Exerciers with physical health challenges new check in

More constant noise & sleep deprivation seems to be wrecking my workout plans for the past couple of days. So sick of this!! :mad:

Gonna lay down now to catch a bit of a nap while I can .....with the cat. No workout today.
Oh Elsie, I am so sorry to hear you still are having sleep issues. Sleep deprivation is the worst. Have you found any other places to live yet? I hope you find something soon.
Yesterday was yoga, today I am planning on doing a lower body w/o.
No, not yet, Katie. The Vancouver area is not easy to rent in I am afraid. We thought we has a great (quiet) place, but then they decided to Air BnB it.
Congrats to you on being so mindful with remembering your Yoga. Sounds like a busy week so far.
I'm a wreck today with three days of sleep deprivation and strong pms (do not usually get it this bad). I'll check back in tonight if I manage to work out.
Tonight, got in Strength Only Exercises premix from Xtrain Cardio Legs, 6-7 mins if Pilates prone hamstring/glute work & Icy Core 1 (I like it.....would like it more if it were less crunchy).
Not feeling like my workouts have been very balanced these past couple of weeks ...have to work on that.

Good night.
Wow, your living situation sounds terrible! I really hope something becomes available soon so you can move.
We are getting hammered with snow today, we already have 15, potential of 25. They just called a blizzard warning in our area. Originally they predicted 3-6 inches, boy were they wrong!
Today I did LIS-S&G.
Oh, Katie. Take care & don't drive!!
I don't have S&G although it is one I have been eyeing.

Yesterday, I did long, long Yin yoga poses and today I did a short walk and worked on my rotator cuff and serratus with ball releasing and stretching. Rehab is much more time intensive than other kinds of workouts. lol.
Hope all is well with you Katie. : ) I have been very tired this week. Spent much of today at the Vet with my cat.

Mon - REST, Tues - Jessica Smith KB-Ballet workout plus Back portion of High Reps adding another set for underhanded row. Those are xcellent exercises from the DVD, Today/Wed - KettleBell UB:
KB Standing Presses X 7 both sides, 2 sets
KB Alternating Dead Clean X 10, 1 set
KB Renegade Row X 12 both sides, 1 set
KB 1 armed Close Grip Lying Press laddered down down X 11, then X 9, then X 6 (3 sets)
Hi Elsie, This week has been digging out from the storm, we received 31 inches! it is supposed to be warm this weekend so hopefully a lot of melting will occur.
I went to my anti gravity class yesterday. The woman who teaches this class just finished her aerial 1&2 instructor class in NYC. She stayed after class and showed me a lot of new, advanced moves. I cannot wait to practice some of these moves at home.
My plan for the weekend is walk the dog, she has been going crazy being stuck in the house. I think the rest of the weekend I am going to relax and do little things around the house.
Have a nice weekend.
Hoping all your snow melts away fast Katie! :) I think I'm like a dog ....in the house for more than 2 days and I start to pace and be unpleasant. lol.

Had a busy week here with hospital plus vet appts.
Friday was REST. Yesterday did Barlates Long Lever Upper & Lower Body workout & ICE LI Sweat premix with 1st part of cardio 1 and 2nd half of cardio 2. I haven't been doing much cardio lately, so it was excellent and breathy!! Today I did a short yoga practice and some serratus presses with the med ball.

See you later!
Monday: Rest, Tues: KCM's Muscle Up First Set Pump premix (30 mins) & some chest/core stablization work with gliders, Wed: Kundalini yoga plus a Walk, Thurs: Rest.
I guess I have been taking it kinda easy this week. I do feel more tired and hormonal, so just going with it I guess!
Hi guys, I'm so sorry to have left you guys hanging without a word! You guys have kept the thread going so nicely!
I'm just popping in to say hi and that I'm doing ok, but I have had to be really focused in other areas in my life and so online activity has had to take a back seat.
Workouts have been short, but at least I have been able to fit in something. I have retest results due any day now from my nutritional balancing program and I'll be sure to pop in to share what progress it shows.

Have a great weekend!
Hey Cendrine! Very nice to hear what you have been up to. :)

Having a strange week myself..lol. Yesterday Kundalini Yoga at home and Qinetic 27 minute thigh workout with Ariel. This weekend is a write off as I am having really bad menstrual cramps and cannot even sit up for long periods. Sorry TMI!
Hi Elsie & Cendrine, I have decided to go back to work (nursing), so I have been busy taking "refresher classes". I haven't worked in quite a few years so I am studying 10 hours/day. There isn't much time left to do a workout, but I do try to walk the dog for 30 min/day. I am planning on going to my yoga and AG classes twice a week.
Hopefully I can remember enough to get a good job. I think I would like to go into hospice nursing. When my mom went into hospice the nurses were so good to her, I am hoping to be able to do the same for others suffering from cancer. Wish me luck!
Best of luck to you Katie. Having that first hand experience and understanding will give you the added empathy that is very, very much needed as part of this profession. We need more nurses and clinicians like you.
Studying 10 hours each day? :eek: That's making my head hurt!!

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