Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for JULY 2018

Today I did Kelly's - Muscle Up/Lift to 2B Fit Workout 1, and had a great workout. This is a tough workout if you go heavy.

Super Set #1
- 25's
Dumbbell Press - 30's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #2
- I did Assisted Pullups instead - 8/6/7 reps
Dumbbell Flyes - 25's
Total of 3 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #3
- 30#
Push ups - 8 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

Super Set #4
Arnold Press
- 15's
Crunches - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #5
Lateral Raise
- 12's
Boxer Toe Touches - 16 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps no rest

Super Set #6
Bent Over Lateral Raise -
Supermans (but I did Oblique Twists) - 8# - 20 reps
Total of 2 sets/8 reps, no rest

I decided to do pullups instead of lawn mowers because it's been ages since I've done them. And I could tell, I had a really hard time getting to 8 reps. I wish Kelly would do this exercise in some of her workouts. She is 54 years old, I was shocked when I heard that. She sure doesn't look like it. She is 2 years older than I am!!

Workout was 31 minutes, burned 165 calories, HR 118/154.

Then I walked on my treadmill for 40 minutes, burned an additional 224 calories, went 2.14 miles and did 5178 steps. HR was 83/117.

Diane Sue - Nice going with Kickboxing Contour, isn't that a fun workout? I did it last week. Did you notice she didn't do one of the exercises on the other side of the body? I had to go back and do it on the other side, I think it was one of the leg moves, not sure. I have a spreadsheet that has all the lifting exercises on it for each workout if you'd like me to share it.

Jolie - Hope you had fun with your son this weekend!!

DOZ - Hope you enjoyed your visit with your family. I bet you had a hectic weekend!

Jolie Fit

Its July already!!! I had the best time with my son this weekend, but he left to go back to school yesterday morning. 9 hour drive.

Today I am starting a week of Total Body workouts with walking. Today I did two exercises for each body part, 12 reps and two rounds of the circuit. I was dripping by the time I got finished, it was a hard workout and it is hot already with some humidity. Workout was 36 minutes, no rest between exercises and I burned 301 calories. I used only DB's except for legs, I used the machines.

Warm up, STS Meso 2 ( 2 rounds of the circuit )

Chest Press- 25# x 12
Chest Flies- 17# x 12
1 Arm Rows- 25# x 12
Wide Grip Pulldown 50# x 12
Seated Overhead Press- 17# x 12
1 Arm Lateral Raise- 10# x 12
Bicep Curls- 17# x 12
Hammer Curls- 17# x 12
Lying Triceps Ext.- 15# x 12
2 Arm Kickbacks- 8# x 12
Leg Ext.- 50# x 14
Leg Curls- 20# x 14
ABS- Bicycles- x 40, Swimmers- x 20
Pop Squats- BW x 25

This was a tough workout!

how funny, I almost chose that workout this morning but decided to do my own at the last minute. I will be breaking that one out shortly, it is a great workout! Nice job on the treadmill work as well.

Diane Sue, DOZ and Roselyn, I will check back in later to see what you all did for your workouts today!

Have a nice day.


Back from my physical. Labs came in and cholesterol and thyroid and all were good. Numbers were even better than last year. Now she wants to have an ultrasound done of the nodule on the thyroid that showed last time, a colonoscopy since it has been 10 years ( I asked if we couldn't wait another year, nope), a dexa scan since it has been several years since the last one, and maybe a specialist for the arthritis since she did an arthritis panel and my arthritis coupled with severe dry mouth that keeps me awake at night should be checked into as those two things could go together. I was hoping I was done like usual for another year or so!

Debbie, I knew ahead of time from reading somewhere that Kelly messed up and only did one side on those leg moves. She says just alternate sides when you do it. I can't find where I read it, or I would post what she said. I thought it was when I was looking at the workout. Maybe on my tablet? Anyway, I was prepared for it. I really did like it a lot. Kelly is in great shape at 54. She has had beach pictures on facebook and she has some nice ab definition. I think she is inspiring. I pull out the Fit Tower Advanced Total Body and Bootcamp workouts once in awhile and get some pull ups in that way. Not the same as getting out the actual door frame pull up bar. I am always a bit afraid after injuring my rotator cuff doing Hammer and Chisel. I have skipped the superman move before, but try to make myself do it because it is the move that I find suggested to help with low back issues and strengthening the back. I just don't lift up as far as I think I used to. I used to have a tendency to over reach a lot of moves which in turn did not feel good.

Jolie, nice workout today. I like doing total body workouts. I always feel if something comes up and I can't do what I have planned, I at least have hit every body part once :) I bet you hated seeing your son leave. How is your younger son doing? He is in summer school, right.

