Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2022

Today I did a really easy Chest workout because I am not supposed to push it with body part for a while. I went lite with weights, just enough to engage the muscles. My shoulder and collar bone are doing better, wow PT really works. The lump is still there but they said it would take a long time to go away. I just got my referral for acupuncture; I will make an appointment for after the holidays. Here is my easy chest workout.

Chest Press- 15's x 20, x 16, x 13
Chest Flys- 10's x 20, x 18, x 16
Incline Chest Press- 15's x 18, x 16, x 14
Close Grip Chest Press- 12's x 18, x 16, x 12

No walk today because I am going shopping and I plan on walking a lot.

Debbie, nice job on the boxing with 2# gloves!!! I think I responded to your request, but it was probably on Friday, and you did not see it. I use Choline and Digestive Enzymes for heart burn, I get it too and these really help. For the brain, I use Grape Seed Extract, DHA, EFA, B Complex, Magnesium, and minerals. Also, Melatonin is the only antioxidant that can cross the Blood Brain Barrier and improves brain support. I hope that helps.

Belinda, great job with the Caroline workout today. I am sure Caroline has gotten so popular that she is starting to work on very big projects and that is why we have not seen more of here lately with new workouts. She has enough for me to keep me busy for a while! I have heard of Moxibustion but there are severe side effects so I would probably not do it myself.

Diane, Great job on the workout yesterday.

Roselyn, nice workout yesterday.

Have a nice day.
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Julie - thank you for your info. Instead trying/using lots of drugs for my knee swelling. I am bone on bone. I am looking into all kinds of things I can use instead of pain killers. The swelling in my knees went down a little, I still have a lot of pain.
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I did part of a ride in Japan. The entire ride was 90 minutes but I didn't have that much time so I did 45 minutes of it. It looks fun to do - there are special bike lanes to cross the bridges so you don't have to ride next to the cars. I wish I could go back and finish but that's the stupid thing with the connected equipment workouts - you can't FF or RW or skip ahead. I might have to pull it up and ride the last part unconnected because on Firestick you can FF workouts.
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I pulled one out of the vault today. I did Michelle Dozois Cardio Strength Remix. I wasn't sure of I could still handle her Cardio & Strength workouts, but I was able to modify some of the cardio. Most of it was a moderate impact and doable. Those workouts stil slay me. I am stronger than I used to be, so that is encouraging. Also took a 1.5 mile walk.

Life has been busy but I have the next couple days off, so hopefully I can get some Christmas shopping done.

Good workouts everyone!
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Quick check in. Today I got together with my ladies group for our Christmas tea party. It was a lot of fun. Gift exchange and a game. I managed to do a short cardio before I went. I did CDorner Low Impact To the Beat Disco, 22 minutes, heart rate 131/160, 2,148 steps, 119 calories. I have been eating terrible. To much access to things I would normally not eat. My foot still hurts somewhat.
I will be back tomorrow. I have groceries coming early so need to go to bed.

Debbie, I think the foot is the arthritis. I mentioned it to the arthritis doctor on my last visit and he was not encouraging. he told me that the hydroxychloraquine would not stop the arthritis progressing. He said if I wanted he could give me an injection. I think he is frustrated because I won't try one of the stronger immune suppressive medications. I have to be desperate for help to do that. It lets up, I just have to get the inflammation down and be careful what I choose to do. Right now it seems to move from one area to another.
Good morning,

IRON Series D3, 30 Min Glute Workout is done. I did the hip thrust on the stability ball. Felt a lot better on my back/shoulder than using my workout bench.

Diane - glad you had a lot of fun with at with your ladies group. I need to clean up my eating too. Eating a lot of crap isn't good for my knees either. Sorry you foot is hurting. Be carful.

Off to physical therapy. BBL
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This morning I did Caroline Girvan's Iron Day 22 Chest & Back workout. Had a great workout. This was more back than chest, but I liked it. The pace of this was slow enough to lift heavy. I didn't want to get too crazy but did go a bit heavier than I usually would. Each exercises was done one at a time.

