Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2022

I did part of of a hill climb bike ride in Switzerland this morning. 48 minutes on the bike. Really beautiful scenery.
Yesterday was a rest day, I had an early appointment and did not have enough time to workout. Today, I had an excellent workout. I started with an uphill walk on my TM, 45 minutes, traveled 2.5 miles and burned 445 calories. Next, I did Cathe's STS Meso 2, Disc #15 Biceps only. I added an extra exercise at the end because I did not lift heavy on the Preacher Curls due to my Shoulder and Collar Bone issue. Lastly, I did all of my PT exercises, it is like doing an entire Back workout! Total workout time was 1 hour 21 minutes and I burned 624 calories.

BB Curls- 30# x 12, x 10, x 9, x 13 TF

DB Seated Alternating Curls w/ Twist- 17's x 12, x 10, x 8 (double arm curls with twist) x 13 TF

Preacher Curls- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 13 TF

Hammer Curls- 12's x 12, x 10, x 8, x 14 TF (go heavier next time)

PT exercises

I feel really good today, these PT exercises are working wonders for my Shoulder, Rear Delts, and Chest area. The lump has gone down a lot and my sleeping position is better too!

Debbie, great job listening to your knee and stopping the workout. You do not want to start that ordeal over again! I miss lifting heavy, so I am going to start again, but slow and heavy. Also, I will be doing much shorter workouts except for my walks to get my steps in each day. My body responds better to heavy weight workouts for whatever reason, the high rep workouts just irritate my muscles. I might just do STS again, Meso 2 for the next month, I rarely had any injuries when doing this workout in the past.

Diane Sue, great job on the workouts the last couple of days. It seems that your shoulder is back to normal. I want to join a gym so bad to use leg machines, but everyone is so sick that i am scared I will get sick and have a big setback. I feel like working legs harder this year, I loved to use the hack squat machine, leg press and inner and outer thigh machine. I may just pull the trigger after Christmas, I never got injured on those machines at the gym. Maybe I will just take a lot of Olive Leaf, Colloidal Silver and Vitamin C and just go for it and hope that I do not get sick.

Belinda, great job on the Caroline workout. My PT exercises are doing wonders for me, I hope yours are doing the same for you.

Doreen, your bike ride this morning sounds great! I bet the scenery was beautiful.

Cam, great job on the workout yesterday. I agree with switching things up with our workouts, it can be taxing on the joints and muscles doing the same things all of the time.

Roselyn, what kind of update can you give us on the grand baby?

Make it a great day. I plan on working out all weekend since I already took two days of rest this week.
Today I did CDorner All Standing Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home from 1 year ago, 43 minutes, heart rate 130/164, 224 calories, 4,182 steps. I then did CDorner Cool Down and Stretch from 10 days ago. I think I have done this one 3 time now. It is a nice stretch. 32 minutes, 42 calories. Total time was 75 minutes, 266 calories. I think I may try some kickboxing tomorrow without impact as my knee and foot still are hurting. Maybe arms as well. We had my granddaughter's college graduation party to go to tonight. I have some pies and deviled eggs to fix tomorrow for Sunday Christmas dinner.

Belinda, nice work today with Carolyn Girven along with two PT appointments. The stability ball feels so much better on the back and my neck.

Belinda, nice job on the Switzerland ride today.

Jolie, great job on the uphill walk along with biceps and PT. I know the Pt workouts I have done hit mostly back with the shoulders. What does colloidal silver do. I use oil of oregano in drops that I put in water when there is a lot of viruses and illness going around.
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Debbie, great job on Box and Pump 4 with the substitutions for legs. I like Chris workouts, but sometimes I look and see guests with her and I find myself looking for something else. Some are okay, but some are distracting. She really tries to help people with suggestions on how to modify moves, although I do not know why they are asking her questions during the workout. Maybe some of it depends on the mood I am in. I don't know how to find the workouts with no talking without going through them ahead of time. Some she does pre-record.
Most of the time when the instructor does thrusters, I try a couple and then switch to something else. There are those rare times like you mentioned where you feel nothing can stop you. I also do not get why things like thrusters and mountain climbers are the moves to do for low impact.
Checking in with Penny 1 hour Strength Circuits. 5 circuits. 2 upper body, 2 Legs and 1 abs. Repeated 3x. 1st round 50/20, 2nd round 40/15, 3rd round 30/10. Good workout.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Its crazy out there!
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Today I did Rev'd Up Rumble, 42 minutes, heart rate 101/119 (I could not seem to get my heart rate up. Every time I would look it would be around 99) I really was not breathing hard either. Anyway this was 136 calories, 2,965 steps. I did not use weighted gloves. Just my lifting gloves to support my wrists. I then did Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps, 14 minutes, 53 calories, heart rate 104/123. Now that was better than the cardio. I finished with Perfect Flow Timesaver Mobility stretch, 20 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 81/101. Total time was 76 minutes, 226 calories. Family day tomorrow at my daughters. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Knee has improved over the day. I took the UltraCur Advanced curcumin this morning which is a patented formula and has boswellia and a NAC Devils's claw complex and used Volteran and it helped a lot. I was on my feet most of the afternoon baking pies and peeling boiled eggs and making lots of deviled eggs. It was one of those times when the shells are stuck fast. So tedious!