Roslyn, Lift It Hit it legs is a good one.
Afternoon :)

Yesterday, I did Cardio Coach press play. Today I walked 1 hour 45 minutes. Sunday, started Meso 2; time is flying. With all the festivities I couldn’t bring myself to weigh in, eatery hasn’t been good, I’m going to hold off till next week, try and get this bloat down from all the wines, sugar and foods, that I have been eating; lots of meat argh....Lasts I checked I was 1 lb from my goal. Im sure I picked up a few lbs, couldn’t be helped, that’s what we do when family’s in town.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Today I did all of Press Play and had a really good workout. First time ever I hit 10,000 steps doing a workout first thing in the morning. I was shocked when it went off at the 10k mark. This is the best I've ever done with this workout. I am very proud of myself!!

Workout was 1 hr. 5 minutes, burned 476 calories (TM showed 660!!), went 4.7 miles and did 9470 steps. HR was 125/180. I was having a hard time getting my HR up. My legs were getting tired due to running up hills yet my HR wouldn't get past 134 at times, really weird.

Jolie - Glad you had a great time with your son!! Nice job on your workout, that looked like a tough one!!

Diane Sue - Don't you hate it when you have to keep going back to the doctors? I hate going so I don't go unless I absolutely have to. Glad your tests came back good but that sucks that you have arthritis. The knuckles on my hands sometime hurt really bad so I'm wondering if I might have it as well. I hope not. Kelly never wears tops that show her abs, I wish she would. She is very inspiring to me and I am really enjoying her workouts. I'm doing Home Gym Intervals #1 from RAW tomorrow morning. Can't wait!!

DOZ - Nice job keeping up with your workouts! How do you like your job so far?

Roselyn - Hope you have a great workout today and nice job on th leg workout from yesterday!


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw workouts, Coffey Fit Raw Intervals #1, 34 minutes, 216 calories, heart rate 127 average, 167 max, met 5.8, 2,329 steps. I then did Raw core moves, 24 minutes, heart rate 95 average, 122 max, 93 calories, met 3.5, 208 steps. I finished with Raw Cardio finisher, 14 minutes(actual 12) 1,161 steps, met 6.0, 93 calories, heart rate average 131, max 154. I also did Sarah Beth Yoga gentle hip opening 12 minutes. I didn't add it to my calories or time. Total workout time 72 minutes, calories burned 402.
Raw Intervals used a step and a 7# dumbbell(I used 7.5 and 8) and is 30 second intervals with some light weights added to the moves and ends at 25 minutes with a weighted ab work and stretch. I liked it. No crazy jumping :) Core moves used a stability ball throughout 2 sets of each move.
Cardio finisher did snatch, quick skates, jog, straight jump repeated 3 times then upper punches and jabs. The only weight use was the snatch that Kelly used a 20 for. I started this last week but worried when I saw the 20# snatches. Anyway, I used 15# and there are only 8 reps per side each of the 3 rounds. Not real rough. I just didn't want to kick in the neck and shoulder issue again.
I have my dexa scan appointment next Wednesday. I have such a busy week next week with vacation Bible school at our church evenings (they have films for adults waiting on the children, I am signed up to take 6 dozen large cookies. I watch my grandson two days. I am going to try to get the Arthritis center appointment for the following week if possible. They called when I was on the road coming home from my daughters yesterday. I am trying to reach them, but the persons whose ext. I am calling is out or something. Maybe later in the day as that is when she called yesterday and it was after closing. I will be relieved when it is all done.

Debbie, I hedge on those wellness visits. I generally push them to closer to 2 years unless there is something wrong. I take care of most of my issues myself. I think too many people run to the doctor for way more than necessary and I hate meds, so avoid as much as possible. Great work on the 10,000 steps this morning :) I have so many achy joints. The pain seems to move around. My wrists and fingers along with my neck are my biggest problem. Knees sometimes, forefoot, and hips once in awhile. Every so often everything seems to be inflamed and I have had my joints on my wrists and fingers swell and almost look purple along with pain. I try to eat more anti inflammatory foods and could kick myself when I go to sweets. I will be interested in seeing how the stress fracture in my hip and mid back are now. A few years ago the mid back was pretty well mended.
Question for you. Did you have to buy new watch bands and frames for your Ionic or did Blaze ones fit. I don't think Versa frames would work as it is a pretty thing profile. I don't even know if the frame comes off of the new ones though.

Doz, great job with your workout.
Diane Sue - No, the strap from my Blaze would not fit the Ionic, the bands are totally different. I ordered a pack of 10 all in different colors, they switch out so easily.

