Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2022

Hi everyone,

I have an Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder), I also have inflammation. He said the inflammation comes from RP. I also have cartilage loss in my left shoulder. I don't get it? What could caused it? Everything I been researching The condition occurs more commonly in people with diabetes and in people who've kept their arm immobilized for a long period of time?? I haven't stopped working out, lol. Capsulitis can take from 3 month up to 3 years to completely heal. He wants me to get steroids in my shoulder. Hopefully it will relieve some of the pain. He also want's me to stop physical therapy for my shoulder/neck/biceps, continue with PT after the steroid injections. If the steroids injections doesn't work, I need surgery. I will schedule an appointment tomorrow. He still wants do some weight training/moving my shoulder. I will see my Rheum on the 12th and UPenn the end of this month. I think they need to put me on a different meds.

This week is my recovery week. I did a Suzanne Bowen Fitness UB with light weights. I have to keep my shoulder in motion.

I still waiting for the results for the allergy lab tests.

Diane - thank you! Glad you remembered your upcoming appointment. I usually get updates. I also like to have Alexa remind me, lol. I hardly keep up. I am still on the fence especially with my shoulder issue? I still have time to think about. Great job on your workout.

Julie - glad your doc appointment went well and you liked the doctor. Sounds like he gave you good advice. Balance is key. Great job.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in after me. I am tired.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Step and Thighs band strength/ step aerobics, 60 minutes (I repeated 20 minutes of the original that was around 40 minutes. heart rate 110/153, 224 calories, 4,061 steps. This was 3-minute segments of basic step moves alternated with 3 minutes of loop band work on the step. I started with 1 band then switched to two at the same time as Chris added mid-workout. I used the Cathe extra heavy loop and medium loop. I wanted something lower body today since my neck and shoulders are still sore from Saturday. We went to my grandson's Annie play at his school. He played two parts in it. Then on the way home we had dinner with my two granddaughters and their husbands, so it was a really enjoyable evening. It sure is a busy month!

Debbie, nice work with 4 day Split Chest and Back and the boxing workout. I sort of want egg weights too. I keep using dumbbells instead of my weighted gloves so that if something is uncomfortable, I can put the weights down. Besides the weighted gloves put pressure on my thumbs that aggravates the arthritis sometimes.

Jolie, it is nice that you got out in the sunshine and was able to walk again. What the Ortho said makes sense. I always have felt that an injection was temporary and felt afraid that I would overuse something and cause more harm to it. I hope that you can get the strength built back up on your back. I keep trying to work a bit more on my front side as I have spent the last 3 years really concentrating more on the posterior muscles for posture.

Belinda, that does not seem right as active as you are and knowing that you do strength workout. Do you still have full range of motion with the shoulder. I have had two doctors check in the past check my shoulder when it was really painful and told me it was not a tear because I could move it around and behind me without a problem. I am really sorry. This is the same shoulder that I finally had the surgery on though. I think that maybe the arthritis was already started going and that first time the doctor gave me muscle relaxers and sent me home. Then about a year later I was going to the arthritis doctor. I hate those decisions and trying to decide what is the right thing to do to get the help I need. My thoughts and prayers for you with all of that.
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Good morning,

I did Suzanne Bowen Fitness Standing+Mat Lower Body (BW).

I have no time for personals, I will catch up later. Going to PT for my knees. BBL
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This morning I tried to do RAW Cardio Crush. I did about 20 minuates and stopped because it was too high impact. I subbed out other moves but couldn't get my HR up. My knee didn't like it that much anyways, so I stopped. Sick of this shit. I moved on to the RAW Glute Finisher and used my pink cloth band. Got a good hip and glute workout. I like this workout a lot.

I wish Kelly would do more low impact cardio workouts. The only ones that are low impact are the boing ones. I can't do boxing every day.

Anyways, total workout time was 49 minutes, burned 363 calories, did 3155 steps and HR was 131/171.

Jolie - Glad you got a good doctor for the lump you have. I agree with everything your doctor said, when something is bothering us, it is usually the opposing muscles that is the problem. My PT told me the same exact thing. How is the lump today after icing it so much? My knee ortho told me to ice my knee 1 hour each night and I did that for about a week and then got sick of doing it. Plus it's so cold here I don't want ice on my body. LOL!! I probably should continue to do it, though. I also hate working my back, I never feel like I am doing it right because I'm never sore. Then I get all those knots. I've been good lately, though, except my stupid knee.

