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Good morning,

Yesterday I did D11 Back & Triceps after all my appointments.

The Orthopedic thinks the swelling in my left knee is related too RP. My doctor put in to get both knees checked out. I am trying to get my right knee checked out too. I had MRI done on the right, it was always the worst of both knees. He wants me to get pain management on my left knee to get a new procedure done calle Genicular Nerve Block. I have to talk to my Rheum, NIH and UPenn first before.

I also had a ENT appointment. I been felling like I have the flue/cold. I went to the doctor before Thanksgiving. She said I had an ear infection. I had a covid/flue test done. Both came back negative. She put me on antibiotics and the meds. When I saw my ENT yesterday, she didn't see an ear infection nor a sinus infection. She is running blood tests to see if I have allergies.

I will be back to catch up on personals.
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Holy Crap, it's December!!! Time sure is flying by.

We just found out a co-worker here has stomach and pancreatic cancer. Please keep her in your prayers. Her name is Barb. :(

This morning I did Caroline Girvan's 15 minute Shoulder Workout at Home or the Gym with Dumbbells. Loved it, it went fast but really burned out my shoulders.

30 seconds on/30 seconds off, each exercise 3 sets

Alternate Overhead Press: 12's
Clean to Press: 12's
Alternate Bent Arm Lateral Raise: 10's
Diagonal Dumbbell Press: 15# (I liked this one)
Rear Delt Flies: 10's

Burn Out Set:
Dumbbell Press: 10's 30 seconds
1 Dumbbell Press: 10# 30 seconds

Great workout. It was a total of 20 minutes (she doens't do a warmup but I did), burned 171 calories, HR was 131/154.

I warmed up on my treadmill first, that was 26 minutes, burned 209 calories, went 1.29 miles, did 3126 steps and HR was 127/149.

Jolie - Great job with your workout yesterday, that one was a good one. I wanted to do abs today but ran out of time, tomorrow for sure. Not sure I'll do CG or Kelly's yet.

Diane - Thanks for that link, I never know which mobility/stretch workouts to do from Chris because she does so many of them, and many of them I do not like. I will check that one out for sure. I remember that workout from Caroline you did, I did some of the 24 Days to Christmas workouts last year. I was a bit worried about the one I did this morning, I hope my shoulders don't start bothering me again. I did figure out my chair problem, when I first got this chair my husband had to do something to make the back rest go back a bit. You would think the stupid chair would have a lever where you could do it yourself, but nope. So he stuck something in it to make it lean back a bit and I think whatever he did was undone. I asked him to fix it again and we may come to my work Sunday so he can do it. I can't sit it in like it is, it kills me. So strange how just a slight difference in position can affect me so much.

Cam - I know, I love Kelly but wanted to do some CG like Jolie is doing. I do like her workouts, I just hate the music. The ones I've done lately haven't been too bad with the music, though. I'm glad hospice is helping you out with your mom, they will help her relax and be at rest. God Bless her. So sad!!

Belinda - Nice job with Back and Tri's!! So you had an MRI on your knee yesterday? Hope it tells you what's going on. I hope to have one done after I see my doctor in a couple weeks. My knee has been ok, but I can tell I still can't put pressure on it with weights or anything and jumping for cardio is a no no as well. I hope they can figure out what's going on with your sinuses. Sorry you are constantly dealing with this stuff. Crazy!

Have a great day everyone!
My Internet was out this morning so I had to pull out a DVD! I get so used to streaming! I did KCM Power Splits upper body and boxing finisher.

I figured out there is a way to pause my IFit membership. I really love it for the bike rides but not so much for the strength. So I'll probably renew and then pause over the summer when I'm outside on my bike. I'm trying to get to 300 workouts on Ifit by the end of the year to get the prize but then after that I'm going to switch up strength back to Cathe, Kelly or youtube stuff and not worry about the prize levels for next year.
Today I did a short workout, but it was very effective. I walked on the TM for 5 minutes just to get the blood flowing, my hips were sore from sleeping again. Next, I did Caroline Girvan's 20 minute Back and Bicep workout at home, it was from 2 years ago and it was great. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds, and you do three sets before moving onto the next exercise. I had to sub out one exercise but that is it. I ended with a stretch because I am sore from these workouts. Total workout time was 33 minutes and I burned 219 calories. Tomorrow will be a rest day because of my doctor's appointment and then I will start walking again this weekend since I am feeling better. I miss walking, it makes me happy.

