Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018


Today's workout was Cathe Live Glassboro 2018 upper and core, 54 minutes (45 actual), met 4.0, 238 calories, 1,038 steps, heat rate average 106, max 144. I then did Coffey Fit Raw upper body finisher, 15 minutes, 74 calories, met 4.5, heart rate average 110, max 139, 299 steps. This was done this afternoon. This morning I did Sarah Beth Yoga morning yoga 10 minutes, 22 calories before going to my arthritis doctor. Total time spent today was 79 minutes, 334 calories. My knees are achy from all of the moving this weekend so I didn't feel like doing anything lower. The doctor says it will take up to 3 months for me to see the difference with this medicine and if I continue having pain there are injections or other things they can do to give relief. I would rather not go that route though. I had to reorder my Now Hyaluronic Acid double strength today. I thought I was going to pick it up at Sprouts while they still had the 25% off, but they did not have the one I have been using and the Now one they had was 39 dollars :O I got 120 capsules for under 18 dollars n Amazon and used rewards money to pay for it. A better deal for me.

Upper weights Cathe Live 2018 A step needed for some of it, mat for floor pushups and core
each body part done 3 times, 3 exercises most 8 reps
weights listed are my weights as some I went slightly higher, but there is not breaks except between body parts
push ups 10 reps using step
flys 15# dbs 8 reps
close grip bench press 20# dbs 8 reps
pullover 15# dbs 6 reps slow
1 arm row 25# 8 reps, 30# 8 reps ,30# 8 reps (Cathe held two dbs together for 20#)
back fly 15# dbs 8 reps
upright row 15# dbs 8 reps
overhead press 12# dbs 8reps
lateral raise 8# dbs 8 reps
Standing overhead extensions 12# dbs, 15# dbs, 12# dbs 8reps
kickbacks 15# dbs 8reps (I think Cathe was using 12's)
dips 24 reps
Curls 15# dbs 8 reps
sweeper curls 15# dbs 8 reps (Cathe 12# dbs)
W curls 15# dbs , 12#,12# 8 reps
monster walks approx 16 reps
supine holding 5# dbs in front rnds of leg lifts front, right, front , left
plank knee in to side 8 right 8 left

Coffey Fit Raw finisher. Kelly upper finisher 15# and 10# dbs used for 3 rounds of done twice for biceps, shoulders, and triceps 30 seconds
front curls 15# dbs
lateral raise 10# dbs
dips on bench
hammer curls alternating 15# dbs
upright rows 15# dbs
kickbacks 10# dbs
supination curls alternating 15# dbs
alternating front raise 15# dbs
overhead triceps extensions 15# db

Roselyn, that is great that the Shower went well :) Nice workouts. I think Beach Body thinks too highly of themselves. There are just as good workouts elsewhere. 39 dollars is a lot.

Debbie, nice work. I do not love that many push ups at all and at the end when arms and shoulders are so fatigued it is hard to get them all in without wanting to drop to the knees. Those types of workouts always take so much longer. Even when you think you have everything ready and your worksheet out, you end up having to stop for changes or just to get the weight gloves or whatever else off and on. They are usually time consuming for me and I don't get much of a burn out of them. I probably get more than my trackers say, but still it is leaves me not wanting to go there so much. I am loving being able to add a bit of Kelly. Her step and cardio is easier on my knees. The Get Steppin live had so many twists and turns that it started setting my knee off before I hit the moving stuff all weekend.
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Hi Everyone :)

Yesterday’s workout I did Cardio Coach ‘press play’

Today’s workout, I did Cardio Coach #8 And I did STS week 3 Back & Biceps. I was suppose to had done Friday, so I got it out the way.

Diane Sue- heck of a workout, nice job;)

Debbie- hey lady :) I am on my last week of Meso 2 week 4. You been killing it, nice work. I’m thinking to finish it out, Meso 3, only 4 weeks, right. Then on to Xtrain.

Roselyn- Hi:) You doing STS? I really do love all the workouts.

Jolie- Awesome workout:)
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Today I did a mixed Cardio Coach workout I made up with the two different workouts I have from Candace and really had a good workout. This one is tough, I've only done it a couple times.

Workout was 62 minutes, went 4.42 miles, burned 560 calories (holy smokes!) and did 8932 steps. Avg HR 144/184.

Then I did the ab work from SJ&P. Love that one.

I don't have time for personals this morning, I'll try to be back later. Great workouts everyone!

Have a great day!!

Jolie Fit

I did not workout yesterday because I wanted to take my kids shopping for school cloths and do some fun stuff with them! Today I am not working out because I am packing my son up, doing all of his laundry and taking him to the airport in LA to go back to school. Tomorrow morning I have to take my youngest son to register for his junior year of high school so another day I cant workout! Oh well, I have to get all of this done and out of the way. Thursday I will start back at the workouts full force, I guess a short rest wont kill me!

So many fires again this year in California, the air quality is horrible.

Debbie, great job on putting your own cardio workout together!

DOZ, Roselyn and Diane Sue, nice workouts yesterday!

Have a nice day!


This morning I did Cathe Live Kickboxing and cardio barre, 54 minutes(47 actual but kept buffering), met 5.9, 352 calories, heart rate average 123, max 162, 4,623 steps. I followed this with Coffey Fit Raw kettlebell and dumbbells (lower) 24 minutes, met 5.9, 156 calories, 903 steps. I finished off with Sarah Beth Yoga post run cooldown, 20 minutes, 44 calories. Total calories 552, 98 minutes. Our internet went out which would probably be what some of my problem was with the buffering. I had no problem with Kelly's streaming though. I did the unplug everything etc.. It still wasn't working so my grandson decided he would like to watch Echo on DVD. As a result I still have not got my shower yet. The internet seems to be back up. I came back upstairs to shut things down and found it is working again. Hopefully it stays up as I have to get online to take care of some things.

Debbie, great workout today and you got a lot of steps in too :)

Jolie, I never liked the LA airport. I don't care for huge airports anyway. I think the Miami one is even worse. Those fires are bad out there. It seems it happens often. We have not visited California for a long time. Everytime we went back, the more glad we were that we did not live there anymore. Sometimes we are forced to take time off or lessen the time we have to workout. I think it can be a good thing. Having those activities can be stressful enough anyway. I bet you are sad to see your son leave.

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