Jolie Fit

Today I didn't get to workout!!!! Life just got in the way... Getting ready for the festivities, we are going to the beach, my husband and I and we are going out to lunch and to walk around. What do you all have planned?

Debbie, kick butt workout today girl!!! That was some impressive calorie burn, I am so happy for you! Kelly does look great, I wonder what her age is? I would kill to look like that, I would have to clean up my eating big time!!!!

Diane Sue, I am glad that your lab work came out good!!!! I haven't had a colonoscopy yet, I just do the annual at home test instead. Good job on your workout today. I must try the RAW workouts sometime soon.

DOZ, I have to put the margaritas down myself or I will never loose the weight!!!!!!!!!! I have not been good this summer and it is showing.

Roselyn, I am sure the wedding is right around the corner? Good job getting your workouts in with work and all of the wedding planning!

Have a wonderful 4th of July!


Debbie, I am glad that we can get new straps for the Fit Bits at a good price. They get kind of sweaty and nasty anyway. I like changing them out often and cleaning them off. I meant to mention, if you look at Kelly's facebook page photos or Instagram she has several different beach photos in swimwear. There is a couple of her doing yoga and head stands on the beach, one with her brother. I think a lot of instructors do not wear the short tops anymore. It is just more common to wear a tank or something.

Jolie, Kelly is 54 years old. No plans for the fourth here. I used to do the at the home tests till I had the lymph node problem the first time and the doctor had everything checked out and I had to finally give in to the colonoscopy. I don't like being put under anesthesia. The procedure wasn't bad, but the cleanse was miserable and made me wonder why anyone wants to do that sort of thing just to do it.
Today I did Kelly's RAW Home Gym Intervals #1 and had a great workout. It was so fun, I really enjoyed it. Perfect for today as my DH and I are doing stuff so I just wanted a quick workout.

Each interval was 1 minute and it alternated between a weight exercise and then cardio - I ran on my treadmill. Did exactly 1 mile by the time the workout was over.

These were the exercises in the workout:

Front Curls
Squat/Alternate Pledge
Goblet Squat/Calf Raise
Front Raise
Plie w/Upright Row
Kickstand Deadlifts
Overhead Dumbbell Extension

I used 15# dumbbells for each exercise except for the Deads/Kickbacks - I used 12# for that one.

Workout was 30 minutes, burned 159 calorie and went 2401 steps. HR was 109/140.

Fun workout!

Jolie - As Diane said, Kelly is 54. I have to say, I am so glad I started doing her workouts, they are perfect for me, the time I have and the way my body is right now. I love Cathe, but her workouts are too high impact. So for right now, Kelly is good for what I'm looking for.

Diane Sue - Me too, the bands are so easy to switch out with the Ionic. I love this watch, it is so cool. I finally did the update and a lot of changes happened and I love them all. I hear a lot of complaints about this watch, but I really don't have any. I'm not on Facebook.

Roselyn - Great job on your workout!!

DOZ - Have a great workout today!


Jolie Fit

Happy 4th of July! I think Cathe's workouts are too high impact too, that's why I haven't ordered any of her new workouts in a long time. I cant most of her cardio workouts due to my back and I don't love the way she does her lifting workouts anymore either. I do like her personality a lot... That is why I have been doing my own workouts now for some time and I enjoy it too. I will be going to try Kelly's again because time has been a real factor for me lately and I know hers are short and to the point. I will order some new workouts, which ones do you recommend? I have Muscle up and Shape Up.

Today I went for a 6 mile walk and burned 891 calories. We don't have any plans today except to go to the beach and walk around and have a nice early dinner.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July! Be safe!


Today I did Coffey Fit Raw kettlebell and kickboxing, 34 minutes, heart rate average 125, max 166, met 5.9, 222 calories, 1,640 steps. I used 20# for the swings and 15# kettlebell for the other stuff along with the figure 8 to curtsy. 2# dumbbells for the kickboxing segments. I liked this workout. She ends with some abs with the 15# kettlebell. I then did Coffey Fit Raw Back side from the front and back workout, using the Roku should save my spot for the front side next. This was 37 minutes with me taking some notes, heart rate average 106, max 131, met 4.5, 184 calories,616 steps. Great workout! I then did Sarah Beth Yoga on youtube, Monday Morning Yoga 15 minutes, 38 calories.
Weights today
all are 10 reps except calves which is 10 reps 3 ways making it 30 reps Everything is done twice
reverse fly 15# dbs
alternating step back row 15# dbs
romanian split squat off step 15# db
1 arm kickbacks 12# db into standing cross body extension right side then left side for both moves
suitcase deadlift 25# dbs
plies 25# db
calf raises 15# dbs
low back
superman Bodyweight
frog legs body weight
low back
good morning 12# db
plank wipers bodyweight

Debbie, it was very helpful today being able to go back and print up the exercises from when you did this workout. Thanks :D I have heard that some people just love the Ionic and some complain. I think they just don't know how to use all of the features and it messes them up. I am not quite ready for a new Fit Bit, but have been looking just in case I really want one. Mine is two years old next month.