1 Arm Rows- 20# 3 (sets of each exercise)
Other side

No Renegade Row, I did Narrow grip palms facing inward pulldowns- 50#

Wide Grip Pull Downs- 50#

Pullovers Cable- 30#

Underhand 1 Arm Row Burnout- 15#
Other Side

No preacher Curl, I did Conc. Curls- 15#
Other Side

This was a great workout, and I will be feeling it tomorrow. I think that I have always overtrained and that causes injuries and so much more. Now that I am workout out less, I am sleeping so well, not overeating and feel energized and ready to go each morning. I will continue to do Caroline's workouts this month, but I will add in walking but not for too long, probably 30 minutes per day. I am enjoying getting in heavier weight workouts and being able to go at my pace, not set reps in a workout.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. This back workout is really good, you need to try it. I will keep your co worker in my prayers, so sad. I mute Caroline's music and listen to my own music. I just watch the screen to see when each set is finished.

Belinda, be careful of nerve blocks, my orthopedic surgeon told me to never do it, it will cause other problems because it makes you not feel anything and that can cause extreme problems. If something is wrong and you cannot feel it, what happens? I would research this option a lot. I was told it is a very out dated procedure and to find another solution. Nice job on the workout yesterday after your appointments.

Doreen, great job on the workout!

Diane Sue, My New Year's resolution is to start cooking new things to eat, instead of making the same meals all of the time. I am getting some new cooking tools for Christmas, hopefully it will make it more fun! I am going to each a lot of 99% fat free turkey to up my protein each day. I want to add a bunch of muscle this year, I have lost so much the past few years I can barely believe it. We should share some recipes that we love with each other to bring some variety into our lives :) I am a creature of habit so this will be a hard task for me to accomplish. I hope you have a great workout today.

Cam, how is your mom doing? I hope your stress levels do not get too high over this, keep working out and keeping yourself healthy through such a difficult time. Prayers for you and your family.

Make it a great day.
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back with personals:

Cam - my prayers are with you and your mom. I am so sorry you are going through this (((HUGS))

Debbie -praying for your coworker. thank you. I don't have a sinus/ear infection. I don't have a cold either, weird? My ENT doctor is running lab tests. I still waiting for the results. I hope your knees are feeling better soon. Great job today.

Diane - nice mix of workouts yesterday. I did the same Caroline workout you did yesterday with lighter weights. Definitely felt the burn. I hope I don't regret it. I have PT for my biceps/neck tomorrow. And whatever is going on.

Julie - thanks! I contacted my Rheum and UPenn about the nerve blocks. The Orthopedic even recommended to talk to my Rheum/UPenn/NIH first. I am also afraid it would cause more problems with my RP or like you mention. You and Debbie want me to jump on the Caroline wagon, lol. I did her Christmas D1 today and loved it. My husband likes Carline's workouts. I probably will start doing her workouts again next week. Yes, I have done some of her bodyweight workouts. They are tough! What I like about Caroline's workouts, I don't need a ton of exercise equipments.

Roselyn + Doreen - great job today.
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It has been a day where I have been totally out of sync all day. I slept 9 hours least night. So weird as I slept about 8 the night before and when I was sitting here at the computer I kept falling asleep yesterday. Once I almost toppled off the bar stool. I finally got up and moved around and fixed myself some food. My husband is on vacation for a few days so that changes things a bit. I am glad he was here to pull in the Walmart grocery order when they came early as I had colored my hair and was just finishing washing it out.
I did Raw Cardio Core Fusion, 33 minutes, heart rate 129/159, 172 calories. I forgot to check steps today. I followed this with Raw Box and Sculpt 26 minutes, 134 calories, heart rate 125/156.
This is the second time I have done Cardio Core Fusion. I like it and need to write up the moves. She goes through all of the moves and then says you can stop there (around 15 minutes) or repeat them with them. This time I used the step with 4 risers like they did. The first time I used 3. It is a high intermediate workout with the risers they use. Options are to lower risers or to up it add a weighted vest or you can pick up dumbbells for some of it. I think I will try some different variations. It works legs a lot and there is some boxing for recovery. None of the core and abs work is crunches. It has seated knee pulls, boxing, and two plank segments using the step.
Total time was 59 minutes, 306 calories. A plus today is that my neck and shoulders do not hurt at all :)

Belinda, I hope they can make things better for you. It sounds like with your doctors they know all of the latest things that they can do for you. Hopefully it is not a long waiting period. That Caroline workout did not bother me which is surprising. As you saw, I did not pick up real heavy weights. I did do some more overhead presses today with the Raw sculpting workout and it started to bother a bit so I switched to a curl and kickback with the squat for the last few reps.
There are a lot of viruses that seem to be floating around. I have been fighting off a cold myself. Add that to allergies and it gets miserable. I hope that you don't have allergies on top of everything else.