Doreen - Great workouts!

Belinda - I don't get the frozen shoulder either. We of all people should not be having these problems! I think you should definitely keep working the shoulder, you get frozen shoulder by NOT working it, so how did that even happen? I think I'd get a second opinion but I know you are about sick of doctors at this point. It just doesn't sound right to me. I'd be careful of the injections, too. Like Jolie said, they just mask the problem. I'm so sorry you continue to have these problems, I don't know how you keep it so together!!

Diane - Sounds like you had a great evening with the play and dinner. That is great that your grandson is in theater! I can't bring myself to buy egg weights because I have weighted gloves and dumbbells I can use, but for some reason, I want them! LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Horrible night of sleep so I hit snooze a couple times this morning before deciding to get up and do a bike ride. I did a 36 minute FTP interval workout with Casey C in Vietnam. Good workout- hill climbing the entire time.
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Today I went for a 2.4 walk outside, it was short because it is cold and my hands were freezing, so I turned around and went home. I have to wait later in the day if I want to walk outside, at least till the sun is shining on my trail. I did not wear my watch for my calorie burn because I forgot to charge it and it was dead. Oh well, I am sure it was around 300 calories since I was walking hills. I have a PT appointment on Thursday morning so I am anxious to see what they say and what they have me do to help me with my issue. I have a feeling I may not hear anything I do not already know but I am hopeful. I have the Frozen Shoulder under control, it is just the collar bone issue I need help with.

Debbie, bummer on the crappy workout this morning, I hate when I can't get into it and have to start something else. My knee is bothering me now that it is cold outside, I am sure the pain is from Arthritis. It never bothers me in the warmer months at all. The lump on my collar bone goes down when I ice it, but the second I start using my arm, there it is again. I have no idea what is up except for the fact that I think the joint is jammed and it needs some help with that issue. I notice it is a tad higher than the other side, I will bring that up with the therapist.

Doreen, I hate getting poor sleep, it ruins the entire day! Good job with the bike ride.

Roselyn, what is the due date for your grand baby? Nice job on the workout.

Belinda, frozen shoulder should never be rested my ortho said, it will get worse. They should have you doing exercises to get the blood moving. I just went through the same issue the last four months and pushing past the pain is the way I got it back to normal. I was in severe pain but made myself use the arm. Also, you do not need surgery for frozen shoulder, now if there is a tear then that is another thing all together. I am sure you will get a second opinion before you have surgery. Stay positive and I know you will get through all of these issues!!!!

Diane Sue, it sounds like you had a great time at the Annie play. I love going to kids plays, there are so stinking cute!

Make it a great day. I hope it warms up a little here in CA. This weekend I am going out of town to visit my cousin so NO workouts for me.
Today I did the other part of CDorner All in One Cardio, strength, stretch, doing cardio and the strength and a bit of the stretch as I did another stretch workout after. This took me 54 minutes as I wrote down the weight workout first round that is repeated a second round. I burned 195 calories, heart rate 117/163, 2,484 steps. I followed this with todays CDorner Stretch which is what she calls "chill" relaxing stretch. It was another good one. 33 minutes, 49 calories, heart rate 76/100. I was going to add on to the weights and do Cathe Muscle Meltdown back, but my dvd player only wanted to make a grinding noise and not function. I tried a Kelly dvd and same thing. So, it looks like I need another player. I hate taking my computer to the workout room and finding a place for it so I can do a dvd:confused: I guess without a dvd player the idea of purchasing more dvds is out. I am not a fan of dragging out my external drive to look for workouts that are downloaded either. Plus I like premixes.

CDorner Cardio/strength/stretch strength moves
done 60 sec each move then all repeated a second time
Dead Row 20# dbs
Forearm plank alternating knee drop
Bridge with chest fly 8# dbs 10# dbs 2nd round
V sit feet up and over a dumbbell
Kneeling biceps supination curls 15# dbs
Star Crunch
Bird dog kickbacks left 10# db right is done second round
pullover /leg lift 8# dbs

Debbie, I wish that Kelly would do lower Impact too and not just boxing. My lats and shoulders start hurting if I do it too often. I guess that is why they say to cross train. It is so easy to get into a rut with favorite workout types. Those cloth bands are awesome. They really make a workout a challenge. You do a lot better than me on calorie burns. I give up hope on bigger burns. Once in awhile I find a workout that will push me past 300 calories, but not often. My heart rate gets up there so I do not see why the burn is so low for me. I have been the same way with the egg weights.