Today I did Cardio Coach 3. I wanted a shorter workout because my whole body is just sore and my knees are bothering me. I think I'm running too much or something. Also, my neck hurts on the right side like I slept wrong. Hate when that happens. I also did Stretch Max and did the band workout, I like this one but it loses my interest when she starts stretching the forearms so I usually stop there.

Workout was 40 minutes, ran 2.89 miles, burned 314 calories (TM said 392) and went 5774 steps. HR was 135/198.

Jolie - I agree about Cathe's workouts, although I am missing her weighted ones. I might go back to her in a couple weeks just to do something different. I never do her cardio anymore, except maybe kickboxing. I used to love them, but now I just cannot do all that jumping.

Diane Sue - The link didn't work but thanks! I did both of those RAW workouts, they were fun. I did the Front/Back side workout all in the same day, that one is fun and tough. Nice job. And I bet you are feeling the KB Contour today, using those handweights for the kickboxing part really made my upper back and shoulder blades sore.

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!


Today I started with Coffey Fit Raw Just Step, 24 minutes, heart rate average 147, max 177, 166 calories, met 6.3, 2,325 steps. I then did Front Side from Back side and front side raw, 25 minutes, heart rate average 101, max 135, met 4.5, 124 calories, 229 steps. I started my workout with a warm up of Sarah Beth Yoga 10 min warm up, and finished off the workouts with post run cooldown yoga 20 minutes, 30 minutes total 66 calories. Total time today was 79 minutes, 356 calories.
Front Side each group of exercises for a body part done twice
arnold press 15# dbs 10 reps
dumbbell front raise 15# db 10 reps
sissy squat body weight 10 reps
chest flys 15# dbs 10 reps
dumbbell press 15# dbs 10 reps
quad press seated on bench 80 reps total varies
21'a 7/7/7 reps 15# dbs
supinated curls 15# dbs
side lunges 15# db first set, 15# dbs second
pulse crunch
reverse curls

Debbie, I tend to get bored with the wrist and forearm stuff but I do it as I feel it is probably helpful with my arthritis. I have other workouts that do that too. It is just something you don't feel much and seems tedious. I would have done Back Side Front Side both, but I had hit a lot of the front side with some of the other workouts and wanted to give it a bit more of a break. Plus I wanted to get some cardio and stretching in and if I do too long on one thing there is not time to get it all in. My previous surgery knee started hurting yesterday. It was odd because I was fine after the workout and later when I laid down on the couch reading and watching a show with my husband, I guess it got stiff? I got up and could hardly walk on it. It was better when I went to bed last night and pretty good today. It is not a front of the knee pain though, it is along the back and inside. Those sissy squats didn't bother me at all. Years ago I was using a 20# dumbbell for sissy squats. I guess you have to have a facebook account to see the link. I click on it and it takes me to facebook. I don't know if it would be the same with Instagram, but I am guessing that it would. I hardly go to Instagram, I got it originally so I could follow some of the whole 30 stuff and my grandchildren. Facebook is something I would like to avoid, but it helps me keep up with family and I can follow Kelly on there. I have a couple of Fitness pages that are secret ones that I am on. Nothing much going on there and I just scroll through quickly.

Jolie Fit

No workout for me today, I am too darn tired! It was like a war zone here last night with all of the fire works going off I got very little sleep and I'm dead today. My dog was so scared that he was climbing on top of me all night long and waking me up.

Debbie, good job getting in some cardio today. I hope your knee and neck feel better.

Diane Sue, thanks for posting the workout you did today, I am going to print it and use it in the future.

Have a wonderful day, I have to ton of cleaning up to do so I have to run!


Jolie, we just had a couple of fireworks sounds late afternoon and then last night between 8 and 10:30. I didn't hear anything after that. My dog didn't like it either. She kept whining and walking around me like I was supposed to do something. Our neighborhood is a lot of elderly people so there is not those real close that would be shooting them off. I think most of what I heard was from public displays nearby.

Roselyn, is that a new live workout? I am not sure I remember a stability one.

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