Debbie, great job on Caroline G shoulders today. Chris has done some stretch/mobility workouts lately that are more relaxed and she gets a good stretch out. The one I posted does a lot for the neck and upper back area. I hope that your husband can get your chair adjusted back to how it was for you. I get it though as I have the same problem. I had raised my counter top desk with my laptop and my neck and shoulders were killing me. Then my husband pointed out one day that I was looking up all of the time with my head tilted back. I readjusted it and that has made a difference.

Doreen, I hate when the internet goes out. That is when the dvds are worth having. Nice work today. Kelly and Cathe are always good options.

Jolie, there is something about being active that helps the mood. I have always been the same way and try to remember that I used to overtrain by working out for hours. Literally hours! I am better now at not pushing myself so hard. Strengthening the body and moving it is needed for optimum health, but we don't want to break it down. Good idea on sharing some recipes. I need to pull out some of my favorites. I got some freerange chicken today to make something out of. I was thinking of chicken pot pie soup, but not sure if I will do that or something else. My recipe has lots of celery in it. I think I got it off of a Paleo site.
Today was Caroline Advent Day 1 shoulders

Cam praying for you Debbie praying for your co-worker as well

My daughter is feeling some contrations she is 34 weeks she would like him to wait a couple weeks plus he is breech so looing at a c-section too so send some prayers
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Woops posted on the wrong thread.

Thank you for the prayers for my coworker. I hope she is ok. Haven't heard anything since yesterday.

This morning I did Caroline Girvan's 20 Minute Dumbbell Back & Biceps, I think this was the same one Jolie did. Good workout, I went fairly light because every time I work my back I end up with knots.

I warmed up using one of Kelly's wamup from Power Splits.

This workout was 30 seconds on/30 seconds off for 3 sets. When alternating to the other side, no rest until the 3 sets were done.

One Arm Row: 15#/20#/20#
Renegade Row: (I did Palms back horizontal Row) - 15#
Pullover: 15#
Supine Row: 12#/15#/15# (this was palms forward horizontal row)
Preacher Curls: 15's (I did one arm Pledges)

Then I did her 10 Minutes Weights Abs workout. It was ok, alternating upper and lower abs. I only used 5# weights here and there, I could concentrate more on the moves without holding the weights.

Total workout time was 39 minutes, burned 246 calories and HR was 113/143.

Then I had time to do about 10 mintues of CDorner's Neck & Shoulder Stretch - this is a good one but it's 30 minutes. I need to do the whole thing one of these days. I just did the neck part.

Doreen - Bummer about your internet going out, I hate that! Good job with your workout, good thing we still have our DVD's!!

Jolie - I did the same workout you did yesterday. It was pretty good but working my back isn't my favorite. The exercises tend to be boring for me. I should mute her workouts and just play my own but the I don't hear the timer go off. I concentrate on what I'm doing and not what Caroline is doing most of the time, so I'm not looking at the screen. Oh well, I turn it down and it's usually tolerable. I think we all overtrained back in the day. Like Diane, I literally would work out for 2 hours a day. Crazy! No wonder I'm in such pain all the time. I probably tore every muscle on my body at one time or another! I want to tell Caroline to be careful, some of the things she does is just dangerous. But she will learn, I guess. Plus who am I? She'll never even read my post. LOL!

Belinda - Hope they figure it out soon for you!! My knee has been pretty good lately. Babying it until after the New Year, then I might try some leg workouts again. We'll see.

Diane - Thanks for sending that stretch workout to me, I did part of it this morning. I just don't have time to do full 30 minutes mobility workouts (even though I should do them!) so that is why I tend to not even try them. But the neck part of this workout was excellent. Great job on your workouts yesterday! Hope your neck and shoulders don't hurt today either!

Roselyn - OMG about your daughter! Hope she is ok!! I will pray for her for sure!!

We are going to see the Zoo Lights tonight, can't wait!! Have a great weekend!!
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Today I did CDorner Low Impact High Intensity all standing, 54 minutes, heart rate 137/179, 296 calories, 6,2005 steps. I did this one not long ago and had put it in my watch later workouts since I got a great step count, calories (for me) and it being fun. Music was good, but not my favorite. I followed this with CDorner Stretch and Mobility, 30 minutes, heart rate 80/113, 53 calories, 65 steps. This is another nice stretch and relaxing I have done multiple times. Total time 84 minutes, 349 calories, 6,270 steps. I will be busy this weekend so am not sure if any workouts will happen. I wasn't sure about doing weights today. I don't want to go on the two hour trip for the wedding sore. Riding is bad enough.

