Hardcore Fitness Maniacs for December 2022

Today I did CDorner 20 minute Fat Burning Step Aerobics(Her website calls it Stocking Stuffer Step), 22 minutes, heart rate 121/145, 109 calories, 2,627 steps. I then did Raw Glute Finisher, 24 minutes(I accidentally stopped it midway to go drag in presents off the step so added it together) 75 calories, heart rate 80/125, 935 steps. I finished with CDorner Feel Good Stretch and Mobility ( Miraculous Mobility) 21 minutes, 25 calories, heart rate 70/94. This used a chair for all of it, but I did fine just sitting or having my feet on the high step. I keep forgetting when they picked up at thanksgiving they put the folding chair I kept in my secondary workout room by my art table. I got my new Blu-ray player and set it up. It has bluetooth, but I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to add apps to it. I put the other one, since it started working, in the secondary workout room. They are both similar, except the new one has a few more features. I am set for dvds though. The other one I have Youtube app on. I will figure it out. I kept waking up last night and was looking at the clock at 2 am. I even took a Qunol sleep gummy. Wonder if it is because I took Alpha Lipoic Acid before bed. Anyway, I got up and went back to sleep in the recliner and did not wake till 10 AM. Wasted a lot of my day. I am still tired.
Total time today was 67 minutes, 209 calories, 3,562 steps.

Debbie, I am glad that you are getting the mri soon. Hopefully it will be something that you can correct. I really liked my hanging heavy bag. I had a stand and it did had a set up for a weight at the bottom. but I never did use it. When I upgraded form a 50# bag to 100# it did not swing all that much. I did see Kelly with hers rigged with a dumbbell for the weight. For space I now have the sand filled free standing one. There is a lot of stuff going around. I hope to avoid it. I am glad you feel better.
I have to remind myself that I am not working out like I used to when I did lots of impact and would hit workouts really hard to get the high burns and heart rate up there in the 170's. My body just cannot take that right now. I don't know if it ever will. It is not worth breaking something or causing myself harm. We have about a 50 % chance of snow on Thursday. I am hoping it does not stick. It looks like the sun won't come back out till Sunday. The Negg Peeler says to bring the water to a boil then put eggs in it with a slotted spoon, cook 11 minutes or may be adjusted up or down a minute due to egg size. Take them out when done with a slotted spoon and put in bowl of ice water. Then it says when cool can be stored for a week to be peeled later or peel immediately. Interesting at www.neggmaker.com they sell some egg seasoning mixes and have recipes. I never thought of making cajun seasoned or curry seasoned deviled eggs.

Jolie, take care of yourself. Having chest pains and shortness of breath issues does not sound good. Good idea to make sure you are not contagious when having Christmas with your parents. I remember when I had covid and the family ended up celebrating Christmas in January. My daughter in law and some of her other family all had been sick during and after the wedding and rehearsal dinner. Some were diagnosed covid and she was diagnosed Inluenza A. So far we all were lucky on our side even though we were all around her and her guests and wedding party group. Everyone was okay when we did Christmas Sunday. Taking a break to get health back sounds like a really good idea.

Doreen, nice work with the bike bootcamp and Christmas Circuit 12 days of Christmas workout.
I remember doing a Yvette workout a couple of years ago that I really liked and she used Christmas music. I am always a little disappointed when the workout itself is titled Christmas and there is nothing in it that makes me thing of Christmas.

Cam, nice work on Penny No Repeat, No Equipment killer hiit workout. Nice that the exercises were lower impact for the most part. I liked the CDorner step workout. She has done most of the moves in other Saturday step workouts, but she always manages to change it up and it takes me a bit to get it down. I think the other girl was just finding the moves a bit difficult to follow. It did seem Chris added to the moves fairly quickly on that one. Although I have seen both of her guests on there with her quite a bit. I usually do not mind Chris' Step Hiit and Step and weight workouts. Many of those are doable unless she decides to do squat thrusts and burpees. There was a time when I did a lot of those moves and many reps of them in succession. Now I try to avoid to much of that type of work. I don't know if she has the step workout playlists in categories. She may. I am pretty sure that the ones that are mixed with weights would have a category.

Roselyn, nice work on Caroline posterior chain.

Belinda, praying for you. I hope you are feeling better.
Good morning,

Sorry for not checking in yesterday. I fell asleep on the couch. I did ended up ordering Cathe's new STS before the price went up.

Diane - thank you. I am starting to feel better. I am staring to feel the crunch to get everything done with all the appointments.