60 seconds on/30 seconds off

Chest Press: 17.5's - 2 sets
Dumbbell Flies: 15's - 2 sets
One Arm Row: 25# - 2 sets each side
Pullovers: 15# - 3 sets
Momentum One Arm Rows: 25# - 2 sets each side
Slow Deep Pushups - I did them on my knees (carefully)
Supine Double Row: 15's - 1 set
Slow Deep Pushups - Same
Supine Double Row: 15's - 1 set

Finisher - Renegade Row/Pushups - Skipped

I skipped the finisher because my wrists hurt while doign the pushups, I can't imagine doing Renegade Rows and doing a row between each pushup. She's an animal!

I also walked on my treadmill at a 5% incline for about 19 minutes. Total workout was 1 hour, burned 376 calories and HR was 116/166.

Belinda - What happened at your appointment? You have me worried.

Jolie - Thanks about the supplements. I checked back at your posts from when I originally asked the question and do not see your answer. Weird. I appreciate your answer, I will check into those supplements. Great workout!! Glad you collar issue is sort of better.

Cam - Enjoy the next couple of days you have off!! I'm going to be off for 2 weeks after Friday. Woo hoo!!

Diane - I guess once you have arthritis everything starts hurting. I'm sorry to hear that. Doctor's just don't get it. They think we are all ok taking injections of whatever. It only masks the pain, it doesn't fix the problem. Which is dangerous because then if you feel no pain, you do things that will hurt it more and eventually it just keeps getting worse. Great job getting a workout in even though you had a busy day!!

Gotta go, I'm so busy these last three days. Have a great workout everyone!!
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Today I am short on time, I have a Chiro appointment to get to early today. My low back is bothering me, so it is time for an adjustment. Today I did Shoulders, my own workout and added leg extensions at the end. I had a good workout and stretch at the end as well as my PT exercises. I did not wear my watch, no need to track calories with such a short workout. I had a 30 second rest between sets.

Seated Overhead Press-
15's x 15, x 12, x 11

Upright Rows-
12's x 16, x 15, x 14

Lateral Raise-
8's x 14, x 14, x 13

Rear Flys-
5's x 22, x 19, x 17 (go heavier next time) these can hurt the collar bone if I go to heavy.

Barbell Seated Front Overhead Press-
30# BB x 15, x 13, x 12

Leg Ext.-
40# x 22, x 17, x 15, x 13

Debbie, great job on the workout today. I will have to try that one soon. I am lifting a little heavier and slower lately and it is working out great for me. My PT said that lifting heavier and slower is a better option for me as I get older, go figure. High reps can cause a lot of muscle and tissue issue, which I have been experiencing, so I am going back to it to see how I do. When I used to lift heavy and low reps, I did not seem to have all of these issues. Also, I have overtrained as well, I am now shortening my workouts and adding more steps per day.

Belinda, have you ever tried Prolotherapy injections into your knees? This works very well, I have done it a lot in my life and it rejuvenates collagen and tissue because they inject stem cells into you. Look into it, it is also great for Arthritis.

Doreen, great ride through Japan!!! I bet that was an interesting workout.

Cam, I remember doing Michelle's workout you did yesterday, those were really good workouts. I still have some Christmas shopping to do myself, we better get on it!!!

Diane Sue, your ladies game day sounds like a lot of fun. I especially like getting together with a group of people for the holidays, potlucks and things like that. However, I do not get to do that much anymore because I stopped working and that is where I use to do it. I hope you get in a nice workout today.

Roselyn, I hope you have a nice workout today. What is the ETA of the new Grand Baby?