Debbie, sending prayers I hope your co-worker was diagnosed early. I like that Kelly has just warm ups to add to workouts. I have used them too. Great workout today. I do not care for renegade rows. I will do them if they are in a workout, but if I know they are in it I usually do a different workout. I sometimes just do the upper portion of her stretches when I am short on time. The one I did today is another favorite. She does some shoulder stuff that is a bit different and I get a good stretch out of it for hips and low back. I usually stop at the feet up the wall or get out the foam roller and do the upper body moves that she does on her latest total body foam roller workout that takes about 6 minutes. Although I sometimes just do the moves by memory. I did that today. She has another one that she does a lot of upper at the start and then a short bit with a towel or strap at the end of the workout. She has someone else with her in it.

Belinda, I hope you are okay after doing the Caroline workout I did yesterday.
We had high winds last night. I think I slept through most of it though. My daughter's first volleyball tournament is this weekend. Thus it begins.

I did the best bike ride this morning with a trainer in New Zealand. He had the accent and was funny and HARD! He really worked some tough uphill sections and then was making us work even coming back down. My legs were so dead I even had to back the resistance off the workout to keep at the RPM he was asking for. I starred it to do again because it is one of the best rides I've done. (And the cute New Zealand accent!)

I'm also mad at myself as I had the cutest pair of boots in my cart and forgot to go back and check out and now that cyber deals are over they are back to full price!! I guess I'll have to see if they go on sale again soon.
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I had PT for my UB today. I did M1 D12 Legs today.

Diane - like you I kept the weights light.I went to PT today. How are you doing these day's? I have so many appointment lined up, it's not funny. I have my 2nd appointment for UPenn soon. All my baseline tests are done. I see the a specialist on Monday about my shoulder/bicep/neck on Monday. Still no results from the lab. I was told a lot of viruses going around too. I hope it's just a cold. I need a break. Great job!

Debbie - I talked to my Rheum today about my knees. He wants me to write down exactly when I am in pain or not. I probably should have stayed off my legs too for awhile. My PT wants me to keep moving and working out. Glad you feeling better.

Cam, Roselyn and Doreen - Good job!

good night.
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I did KCM Strength & Stamina (Combined w/no swings Premix). I really like that dvd. One of her best, imo.

It's been a stressful week. My MIL has died, which is sad but a blessing. She suffered with alzheimers for many years and went into a facility a few years ago. A big relief for my husband and his family. I am getting paperwork signed for my mom for Hospice care. She should be set Monday. I will be glad when she is settled wifh hospice. Hopefully things will be easier healthwise. Now I need to get going on organizing her finances.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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Back from the wedding. It was a beautiful setting and fun. This morning I did Raw Cycle: Sculpt, 51 minutes, 225 calories, 1,844 steps. This alternates 2 minutes seated and standing spin with a weight segment. Kelly does this with 10# dumbbells she says you can set on a table or somewhere if it works as she does not get off the bike and says if you do stand still while performing the upper body moves with the dumbbells. It had great music which I loved. I used 8# for the lateral raise and 10's for most of the rest.
I also did Raw Stretch finisher and the first part of CDorner Neck and back stretch, 27 minutes, 48 calories. Total time 77 minutes, 273 calories.

Roselyn, praying your daughter can carry the baby longer.

Dorreen nice work today, I am glad that you enjoyed your ride. Sorry you missed the boots. I keep ordering things that say they will be here before Christmas and then Amazon turns around and gives some date beyond Christmas. Although I did have one of them change it to a maybe December. Hopefully I get it in time. I still have more shopping I need to do.

Belinda, nice work on M1 Day 12. I have a break in appointments this month. I have a couple I need to make that I keep putting off. My neck and shoulders have eased up again. You have a lot more doctors than I have taking care of you.

Cam, I am sorry to hear your mother in law passed away. I am sure this along with your mother is quite a load for you to deal with. Alzheimers is such an ugly disease. I lost my aunt recently to it and her sister now has it. She used to travel here to visit with all of us with her big RV as she headed south for the winter. I miss seeing her. Her son is taking care of her now.
Nice work with Kelly's Strength and Stamina.

