Exerciers with physical health challenges new check in

Did a VHS tape for cardio followed by MMA Boxing. Felt good that I was able to do more of the abs this week. Making some progress.

Katie, funny how Benadyl works for some and not others. If I take it nothing, if my hubby takes it he is out for 10 hours.

Lisa, would love to see your RT pics.

Hope everyone is feeling well today.
Workout was sts disc 32 today and about 20 min of pt and stretches.

I discovered that the new forum auto saves my posts while I'm still typing, because I was writing when my iPad froze up and when I restarted and came back, there was what I had started to write even though it had not been posted yet! Love that! One less four where I lose posts...
Today I walked for 3 miles and lifted weights (back & biceps).

Lisa, I hope you do post a pic of you and Cathe. That would be awesome!

I see that pics of the new Low Impact HiiT are starting to be posted. I'm so excited to see bits of what that video will be like (since I pre-ordered it)!
Did low impact step today. Picked up something I shouldn't have last night and boy did my back instantly tell me that. Spent all of last night on a heating pad. Will try to get some yoga in before bed to work it out some more.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Catgirl, so sorry to hear about your flare up! I like to use ice when I have a flare up, have you ever tried ice?

Amy, I preordered the new series too, and am excited to see pics! Should be fun to do!

My workout was cardio intervals on the treadmill. I'm holding up well so far with this months rotation of meso three strenght legs three times a week and two interval tm workouts.

I'm really feeling the fall this year, I just came back from grocery shopping with multiple different squash to make yummy fall meals with....
I thought I would post on this forum, as the patella in my right knee may tract the wrong way if I don't use a McDavid Knee Brace. I am also too big on top, and it has given me herniated and bulging discs and pain. I get into a funk, and I won't work out for a while, but I started today. I did MMA Boxing with two pound weighted gloves, and the legs from High Reps. I usually do step on an eight inch platform, but since I have not done it for a long while, I will use six, and do an easier step workout. Because of my back, I can't do chest and shoulders, and my doctor told me not to. I can do back, bi's and tri's

Thank you for letting me post.
Oh no Catgirl, I hope your back is OK.

Cendrine, I use ice as well. I still use it at least once a day whether I need to or not. I'm just so used to it!

Hi Caitlin! Thanks for posting! I am using a six inch step too. Congratulations on starting working out again today. I find that my back feels better when I work out.

Today I did an old 90s aerobics video. I haven't done that one in many, many years, but I still mostly remembered it. I must have done that workout a lot back in the day!
I only managed 30 minutes of LowMax on a six inch step, and I did my bi's and tri's from Muscle Max. Because of my chest, I can't do pushups. Somebody suggested that I do my back, and I did rows with fifteen and twenty pounds, and it did not do anything at all.
Eventually, I can work out up to an 8 inch step, but it will take time. Tomorrow will be some high low, and I alternate running, step, kickboxing and hi low. Catgirl, I hope your back is okay. I do some very old Christi Taylor workouts, and I want to work up to Party Rockin Step, which is not that easy. It will take time. Catgirl, you mentioned that you are premenopausal; I have been taking Prempro, which is an HRT, and it has worked miracles. I get a mammogram every year. Many are afraid of taking prescription HRT, but I have had no side affects at all.
Hi Caitlin, glad to have you join us! I'm sorry to hear about your limitations. I can certainly understand the being in a funk aspect of learning to live with what life throws at us! Good job for getting back Into working out today. The six inch step is perfectly fine. I used to feel like I wasn't working out properly if I didn't do it just like people in the DVD. But like all of us here have found out, it's necessary to modify and adjust and honor and listen to our bodies and work with rather than against them.

Catgirl, my very fabulous chiropractor taught me this about ice and heat: Heat at the beginning to relax the muscle, then ice to bring down the inflammation... Works pretty well for me.

Amy, old workouts are fun to do. I have a few that I think I could pretty much do from memory too! Lol!

Workout for me was sts disc 26, this was a burner on my quads today! I'm guessing my legs need the weekend rest for sure this week!
Took the day off today. My back is back to normal now, but I am having a full on allergy attack today. I don't ice my back often, usually heat. I don't know if it is because of my arthritis in my back or what but heat works for me better there. When my knee flares up, ice works better.