Pyramid Pump Triceps and Biceps
pyramid supersets
kickbacks 12,10,8,10,12 reps superset with weights 5,8,10,8,5lbs
lying extensions on the ball 12,10,8,10,12 reps weights 5,8,10,8,5lbs
biceps standing sweeper curls 12,10,8,10,12 reps with 8,10,12,10,8lbs dbs
incline curls on the ball 12,10,8,10,12 reps 8,10,12,10,8# dbs

Cam, nice workout today. It is crazy out there. I have had most shopping brought to my door. Walmart is getting expensive to have grocery delivery. I paid out 45 dollars in tips this month. I am going to have to figure another option. I prefer staying in during holidays and times when people out there are sick. Besides I hate grocery shopping and dragging them in and out of cart and car. Maybe I will do pick up.
Yesterday I did not workout, I had the worst night's sleep. The coyotes were howling all night long, I was screaming out my window at them to try to get them to shut up!!! Today I had an excellent workout, I did Cathe Live All In Upper Body. I went heavier than normal and lowered the reps, and it turned out to be a great workout. Next, I did Leg Extensions, Squats, the rowing machine and all of my PT exercises. Total workout time was 1 hour 4 minutes and I burned 402 calories. As I was working out, I could see the lump on my chest getting bigger with inflammation, I guess it was pulling on the knot. It feels fine, the same as always so that is good. I think I will ice it to get the swelling to go down.

Diane Sue, I put my eggs in ice water for a few minutes and that usually makes the shells come off easily. Or put your eggs in a mason jar with water, shake it up and the shells come right off! Nice job with the workout yesterday.

Cam, nice job on the workout yesterday. It does not seem to be crazy out and about here where I live for whatever reason. I think so many people online shop now days that it keeps people home. I still have my father to shop for, but I think I will get him gift cards because he is almost 90 years young and doesn't need much. How is your mother doing?

Make it a great day. My husband is coughing right now, I sure hope he doesn't get really sick or otherwise my parents won't be able to come for Christmas. That is what happened at Thanksgiving!

Make it a great day.
cardio today

Still waiting for grandson's arrival scheduled c-section for jan 3 (uness she goes into labor sooner) but he is breech and they do not see him flipping he is way up in her rib cage. She actually was the same way at birth!! I had a c-section also I wonder if that is hereditary? Sp send some prayers for an easy delivery
Good morning,

Yesterday morning I bent over a little and felt a sharp pain in my lower back/buttock. I knew right away it wasn't good. I iced/put heat/ used the massager and took pain meds. Nothing helped. I had a rough night, I couldn't lay down or sit up. I tried to use a pillow between my legs nothing helped. I was in a lot of pain. When I woke up, DH took me to the ER. Got in and out very quickly. I slipped my disc in my back. I slipped my disc in my back in the past. The ER doctors didn't give me a cortisone shot, since I am on so many immune depressed meds. He gave me a shot. Sent me home with muscle relaxers and very strong pain meds. I also got lidoderm patches. I should be sleeping like a baby tonight :) I was advised not to work out, except short walks. I can't do my physical therapy exercises. I have to make an appointment with my POC tomorrow. Never a dull moment in my life. I really need a break.

Roselyn - sending prayers for an easy delivery.

Great job on your workouts.
Today I did CDorner Insanely Fun Cardio Step. It was 50 min and fun it was. The time flew. It was yesterday's workout. The choreography was easy to pick up. I was a sweaty mess. I like her one background exerciser, Amanda. The other one seemed like she would rather be somewhere else. She was easy to ignore. Anyway, I picked a good one.

Jolie, My mom is not doing well. Today she said she is nauseated and she is a little out of it. She doesn't understand she has heart failure, which is actually a good thing. She forgets everything anyway. She is confused a lot and her short term memory is horrible. I get tired of repeating myself. Her legs are so swollen. Hospice has been great. Better than the useless staff at her facility. It wasn't that long ago that my mother was as sharp as a tack. That's hard to take. I have enactec my POA on everything. Sad. Good workout today!