Make it a great day.
Today I did CDorner workouts that were all shorter. I started with 20 minute legs and thighs from 2 days ago, 23 minutes, heart rate 99/132, 74 calories. I then did 20 minute toned arms from 2 days ago, 27 minutes, heart rate 88/116, 67 calories. For cardio I did All Standing to the Beat Low Impact cardio (fun music), 31 minutes, heart rate 120/156, 142 calories. I finished off with about half of Neck and Back Stretch, 15 minutes, 20 calories. Total time was 96 minutes, 303 calories, 3,869 steps.
Legs and Thighs
each move is 1 minute
squats 15's rt
curtsy/squat 15;;s rt
curtsy knee up no weight
pulase squats 15's
curtsy/squat left
curtsy pulse 15's left
curtsy knee up left
1 db monster walk 15# db
Deadlift 15# dbs
floor bridge with pilates ball bridge/squeeze
Toned Arms
1 minute each segment 30 sec iso hold then 30 sec move
30 sec iso hold then 30 sec overhead press 5# dbs (she went a lot heavier)
arnold hold 30 sec then turn out and press 30 sec 8's
biceps iso hold 30 sec half curl 30 sec 12# dbs
hammer hold 30 sec 30 sec alternating hammer curl 12# dbs
triceps overhead hold 30 sec 12# then overhead extensions 12# db
kickback iso hold 30 sec 10# dbs then kickback 10# dbs 30 sec
lateral hold 30 sec followed by lateral raises 5# dbs
front raise iso hold 5# dbs 30 sec front raise 30 sec
biceps hole 30 sec 12# dbs supination curls 12# 30 sec
floor skupp crusher 15# db hold 30 sec 15# db skull crusher
reverse grip hold 10# dbs then 30 sec close grip press 10# dbs
1 minute plank hold

Belinda, nice work today with Iron series glutes. The stability ball sounds like a good idea. I know Kelly does those hip thrusts on the bench and it always makes my back hurt and my neck. Especially when she uses a barbell. I end up trying to use a pillow or something as it hurts. The eating is hard when we go somewhere else. Plus, we get candy and dessert gifts. The tea party had cranberry scones with clotted cream, cucumber, pimiento cheese, and chicken sandwiches, shortbread cookies, and other some other goodies along with a thick rich potato soup. All were homemade. Then there is all of these events. We have a graduation party with Pizza at my son's house for my granddaughter's graduation on Friday. She has a teaching job she starts in January. I just feel icky from my eating being off. I did love those scones and clotted cream and the soup yesterday. I came home with a hamburger for my husband and he asked if I had eaten. I let him know I had plenty to eat.
My foot feels better today. I hope it stays that way.

Debbie, great job with the Carolyn Girven workout. I know what you mean about the renegade rows and push ups. There was a day that I had no problem with all of that. Now, my wrists and shoulders would not hold up all that well. Yes, doctors only know what to do to make the pain better, but it does not help healing all that much for arthritis. I did go for two injections on that shoulder, but was conscientious on care with workouts and finally gave in to another mri. I try to be smart about it, but I intend to do the best I can to allow my body to mend where it can.

Doreen, nice work with the cardio and leg circuit this morning.

Jolie, nice work with the weights today. I hope the chiropractor helps. I think it is easy to overtrain. I like to do really long workouts myself. The only thing is when I do those long workouts I just eat more, so it is not burning more calories and I am not so sure it gives my muscles enough recovery time.
I have opportunities with our church as well. They had a Christmas party this year doing a craft or something using your talent and a gift exchange of those things. I did not go, but one of my friends said our previous pastor gave the offer of picking up and delivering a pizza LOL. Past years they have done the gift exchange and stealing the gift along with a dinner. I think they had soups this year.
This morning I did CDorners Low Impact Cardio with 70's music. It wasn't the greatest. In fact, there was a lot of leg work in it with lunges and squats so after I felt a tweak in my knee, I decided to give it up. It wasn't that fun anyways. I did about 30 minutes of it. I then did RAW Boxing Finisher and used 1# hand weights. Love this workout.

Total workout time was 49 minutes, burned 424 calories (holy crap!!), did 5196 steps and HR was137/159. I didn't feel like I was working all that hard, I was just not in the mood to workout this morning. Oh well.