Belinda, nice work getting in Suzanne Bowen before PT.

Doreen, good job getting in the workout after a bad night sleep.

Roselyn, nice job on Iron Glutes.

Jolie, that is nice that you got in a short walk today. The weather changes so much here. Yesterday it was 72 and today it is in the 40's. I hope that the PT can give you some new stuff and help you. I know mine really pushed to get my arm moving. It hurt so bad I had to work to keep tears from flowing, but I knew it was the only way I would heal properly. He had to force it as hard as he could and each week it seemed to move a bit further. His comment at the end when I had full range was that it was a tough road for both of us. At first, I was worried that something was going to break.
The kids were really cute and the skinny little girl that played Annie could really sing. It was quite the production. My grandson will be 12 next month. The younger ones are growing up too fast.

The Orthopedic doctor yesterday, didn't say don't workout. I guess, he doesn't want me to lift heavy on my left shoulder. What he said is stop the PT (physical therapy). It didn't make sense to me, I called the Orthopedic's nurse and ask why I can't do physical therapy? I can't get an appointment for the steroid shot until the middle of Jan, not doing PT for that long didn't make any sense. Got a call from the nurse, saying the doctor doesn't want me to do anything aggressive. Nothing overhead, pushups, no lifting off the floor on my left arm, not open a heavy door with my left arm, nothing with my left arm/shoulder except use a very light weight no heavier than 2 pounds or very light bands. Basically do biceps curls only w/ 2 pounds only.The doctor doesn't want any pressure on my shoulder joint. I guess, my shoulder is worst than I thought. There is also a small piece of bone broken off my shoulder and a lot of inflammation. I shouldn't have swelling with all the meds I am on. I think the Orthopedic doctors ( I saw 2) worry it will get worst. After the call with the nurse, I felt like a slap in my face :( I hope they have a cancelation so I can get the shot sooner than Jan.

Diane - no, it doesn't seem right. No, I don't have full range of motions of my left shoulder. I can't move my around and behind me, I am in so much pain. I will take all the images that was done on my shoulder/neck and knees with me to UPenn to make sure it's not related to RP. Since I have a lot of inflammation (arthritis) in my knees and in my shoulder/biceps. I was in so much pain after all the tests the doctor had me do, I am still in pain. It has to come from somewhere, right? I take too many inflammations meds to have a lot of inflammations. Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. Sorry you went through so much too. At first, I thought I had a tear. I remember I a heavy weight lifting workout, my shoulder/bicep started to hurt. Now I have to figure out what I can do until Jan?

Debbie, Julie - I had a frozen shoulder last year, which really never healed. I did get another opinion he agrees with the Orthopedic. I can't hardly move my arm/shoulder and neck. I honestly, I don't know how I do it. I guess, working out is my stress reliever with my AI disease. I don't think, the doctor wants to do surgery if he doesn't think I need it. I personally don't think I need surgery anytime soon.

Good night.
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This mornintg I had an excellent workout that reminded me of how I used to work out back in the day. I killed it today. I started with
RAW 4-Day Split Bi's & Tri's. Had a great workout and went heavier than the last time I did it.

1 minute each exercises

Supinated Curls
: 15's
W Curl to Rotate to Front: 12's
Hammer Curls: 12's (slow 4 counts up and down)
Bicep burnout w/Tube - I don't like tubing exercises because it seems like they really put a strain on my elbows for some reason. I used 5's & 8's and just did a burnout set that way)

Overhead Triceps Extensions:
Kickbacks: 8's
Dips - Did what I could, these are hard
Kickbacks w/Tubing

My tricep seems to have healed itself or at least it's way better than it was. I wonder if taking that 800 mg of ibuprofin for my knee helped my triceps as well?

Then I did RAW Heavy Bag Finisher which I love and then also did RAW Abs Circuit. I was able to do these workouts in their entirety!! I started early and it was great not having to rush to get done.

Total workout was 1 hour, burned 302 calories (which I thought would be way more), did 1442 steps and HR was 105/147. Not sure why my HR was so low today. Oh well, I know I had an excellent workout. I feel great!!