Belinda, hope your back gets better soon. Don't workout. It's not worth further aggravating it.

Diane, good workout yesterday. I like Christmas shopping and order very little online. I just don't like huge crowds. We gotta keep stores in business. I went shopping on Wednesday and it was quiet. It was rainy, windy and cold, so I think that deterred people. Plus a weekday which is when I Christmas shop. I have a couple more things to get and I have off most of the week so I can avoid crowds. Things sure have changed though. I think with a lousy economy, covid, crime and convenience of online shopping, all have an effect on shopping. I heard on the news, sales are way down for stores and even online. Thanks Biden!:rolleyes:

Roselyn, hope the delivery goes well.

I need to get going on cookie baking. Just can't get motivated. I usually bake serveral different kinds of cookies and I haven't started yet. It will be a busy week and quick 30 min workouts on tap. I always look forward to Dec. 26th. :D
No workout today. We spent most of the day at my daughters having our family Christmas.

Jolie, sorry about the coyotes howling all night. Great job on the workout today. I wonder why that lump started swelling and getting inflamed. Glad it doesn't hurt. I boiled the eggs and dumped ice over them after boiling them, but the membrane clung to the egg it was a mess. I read several other suggestions and while looking for other help, I found a US patented egg sheller. Which was like you said shaking in a jar except it has bumps on the inside of it. I will try that next time.

Roselyn nice work on cardio. Prayers for everything to go well with your daughter and the baby.

Belinda, I hope you sleep well and feel better soon. Get some rest and I hope you can see your POC soon.

Cam, I used to bake all kinds of cookies for holidays, but I do not have family around as much since we moved. My husband and I do not need lots of baked goods. There was plenty of baked goods at my daughter's house today. Chris has a couple of women that works out with her that are good and will carry on with the moves if Chris has to fix something. I do not mind them. I want to do a step workout, if my knee will quit acting up. Her step workouts are usually not a lot of impact.
I am sorry about your mother. It is hard to watch our loved one's decline.
When I do go out shopping or even appointments, I make it around 10 am on weekdays. Also, usually not a Friday. Still, I really have not been to many stores other than Walmart and once I went to TJMax to get something for my granddaughter. It felt kind of weird going out like that. There are a lot of cars at the stores around here. It is sad how everyone has had to lessen their spending this year for Christmas and things do not look promising in the near future either.
This morning I did Kelly's Power Splits Upper Body workout. I had a great workout and like this one a lot. It's tough if you go heavy. I used pretty heavy weights today and it felt great.

I first warmed up on my treadmill for 20 minutes and went 1 mile.

3 sets each exercise, one at a time - 50 seconds on/10 seconds off (although I rested a bit longer between exercises)

Incline Chest Press: 20's
Incline Triceps Extension: 12's
Incline Alternate Row: 12's 1 set/15's 2 sets
Shoulder Press: 12's
Hammer Curls: 20's

Kickboxing Finisher - Used 2# dumbbells

Workout was 62 minutes, burned 519 calories (HOLY CRAP!) did 4010 steps and HR was 136/164.

I went shopping and out to eat with a friend on Saturday and that evening when I was taking my shower I started getting really dizzy and my stomach was clenching up. I think I got food poison from where we ate but the food tasted excellent. I had baklava that I took home and ate some and I'm wondering if the walnuts in it were rancid? Or maybe it was just a fluke and I had the stomach flu? My stomach still isn't quite right but I feel fine. So weird, I hate when that happens.

Roselyn - Sending prayers for your daughter, I hope all goes well!

Belinda - I'm so sorry to hear about your back, you really can't catch a break!! I know how awful that is as I've dealt with back pain before. Hope you are feeling some relief today.

Cam - So sorry to hear about your mom. I know how hard it is to see a vital loved one go down hill almost over night. My mom is 86 and has really slowed down the last couple of years. So hard to deal with. I'm glad hospice is helping and giving her the care she needs. Prayers to you and your mom!

Jolie - I hope your chest lump is ok today. That is so odd that it won't go away. Good tip on the eggs! Never heard the mason jar one. I always have pretty good luck shelling my hard boiled eggs by putting them in extreme cold ice water after they are done. The shells just peel away.

Diane - Great job with your workout this weekend! Hope it was a good one! I usually do what Jolie said and dunk my eggs in ice cold water and let them sit there for a few. Mine usually peel really good. Fresh eggs are the best to use, they seem to shell better.