Waving Hi to everyone that checks in today.
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I went to the doctor yesterday and had a great appointment. I love my doctor. She said the chest pains and shortness of breath are panic attacks, she checked my heart, lungs and everything else and said I am just fine. She also thinks that I was having an allergic reaction to the Aleve cream and told me to stop using anything besides vitamins and my Infared light. I also am not sick; I have severe allergies. She prescribed a nasal spray to help with all of the horrible symptoms but thinks it is ok to have my parents over for Christmas. Apparently, allergies have the same symptoms as the flu so she said that when I have been sick the last few years, may not actually be the case. The best part of the exam was, she ordered an MRI for my collarbone! She still does not think it is anything serious, but she is doing it for my peace of mind. But, since it is not getting better, there may be a slight tear or something, so it is a good idea to see what is going on at this point. She also said to cut back on the PT exercises since they are irritating the joint. She believes that it is an overuse injury and would like me to not overdo it too much on the upper body workouts. I will add in more walking and cardio, also legs. I am sure it will take weeks to get an MRI appointment but at least I am on the list. I might try to walk today if it warms up a bit otherwise the weather starts getting really warm starting tomorrow so I will start then if not today.

Belinda, the way you heal slipped discs is to decompress your spine. I hang upside down, my mother goes to a place where she lays on a table that pulls her in either direction and it separates the discs so they can slip back into place. It does not hurt but it is expensive. Maybe your insurance covers this treatment.

Great job on the workouts yesterday everyone!
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This morning I walked on my Treadmill for a bit and then did RAW Glute Finisher. I then did the RAW Stretch Finisher. I like that one, it's short but I pause it to get moree stretch time with each stretch she does. I feel great afterwards.

I walked on my treadmill for 1.57 miles. I'm reading another good book called "Firefly Lane". I just started it and already know it's going to be a great book. I sure love to read, wish I had more time.

Total workout was 54 minutes, burned 440 calories, did 4586 steps and HR was 132/168.

Jolie - I sure hope your insurance ok's the MRI. Seems insurance companies don't want to pay for that stuff anymore. Hopefully you don't have an issue with your insurance. I'm glad you don't have Covid or the Flu and hopefully your allergies will clear up fast. Take care!!

Cam - It's supposed to hit us Thursday after midnight and then flash freeze by 9 a.m. Friday morning. Now that you mention groceries, I better get that done today or tomorrow. I didn't even think of that! I usually do my shopping on Fridays and I plan to go nowhere on Friday. Great job with your workout!

Diane - You posted your workout really late! I sure hope you were able to sleep last night. I had a hard time but I think it's because I sleep too long when I'm off. I got up at quarter to 6 this morning. I hate not being able to sleep. LOL on the Neggmaker. Never heard of that! Yea, luckily whatever I had is gone. I am getting ready to clean out one of our backrooms filled with junk. Not looking forward to that. Goodwill will be getting alot next week!

Belinda - I agree with Jolie, hanging helps the back a lot but it does put some strain on your knees so be careful if you try that. We have a table that does that but I can't do it for too long because I get sick to my stomach and dizzy. It really messes with my head. However, it works like a charm.

Roselyn & Doreen - Great workouts!

Have a great day everyone! Gotta get busy here.
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I did a 20 minute total body circuit this morning. It was a bit too fast to keep up for my taste. Then I did a Christmas themed bike ride where there were 3 instructors that took turns talking about a tradition in a different county so that was interesting.
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Today I went for a 3 mile walk outside and it took me about an hour. My fitness watches both had dead batteries this morning, so I have no idea about my calorie burn. My husband said he would get me a new Fitbit for Christmas; I need a new fitness tracker really bad and one that has a large display so I can see it without my glasses lol!
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Walk today. Noting to report. My kids are coming tomorrow. I have an doc appointment tomorrow.