Jolie - What supplements can I take for brain health? I've been taking Ginkgo Biloba and it really helps me to stay focused. Is there anything else I can take? I'm so worried about dimentia, sometimes I feel like I am going in that direction. Also, what good supplement can I take for heartburn? Crazy how these things just start happening. Great job on your walk, I can't believe you were that cold yesterday. It's either way too hot there or too cold. At least you can get outside, that isn't possible here in Ohio in the winter.

Diane - I also have a DVD player that is crappy. That's why I don't do my DVD's anymore. Maybe I'll get a new one for Christmas. Nice job on your workouts! I agree with boxing workouts, you can only do so many. They tend to irritate my upper back so I try to limit them to two times a week. It's shocking that Kelly doesn't have any low impact on her RAW channel. I wonder why?

Belinda - You must be having some major pain in your shoulder if there is a piece of broken bone in it. Ouch! I sure hope you don't need surgery. Ridiculous that you can't get in before January. What is going on with our healthcare system?

Doreen - Good job at least getting a bike ride in yesterday. Hope you slept better last night.

Roselyn - Great job with Iron upper. I wonder when Caroline will be back? She's been gone for 4 months now, that seems a bit odd for a Youtube personality. Especially her. I hope she is ok.

Cam - Thinking about you and praying for your family.

Have a great day everyone!
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I slept like a log last night! I did a Hannah Eden hiit this morning 4, 5 minute AMRAPS, Lower body, uppper body, lower body, Upper body. I subbed out deadlifts for her burpees as I didn't want to do burpees this morning in the lower body section. Then I did a Lower body workout with Gideon A- skipped the abs and then took the dog for a short walk around the block.

I've decided to wait on the STS 2.0 for now. I would get downloads anyway and she always runs a sale around the 4th of July and black Friday. I'll probably do a month of On Demand to check them out and then hopefully I can pick and choose what downloads I want. (I do reserve the right to change my mind once the preview videos release!)
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Today I walked outside and I did my own upper body workout with 2 pounds DB's. Noting overhead, nothing to stress my shoulder. I even did some exercises laying down doing. It's very challenging to get a good upper body workout, you don't realize how many exercise you are use your shoulders. Thanks for YT :) My DD is creating a stretching routine without lifting/moving my shoulder, she will be posting it on YT for me.

I have physical therapy tomorrow morning.

Debbie - I do have major pain in my left shoulder. I been trying to work though the pain, I think I made it worst. Glad the 800 mg of ibuprofin helped your triceps and knees. Great job today.

Diane - what exercises did you do when you had your shoulder injury? I need ideas. I found a few on YT today. Were you allowed to do overhead exercises?

Good night
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Today I messed with the dvd player and turned it over to see if there was an easy way to check inside and did not see one. Then I shook it o_O ! and put it back. I thought I would try again one last time and no noise this time and it worked. I wonder if something was loose inside? So, I did Ice timesaver Low Impact Sweat timesaver # 2 cardio! and muscle meltdown back, 55 minutes, heart rate 107/162, 185 calories, 1,875 steps. I then did Perfect Flow Mobility Basics stretch timesaver 23 minutes, 40 calories, heart rate 81/97. Total time was 78 minutes, 225 calories.

Muscle Meltdown Back giant set done 3 times all exercises 12 rep

One arm row- round 1 15# db, round 2 and 3, 20# db
pullover all rounds 2 8# dbs held together
One arm wide row round 1&2 15# db, round 3 12# db
One arm pullover 10# db all rounds
Deadlift 20# dbs all rounds

Belinda, it is a challenge to work upper body. I avoided overhead presses for a long time because they hurt. Since PT I am just getting back to more shoulder work with a little overhead. Not heavy. I am still really careful with pullovers. The PT had me do a pull over with a 3# bar. I used 5# barbell with no weight at home. But, that was recovering. Before I could not do much. I managed very light lateral raises and scap squeezes. Bench press hurt the front of my shoulders. I am still slow on that stuff. No planks till recently. Lying on the side rotators with 1 to 2#. Also, I avoided overhead triceps extensions and did regular kickbacks or ones that you can do with tubing. I understand on those tests. They make you try to move an already painful joint. Mri for me was so painful being strapped into the worst possible position to get the pictures. The first one I had to make them stop midway because I felt like I was going to vomit or pass out from the pain. That was after having my neck stationary with the shoulder as they did both. It was way too long and too much. Second one hurt too, but I took Advil before getting it anticipating all of the pain. I would move the shoulder since it is frozen, but you know that. Do what they tell you too until you get someone that knows what to do. You do not want to go through shoulder surgery if at all possible. Hopefully you can get healing in that area and build back up.