Jolie - I think we all overtrained back in the day, that is why we are where we are with out bodies today. Oh well, I wouldn't change it for anything. I loved body building when I was young, I miss it. Great job with you workout, hope your chiro appt. went good.

Diane - My wrists can't deal with pushups anymore either, not sure why? I've had some pain in both lately, too. The other night I couldn't wash my hair good because every time I put pressure on my wrist a sharp pain ripped through it. Now it seems fine. Great job with you workouts yesterday!! Sometimes a group of short workouts are fun to do. I'm wort of getting tired of CDorner. Not sure why, maybe all her talking to everyone. I just get tired of hearing it. And her "COME ON" constantly. Gives me a headache! LOL!

Doreen & Roselyn - Good workouts!

Belinda - Hope you are doing ok. What happened at your appoitment the other day?

Have a great day everyone!!
Good morning,

Today I did Barre Amped Fire 40 min.

Diane - my back and neck hurts doing hip trust on the bench. I am always looking for ways to do a workout more comfy. Give it a try. Doing them on the stability ball really got my glutes. I am very sore today. Don't worry about eating not so clean, it's the holiday's. I try to eat clean during the week, on the weekend eat cheat a little. I also have to clean up my eating a little after the holidays. Those scones and clotted cream and the soup sounds amazing. I have a sweet tooth. I really have to watch it. Glad you feeling better. I hope it stays that way too. I need to check out the workout you did yesterday. Looks great.

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Today I did Penny 45 min No Repeat Strength & Cardio Hiit. Wow, that was tough but loved the exercises. She sure knows how to deliver a tough workout. I'm liking more compound weight workouts lately. I'm a sweaty mess and seems better on my joints. Plus I get that cardio factor.

Today's CDorner's cardio workout looked pretty good. I would have to take down some impact, but looked kinda fun. Maybe Diane did this today?

Hope everyone's bodies feel better soon. Just a little advice my ortho gave me: Change up your workouts so you don't overwork the muscles. For me, that was the best advice. Commonsense, yes, but we don't always listen to our bodies. It really has made a difference in eliminating aches and pains and also working different muscles. Not trying to be preachy. Hope this doesn't sound like that.

Debbie, I really want to like Chris's workouts more but I don't like it when she stops to talk and laughs at comments. Jeesh, I don't have time for the waiting for her to get into the workout. She sure coddles her audience.

Jolie, shorter workouts are good. I like not feeling so fatigued after a workout.

Good workouts everyone!
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Today I did CDorner Low Impact or High that she did this morning. It really did have a lot of jacks in it and a Hiit segment at the end that had thrusters in it. I did not enjoy it much. It went from some boxing to hi/lo, tabata which was lunges and hops, Kickboxing, and then hiit. She gave some low impact suggestions, but she was not doing them most of the time. This was 44 minutes, heart rate 122/149, 213 calories. I then did Coffeyfit Raw Back, 22 minutes, 63 calories, and Raw athletic stretch #2 29 minutes, 44 calories. Total time was 95 minutes, 320 calories, 3,640 steps.
Raw Back
each move is done for 10 reps and repeated 4 times and a finisher at the end
seated row 15# dbs
pullover (Kelly uses a bench) I used the stability ball 15# db
1 arm row 20# db right
1 arm row 20# db left
repeat 3 more times
finisher is seated run row and scap squeeze with 10# dbs

Belinda, nice work with Barre Amped Fire today.. I remembered what you said about doing the hip thrusts with the stability ball and decided to use it for pull overs rather than having my back on the bench which hurts. I do not do pullovers as far back as Kelly does. If I had those scones at my house I would have ate a lot more than one. Willpower is not good when it comes to something that tasty. That is the reason I do not make that stuff unless I have guests.

