# barbells
squat deadlift 35#
Rnd #2
same as round #1 except skips the overhead press and does lateral raise with 8# dbs
Rnd #3
bench press 12.5# dbs
tate press 12.5# dbs
double hammer curls 12.5# dbs
shoulder press 12.5# dbs
underhand row 35# barbell
kickstand deadlift 35# barbell
dead/squat 35# barbell
Round #4
bench press 12.5#dbs
tate press 12.5# dbs
alternating lateral raise from behind 8# dbs
alternating row from the floor 25# db
kickstand deadlift 35# barbell
squat 35# barbells
Rnd #5 (short)
flys 12.5 dbs
alternating row from floor 25# db

Coffey Fit Raw Upper Finisher (3 rounds done twice each) kelly uses 15's and 10's 30 second rounds
13:55 minutes

curls 15# dbs
lateral raise 10# dbs
dips off bench
hammer curls 15# dbs
upright rows 15# dbs
kickbacks 10# dbs
supination curls alternating 15# dbs
alternating front raise 10# dbs
overhead triceps extensions 15# db

Debbie, for some reason I just don't feel ready to commit to a long term workout like STS right now. Kelly's have been perfect for my busy summer. I wish Kelly would do a few just cardio workouts. I saw her new dvds are on pre-order now. I love her other step boxing workouts and the weight one should be good. 15 dollars each and no shipping. They have already been filmed and she does not generally take too long getting them out. I saw she just did one that uses only 3# dumbbells and ankle weights. Unless it is cardio based too, I would probably add to it. We went to visit a friend and his family of my husbands in Michigan and they took us around to some beautiful areas there. I climbed down a cliff of sand and had the worst time getting back up to the top. It was more like crawling back up :)

Doz, nice work with STS and Cardio Coach.
Today was STS Meso 1, Disc 2 - Back and Triceps. Had a great workout. I really like this series, just wish they weren't so long. It's hard for me to get my 10k steps in when I only lift. I don't have time to do even a mile after these long workouts. But I think I'll try not to worry so much about that for now, this is a good change up from my usual routine so I should see some positive outcomes.

Lat Pulldowns with Band: 12 reps
Dumbbell Rows: 15's/21 reps
Dips: 16 reps
Straddle Pushups: 10 reps
Chinups: 12 reps/assisted
Seated Overhead Extension (one arm): 12#/15 reps
One Arm Row: 20#/15 reps
T-Pull with Band: 36 reps
Barbell Tricep Extensions: 25#/15 reps
Barbell Rows: 55#/21 reps
Y's with Band: 36 reps
One Arm Kickbacks: 8#/15 reps
One Arm Horizontal Row: 20#/15 reps
Deadlifts: 25's/8 reps
Dumbbell Close Grip Bench Press: 15's/15 reps
One Arm Press Down with Band: 36 reps
Chinups: 10 reps/assisted
Seated Overhead Extension (both): 20#/15 reps
Barbell Rows: 40#/21 reps
Double Arm Rows w/ Band: 36 reps
Side Leaning Overhead Extension on SB: 10#/15 reps
One Arm Row: 20#/15 reps
Deadlifts: 25's/8 reps
Double Arm Kickbacks: 8's/15 reps
One Arm Kickbacks w/Band: 36 reps
Pullups: 12 reps
Cross Body Extensions: 10#/15 reps
Lat Pulldowns with Band: 10 reps
Side Line Tricep Press: I did Close Grip Pushups - 15 reps
Supermans: skipped

Workout was 59 minutes, HR was 124/165, burned 355 calories.

Diane Sue - I didn't see those workouts on RAW. They look awesome!! Great workout yesterday!!

Have great workouts everyone!!!

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