Today was walk outside. I will do a stretch shortly.

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment for my shoulder.

Diane - glad the wedding was beautiful. Great job on your workouts. I hope I get a break from all my doctors appointments next year. I still have quit a few this month. Are you plan on getting Cathe's new series? I am still on the fence.

Roselyn - praying for your daughter.

Cathe posted this on FB about today:
Hi Everyone,
As we always do, we just wanted to let everyone know that our current STS 2.0 Pre-Sale Prices End Dec 19th at midnight
Pre-Order Cathe's New STS 2.0: Muscle & Recovery Workout Program Now At: https://bit.ly/2WDfkdh and Get Free Worldwide Shipping!

Have a great Sunday.
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No workout today. I did do the Raw Athletic Stretch #2 this morning.

Belinda, I think that I am going to wait on STS 2.0. I have too many other things I want to get right now.
I hope your have to go to doctors less often sometime in the near future. I realized after looking last night that I forgot to make my yearly check up appointment that would have been do around now.
This morning I did RAW 4 Day Split Chest and Back and had a great workout, not too thrilled about the back exercises she does, but it's different so that's why I do it sometimes.

This was 1 minute per exercise going slow and controlled.

Lat Pulldown
: 10's
Reverse Pec Deck or Scap Squeeze: 8's
Lawn Mower: 25#

Moderated Pullover/Close Grip Press
: 12's
W Bench Press: 12's (this is tough)
Dumbbell Flies: 15's

I then did the RAW Egg Weights and used an 2# dumbbells (I asked for 2# egg weights for Christmas!) This is a great combo and really worked up a sweat.

Total workout was 41 minutes, burned 238 calories (seemed low to me), did 1671 steps and HR was 107/154.

Cam - So sorry to hear about your MIL. You have really had a lot to deal with lately, I sure hope you get some better days ahead. :(

Have a great workout everyone!! No time for personals, sorry!!
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Sorry I did not check in over the weekend, I just did not want to be online at all! Saturday, I went for a walk outside and it felt amazing to get some sunshine. I walked for 1 hour, traveled 3.2 miles and burned 459 calories. Sunday, I went for another walk, 2 hours, traveled 6 miles and burned 1009 calories. It felt so good to walk again and not pick up a weight, there is something about moving that really makes me happy.

My Ortho appointment went well on Friday, I got a great doctor, thanks to my Primary that is very non drugs and non-surgery minded, and it is a great fit. He did an Ultra Sound on my lump because he does not want me to get an MRI unless I really need one, I do not want the radiation if I can help it and he agreed. He did not see anything to call for the MRI at this point, so he has ordered me Acupuncture and PT. He did a ton of muscle testing on me to see my strength in all areas of the body and he concluded that my Back is very week as well as my Hamstrings. I told him about my back issues, and he says that backing off on Back exercises has made it very weak compared to the front side of my body. He said my Chest is very strong as well as my ABS and this is causing me to curl forward, meaning my posture. This puts a lot of stress on the collar bone, and he thinks this is the cause of my issue. He was the head Orthopedic on the US Gymnastics Team at one point, so he knows how important it is to me to continue to work out daily. However, he wants me to ice the lump 10 times per day for 10 minutes and lay off the weights just for one week to see what happens before PT starts. I iced all weekend, and the lump is almost gone but it is till painful to the touch. It is almost like a bone bruise, but he thinks it is a sprain, which can cause more pain than a break. This week I will walk a lot and give myself some time to heal. He also said he will not give any injections at all, that it just masks the problem, it never fixes the problem. I can live with the pain so I would rather fix this issue naturally and he agreed. Yeah, on finding a likeminded doctor for once!!!!! Today is a rest day, my feet are sore LOL! One more thing, he said I need to work back and lay off chest to start to balance out my posture and to work especially on rear delts and the Posterior Chain muscles. I should only lift a light weight for chest just to get the muscles to engage. Also, he was happy that i have a rowing machine and he wants me to do it a lot going forward, more pull exercises and less push exercises.

Debbie, great job on the workout! I hate working Back and now I can see what kind of problems it is causing me from not doing it enough. My doctor told me that if there is pain in a muscle in the body, look somewhere else to what is causing it. It is typically not what you think, it stems from something completely different.

Nice workouts over the weekend everyone, you are all killing it!

Make it a great day.
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Yesterday I did an hour bike ride and then this morning I did a 20 minute yoga for flexibility and then a quick 20 minute ride with my dog since it was fairly warm this morning (45) and I had a few minutes before work.
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