Debbie, nice work with Raw 4 Day Split Biceps and Triceps. Not Jolie, but bacopa and B vitamins are ones mentioned on the Alzheimer's organization site. Also B vitamins. I have my mother two sisters that had Alzheimer's. It makes me wonder since two of them had that and my mother had ALS. I use mushroom supplements that help with the nerve damage in my neck and some I have used for respiratory help.
I am sure Jolie could point you in the right direction. I am leaving the dvd player I put in my Amazon wish list because I do not want to plan a workout and have the dvd player give me problems again.
Years ago I did lots of Boxing workouts and I ended up with elbow issues. Now it is my shoulders. Those are pretty much low impact with Kelly, but we cannot do that all of the time. Even the step workouts have boxing in most of them.

Doreen, glad you got a good night's sleep and had such a good workout today.

Cam, thinking of you and sending prayers your way.
Finally able to get a workout in. I did Penny 1 hr. Serious Strength Circuits. This is a great strength workout. 2 rounds of each circuit 35/15. Alternating upper and lower and finishing with abs. I will probably be a little sore by Friday.

Things seem to be calming down a little. Hospice will be a big relief. The doctor says my mom has 2-6 months. I have gotten a lot of things organized. I am meeting with the funeral home next week and paying for cremation services. I also met with the bank and need to have my mom sign some papers. Now I need to try to get ready for Christmas. I have so much to do.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes.

Belinda, hope your shoulder gets better soon.

Good workouts everyone!
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This morning I had another great workout! I did CDorner's 30 minute Low Impact Walking Workout, which is the one with the music I like in it. It's so fun. Not sure why it's called a "walking workout" because it's not. She does a lot of fun moves in this one and like I said, the music is great.

Then I got on my treadmill for about 20 minutes and did an uphill walk at 3%. Not a very high hill, but high enough for me. I don't want to irritate my knee. It's still not 100%, I will definitely request an MRI when I see the doctor next week.

Total workout time was 55 minutes, burned 552 calories!!!!! Holy Cow!! Did 6118 steps and HR was 153/185. I have never had a calorie burn like this, not even when I used to do Cardio Coach workouts. Crazy!!!

Jolie - I know you weren't on yesterday, if you could check my post from yesterday, I'd appreciate it. I had a question for you about supplements.

Belinda - It's like that with any muscle or joint that hurts - you realize how much you use it when it starts to be painful. The shoulder comes into play with almost everything we do, I can't even imagine how hard it is for you to workout. I'm glad you are keeping active, though. That's cool of your DD to do that for you with the stretches.

Diane - Glad you got the DVD player to work. LOL on shaking it!! I've done that with mine, or I've hit the top of it. I think I made mine worse, though. Thanks for the supplement suggestions, I will look into them. I do take Vitamin B but 've never heard of bacopa. Good job with your workouts!!

Cam - Glad things are settling down for you a bit. How stressful all of that is, I'm sure! Great job with getting workout in!!

Have a great day everyone!
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I did a 45 minute bike ride this morning in Bend OR. Its a pretty place and the trail followed the river. I took the dog out for a short walk this morning and we saw 2 bobcat. Zion was super curious but I made him wait until they had crossed the street and jumped into someone's back yard before continuing. Last thing I need is a dog-bobcat fight.
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I had physical therapy for my shoulder and knees. My physical therapist gave a few pointers on what no to do since I can't do anything overhead/pushing off anything. I thought I could do chest presses laying on the floor, she not to do this exercise. I guess, I work my biceps, triceps, a few back exercises (that doesn't use my shoulder) and standing lower body with bands/2 pounds. DH and I went for a 2 mile walk today.