Debbie, the Low Impact I did yesterday with CDorner was fun. The one today was not. I think I remember doing a 70's one that was not fun and I was disappointed in the music choices. The one today had music that I recognized, but not favorites. I like the step workouts. Particularly the ones where she is by herself. The weights yesterday she did with the young guy named MJ and she was correcting and helping him with moves as she was doing them. Poor guy needed better shoes than slip on sneakers as it looked like his feet were twisted weird at times and his heel was coming out of his shoe. I think he does stuff with her technology there.
I looked at Kelly's and decided I did not want to do boxing yet and then it ended up there was some in the workout I chose with Chris. I looked at a Raw step and thought I choose the same one all of the time. I will have to think about tomorrow. My knee is acting up this afternoon.
Yeah, we probably wore our bodies out when we were younger.

Cam, nice work with Penny today. Yes, I did CDorner's workout today. I was not so happy with it, but maybe you would like it. I took down some of the impact, but did do a few of the jacks and tried some of the thrusts with walking back and in, but my knee hurts this evening so too much I guess. Music was okay if you like more disco type music. I knew the songs. I think we all can kind of get in a workout rut doing the same thing over and over.. My surgeon that took care of my torn miniscus in my knee told me to cross train. He used to be a runner and had to stop. I try to remember that when making choices. Chris tries to help some of her regulars while doing workouts sometimes. I am glad that she cares, but sometimes it is distracting as I feel like I am doing more reps while waiting for her to get done talking. On one of them the other day she went off camera to get Louie to come to her because he was upstairs or something barking. She kept calling back for the audience to keep going. I think I would have left the dog upstairs barking myself. I still like a lot of her workouts.

Roselyn, nice work with Caroline full body today.
Good morning,

Caroline G. Iron D4 FB circuit is done. I modified presses and shoulders.

I have 2 physical therapy appointments this morning.

Diane - I like using the stability ball. My back always hurts too. I also like using the ball more for my abs. I don't go as far with pull overs too. Shoulders I stop at shoulder high.

Got to get ready for my appointment. BBL
Last day of work, I don't come back until Jan. 3!! Woo hoo!!

This morning I did RAW Box & Pump 4. I love this one, it does have leg work in it so I subbed out some ab work. This one has good music in it and Jane is working out with Kelly.

Box & Pump 4 - 1 minute intervals:

Hammer Curl Pulse/Supination:
Deadlifts: 15's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Dumbbell Curl Pulses/Pledges: 12's
Squat/Fold/Deadlift Up: 12's
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Press: 10's
Lunges: (I did Dead Bug w/5's)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Lateral Raise/Alt. Front Raise: 8's
Lunge Sequence: (I did Russian Twist w/8# med ball)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Overhead Triceps Extension: 12#
Plie Squats: (I did alternating Dead Bug)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Kickbacks: 8's
Glute Pulses: (I did regular and twisting crunches)
Boxing Segment: 2# hand weights

Workout was 49 minutes, burned 404 calories, did 3041 steps and HR was 134/168.

Belinda - Glad all is ok with you. Sorry about all the crap you are going through. It sure isn't fair!! Good job with your workout!

Cam - I agree, it is hard for me to do CDorner's workouts as well. I hate the continual chatter, the laughing, when she stops the workout to talk or laugh. Makes me not want to do her workouts much anymore. However, saying all that, there are some I still enjoy doing. I wish I could find the ones where she doesn't do live, I know there are some out there. I should try Penny's workouts. I may look some over while I'm on break and have the time. Great job with your workout!

Diane - I just don't do thrusters anymore unless I'm having one of those days where I feel like nothing can stop me. Not many anymore! LOL! I wish I knew which workouts Chris does by herself, most of them are live. She needs to make a playlist with just her in the workouts and no audience. I really don't care for the live ones with all her talking and laughing. I really wish Kelly would have more low impact workouts without boxing in them. She is crazy about the boxing workouts, although I love them all. Great job with your workout yesterday. You sort of sounded like me with the Chris workout. I just couldn't get into it.

Roselyn - If you did that full body workout by Carline which is the most recent one she did, it looks like a good one! Hope you enjoyed it. I really wish she'd come back.

Have a great day everyone!!

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