Sorry I have no time for personals. I try to catch up tomorrow.
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Today it took me till noon to get to a workout. I realized it is close to the holiday weekend and I need some grocery items or we may be doing without things that we use all of the time. So I put out an order for delivery from Walmart and it came back telling me all of the items were out of stock except two boxes of protein bars and a can of black-eyed peas. I was in shock as I had milk, butter, fruit, potatoes, meal items etc on that list. So, I ordered some almond butter from Amazon and coffee. Later I tried again on Walmart and it put all of my items through for order. Hopefully I am not sorry. I was going to do pick up tomorrow, but then we may have some snow. It ends up my coffee is not showing up till the 31st now. It said Friday when I put in the order. My allergies are going nuts and last night before bed I was having sneezing fits. The juniper pollen is moderate right now. It always gets me. Then again, we have a real Christmas tree we cut in our living room. I love real trees.
I was not feeling a workout all that much. I did Cathe Lite Metabolic Blast, 43 minutes, heart rate 104/129, 139 calories, 1,641 steps. I forgot how much work was done with the shoulders on this. I kept the weights same as Cathe and a couple she suggested you could use 8's instead of 5's, like biceps with single leg kick I used 8's. I did use 3's when she did 3's. I finished with CDorner 20 minute stretch and mobility from 3 months ago, 24 minutes, 46 calories, heart rate 82/102. Workout was 67 minutes, 185 calories.
I woke up too early today and stayed up way to late last night. I don't know what is up with my sleep lately. I guess just too much on my mind.

Belinda, I am not surprised that you fell asleep on the couch. You have been through a lot. I hope you continue to feel better. Nice that you got in a walk today and I am sure you are going to enjoy having your children there.

Jolie, that is great that your doctor is so helpful and encourages you to use the supplements. Most of the time I can tell the difference from my allergies and colds and flu symptoms. I hope the allergy spray helps you out. I do hope they get you scheduled soon for the mri so you know what to do and what not to do. I love the screen on my Garmin watch. I can make out notifications and text messages on it without my glasses. It is pretty big, and I pick the least busy watch face that shows the workouts well.

Debbie, good workout today. I like the Raw Glute Finisher. I need to organize the spare room closet. We have things stuffed in the office closet that are boxes of things we obviously must not need all that much. I would like some organization to my art, and craft stuff so I feel like digging it out. I love to read, just not much time other than the time I read in the mornings. Maybe someday I will read more. I have books downloaded to my tablet and started one recently but am not far into it. Yes, I was up way to late last night cleaning and then decided to post. I looked at the clock and knew I was in trouble in the sleep category.

Doreen, nice work on the circuit today. It would be interesting hearing about traditions in other countries.

Roselyn, nice work with Caroline Iron Full Body.
Today I did KCM Cardio Pump Workout #2. This is the total body workout but I only did certain leg exercises. I like this one, it's been a while since I've done it. I repeated the shoulder and bicep work because I wanted to make the workout a bit longer.

This one doesn't have a warmup for some odd reason so I did the warmup to Power Splits Upper Body.
1 minute each exercise:

Set #1
Alternate Shoulder Press
- 12's
Upright Rows - 12's
Alternate Lateral Raise - 10's

Set #2
Alternate Supination Curls
- 20's
Hammer Curls - 15's
Alternate Front Run Curls - 10's

Set #3
- 20's
Squats Out - BW and shallow
Reverse Lunges - BW

Set #4
Lawnmower Rows
- 20's (30 seconds per side)
Reverse Fly - 10's
Run Rows - 10's

Set #5
Overhead Extensions
- 15#
Single Kickbacks - 10# (30 seconds each side)
Triceps Push-Ups (I did Close Grip Bench w/ 15's)

Set #6
Squats -
Static Lunges - Skipped
Plie Pulses - Skipped

Set #7#
Wide Bench Press -
Chest Flyes - 15's
Alternate Run Presses - 12's

Killer! Workout was 48 minutes, burned 357 calories, did 669 steps and HR was 127/157.

No time for personals, me and my mom had feet appointments, and not fun ones either. :(

Hope everyone who is in the middle of this snow blizzard are doing ok so far. It hits overnight and in the morning tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.
I did a 30 minute upper body workout this morning. Nothing exciting, just straighforward circuits and then a yoga cooldown. Then I did 10 minutes of a hiking workout through Redwood National Forest.

It was -10 overnight here and we got a couple inches of snow. My daughter just sent me a picture of our dog outside trying to do his business in the snow. (kids!?) Pretty much everything is cancelled/postponed because of the cold.
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Today I did CDorner 30 minute Step Aerobics heart rate 118/168, 143 calories, 31 minutes, 2,320 steps. I then did CDorner Energizing at home cardio tabata using some of the modifiers, 20 minutes, 101 calories, heart rate 124/152, 971 steps. I finished with CDorner 20 minute Feel Good Stretch Mobility with a chair, 22 minutes, heart rate 89/102, 42 calories. Total time 73 minutes, 286 calories, 3,791 steps. I went out searching for our trashcan this morning. I did a lot of up and down the street looking for mine as the freezing winds had blown them all over the place. It was trash pick up day. I went back out awhile ago and still no sign of it. I had a Yeti sticker on top of mine. Then I scooped the snow off the door step. It was 1 degree without counting the winds. Not a lot of snow, just a scattering. The winds were whipping it all over the place.
Storm is here, we lost power a couple times since 4:30 a.m. but it came right back on. Not fun. I almost didn't work out, but decided to get on my treadmill for a bit.