Debbie - I honestly didn't realized how much I use my shoulder. I am more aware now, especially pushing myself up when I play with Sadie. It's very hard not to workout the way I want to. This week, is my recovery week from STS. Next week I was going to start M2. I searched on SBF (Suzanne Bowen Fitness) for workouts I can do with modifications. At least, I can do something, specially the lower body. My DD is certified through Brett Larking Yoga. DD really loves yoga. DD always corrects me/or gives me modifications. DD is planning posting her workouts on YT eventually for the public. She does it privately for now. Great job on your workout today. I have to check it out.

Diane - thanks for all the recommendations. I can't do anything laying on my side/shoulder. I was doing chest presses, today I found out I shouldn't do them. I am every limit on upper body exercises not rotations, overhead, pulling/pushing on my left shoulder. There isn't much left, lol.rotators hurt like hell, I still can't put my arm behind my back. I keep trying. I pray, I get in soon for the shot. At least, I can go back to normal. I found out through my physical therapist, after the shot I have 6 weeks of physical therapy for my shoulder. I probably need it, lol. My left arm/shoulder will be like noodles. Did you do lower body workouts with your shoulder injury? I can't remember? What did you do? Use bands? My legs going to look ver sexy with 2 pounds, lol.

Cam - thank you! I am so sorry you are going through so much. Praying for you both.

Doreen - great job today. I am still on the fence.

Julie - I hope you doing well.

Good night.
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Today I did CDorner Step and strength upper body with stretch using amedium loop band. I skipped a lot of the upper body moves since they were working lats and shoulders, but I did do the biceps and triceps ones. She said arms, but it worked more than just arms. My lats and back are sore from yesterday. This was 40 minutes, heart rate 112/144, 151 calories, 2,646 steps. I then did Fit Split Legs and Glutes only timesaver premix, 32 minutes, heart rate 122/146, 148 calories, 1,372 steps.
Total time was 72 minutes, 299 calories, 4,018 steps. Power went out while I was typing. So had to wait for the internet to come back up. Now I have to reprogram clocks :rolleyes:

Fit Split legs and glutes
Body weight sweepers and gliding disc work
Deadlift 25# dbs 12 reps
squats 20# dbs 16 reps
rear lunge off step 10# dbs
has pulses
Forward diagonal lunge 12# dbs 16 reps
Push dips off step with 3 risers 10# dbs
Deadlift 20# dbs 12 reps
cross back side slide lunge 10# dbs
slide side lunge 15# db
elevated lunges 12# dbs
single leg deadlift 20# db

Cam, I am sorry you are going through all of this. Praying for peace for you and your mother. Glad you got a workout in.

Debbie, great job on the cardio today. Nice stats on it too. I know what you mean about that workout not really being a walking workout. Chris does well with that one. I have used some supplements with bacopa as part of the mix in it. I take a B complex and B12/Folate supplement.

Doreen, the ride sounds nice. Good idea to avoid the bobcat. I saw vids of wildlife attacking people yesterday on a news episode. Yikes! My dog would be curious and want to go after the critter too. Although she usually barks at things like that and then comes to me wanting me to check it out.

Belinda, your PT is right. I am barely getting back to chest presses and planks. I mainly used bands for legs and biceps and triceps quite a lot. Picking up thing's heavy pulls on the shoulder and on slight turn can set off pain. I used Cathe's Boss Bands workout premixes. I had to modify and adjust a few moves if they pulled on the shoulder, but was able to do a lot of it. Floor work with bands on hands and knees does not work as it causes pressure on the shoulder. A lot of things I went to forearms to keep some of the pressure off when I could. The standing Boss Loops segments were doable. It seems like I had to do that for so long counting time before surgery and then recovery. CDorner has some lower body band work. Does that bother your knees? I also did the standing portion of one that Kelly does on her Raw channel. You just need to do whatever you can to stay fit until things are better. I know it is frustrating. When they started me out in PT after surgery I did not use weights at all. It hurt like crazy to stand there and walk my fingers up the wall as high as I could and do a rainbow move laterally. Before surgery it got where I could not get things in and out of my microwave because I had to reach up. I got where I left things out on the counter rather than have to get them out of cupboards. So, lifting weights was out of the question. I was afraid I would drop something hot trying to do it with just the left hand. I did cardio, but when they are swinging arms around I could not do all of the arm movements. That is great that you have your daughter to help you with yoga.
Today I did Penny 30 min No Repeat Hiit. I really liked it. I was breathless for most of it and it was pretty much lower impact. I thought I would be sore after yesterday's weight workout, but I feel good.

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