Have a great day everyone!! I'm getting excited about Christmas!!
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I went for a short walk. The ER doctor said, I could go for a short walk. The pain in my back is a little better. Not completely gone. Although you would think with all the meds I am on. I still had quit some pain last night. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my primary doctor.

My son and his wife are coming this week. I am so behind in cleaning my house.

Cam - I am so sorry about your mom (((HUGS))) it's hard seeing your loved ones like this.

Diane - thank you. I hope you had lots of fun at your Christmas with your family.

Debbie - I really can't catch a break. I need one. It's always something. I had a few slipped disc before. I been very carful ever since. Thank you my friend.

Good night.
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I went on a nice bike ride yesterday afternoon. Most of the snow had blown off the path before it melted so no mud or ice. We also took a nice hike with the dog and he played around in the creek a bit.

this monring I did a 20 minute lower body circuit with John Peel which was a great workout and then did 12 minutes on the rower.
Today I did Penny 40 min 3-2-1 Hiit Strength, Cardio, Core. I did this about a month ago. Love the format. 3 circuits of 3 strength/2 cardio/1 core. 50/10, 2X. It packs a punch and hits every muscle group.

Belinda, glad you got a short walk.

Good workouts Debbie and Doreen!

We are supposed to get a blizzard this week. But sometimes they build up a big nothing. Glad we are having a simple little Christmas this year.
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Today I did CDorner Cardio Step Aerobics//Insanely fun step class from Saturday,57 minutes, heart rate 113/137, 231 calories, 4,335 steps. This is one of those that is fun, but there is a lot of turns and across and around the step moves. My heart rate did not want to get up much again. Really, I was not breathless again. I also did CDorner Strong Toned Abs, 22 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate 83/100. I finished with a few calf, ankle and lower body stretches on my own. I did not use the Garmin for that. Total workout time was 79 minutes, 277 calories, 4,441 steps. My knee and foot are feeling better today. I was cautious of the turns and cross back movements being careful of turning my knee wrong as I have had setbacks doing that in the past. It probably slowed me down a bit although I kept up with Chris. Yesterday was a fun time with family. We got to watch the video of my granddaughter's recent wedding. The gift exchange and the sort of dirty santa was fun. My daughter drew my name, and I got the IT stuff I had on my wish list. I really like the Pillow Lips lipstick and she got me a set with three of them which had two colors I had picked and came with some eye cream and skin cream, and she bought me the concealer. I love it. With Dirty Santa I ended up with a Star Wars waffle iron and my husband got bath salt cubes that smell really good. I used some this morning. I spent a lot of time this afternoon trying to get my pictures off of my cell phone and onto the computer. I have issues with the sd card and the people in T Mobile are useless. Their workers told me to take it to Best Buy. I told my husband the girl said she wasn't sure when I asked if I couldn't just get a new sd card and format it. I bought the phone there and they put it in the phone. They need some decent help. Three employees and not one of them seemed to be someone you could count on. One of them said I could google it:rolleyes: I did, and then I thought they could help and I would not try the things I googled.

Debbie, nice work on Power Splits Upper Body. Great job on the weights today. I would not think that Baklava would cause food poisoning. Maybe it was some sort of stomach thing. I had two days last week where I kept having dizzy spells and stomach did not feel quite right. I still do not know what it was. I went on with my day but kept wondering if it was one of my supplements or something. Although they have not changed. I even tried eating some dry toast to see if it would help, which it did not. I felt fine after a couple of days. I had just purchased a pack of 18 egglands best eggs and the Happy Eggs Free range that I generally use for my husband and I. I boiled some of both, and drained the boiling water off and topped with ice like I usually do and let them sit. They did not want to peel. I don't know why. I have done it with the instant pot before and they were easy to peel, but then one time I overcooked them doing that and the white actually turned brown a bit. So, I did not go that route. Then I read start the water to boiling and then add the eggs online yesterday. They said something about heating cold eggs to boiling in the pan makes the proteins bind and that is why the egg shell is hard to come off. I will try that maybe and then the ice bath next time. I ordered the egg peeler jar and later read others comments that said they just shake the eggs in a container with a lid. I swear that was the worst batch I think I ever had and I peeled 22 eggs.

Belinda, I hope you hear something helpful from your primary doctor tomorrow. I am glad you are a little better today. You would think after all of the pain meds and your regular meds that you would not feel the pain so much and be able to sleep. I am glad you were able to get out for a short walk. Praying this will get better for you.

Doreen, nice that you were able to get outside for a ride and out with your dog for a walk. Nice work today with the Lower Body Circuit and the Rower.