I walked for 40 minutes, burned 356 calories, went 2 miles, did 4679 steps and HR was 137/167.

Good workouts everyone, I hope you are all ok during this storm. It seems like it's hitting most of U.S. The high here tomorrow is supposed to be 20 below. Holy moly. Hate this weather and winter!!
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I hope all of you have power to keep yourselves warm during this killer storm. Where I live it is very warm, on Christmas it will be 75 degrees. I think CA, NV and AZ are the only states spared from this once in a lifetime storm. Please stay safe and don't go out onto the roads.

I am not working out today, I have so much to do with grocery shopping and some last-minute gifts, I just want to focus on finishing everything today. If I get done early I will get a walk in on the TM. I will be back at it after Christmas, taking some time off the last week has been beneficial to my body. I actually feel so good I hate to start lifting weights again. But, when I do not lift, I look flabby and out of shape, so I actually have to or look like crap! I am taking up golfing this coming year so my husband and I have something we can do together on the weekends if he has a day off. Hopefully that will not irritate my collar bone.

Debbie, great job on the workout today. Nice weights, they are getting heavy again! When is your MRI? I am waiting for my doctor's office to call me to set an appointment, I am sure it will take some time to get in there. I hope your power stays on today, or otherwise I hope you have a fireplace!

I hope you all have great workouts today and stay warm and safe!
Today I did Fit Split Kickbox and Legs and Glutes skipping several moves, 52 minutes, heart rate 123/158, 235 calories. I also did Raw Stretch Finisher 8 minutes, 11 calories heart rate 73/93. Total time was 60 minutes, 246 calories, 3,518 steps. That is it for me today. I did this workout earlier in the month for weights, but lowered the weight a bit this time. I need to print out the workout sheets for this series. The page is full. It is really cold out again. I am glad I cleared most of the stuff off the step since I had packages delivered today. My husband found our trashcan up the street a ways. I figured the two trashcans lying on the ground belonged to the home they were in front of. One was ours with the sticker I put on it. I would not have enjoyed dragging it back up the street.
legs and glutes I looked over my worksheets and hard to believe in 2018 I was doing the deadlifts with 30# dumbbells
warm up
no weight gliding disc work
squats 20# dbs 12 re[s
rear lunge off step with 3 risers 10# dbs
forward diagonal l.unge 10# dbs
push dips off step 10# dbs
dead lift 15# dbs
skipped crossback slide lunge
skipped slide side lunge
skipped elevated lunge
(some of these hurts my toes and foot)
single leg deadlifts 20# db

Doreen, I got a laugh out of your daughter and sending picks of the dog. My dog is not fond of the cold outside. Our snow is just a scattering as well.

Debbie, I hope your electricity stays on. Good job getting on the treadmill anyway. I hope your mother and your appointments went well.

Jolie, I that is great that you are feeling a lot better. One of my friends in my ladies group is a golfer. Good weather means she will be golfing and not at our get together. She had to have back surgery so has to take a break for a few months. She does it because she enjoys it and it keeps her active. That would be good for you and your husband to do togeher.
A busy fun day of cookie baking with my daughter and SIL. I did sneak in Heather Robertson 40 min Full Body No Repeat Dumbbell Hiit. A good mix of weight work and cardio. One of the reasons I don't do many of her workouts is that her breaks tend to be too long. But this was pretty challenging. I had something else planned, but this came up on my feed and it looked good. I made a good choice.

It is really cold and windy. -5 today with 50 mph wind gusts. Only a couple inches of snow but the roads are bad because of the blowing and drifting. We now have a home generator, so not worried about a power outage. Of course, now that we have a generator system, the power won't go out. Not that I want it to. A couple weeks ago the power company cut down all the branches hovering over the lines, so that helps. Its supposed to be 50 by Wednesday. Yay!!

Have a lot going on tomorrow but going to try to sneak in Penny's 12 Days of Christmas workout. Doubtful, but I will try.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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