Caitlin, I stopped using an eight inch step a couple of years ago. I just stick to a six. I found that the eight aggravated my back and knee more than what is was worth. I found that I am able to work more intensely on a six because it felt better. I wore my HRM and the extra calories burned just wasn't that much more (and actually probably less over time because I would injure myself). I will take anything for my pre-meno. I'm okay with HRT. I'm also going to try some of those oils. Anything is worth it at this point. My sleeping pill didn't work already last night. I guess I've already gotten used to it. Less than three hours last night.

Amy, funny how you said that you must have done them a lot to remember those old tapes. I was just saying the same thing this last week. I broke out my VHS collection and have been going through a couple a week. I found myself doing the next movement without thinking about it. Some of these I haven't done in close to 10-15 yrs.

Everyone have a great weekend. I hope to be able to breathe better tomorrow. Planning on Afterburn or All Out Low Impact Hiit.
Caitlin, 30 minutes of LowMax is great! I've only done one premix of that DVD so far, and it kicked my butt.

Catgirl, I'm glad to hear your back is better now, and I'm sorry to hear about your allergies. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Today I did Low Impact Challenge (Step Express #1 premix). I substituted squats for the pushups. I also lifted weights (chest, shoulders & triceps).

I hope everyone has a nice weekend!
I needed to take off wed, thurs, fri for various reasons. Today I did great glutes extreme and core 1, love GG!! Tomorrow I will start a mo of xtrain, it has been awhile since I've done these w/o so I am looking forward to something different.
Have a great weekend.
I'm resting today and tomorrow. I really need it, I think....
Unfortunately it looks like my body still doesn't like pumpkin.... having headaches today. Luckily it's not too bad and will hopefully burn off by the end of today and not carry over into tomorrow.

Katie, have fun with xtrain! I haven't done it in a while either and am planning on including it in next month's rotation as well.

Amy, I sub out push-ups in low impact challenge as well. Still a fun workout!

Love seeing the pics from Cathe on facebook about the road trip. Hope you are having a blast, Lisa!
Hey ladies, I'm at the airport waiting to go home. Internet was very spotty so didn't post any pictures. It was fun to experience a RT. Here are some pictures, the last one is from when I got called to the front row, so glad I was brave and went to the front when called (everyone got their names picked at random to have the chance to be on front row). I'm in blue on the left of the picture.
Yay, pictures! I'm so glad to hear it was fun! I saw the last picture on facebook from a Cathe update as well! You look great, nobody would guess about your health issues! How did you hold up through the workouts?
I've mostly just been walking this weekend - 3 miles both days. I also lifted weights tonight (legs & abs).

Lisa, your pictures are great! That looks like so much fun! I've been thinking of you every time I see pictures of the RT posted on Cathe's Facebook this weekend.
Cendrine, I figured you all wouldn't know it was me in the CATHE pic, so that's why I put it in here :) My neck held up pretty well, and no muscle knots in the shoulder blade. My neck did get tired on Friday night/Sat day, I just needed to rest it more... too much time doing things and not enough time laying my head and relaxing, so after paying more attention to resting Saturday between classes it felt much better. I think I did pretty well keeping up (except in the AB work, I just can't lift my head up, and I was in the front row! CATHE did kind of look at me, but she is so sweet and always said do what you can we are all dealing with different issues. During burpees, there were a couple other ladies standing up and not doing them either, so I didn't feel too odd.
I got in late (11 pm ) last night, I'm beat, taking it easy and doing laundry and catching up on those day to day things that don't get done unless I do them! Oh, and the couple people I told what issue I had going on, they were amazed at all I could do!

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Lisa, How exciting your trip must have been. I have been wanting to go on one of these road trips for quite awhile, hopefully someday I will get there!!
I hope everyone had a great weekend, it was beautiful here yesterday so i took advantage of the weather and did yard work. Today I did the first 3 tabatacise w/o followed my xtrain legs. It was a tough w/o but doable.
It's so great that you were able to enjoy the trip and manage to give yourself the rest you needed inbetween. I'm sure you will remember this trip forever! I know I would! Did you get to hang out near Cathe much and talk with her? What all did you guys do? Have you made any new friends?
I think it's nice that others were modifying for burpees too, I think it gives Cathe maybe a sense of what moves might be more problematic and maybe it will inspire her to come up with some fun substitutions in upcoming DVDs.

Workout for me was sts plyo legs 29. The weekend rest did wonders for me and I was able to really go for it today.
Today I did Low Max (Intervals 4-7 premix) and lifted weights (back & biceps).

Cendrine, I hope Cathe is inspired to come up with fun substitutions for future DVDs. I run out of ideas for substitutions sometimes.

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