Cam, nice work with Penny Hiit Strength, Cardio Core. I guess weather experts like to make sure people are prepared for bad weather. It often ends up not as bad as they say or ends up missing the mark. I told my husband one time, that they almost seem delighted when they are pointing out startings of tornados and funnels coming down. I suppose it would be boring to watch them point things out in a monotone though. A blizzard does not sound pleasant.
This morning I started out doing RAW Just Step #2 but that was a no go, even with only one riser. My knee didn't like that. Did I tell you my MRI is on Dec. 30th? Looking forward to seeing what is going on with this. So I decided to do RAW Heavy Bag 1 which was a lot of fun. Kelly is really good with that hanging bag she has. She did mention that she should have strapped it to the floor but seriously, it didn't look like she was having any problems with it being free. This was good boxing with some cardio thrown in, I just did low impact cardio. Fun!!

Workout was 50 minutes, burned 400 calories, did 4482 steps and HR was 132/156.

Belinda - Glad your back was a bit better yesterday, hopefully it will continue to heal quickly.

Cam - We are supposed to get that same blizzard starting on Thursday. Glad I don't have to go anywhere on Friday. I hope we don't get too much snow, the winds are what worry me. Good job with your workout!

Diane - None of the workouts I do make me breathless anymore. I truly want to get on my Max Trainer again but I just can't right now. I would love to be able to run on my treadmill again, too. My heart rate usually averages around the 150's and sometimes I see it as high as 170 or 180 but I'm just not breathing hard. I really miss doing those types of workout. Good job, though, you still had a great workout! OMG on that employee telling you to google the SD card stuff. WTH?? Yep, that is the kind of help we have now - NONE! No customer service anywhere anymore. It's ridiculous. I agree, I think I had some kind of stomach flu. I was still feeling it yesterday and that was three days after I ate that food. I think I had some sort of virus. I feel great today. Hard boiled eggs have always been hit or miss for me, but usually I have good luck. I put the eggs in the cold water in the pan and then slowly bring up the heat. Once it's boiling I boil for 1 minutes, shut off the heat, cover the pan and move the pan to a cool part of the stove top. Then I let it sit for about 7-10 minutes I think. It;s been so long I don't remember how long. Then I scoop them out with a slotted spoon and put them in ice cold water. I usually have good luck doing that.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
My husband is really sick and now a am getting sick!!!!!!! I have a very bad sore throat and I feel like I have an ear infection. An ear, nose and throat kind of thing. Also, I have been having chest pains and short of breath, I think I have taken too many anti-inflammatory medications for my shoulder and collarbone, I am starting to have an allergic reaction. Since not using the cream on my shoulder and collarbone, those symptoms have gone away. I am going to the doctor later today to ask for an MRI because nothing is changing with my shoulder issue. Also, I want to know if I am contagious because my parents are supposed to come for Christmas, and I do not want to get them sick. I am going to take most of this week off from my workouts and focus on the holiday and getting healthy. I cannot wait for the new year and to have this year behind me.

Great job with the workouts everyone and I hope you all stay healthy. I am going to pick up my walking by a lot since that seems to be the only thing that does bother my issue besides doing arms.
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I did a Christmas bike bootcamp this morning. 6 min on the bike then a circuit of exercises with 1 rep through 12 reps for the 12 Days of Christmas. Then repeated.
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Today I did Penny 30 min. No Repeat, No Equipment Killer Hiit. 30/15. Good exercises and lower impact for majority of the moves and a few I changed up.

Diane, I did that chris step workout on Sunday. I really liked it except for the one backgrounder that looked bored. I worked up a good sweat, but I don't do much step or steady state too often like I used to back in the day. I did one of Chris's a long time ago that was a hiit workout on the step. It was fun and tough. I wish I could remember which one it was. I tried to find it, but she has so many. I will find it one of these days.

Doreen, that sounds like a fun format.

Debbie, good workout today. I am heading out early tomorrow morning to grocery shop for the week and pick a few things up. I know with the snow coming people will panick and the stores will be crazy. Then I am baking and wrapping. When are you getting hit with it? Thursday night into Friday for us. I had plans on Friday but 50 mph winds and 6-8 inches of snow. Forget that. I have off now until next Tuesday, so at least I can stay home.

Jolie, hope you feel better. My throat is a little sore today and my head is staring to hurt. I hear you with elderly. I can't be nesr my mom if I am sick. Hopefully its a little cold. I have been so stressed lately that I may be more susceptible to viruses. I haven't been sick in years and when I get sick it's a doozy. I'm crossing my fingers for us.

Belinda, hope your back is better.

No workout tomorrow. Too much to do.
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